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I finally got to really listen to the lyrics of C's new songs without being distracted by her dancing. Ryan Tedder was right, she really is a good lyricist for a relatively new artist. I can only imagine what her music will be like in another 5 yrs. Havana to me screams CAMREN. It kind of reminds me of the whole Austin debacle as well. What do you think?

Austin was for PR, I don’t think Camila would write a song with him as a subject. Honestly, every single song she has screams Camren to me. It is kinda like that Maroon 5 album years ago where the whole album was juz about one girl.

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the blurryface era was when i got into them (i was too young before then) and honestly its hard for me to like every single song i hear from an artist so twenty one pilots is super special because i freakin love (and relate to) every song by them and im honestly appreciative of all the amazing art inspired by the whole concept of tyler's black paint, blurryface, the red/black/white color scheme i just seriously adore symbolism

I LOVE when artists built a color palette for their album because 

  • It’s easy to remember each era with a certain color (I don’t know the word in english but It’s more ‘permanent’) 
  • gifs and graphics are way much cooler lmao 
  • color is such a strong complement to music, sometimes it describes even more than the actual song. When I first saw the Blurryface album cover I knew is was going to be a dark, strong and tough album. Whenever I see an artist building their album concept around a color scheme I die because it gives to the whole thing much more sense. 

I hope the next era is yellow cause listen, if that happens, I’ll spend every single coin I own in merch.

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Every time the avatarfandompoilce troll you you should post Mariah Carey song "obsessed" lyrics. Like every time they post hate to you just write the lyrics or the whole song.


Halloween 2016

I was hoping that Neville would assist me with the first stage of the operation, and I am sure he will perform it admirably.”  - Remus Lupin

as far as i am concerned, this operation-speak was a slip and is canon proof that the marauders used military-speak (operation, stages, point position, code names) when they were mayhem-making.



“Plus Ultra!!!!”

Please let my sunshine kid Midoriya brighten up your dash and your day!!!

Painted on PS [2017.05]