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Hello again comadre 💁🏽 lemme tell you about what I've dealt with today. I've been getting bullied at work for months by women who are older than my mother 😑 it's been giving me so much anxiety. Today I took the leap of faith and stood up for myself. I fought all the physical pains anxiety gave me and it paid off. The situation is being handled and I feel so much relief. Friendly reminder to everyone to stay strong. Where there is darkness there is light. Stay Alive |-/ -La Comadre 🙋🏽

hola comadre! 🙋🏽

ugh, i had that happen at my old workplace too. im so proud of you!

you are strong.
“no hay mal por que bien no venga”

i hope your days are as bright as you and your anxiety eases.

stay alive, comadre!

So it went super well actually!!! I mean I was suuuuper nervous walking in but the place was well lit and really nice inside. Like, the walls were this soft soothing cream not stark white which was nice too. And the guy at the front was happy and smiley and helped immediately when I said I was browsing for a new artist/place and then another artist jumped in with a super great helpful question and suggestion for an artist that would love to do what I wanted.

And I met the artist and we talked and he said I could come back as soon as I wanted to get it done and so! Tomorrow afternoon I will be getting my orca tattoo!!! Everyone was so friendly and listened so patiently and attentively and I managed to feel mostly relaxed after just a few minutes!

We even talked a bit about my other tattoos. I mentioned that sadly my arc reactor tattoo is not my fave “because the artist told me he could do a watercolor and…” And the artist was like “That is NOT watercolor.” “Yeah. I mean I still like it, it’s nice, but… not what I wanted.” And he totally got it. So I feel like if I see whatever design(s) he has tomorrow and am like “could it be more like x?” He would be like “yes, let’s make sure we’re on the same page.”

But I will be sure to let you all know how tomorrow goes, and post pics of the tatt asap.


His blue eyes glitter with intelligence and compassion, and a rare, lovely charisma; and better still he is so unexpectedly gorgeous! He is warm-hearted and friendly to everyone. Even so, there were blushes all round when I stop trying to do a hundred and one things at once, and properly introduce him to everyone. - Alison Jane Reid [The Lady Magazine 2012]

Gorgeous (Bucky x Reader)

Request: I just wanna say i’m so in love with your writings aaaand i was wondering if you could write a bucky x reader and the reader is so friendly with everyone, but she feels so alone because thinks nobody can fall in love with her, but bucky did. one day, she feels so down the she starts crying and saying awful things to herself looking in the mirror, but bucky hears everything and that makes him confess his feelings. i’m sorry it’s too long,. and if you don’t want to do it, it’s okay <3  

Bucky x reader imagine where she had really horrible anxiety and he is the only one that can calm her down? would you mind putting some angst in there and like one of the other avengers caused her to panic (she isn’t an avenger) thanks doll ;) xx

Words: 2,917

Warnings: Self shame, anxiety, FLUFF

Tags: @annadier @happelu970 @shamvictoria11 @spookass @pabegay1(message me if you want to be tagged in any fics or if I forgot to tag you! Sometimes I forget, my apologies!

You were no Avenger.

You weren’t as badass as Natasha or Wanda. You weren’t as sarcastic and outgoing as your father, you were just you. You lived with the Avengers because your dad was Tony Stark, the Avengers were like your huge, crazy, loud family. You loved having them as a family, you loved every last bit of it, but sometimes it’s hard not to doubt your looks or skills.

You were clumsy. You ran into walls, got your shirt caught on pointy objects, face planted into gardens, and tripped going up the stairs.  You weren’t as strong as the others,  you never worked on your upper body strength because you never really cared about it.

You would run twice a week for exercise and that was it. You hated working out, it was the worst thing you’ve ever experienced. You would much rather be drinking a milkshake while watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Like you were right now.

“Oo, fancy.” You were sitting criss crossed on the couch, a blanket spread across your bare legs and your baggy long sleeve shirt rolled up slightly on your arms. A milkshake in one hand while your eyes remained glued to the screen projecting the fashion show.

