but everyone is unfollowing kris now

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Hello I'm only a recent exo stan... And im completely confused on exactly what happened with kris, Lunan and tao.. Also the whole baekhyun taeyeon thing happened and then it ended and im very confused... Can you please explain to me what actually happened... I have heard soo many rumours...

Ooooh okay, buckle your seat belts kids bc we’re going to school *cracks knuckles* 🤓

Let me just start off by saying that I’ve known about exo for yeeears, like ever since they debuted I kinda wasn’t into kpop at all and I didn’t really know what all the hype about them was so I just ignored them tbh, esp after all the rumors and scandals and lawsuits, like I legit thought they were horrible people.

It pisses me off that I think about it now, bc I could’ve looked past the horrible rumors people were spreading about them. I’ve recently just started to get myself back into the Fandom and tbh I’m so disappointed I let those butthurt people ruin my view of them, but I’m glad I went back and listened to their music and seen more of them, bc despite not liking them back then, their music was hella lit during growl era.

~Anyways, so let’s get to the krislutao lawsuits and ‘scandals’:

Now as you probably know, they’re all Chinese members who were in exo-m (including lay- another Chinese member, Xiumin, and Chen, who are still a part of exo). Kris had apparently up and left just one day before their world tour, in may of 2014…ONE DAY BEFORE, and it made everyone shook, exo-m didn’t know what to do, Suho was freaking out bc SM allegedly made them unfollow Kris on social media like the DAY he left- except baekhyun, who some people say SM had again, ‘allegedly’, used violence to get him to unfollow Kris (if I’m wrong, please correct me on anything bc I’m just writing this like without a thought and from the top of my head).

So I belive only a couple days later, Suho went out and spoke to Kris directly in an interview? Something like that, and he basically was saying “stop being so rash, think of the group, think of the company, think of yourself, please stop being foolish and get your mind together and come back” just to summarize it. Now, most people including me don’t think he’d ever say this, it just doesn’t seem like it- but, SM probably made him say it bc I’m sure they knew Kris was gonna go ahead and file for a lawsuit, which he did. They were essentially trying to avoid any further lawsuits and issues concerning their idols (there’s A LOT).

The whole thing was about not being treated fairly by the company, and how his injuries weren’t being treated in time and that the workload was too much (you can Google for more info, but that’s basically what it was)

By now, I think they settled, right? I think he’s still signed under SM until 2022 when his contract ends, which basically means he’ll be sharing some of his income with them.
Before I go into Lu and Tao, I just wanna mention that Tao also went out and spoke about Kris, I think in a post on social media or an interview (again, please correct me if I’m wrong) and said how he felt betrayed, and that Kris was acting very selfishly for him to just leave without saying anything.

I don’t think Kris and him speak to this day, but I could be wrong. I mean I wouldn’t hold a grudge against him bc he said that in the heat of the moment, and Tao is just an emotional and hot headed person so I totally understand where it came from.

So Luhan….

Lu had decided to leave in October of that same year, but he actually discussed it with the members, I believe, and they were all emotional during his last concert with them (if you want your heart to shatter into a million pieces, I recommend watching it).

His lawsuit was basically the same, not being treated as fairly as the Korean members, points concerning health issues, and he went and left (his contract was not granted termination, so ofc he also went ahead and sued). The members were heartbroken after losing another member, esp a Chinese one bc they were thinking what’s gonna happen to exo-m??? But I’m pretty sure they’re all friendly with him still and keep in contact, including Kris. I believe he’s also settled with SM, and is under contract with them until it expires.

Okay, so Tao…
He left in may of 2015. I don’t actually know too much about his lawsuit except I think it’s the same as Kris and Lu’s in some aspects. Poor guy had hurt his leg pretty badly, and he barely got any time for it to heal properly. His father demanded he take some time and recover, so they sent him to LA for a couple months for rehab. So now he’s basically disappeared and no one really heard from him, and at this point everyone kinda knew he was going to leave as well.

I saw that he lost one of the lawsuits a couple of weeks ago in the Chinese courts, since they didn’t agree his reasoning was valid for breaking the contract (something like that) but don’t worry, it’s not the end of it and he’s still gonna be making music whether it’s under SM or not, and it’s not the end of his lawsuit battle.

So now exo-m is pretty much long gone, and they’ve formed into one complete group (they still have Chinese versions of their songs, and promote a lot in China since that’s where most of the $$$$ is from SM’s investors).

~Alright, so now you wanted to know about the whole Baekhyun and Taeyeon thing. So these two started to ‘date’ around the time the lawsuits and rumors were happening during the time that Kris left. Ofc, no one believed it at the time bc everyone thought it was just a cover up by SM to hush the rumors about EXO and Kris.

So many insane fans from both sides lashed out at the both of them, claiming that they shouldn’t be fake and try to fool everyone with their fake relationship  (tbh I think they all went crazy bc he’s said that he won’t date anyone until they were #1 and at the time they werent, so they went crazy about how he’s a liar and that they weren’t gonna be fans anymore). Taeyeon got so much hate esp, and they both had to publicly apologize and that was just so???? Unnecessary???? You can’t seriously call yourself a fan if you’re gonna be this much of an embarrassment to them, they honestly gave the group such a bad reputation during that time.

