but every sunny is best sunny~

Signs as the months that best describe them

Aries: August - Sticky hot, dry, everyone wants summer to end already

Taurus: March - mild, but often rainy and grey, people know that better times are coming soon

Gemini: February - murky and cool, but calm

Cancer: September - sunny, mildly warm, looking forward to the rainy autumn

Leo: January - cold, snowy & gorgeous. A new beginning

Virgo: December -  cold but the streets are decorated for Christmas, that people await with excitement

Libra: April - warm, sunny from time to time, the quietest weather, people chasing easter eggs

Scorpio: October - weather changes every second, from sun to rain, Halloween decorations

Sagittarius: July - hot, lazy month, everyone is on holidays, enjoying the sun, resting

Capricorn: November - dull, windy and depressive time of the year, waiting for the long winter

Aquarius: June - Finally summer, sunbathing, relaxing

Pisces: May - warm, sunny, making plans for the summer, awaiting the holidays with excitement

objectively, dee is the best character on the show because she doesn’t fall under any female cliches or stereotypes that are present in almost every show (at least that i can think of) and it’s so fucking refreshing to have this incredible, unique, well-developed character with backstory and flaws and dreams and none! of it has to do with her being a woman!!!

Valentine’s Day

Annabeth Chase isn’t one to scoff at Valentine’s Day. It’s immensely contrived and commercialized and unnecessary (you should tell people in your life you love them every day), but she enjoys it all the same. She doesn’t mind pink, loves chocolate covered strawberries, and spends quite a lot of time people-watching. She likes watching couples walk hand in hand down the street, dressed in their best, making their way to brunch or lunch or dinner or a movie or a show. Love, although she hasn’t found it, fascinates her. It enthralls her, excites her, entices her. Annabeth Chase likes Valentine’s Day because it reminds her of what can be.

Not that she’s particularly looking for love at the moment. She’s twenty - young and in college and focused. A boyfriend would be nice, perhaps, but it’s not top on the list of her priorities. She’s doing just fine on her own.

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I don’t know what it is about Sunny but she’s got a charm I can’t escape. I like everything about her. I like that she can be serious when she needs to, and acts silly when she feels like it. I like that she enjoys touching the members’ butts and pinching and biting them, and doesn’t give a shit what people think about it. I like that while every other idol and their best friend has a dog, she has a cat. I like that she’s always quietly looking out for her members. (She’s a lowkey mama bear). I like that she loves laughing (even if she’s the only one laughing she’ll do it over and over again). I like the confidence she has in herself and who she is. I think she’s really beautiful. Inside and out. And I love the woman she’s becoming. I hope she knows she’s got plenty of fans who love and support her. I hope she never loses her spark and all she knows is happiness. Sunny fighting~

Like Fire and Ice

“Quidditch,” Roxanne says, narrowing her dark eyes at the group of students standing before her, “is about more than just skill. You can have the best shot in the world, conduct a perfect Wronski Feint, but none of that means shit if you don’t care, if you don’t give it your all every second of the day, and if you don’t respect your teammates and treat them like your family. I don’t have time for people on this team who don’t want to be here with every bone in their body. Am I making myself clear?”

James nods.

Next to him, a girl lets out a breathy laugh. “She sounds just like my father.”

He turns to see Ella Wood scrutinizing him, her cat like gaze piercing, almost scary. She’s a little taller than him (which bothers him more than he cares to admit), slim, athletic built, and the way she holds a broom is so perfect she may as well have been born with it. Still staring at him, she tightens her sleek brown ponytail and narrows her eyes even further.

She’s his main competition.

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