“That looks painful.” Scott spoke with a mouth full of his own milkshake. He was slouched next to you, his legs spread out in front of him and his back surrounded by toss pillows. He was tilting slightly onto the arm of the couch but he seemed to be comfortable.

“I would never wear something that heavy looking on my dick.” Scott took another large gulp of his shake, twisting his face in pain as a brain freeze clearly took over his mind temporarily.

“But it’s so pretty.” You admired the glammed up bra, “Oo, look she has wings! I wish I had wings, how fun would that be?”

“Super fun! I would strut around in wings all day if they looked like that.” Scott glanced over at you, but you were still consumed in admiring all the glamorous outfits and models.

“I have wings.” Sam called out from the chair on the other side of the couch. His legs hanging over the arm of the chair and his back resting against the other arm. His phone rested on his chest and his shake was long gone, the empty cup sitting on the coffee table. “They’re even cooler because mine work.”

“Mm.” Both you and Scott made the same sound and twisted your lips as you both looked at Sam.

“Not the same thing. Yours aren’t as glamorous, now are they?” You turned your attention back at the screen and made your lips in the shape of an ‘o’ as you looked at Gigi Hadid walk down the runway. She was your favorite model, her and Cara Delevingne.

“Yeah. You get feathers, sparkles, jewels and glitter on your wings, then we’ll talk.” Scott nodded his head swiftly and ignored Sam’s narrowed eyes as he directed his eyes back to the Fashion Show.

“I know a girl who can hook you up with some bedazzlement on those wings of yours, Sam.” You winked in his direction, a smirk tilting on your lips. “And by girl I mean me, and by bedazzlement I mean some superglue and a trip to Hobby Lobby.” 

“I hate both of you.” Sam chuckled under his breath and shifted around a little in his chair.

“Man, I wish I had legs like those.” Scott  shook his head and moved the straw in his shake around, trying to get a good sip. You giggled at Scott’s comment, you always found him to say the strangest but most awesome things. 

“You know who has legs like those?” Sam paused, waiting for Scott to answer but when Scott kept gulping down his shake, Sam answered himself. “Natasha. She even has the walk down too, she would slay all those other models.” 

Scott hummed in agreement. “And Wanda has the hair of a Victoria Secret model. I wish my hair was as luscious as hers, that would save me fifteen minutes in the morning.”

“You spend fifteen minutes on your hair?” Sam scuffed and tilted his head back to look at Scott.

“This,” Scott motioned to his hair. “doesn’t just happen, Sam. It takes time, effort and skill, okay?”

“Man, you’re crazy.” Sam chuckled, shaking his head and slouching back down in his chair again. “For real though, Wanda and Nat are hella attractive-”

You shuffled around in your seat, the thoughts that consumed your mind were driving you insane. All they were talking about was how beautiful Natasha and Wanda were, of course you had to agree, they were both stunningly gorgeous. They were badass, strong and attractive all at once. They were your best friends, but it always hurt you when you would go places with them and everyone would notice them and not you.

You weren’t as stunning as them, you weren’t as flawless and beautiful as them. Of course you weren’t. Everyone expected Tony Stark’s daughter to be drop dead gorgeous, but somehow they always seemed surprised to see you. You were never what they were expecting.

You stood up suddenly, your nose tingling and your eyes starting to twitch with tears. Your chest felt tight and your hands felt clammy, you needed a moment to pull yourself together before you came back out here and pretended to not even care. You dropped the blanket previously covering your bare legs on the couch where you used to be sitting and placed your milkshake, that suddenly made you feel bloated, on the coffee table.

“I have to pee.” You announced it as a joke, happily your voice didn’t shake and you seemed to be holding it together on the outside fairly well. You knew you were about to break, you had to hide.

“Okay.” Scott and Sam both watched you speed down the hallway. “Be back soon, the Angels are about to come out!’

