but every time i see this dance i just can't

You’re an angel dressed in armor
You’re the fair in every fight
You’re my life and my safe harbor
Where the sun sets every night (x)

can we please let them slow dance in their pyjamas or something?
lil’ thingy for @sarawh, love u buddy

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Every time I see your Sniper/Medic fusion, I can't help but notice their four arms sticking out of the same armholes in their coat. So what if one day they cannot fuse but really want to anyway ((either because one's too sick and disoriented to dance/fuse or something like that)) so they end up in the same coat and try to walk around pretending to be fused even though they're obviously just two people stuck together in a lab coat.

Those dorks. Imagine them talking to someone, like Spy, and Medic/Sniper is being all serious but Spy is all like “Wtf?”   Ha! XD

  • Matt: Get out.
  • Matt: Go to hell.
  • Matt: This may come as a surprise to you, but I've actually moved on in the ten years (8 months, 3 hours, 11 minutes) since you left. I'm seeing someone now, which is only part of the reason why I have zero interest in ever starting up anything with you ever again.
  • Matt: You can't just send a car for me whenever you decide you wanna-
  • Matt: ... are we going to dance?
  • Matt: You read Japanese? (♥)
  • Matt: My life doesn't stop every time you call.
  • Matt: You're infuriating.
  • Matt: ...
  • Matt: ...
  • Matt: wHEre did u go when u LEFT me and wHY didn't u come back?
  • Matt: *justin bieber's As Long As You Love Me playing in the background* WHEREVER U RUN I RUN WITH U, GIRL
Yes, 100% I do actually. I think they’ve met up in the 21st century, there’s a huge age difference obviously but I think it happened. Also sadly towards the end of Peggy’s life, because she’s very old, because she’s got Alzheimer’s and dementia she forgets. So she forgets that they had their dance, so every time Steve sees her they’ve got to dance again. She’s reliving that first dance every time she sees him.

Hayley Atwell, in response to, ‘Did Steve and Peggy ever finally have that dance?’