but everything turns out horrible


hey, I don’t mean to spoil the ending of your story, but everything will turn out alright. that thing you are dreading won’t be so horrible. you won’t be sad forever. you will find peace. just keep living your story, and everything will turn out alright.

Today I have:
- cried
- eaten food
- studied
- cried more
- talked to my friends about some stupid drama going on
- done laundry
- clean my fish’s bowl
- felt empty generally

Advice For The Signs

Aries: Calm down for once. Not everything you think is right, is actually right and it’s ok to be wrong sometimes. The world also isn’t exactly against you as it seems. Just try to take a step back and attempt to see things from an objective perspective. If you are stressed, refrain from taking it out on anyone, it’s not the wrong thing to do and could result in a worse situation, instead, do something to take your mind off things, such as reading, singing, drawing, dancing, etc.

Taurus: When someone is speaking to you, hyper-focus on them and not on some object. If someone is speaking to you, it is rude to be focused on something else and only jump into the conversation when you having something to say or it is convenient for you. Try to also be less lazy when it comes to doing a favor for someone else, they wouldn’t be asking you if you weren’t capable in their eyes. Also, change is not a bad thing, yes it can be frightening but sometimes, a bit of change can go a long way.

Gemini: Slow down for a second there speedy. I understand your mind moves incredibly fast but sometimes, you need to take a moment to understand something. Not everything is the way they seem. Your first impression of someone could easily be wrong. It’s also ok to not always be happy. Your happiness will make someone else happy but showing your sadness and stress will make someone happier because they will be able to see a side of you that is rare and want to help and be there for you.

Cancer: Don’t allow anger to be a primary emotion when you allow yourself to express yourself. It can honestly be frightening if the person you’re expressing your feelings too has not exactly seen this side of you. Don’t wallow in self pity if you get hurt, learn to move on because constantly self pitying yourself isn’t going to do any good to you or those around you. Learn to trust a bit more, if a good event occurs, don’t just be skeptical about the people that made this event amazing because not every single person you meet is going to make fun of you or harm you. There are some great people out there and you have to allow yourself to trust them and open up to them.

Leo: Tone it down a bit. It’s so great that you’re so confident in yourself, but it’s making people see you as arrogant and attention seeking. If you’re feeling bad about yourself, it’s ok to talk about it. Make sure you’re telling the truth and going to a person who will fix the problem, not just comfort you. If you bottle things up long enough, it’ll tale a toll on you, even if you don’t realize it. In my experience, this leads to causing others emotional distress as an output for your own troubled emotional state. Please make sure your talk about your problems in a productive way.

Virgo: Let go of the past sometimes or you’ll be unable to move forward. You don’t have to be so logical all the time, let your mind calm down a bit and think of a simpler solution instead of overthinking and ending up with an extreme solution to a very simple problem. Be less critical about yourself, it’s ok if everything isn’t super perfect, nothing is perfect, that’s life. Open up a bit more to others instead of retreating or staying in denial, it won’t help you get better by doing so.

Libra: Please stop worrying for a bit. You do not have to be insecure about every little thing, not everything is going to turn out horrible, sometimes you need to just relax and allow things to play out. Do not try to make every single person happy, make decisions for yourself and if someone isn’t happy with it, then ignore them. You are yourself and no one can tell you what to do and what not to do.

Scorpio: Please, please PLEASE talk to someone. People are willing to help you if you let them. You don’t have to handle everything yourself. You guys have it hardest in my opinion, all those emotions and you don’t know how to handle them. Pushing your problems away doesn’t work. Only talking things out and finding a real solution can help you and make you happier and healthier. You deserve to be happy, but you have to be willing to let people help you. In addition, not everything is offensive. Please do not get offended so easily.

Sagittarius: Alright, don’t start something and then just give up halfway through. That’s so much work wasted. Be less argumentative. While I understand that every choice you make is your own, you have to respect that sometimes people just disagree, and that’s okay. Try not to make your decisions solely based on freedom at times, you won’t always get that and only seeing freedom is a bad way to make a decision because something could go wrong in that process.

Capricorn: Let others do things for once when it comes to projects and work. Doing all the work yourself is really doesn’t benefit anyone, because nobody else learns anything and you end up overworked. Be more willing to cooperate. Everyone has their own set of skills to bring to the table, and sometimes you just have to let them do what they’re good at. You can’t do everything. And I’m not just talking about projects with that last statement. You can’t handle everything by yourself, so please, trust that other people can help you more than you can help yourself at times.