“Man, seriously though, Nat and Wanda have the legs and hair, but damn, Y/N has the whole package. The face, hair, walk, legs, and even the hips.” Sam shook his head in astonishment.

Scott nodded his head in agreement and pulled a part of your blanket on his thighs, he knew it was your favorite blanket but he loved it just as much. It was soft and always smelled good.

“She looks more like a Victoria Secret model than some of the Victoria Secret models.” Scott talked with another mouthful of his shake, he didn’t even care though. “Have you seen the way everyone looks at her, she steals the attention away from Nat and Wanda every time they go out.”

“Hell, she steals the attention away from us Avengers. And we’re Avengers.”

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  • learned at seven years old that his little sister’s life was his responsibility
  • wanted to give said sister some freedom for just one night, which resulted in her arrest and the floating of his mother
  • shot the chancellor and risked everything to protect his sister the minute he had the chance
  • did everything he could to protect charlotte only to witness her commit suicide in the end
  • realized that he had wrongfully judged clarke griffin, and went from “privileged princess” to “get clarke whatever she needs” in three episodes
  • inspired his people like no one else could
  • thinks he’s a monster 
  • my people” 
  • climbed down a cliff to save a girl he didn’t even know
  • did everything he could to protect finn although he didn’t like him
  • volunteered to go on a suicide mission inside mount weather for his people
  • was tortured by the mountain men
  • took on the burden of the mount weather, so that clarke and monty wouldn’t have to do it alone
  • learned that he had to let his sister go
  • immediately forgave his sister for abusing him, although her action was far from justified
  • then tried to save clarke all by himself by - once again - risking his life
  • always does his fucking best

*screaming from the rooftop* I HAVE SUCH A GENUINE LOVE FOR SPORTACUS he’s so eager and positive and always immediately sees the best in people and never uses shame as a tactic and always gives 110% to help others and has a smile on all the time and would probably wag his tail all day if he had one? And he is so wonderfully friendly to everyone and loves them for their strengths and weaknesses and I just?? Love?? Him?????

Hi! My name is Alysha and I’ve been watching Ethan for only a few months (sadly!!).. Man, I wish I could’ve found him sooner xD His videos make me happy, becuase he makes me laugh everytime!
Also everyone here is so friendly an nice.. I really love this community so much.. :)

Also I know I’m (only) reposting my art, but I just found out about this and it’s night time here.. I’m sorry >.

So…it’s about that time again…where we all make Tumblr valentines and hiss at anyone that suggests that valentine’s day is something good.

I’m sure many of you, like myself, don’t care too much for the holiday. So here’s my idea!

If you don’t have a valentine….why not be mine?!

So, I’m extending this to everyone! If you don’t have a Valentine, you do now! …if you’ll have me that is.

I have enough friendly hugs and love for everyone so don’t worry!


When I met Colin, I was struck by how different he looked from his geeky, rather Hobbit-like persona in Merlin. His blue eyes glitter with intelligence and compassion, and a rare, lovely charisma; and better still he is so unexpectedly gorgeous! […]  My lovely students, Maria and Roisin completely, and rather sweetly, fail to recognise Colin from Merlin, and happily let him muck in and carry boxes and props for the shoot. Colin is a star, but he isn’t the least bit arrogant. He is warm-hearted and friendly to everyone. Even so, there were blushes all round when I stop trying to do a hundred and one things at once, and properly introduce him to everyone. After promising him that he won’t go hungry at lunch, I’ve organized a delicious vegan picnic, he tells me that he usually brings his own sandwich to work to avoid complete starvation. What a terrible thought. By this stage everyone is hopelessly smitten with him.
- Alison Jane Reid (BTS at The Lady Magazine)

I love how friendly everyone is here?? So many random conversations with strangers; the waitress, the guy working the till, the lady in the gas station, so many people on the street, the awesome vegan chick at that bar, the sweet lady cleaning the rooms - the second I strike up a conversation y'all seem so genuinely happy to chat to me it’s sweet

I feel so bad lol like 4-5 months ago last semester when I started going to Starbucks everyday to study, I first saw this guy and I noticed he kept looking over at me. I thought he wanted to sit next to me at my table because he would look at the chair, then at me, then at the chair, then at me…and men make me uncomfortable, so I got up and put all my stuff on all the chairs so that nobody would sit next to me lol. And everyday I’d go to Starbucks and he’d look at me and it made me uncomfortable so I would look away and not pay any attention to him (I think he noticed). So he’d still stare every now and then but I think he tried to hide it lol.