Tbh I have no idea how it all went down, but neither them or SM made a public statement about their breakup…who knows, some people still believe they’re dating to this day.

All I know for sure is that these men have worked so hard to be where they are now, despite being signed under satan’s company (people will say that it’s just business but they don’t have a bad rep when it comes to mistreating their idols for no reason *sips tea*) and they deserve every single ounce of love and support they receive.

No matter who they’re dating, might be dating, want to date, we should support them no matter what bc they’re just humans and not robots, and I mean come on…we can’t actually believe they’ll want to marry all of us (I still have hopes that baek will adopt us all tho let’s keep our fingers crossed aeris) 💖💖💖

PLEASE CORRECT ME AND FEEL FREE TO ADD ONTO ANYTHING I MIGHT HAVE MISSED since I literally just sat down and wrote this in one go lmao, I hope I cleared up some things for you nonnie 💛

In the last 9 hrs.. For everyone who is now waking up

-Rumor of Kris leaving -SM/filing lawsuit
-SM denies lawsuit -SM confirms lawsuit
-EXO members that followed Kris’ insta unfollowed him (with the exception of Baekhyun)
-Sehun’s question mark post
-Chanyeol’s post
-EXO-K won 3rd award for Overdose
-Suho accepted the award all by himself
-Suho gave an amazing leader speech
-Tao apparently followed him
-SM’s stock fell a lot after news of Kris’ lawsuit
-Suho then commented on the fact of Kris leaving EXO, and put him down AFTER giving an amazing “we are one” speech??¿???
-Tao wrote a post about the situation on insta
- Many SM sunbae’s unfollowed official SM twitter account
-Tao wrote about how his insta post was written by him on his Weibo
-Tao then deleted the posts???


Fans: EXO Tao Already Lost 100,000 followers on instagram, Netizens continue attacking

A lot has happened in the past week, as Tao unfollowed everyone on his following list, and Chanyeol proceeded to unfollow him. Today, EXO Baekhyun unfollowed Tao as well.

Netizens are saying Tao is losing a lot of his fans, taking screenshots saying he lost 100k followers.

“All I’m going to say is, it was pathetic to get your dad to do it”

“What makes me more mad, is the fact that you said Kris is selfish and hurt the group, and now you do this”

“I think the reason he’s not giving out a statement, is because of what he said about kris, his statement will automatically make him a hypocrite, and he would be the same thing he called Kris”

“I guess Lay is next, I’m ready for his promise to be broken”

“Youre such a terrible person lying to everyone, ‘We are one’ ‘I wish the group always stays together’, you’re leaving lay alone as the only chinese member, you dont think everyone feels pain? why did you come here then? You didn’t even waste any time getting new deals, pathetic”

“And now it’s time for the delusional fangirls to come and protect a liar who called kris selfish now he’s doing the same thing.”

source: kpopviral

Another reason why SJ's bond is better than yo oppars

(After getting caught up) and let me just start by saying how happy I am that Kibum is finally independent ! Anyways, the first thing that I noticed SJ did right after he officially left, they we’re proud of him. Wook tweeted about it and how proud he was and hyuk/hee followed him on Instagram (which is when EXO members and Jess left - did not happen, everyone basically unfollowed each other - in other words- cancelled their relationship to the public) This ‘type’ of farewell does not exist in SM sadly (maybe other than F(x) but they still handled it poorly) as you can see with the whole EXO - gg shit, SJ handled this pretty smooth. Now - when Jessica left or when kris/luhan/tao left - where were the other members ? Were they that supportive ? Were they even supportive at all ? Sadly the soshi bond turned out to be fake (which hurts me so much bec I really like them) but why I’m saying is, even if you don’t stan SJ/hate the fuck out of them, you cannot ignore their bond and brotherhood. And their brotherhood should never be compared by anyone else.

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What would you say about these issues regarding Tao? Chanyeol has started unfollowing him and today, Tao unfollowed everyone on insta :(

I for one, am very saddened that  the Taohun trilogy has ended with an unfollow on instagram. I’m devastated tbh because now Sehun and Chanyeol are flaunting their relationship and I’m not ready for that right now lol. 

But on the serious note…Honestly, I don’t really care about Chanyeol unfollowing him or Tao unfollowing the other members. I just hope Tao is healthy and does what is best for him. Of course I’ll keep supporting him just like I do with Kris and Luhan. I personally became inmmune to members leaving after Kris left. It’s not like them choosing to leave was a sad thing because when I look at the members who left, they are doing better than I could have ever imagined and they look healthy, they aren’t overworked and they are actually seeing more zeros in their paychecks lol. All I want for EXO and all the members who were/are in it, is their happiness. I don’t believe in calling them betrayers, traitors, liars or fake people because they really are young men in their 20′s learning about life, the industry, going through the motions as if they’re hitting a second puberty lol. I don’t expect them to be perfect so seeing Tao being dragged is pretty sad for me. 

So I’m okay. I’m waiting for Tao to drop his album, waiting for Kris and Luhan’s movies, waiting for the day that SM brings EXO to the states…hoping D.O. is getting better….my feels are just scattered in Korea and China lol.