Aquarius: Sometimes you should allow yourself to be dependent on others because there will be times in which you cannot do something on your own. Allow others to have their own ideas and don’t just take it personally when someone doesn’t agree with yours, it’s better to hear out everyone. Try to be less stubborn about having something YOUR way, ok? Don’t be a rebel just for the sake of constantly showing everyone that you could care less if they think you are wrong because at times, some people are literally just looking out for you and not preventing you from doing as you please.

Pisces: Stop wishing your problems away. I know you want to help everyone else with their problems before your own, but sometimes you have to let yourself come first. You see the world as an ideal- maybe it’s time to start making that happen. Do something to make your dreams come true, instead of just sitting around dreaming them. It’s also alright to be emotional, you won’t come off as some attention whore, feelings are meant to be felt, not shut away. Also, when engaging in a conversation, don’t constantly talk about what you want to talk about, let others have a say in things, I know you don’t mean to but sometimes it happens.


Sai.. can I just tell you how much you inspire me? You make me and so many people happy just by existing and your kindness and art is a bonus. You can be in a horrible mood, and somehow everything seems to turn out alright. Even when the worse happens, you still show kindness and smile. 

I can never express my feelings towards you that consist of admiration and motivation many, many other emotions. It’s to hard to explain so to keep it simple, you make my day.

You remind me of a angel, because you haven’t lost your mind in this corrupted world. You still have faith. 

I’ve said this many times through PM but, I do hope we can grow a bond as close friends. I get such bad anxiety talking to you, I get the feeling I’m bothering you and that’s why you don’t often answer back. I understand you’re busy, but it’s just a constant concern I have for myself. Don’t ever feel guilty for those kinds of things, as that’s something you cannot change.

I made this picture of you I have no idea if I’m drawing you right imma pretend I am to show how much you inspire and influenced my art. I’m still in the process of making a artstyle, but I’m working hard.

In the end I just wanna say, thank you. For everything you have done for us as a whole.

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Hello! First of all, you're one of my favourite artists, I see you as a true inspiration. Now to get to the point, I've always faced the problem of having everything I draw turn out extremely messy (I'm such a horrible artist honestly, and I never draw anything right).I was wondering if you could hopefully show me how you hold your pen and how you manage to control it and draw everything so neatly.You're a goddess when it comes to that! Thank you for your time! <3 (Pictures would be appreciated)

Hello!! oh my goodness this is such a nice ask!~ 

Sure, here is a pic of how I hold my tablet pen, and yes I’m left handed.

I rest it on the tablet itself and don’t hold it too tightly, and work in very short strokes.

and honestly? My art is messy af before I do lineart, but I hope this gives you some insight anyway :)

Sketch to (semi) final process under the cut (picture is a WIP atm)

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Erik knitting!

As Erik gets older, he can’t be as active as he used to be, so he picks up knitting. Charles finds it adorable at first and loves to watch Erik knit without even touching the needles, Erik’s powers still delightful to him even after all these years. Gradually, however, knitting becomes Erik’s crutch, and every time he gets annoyed by bigots on the news or fights with Charles or just wants to stew, he knits furiously. 

He’s not really a very good knitter -  almost everything he makes turns out lumpy or lopsided - and he has horrible taste in colors, so most things are strange shades of maroon or made with clashing oranges and purples. But he makes scarves and hats and mittens and more, and gifts them all to Charles. They’re all horrible, and Charles never wears them, and this makes Erik stupidly upset all over again, so he knits even more furiously.

Soon Charles has a whole pile of Erik’s knitted creations, and a strangely distant Erik.

One winter day, Erik goes outside to find the students and teachers playing in the snow. This isn’t unusual, but what is out of the ordinary is that they’re all wearing Erik’s sloppily made hats and scarves and mittens, dashing around in bright reds and purples and other weird colors that stand out starkly in the white snow. Then he spots Charles nearby, sitting in his chair completely decked out in things Erik has knitted, from a strangely shaped hat on his head to a hideous sweater to a magenta blanket on his lap.

“Everyone says thank you for the lovely gifts,” Charles says, smiling fondly at Erik. “They’re very warm.”