Anyway, I kind of warmed up to him (without actually talking to him) because he was a regular and I noticed how friendly he was to everyone else so whenever I’d see him, I’d just smile if he looked at me. So that started the intense staring right back up, which I just stopped minding. And this time, he’d look at me like he really wanted to talk to me but was too scared. And he finally built up the courage to choke out a very soft “hey” like a month and a half ago, so I started saying hi to him whenever I’d see him. Anyway, he still wouldn’t talk to me beyond that, but he’d start sitting really close to my table. So finally, on Monday, I turn around cause I felt him staring at me AGAIN (sorry for repeating the word “staring” so much jajaj) and go “hey, what’s your name? We always see each other and say hi but don’t know each others’ names” and he told me. But he looked so surprised that I was talking to him lol. We chatted and had a pretty decent convo and then he left. 

Well, I saw him again today and he sat beside me and we talked for a while. And then he stopped talking and just looked at me intently and smiled and I just smiled back. And I had always thought he was good looking the first time I saw him, but close up he’s soooo handsome and has a really beautiful smile and eyes! Lol. Anyway he was surprised to see that I hadn’t ordered coffee even though I had told him I’d been there for 5 hours already. And I asked him what he usually ordered and he told me. He asked me the same thing and I swear, I had no idea where he was going with this. He goes “so when you order, what do you tell them? a double tall latte?” and I said yes and he goes “you don’t add any sweeteners, sugar or anything like that?” and I was like “no, I don’t like sugar in my coffee” and then he asked me if I like eating sweets and I said not really lol. Anyway, he says okay and then gets up and I thought he was walking to the bathroom but he goes up and orders a latte for me omgggg. I was like you didn’t have to do that!! It was so sweet =) 

pjo/pacific rim

hi everyone ur friendly neighborhood nobody here about to post some IDEAS so here we go with some pjo pacific rim au!

alright so i don’t have much but here’s the basics for like pilots and the likes

Annabeth/Luke: Grey Lightning
-they’ve been in the program since the beginning bc sadly a Kaiju killed their friend Thalia rip
-they are like at the Top of Their Game like they have the action figures and the clothing lines designed after them they are the It Jaeger
-one battle with a Kaiju is pretty rough and bangs them up a lot, Luke gets injured and it really shakes him up
-once he recovers he bails on Annabeth and leaves the program without telling anyone
-Annabeth is obviously Shook so she develops major trust issues bc even while in the drift Luke had kept that fear and wanting to leave from her
-she becomes more like Mako/Pentecost in like a military leadership/strategist type position

Percy/Grover: Rogue Tsunami
-they literally are Drift Compatible in the books how could they not be co-pilots
-this is a year or so after Luke leaves so they’re the new #1 jaeger and they LOVE it
-try not to let it go to their heads but they both own the Rogue Tsunami sneakers and action figures (with additional Kaiju)
-the bro talk is never ending with them like Leo in the control room gets so tired of it sometimes
-they’re in the middle of taking down a Kaiju when BAM it goes for the left side (Grovers side) and Rogue Tsunami is down
-Percy has to pilot alone and almost loses it 3 times but he makes it to shore somehow without dying while Grover is unconscious the whole time
-Grover makes it out alive but can no longer walk normally so he gets crushes and officially retires from being a Jaeger pilot, much to the dismay of both of them :-(
-Grover becomes the new Press Rep for all Jaeger pilots and still works closely with Percy cos that’s his Best Bud how could he not??
-Percy is restless and trains and trains thinking he should’ve done better and blames himself entirely (although Grover disagrees 100%)
-also Rogue Tsunami is totaled and has to be scrapped for parts instead of put in a museum (both percy and grover are very upset and hold a memorial service with Grover in a wheelchair singing “In the Arms of an Angel” and lots of blue food)

