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YO @leoriotheoreo!! *ties this to a rock and throws it at your window* I finished your commission! Man, can you believe it?? Martello is finally alive in color haha// Well anyways, I hope you like it my friend!! Also can you believe this dork?? Sitting on the dirt with white pants?? Unacceptable, mister.

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The fact that Mon el wanted to make sure the very last things he said to Kata were reassuring her that she made an impact on his life, that because of her good heart he was better for it. He had every right to be sad and terrified in that moment, and the fact that this is how he chose to spend it shows how amazing he is.

I am so proud of my son. Willing to sacrifice his life without hesitation. Willing to die without a second thought. Because they didn’t have that plan with the pod until the lead was released. Mon-El had been prepared to die for Earth. He kept saying it’s okay because he is that pure of heart. It was okay he was going to die because everyone else would live. It was okay he was going to die because that meant this planet would be saved. Mon-El was ready to die without a thought for himself. Without a care for what that meant for him. Because Mon-El is a hero.

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i just wanna hold donghyuck in my arms for all eternity n tell him everything will pass my lil baby come into my arms it’s okay im so emo im actually crying my boy had his head down someone come hold me


So exboyfriend!Joshua’s voice message plays while Jun looks over old letters from him, and then currentboyfriend!The8 finds the letters???

EDIT (after multiple replays): Jun went to find Joshua in room 1013 and left a note for The8, idek anymore

The Characters of Hannibal According to my Nan
  • Hannibal: That naughty boy.
  • Alana: The Nice Lady Doctor.
  • Will: That Man.
  • Abigail: The Poor Girl.
  • Gideon: Oh no ... no no no!
  • Freddie: She's very witty.
  • Zeller & Price: *heavy sigh*
  • Beverly: I like her.
  • Nicholas Boyle: Who's that? I fell asleep.
  • Chilton: *tutting* He needs to stop that.

I saw the whole idea for NHL playoffs + Bad Blood so I made my own version at 12.30 am. Taylor please don’t sue me 

someone tried to tell me that christianity is about accepting everyone and im like what christianity did you grow with bc that aint what i grew up with

February 5, 2017

There’s something wrong with this place. They say that individuality is something we should embrace, but they want everyone to wear the same clothes and buy the same phones. They want the parts of us that makes us unique, it’s okay as long as everyone else is doing it, right? They say that freedom of speech is something needed, but we’re a little scared to speak our thoughts– is anyone truly listening to the youth? They say that it’s our fault because we’re young, there’s too much information for the brain to filter– somewhere around the lines of being born into this mess and being blind to the truth, we have lost our way as a species. They don’t build them like they used to. So before you blame it on the youth, remember who raised us. So before you make another mistake, remember that we must act together. We can laugh at the president all we want, but remember who put him there. So before you blame someone else, point the finger at yourself. So before you get some sleep tonight, pray a little longer than usual because it’s going to be a long time before everyone returns to just being okay. It’s going to be more than a few years of (subtle) fuckery.

Just read a very interesting article and post that made me see red. Not reblogging a) because I don’t want the drama and b) because I don’t want that shit on my blog. But it made me think of something that people - readers and writers alike - should remember.

If you write/read dark fic to escape from the pain of your world it is okay.

If you write/read angst because it’s easier to cry over fictional characters pain than your own it is okay

If you use dark fics and angst as a way to escape from reality and feel human for five fucking seconds it is okay.

You are not less of an author or a bad reader if you prefer dark/angst over romantic fluff. You are not less of an author or a bad reader if you prefer romance and fluff. 

You are still a valid producer and consumer of literature, and a valid human being and no one should make you feel bad for that.