Erik definitely does not tear up. His eyes are only wet because the wind is so bitterly cold.

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fave road trip fics? or ones where they don't even know each other but get to do so on the road? xo

Here are some road trip recs for you!


King of the Road by Stoney

Derek sees the guy–all long lines, furtive glances, hungry–leaning against the diner out in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, Derek’s hungry, too.

paved with good intentions by kellifer_fic

Stiles isn’t still one hundred percent sure this more relaxed, willing-to-draw-on-his-face Derek is necessarily better, but Scott seems to think so and Stiles wonders if maybe he’s just adjusting. He was so used to having a healthy fear boner where Derek was concerned, that just having the regular kind is confusing the hell out of him.

Camaro ‘68 by ZainClaw

Derek huffs, arching one eyebrow. “I’m not a fugitive.”

“You look like a fugitive,” Stiles insists, practically beaming. “Maybe you should start wearing cardigans.”

In which Stiles is a hitchhiker and Derek a runaway whose paths cross at a gas station in the California desert.

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I decided to make something nice for all of my wonderful followers, I am grateful for each and every one of you. I would also like to say thank you to all of the incredible writers in this fandom, for giving us the opportunity to read your amazing stories about Stiles and Derek falling in love.

Here’s a list of about 250 Sterek stories which I immensely enjoyed.

Have fun!


A Blossoming Romance by Trelkez

Stiles will just have to try harder next time. No one can ignore him forever.

A Californian Werewolf in New York by dancinbutterfly, knight_tracer

When Derek finally realizes that there’s nothing left for him in Beacon Hills, he goes back to New York, gets a life, falls in love and finds his home. 

Advanced Vocabulary by LolaFeist

“Why do you like me?” Derek asks as he folds his shirt and drops it onto Stiles’ computer chair.

“For your body,” Stiles says.

A High, Rapturous Song by Saucery

Derek is a headmaster. Stiles is his favorite delinquent.

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Forever- part 1

They were best friends since day one. Harry and y/n, attached at the hip. Growing up in the houses next door to each other, they never knew how to be apart. They grew up with sleepovers and the trip their families took to the lake every summer. Both had a love of books and indie music, spending most days after school lounging around listening to Jake Bugg and reading books in the treehouse they and their parents built the summer when they were 7. Harry and y/n differed a lot in school. Y/N being more social and being on the volleyball team, while Harry kept more to himself and spent most of his time in the library. They both had a few other friends, but the majority of the time it was just them. They were the best of friends. They talked about everything, from school to friend drama, from movies to the meaning of life. They had no secrets. Except for the fact they were both madly in love with each other, and neither knew it.

It started first for Harry, when they were 13 on the playground at the park down the street. Y/N didn’t have any money but the ice cream truck pulled into the parking lot with its jolly tune, and she checked her pockets for some extra money but only had some lint and a pack of gum. But Harry had $5, because he feeds his neighbors cat when he goes on vacation. He spends Half of it on a chocolate cone for y/n and a banana Popsicle for himself. After he had bought her the sweet treat, she hugged him and gave him a big kiss on the cheek, making him blush a dark red.
The rest of the time at the park he noticed her in a different light. No longer was she the little girl in chocolate stained Barbie pajamas, no way. She had started to mature. A few pimples lined her skin but Harry didn’t care because it reminded him she was human. Her hands were soft as she grabbed his in hers and led them over to the bench to eat their treats. Half of the banana Popsicle melted on his hand because he was more interested in y/n’s newfound beauty than the Popsicle. He saw the way her smile light Up her eyes as she talked animatedly about the new book she was reading, and the way the setting sun Halo’d her hair, making her seem like a real life angel. And from that moment, Harry was smitten.