Percy/Annabeth: Greek destruction?? Athena’s storm? ??? idk yet
-they become co-pilots p much how Mako and Raleigh do in the movie
-but Annabeth’s the one who is pestering Percy bc it’s been so long since she’s been out there but Percy still thinks it’s been too soon (even though he’s p restless himself)
-Grover is the one who pushes Percy to agree to it (cue Emotional Speech with Tears about getting back out there and how Grover just can’t be a pilot anymore :c )
-percy was going to give in anyways tho bc Annabeth is a higher rank than he is
-they both chase the rabbit but not like in the movie, there is no threat of damage bc they both help each other immediately
-they are (guess what) the NEW #1
-they steal the slot from Clarisse/Silena bc they have a newer Jaeger than them ha >:-)
-honestly they are always just so happy that they are co-pilots and always so protective of each other on and off the battlefield
-new toys new clothes new shoes new shows based off their Jaeger are made and it’s amazing they make fun of everything
-of course it turns romantic but not for a while and not until some serious injuries!! :}

okay sorry this is so long lol let me know if u want more :-)

the gang at a modern!school

- Two-Bit is such a theater kid

- Steve takes shop
- I mean, he could practically teach it

- Pony is always reading
- like he gets yelled at for reading and for “not paying attention,” even though he is

- Soda was put in learning support and he hated it

- Darry was in the choir

- Dallas loved chemistry cause that means blowing stuff up

- Ponyboy and Johnny would play games to help remember element names

- Steve is one of the best football players

- Dallas is on the bowling team

- Pony loves science
- he’s always up to date with new discoveries

- Two-Bit is so friendly to everyone
- he greets everyone and is always smiling
- and he accepts all the freshmen, even if they don’t shut up

- Darry was always busy
- sports, homework, clubs
- Pony is too

- Johnny started a human rights club

- Pony is friends with all the teachers
- with one teacher, he can just sign his papers with his favorite fictional characters’ names and they know it’s him

- Steve tutors people

- Two-Bit, Soda and Steve hated typing lessons

- Darry and Pony typed all their assignments

- Two-Bit even gets a little say in what musical/play they put on

- Two calls himself “Two-Bit Math-Ews”

Here is a filly who is learning about personal space, jealousy, and manners. Today was quite a day for all three.

I had some treats left over when I turned Abba back out in the field, and as usual, she produced all her best behaviours spontaneously to earn them. Dakota, way down the field, noticed and came over because human! and treats! She backed up when I pointed at her, got a treat for that, and then, when Abba moseyed up behind me and got another treat, Dakota went from amiable to jealous and possessive in a split-second. 

I had (once again) forgotten to bring anything in with me, because Abba just goes where I ask without the need for a halter etc, when she’s having a good day, like today. So when Dakota decided she was going to take control of the human, I was wrong-footed and with very few tools at my disposal to sort out her bad manners.

She went, in seconds, from bargey to actively threatening, bucking and kicking out - but not at me. She was aiming for Abba, and that was a mistake. Nobody, neither horse nor human, gets to come between me and Abba, and threaten Abba with aggression. My reaction was almost without thought - instead of waving arms to back her up as I would have done had she come at me, I swung round and struck her as hard as I could, twice, on the junction of her neck and shoulder. My hand was stinging, and Dakota flung her head up, and halted her advance. 

