but every time someone says the narrator's name i'm just like

After every training camp they have some sort of party and Bokuto and Kuroo have this competition where they try to see who can annoy the most people like

  • Kuroo calls Akaashi a different name at each party and Akaashi is so use to it so he just lets it happen
  • They act like echoes to people and sometimes repeat someone as they’re saying it
  • Bokuto yells everything for like 20 minutes straight
  • One time Bokuto was sitting next to Daichi and he just slowly got closer and closer until Daichi was like “????????? what are you doing” and Bokuto was almost on his lap and he was like “I just wanna sit next to you ya know I believe we have this captain connection”
  • Kuroo goes around to various groups and narrates what’s going on
  • One of the worst things Kuroo has done was he told everyone that the food was ready and they all piled to where the food would be and there was nothing there so they were like “dude where’s the food” and Kuroo was like “idk I think it’s still cooking”
  • The worst thing Bokuto has done is he messed with the thermostat and made it really so everyone was sweating and wondering why it was so hot and Bokuto was wearing his jacket and was pretending he was really cold and when Kuroo found out he told Bokuto how low that was
  • The only person Bokuto won’t mess with is Kenma and that’s because he one time took one of his gaming console’s and hid it and Kuroo flipped out and said that he wasn’t allowed to mess with Kenma at all so they have a rule where Kenma is off limits (this headcanon was made by @tobi0s when we were talking about this stuff so thank you!!!)
  • Sometimes Bokuto pretends he’s going to mess with Kenma like he slowly goes up to him and makes sure Kuroo is watching and Kuroo is like “BOKUTO KOUTARO DON’T YOU DARE” but really Bokuto wasn’t going to do anything but maybe ask Kenma if he’s having fun or something
  • Basically everyone is trying to have a good time but these two make it hell

This was inspired by this video and you cannot tell me this totally isn’t them