It first started for Y/N when they were 14. They were working on separate art projects in Harry’s room, hers being an art collage, Harry’s being a comic. That day had not been a good day to begin with for Y/N. It was just one of those days where everything turned out horrible from the moment you woke up. She stepped on one of her brothers Legos that he had left in her room, and then hit her head on the glass in the shower. Her dad had eaten the rest of her prized Cinnamon Toast Crunch and her hair just was not acting right. It was rainy and gross. In school she realized she forgot her biology homework which caused her to be yelled at by the crotchety old lady they called her biology teacher. They served mystery meat for lunch. She was assigned 4 big projects on top of her regular homework, Then she went in the bathroom, only to find red in her underwear. They day could not seem to have get any worse.
The final straw was nicking her finger with the scissors, trying to cut out a picture of a flower in a magazine. Her lip started to tremble and her eyes started to sting, and then the gates opened. She started sniffling and Harry looked up to offer her a tissue, only to find her with tears running down her face.
He crawled over to her and tried to ask her what was wrong but she couldn’t get a word out, she just shook her head and cried more. He then saw her finger.
“Hey, it’s okay, it’s just a small cut! I can get you a band aid no problem!” He hated seeing her cry, it felt like his heart was being ripped into shreds.
“It’s not the cut, Harry. It’s everything. With the Legos and the cereal and the hair and the grades and my period, I just-” she broke into sobs.
Harry was confused and a bit frightened of what was going on, but he grabbed her and put her in his lap, letting her cry into his shirt while he pet her hair and rubbed her back. She fisted his shirt and tried to stop crying, but today was an awful day.
“Hey, bug, it’s okay. I know today was awful but there’s always tomorrow, yeah? We don’t have to do our work right now, we can just sit here for a bit. I’m here for you, cry on me or tell me what’s wrong, whatever you want. I’ll always be there for you.” He said into her ear, rubbing her back and holding her tighter to him. Without realizing it, pressing a few kisses to the top of her head and she calmed down. She nuzzled into the crook of his neck while playing with his cross necklace, pressing a soft kiss to the skin of his neck causing him to shiver. He held her for another hour before they were called to dinner, but they didn’t go down without another hug. Harry held her hand under the table all through out dinner. That’s when it started for her.

Throughout their teenage years, cuddling and chaste kisses on the cheek, forehead and neck became more common. They cuddled when they watched movies or read, always finding an excuse to touch each other. This was normal. But unknown to them was that each other’s hearts would race every time there was a touch. Each of them wanted so much more, but had no clue the other felt the same.

Harry’s mom was going on a business trip. She was leaving Harry alone for a week, and with them being friends for so long, Y/N’s parents decided that it was okay for them to spend the week together, do school work and hang out like normal, just have extending hours for fun. Harry and Y/N were both so excited for this week. They were excited for the touches and the talks and the closeness they were going to have. And for Harry, he was also nervous. Nervous because he was finally going to tell Y/N how he feels.
Friday night, 4 hours after his mom leaves and they’re laying on Harry’s bed, the food network on the TV as Y/N laid on Harry’s chest, the both of them watching UnWrapped, Disney world edition. Harry’s hand is stroking her hair as y/n draws patterns on his chest. She doesn’t notice his thumping heart and she thankfully can’t feel the butterflies in his stomach. He feels her giggle at something one of the workers said, and he smiled lightly, leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. She looked up and smiled at him, scooting closer to him. She moved her head to the crook of his neck, which seemed to be her favorite place to be. She reaches over and knocks the remote out of Harry’s other hand that’s not playing with her hair, tangling their hands together and playing with the multiple rings on his fingers. Harry relaxed and started to watch the show again. When they were talking about the mass amount of pastries they have to make for the Disney parks, he feels a kiss on his neck. That’s somewhat normal for them so he goes back to watching. But then he feels another kiss, lips pressing harder to his skin. Then another, and another, working her lips up the expanse of his neck to behind his ear and tracing his jawline. Going back down she retraces the path her lips made, but biting down a little on his neck before releasing and licking lightly. He shivers and holds in a groan, trying to ignore the heat he’s feeling in his stomach. She giggles at his reaction, pressing yet another kiss on his neck.
“Does that tickle?” She asks him quietly, lips still against his neck and finger tracing his side.
“A bit…” He trails, his voice shaky. He’s never felt this way before. Before he had the chance to protest, Y/N digs her fingers into Harry’s sides, tickling the life out of him. He starts laughing loudly, squirming and trying to get away. Y/N was not having that and threw he leg over his hips, now straddling him.
“Say that I’m the hottest girl in our entire school and I own you! Then I’ll stop.” She screamed over his laughter and pleas to stop.
“Oh-Kay, y/n is t-the -oh my god stop- the hottest girl in our- shit- school and she ow-owns me!” He finally got out. Y/N stopped tickling him finally and just leaned over him, watching him pant and try to regain his breathing. She laid directly on top of him still giggling about her actions. He wrapper his arms around her waist tightly, their chests pressing together, her face buried in his soft tee shirt.
“That wasn’t very funny.” Harry said, still holding on to her tightly. She picks her head up, the both of them smiling.
“Yeah, well…” Her voice gets lost as she realizes how close their faces are and stars to feel the slight tension in the room. Noses brushing, she raises her eyes to look into Harry’s, his beautiful eyes she’s always loved, moving across his face and her eyes landing on her lips. Harry did the same scan of her face, both of them staring at each other’s lips. They could feel their breath on their lips.
“I thought it was great.” Y/N said quietly. He chuckled, her feeling it in her chest.
He couldn’t take it anymore. Harry leaned up and their lips brushed, before he firmly planted them on hers. He kept them on for a few seconds before realizing she hadn’t responded yet, and pulled away. He felt so embarrassed as he looked up at her wide eyes, and started mumble apologies.
“I’m so sorry Y/N, I was so stupid, I just, I like you and I was stupid to think you did too for a second and god, I just wanted to kiss you, I have for forever. You’re just so beautiful and absolutely amazing in every single way possible, I’m just, I’m so sorry, I probably just ruined-mmp” he was cut off by her lips smashing into his, one hand fisting his tee shirt and the other cupping his face.