It didn’t stop her for long as she tried again to get between me and Abba; by this time, I was angry, a very cold clear anger, with a lot of mama bear behind it, and I had absolutely no fear, just got right up in Dakota’s face (she was watching my right hand, and I only needed to feint with it for her to reconsider crashing over the top of me) and made it clear that on no account was she fast enough, strong enough, or nasty enough to get at Abba. It’s amazing what adrenaline can do. 

Understandably, Abba did not like where this was going and took herself off at a smart walk, and I tagged along behind her, because I was damned if Dakota was driving Abba off in any way, shape or form, even indirectly. So we had this odd running lesson on boundaries, as Dakota repeatedly tried to get in between, I repeatedly drove her back, and Abba just kept a constant distance ahead of us. 

When Abba finally stopped, I came over to her neck and stood stroking her, and then swinging round to face Dakota every time she tried to join us, until she at last backed off and stayed put without harassing us. I gave Abba a parting pat, in a much quieter frame of mind, because I don’t want to end on a bad note with her, and then headed back to the gate, and Dakota followed. It was like a game of grandmother’s footsteps. Every few steps I would stop and turn round to face her, and she would halt; I would point at her, snapping my fingers, she would back up, and then I would reward her with the interaction she is so desperately craving, by petting her neck or stroking her forehead. Then I’d turn and walk another few steps, she would follow, I would stop, she would stop, and so, slowly, slowly, we made it back to the gate. 

There’s an area of sand spattered with gravel that for me acts as the no-go zone for horses when I’m at the gate, and Dakota just kept breaching it, so I stood there for about five minutes, just repeatedly backing her up by pointing at her chest. Every time I half-turned to go, she’d bring a leg forward, so I’d turn back and send her another full step backwards. In the end, she waited just outside the gravelly patch for a full second, and did not crowd me as I slipped through the gate.

I feel bad that I have to get so dramatic and nasty when she crowds me and Abba, but she never seems to be upset by it - she just keeps coming back for more attention, more interaction. She’s a clever little thing, as she’s got the point-to-back-up cue, and is learning to go further back whilst I stay put, which is hard. She’s just so bored in her big dry dusty field, and because I’m the one human she regularly sees, I have become the coolest thing in her life, as far as I can work out. She stands at the gate and watches hopefully as I groom Abba and tack her up. She wants to come out; she wants to be handled and to do more stuff. I gave her her first dewormer - she was delighted by the entire experience, except the taste of the stuff, and immediately scarfed down a piece of apple afterwards and begged for more syringes if they meant interaction. I would love to do something to help her, like give her formal lessons in ground manners, partly because it would help me in the field, and partly because she is so desperate for attention. She is a sweetheart, and whoever lands up with her is going to have an amazing horse one day - if she gets some early lessons in behaving herself. If she doesn’t, she’s going to be a menace, all because she’s clever and easily bored.

‘Kong: Skull Island’ Cast Attends Film’s Japan Premiere

TOKYO, Japan – Hollywood stars Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson were in town last March 15 to attend the Japan premiere of their latest movie, “Kong: Skull Island.”

The cast gathered on stage in Kabukicho, Shinjuku to meet and greet Japanese fans.

“This is my first time in Japan and I’m so happy to meet the fans who come out tonight to say hello. Thanks for the warm welcome,” Hiddleston enthused who looked dapper in his elegant dotted suit.

“I’m also very excited to be standing beneath Godzilla,” he added.

The 36-year-old British hottie also shared his impressions of Japan and its people.

“Everyone is so kind and friendly, and the food is delicious –I’ve had some sushi and sashimi.”

Larson shared her excitement about bringing the movie to Japan as well.

“I’m so grateful to be here. Tokyo is my favorite city in the world,” she said.

Jackson also expressed his admiration for Japan.

“It’s awesome being here. We really love you. This is the place to be,” he said.

They were joined on stage by Japanese voice over actors Gackt and Nozomi Sasaki.

The Warner Bros. picture will be shown in Japan on March 25.

(Words by Florenda Corpuz)

(Photographed by Din Eugenio)

© Filipino-Japanese Journal 2017