but everyone is unfollowing kris now

Fans: EXO Tao Already Lost 100,000 followers on instagram, Netizens continue attacking

A lot has happened in the past week, as Tao unfollowed everyone on his following list, and Chanyeol proceeded to unfollow him. Today, EXO Baekhyun unfollowed Tao as well.

Netizens are saying Tao is losing a lot of his fans, taking screenshots saying he lost 100k followers.

“All I’m going to say is, it was pathetic to get your dad to do it”

“What makes me more mad, is the fact that you said Kris is selfish and hurt the group, and now you do this”

“I think the reason he’s not giving out a statement, is because of what he said about kris, his statement will automatically make him a hypocrite, and he would be the same thing he called Kris”

“I guess Lay is next, I’m ready for his promise to be broken”

“Youre such a terrible person lying to everyone, ‘We are one’ ‘I wish the group always stays together’, you’re leaving lay alone as the only chinese member, you dont think everyone feels pain? why did you come here then? You didn’t even waste any time getting new deals, pathetic”

“And now it’s time for the delusional fangirls to come and protect a liar who called kris selfish now he’s doing the same thing.”

source: kpopviral