He was shocked and was motionless until he felt her tongue sweep across his bottom lip, asking for him to open his mouth. He closed his eyes and hesitantly did, only to be met with her tongue. He moved his tongue to meet hers finally, and she whimpered in his mouth before moving one of her hands to his hair and tugging on it, causing a deep groan to leave Harry’s chest. The kiss was slow and passionate, tongues playing and searching each other’s mouth. When they finally needed to stop for air, Y/N bit down on Harry’s lip lightly before letting go, letting his lip snap back into place. Both were breathing heavily, staring at each other before Y/N’s hand caressed Harry’s cheek.

“I’m not sure why you think I wouldn’t like you back but I do. You’re so amazing and kind and smart, so funny… God Harry, I like you so much I don’t know what do do with myself sometimes. All I can think about is you and how lucky I am to have you and oh my god, I love you. I am in love with you, Harry Styles.” He sat in shock for a few seconds. This was not what he was planning at all, but it is so much better.
“But I mean you don’t have to say it back, I don’t expect you to or anything but-” she rambled but got cut off
“Y/N, I am so in love with you I cant think straight. I can’t think about anything without you popping in my mind. I am so in love with you, Y/N. I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to be yours, and for you to be mine. I want you all to myself, I want it to be just us forever. Baby, I want you to be my only.” His eyes were wild as he looked into hers as he said those words with so much passion it made her tear up.
“I love you…” She murmured before pressing a kiss to her lips.
“I- love - you. I love you, I love you, I love you so much.” Harry said over and over, between kisses as he showered every inch of her face with kisses. She giggled as he did so.
“God, that’s my favorite sound ever. Want to hear it every day of my life.” He said looking mesmerized, pulling her impossible closer to him as if he was scared she would fly away.
“Well you can Harry, I swear I’m yours forever.” And he swore his heart burst with happiness.

Abigail had been practicing so many things since he left, including trying to make his favorite dish, mushroom risotto. Every recipe she found was so confusing, using words like “a pinch” and “too taste”. How am I supposed to know what that means? She thought to herself. I’ve never made this before! Baking was far easier where all the important ingredients were measured out specifically. Out of the two attempts she made while he was gone one was inedible and the other was barely passable. She hoped this attempt turned out better. She double checked the fridge, making sure she had everything to make sandwiches if it turned out too horrible.

Rabastan normally slept hard, but not for very long, going to bed after her and waking up before. But since he gotten home he’d be sleeping for long periods, far longer than he ever had before, and far longer than Abigail did. It had only been a few days, and he was still very weak and sick. Abigail had been trying to nurse him back to health, but it was becoming difficult. After what Ella had told her she was reluctant to ask Natalie for help, but she bit her tongue and did it anyway. Natalie’s potions seemed to be helping, but she couldn’t beat back that skeptical feeling.

She finished cooking and set everything out to cool a little while she went to him. She leaned down to his ear, “Rabastan,” she spoke softly.