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Do you have any advice for someone who's going to college next year but still don't have any idea with what they want to do in life? I don't really have anything that I excel in nor do I know what I'm really interested in. There's also the fact that I'm fine with studying certain things, but I would hate to take exams for that. For now, I'm thinking about studying psychology but I don't have any idea what else I want to do in my life '-'

ah yea’ i had this feel too… (´・` ) hmm..let meh try to help u.

Before entering into a Game school,i tried one year  at an art university ,(bc clearly, i didn’t kno’ what to do ) that was the worst year eveh. i learned few things but ppl’s mentality was awful. I felt not secure at all. 

One of my older sibblings lost ..1 no,2 or even 3 years into literature university before entering into a 3D animation school.

That’s not important. I mean look at us, we fucked up . However,we found our way anyway. that took us time buut we’re alright now. Don’t be afraid to lose wahn year. let u the time to think about that. I kno’ ppl around u will pressure u but u’ll always have the time to think about what you want to do later. Today,maybe there are your parents around you,school and final exams  but don’t overthink. it’s ur life ! (°◡°♡).:。

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I loved your Allison&Neil bff au it was super cute. How does the situation when Allison slaps Aaron go down in your AU? Got any more ideas?

Thank you for feeding my addiction omg

Honestly before I answer this lets take a look at Allison’s perspective of Andrew’s crew because at this point it’s almost the end of the year-ish and things are progressing slowly for our dynamic brotp

•Allison doesn’t HATE the lil monster crew but she doesn’t like them much either
• I mean Aaron has a personal vendetta against Neil and that is just NOT OKAY
• I mean how can you not like Neil??? He’s a mess sure but he’s a cute mess
• that brings up another point
• Nicky wanted/wants to get in Neil’s pants and Allison DOESNT approve
• she knows Neil doesn’t swing, let’s be real they talk about it
• and although she knows the word he is looking for is asexual/demisexual she’s not about to correct him
• so she files that thought away for later
• Kevin isn’t so bad when he isn’t being a bitch
• but he pushes Neil and Neil needs it so Allison never really says anything
• unless she thinks she has to which is rarely ever
• because lets be real Neil can handle Kevin
• she’s not too fond of Aaron or Nicky because of how they look at Neil
• so she OBVIOUSLY is wary of Andrew
• because that boy looks at Neil like he is a puzzle that Andrew can’t wait to get his hands on and solve
• if that wasn’t enough he LISTENS to Neil and the idea that this little crazy fool could listen to anyone blows her mind
• Neil doesn’t see what she sees, he’s oblivious to this stuff, so she knows Andrew has a thing for him
• even if it’s just pure curiosity
• and she sees how Neil is with Andrew
• those carefully constructed walls just CRUMBLE
• they trust each other, they protect each other
• and she loves it honestly (she would ever admit that)
• so when the cars get wrecked her eyes are literally only on Neil
• because it’s low key his fault, of course she would NEVER allow him to think that
• because “god forbid you let Riko run his mouth I would put you in an early grave”
• Neil knows she serious so he doesn’t say sorry again
• the others agree with her but Aaron just doesn’t
• because fucking Aaron with his attitude problem and over all problem with Neil
• he can fuck right off
• but Allison is too protective and everyone knows it
• so the moment Aaron opens his mouth to attack Neil she moves without thinking
• she just punches him in the face as hard as she can
• her hand is going to hurt tomorrow
• and Andrew doesn’t MOVE
• and the whole thing is tense because Allison just PUNCHED something that belongs to Andrew
• and hes just standing there????
• why won’t he DO something??
• Aaron doesn’t even seem surprised that Andrew doesn’t respond
• but everyone else is confused???
• especially Neil
• Allison is super glad nothing happened because if Andrew touched her then Neil would FLIP
• and all of that trust and all of those changes would be for nothing
• Andrew doesn’t break promises so why didn’t he protect Aaron?
• the answer is as simple as: Neil
• Andrew just stands there looking angry and annoyed
• but he doesn’t touch her
• “don’t ever touch what belongs to me again or I will kill you”
• he’s 100% serious
• she knows
• everyone knows
• and bless Neil’s heart for being so protective
• he just catches Andrews attention and glares
• when the whole thing calms down Allison is VERY happy she didn’t get Andrews wrath
• but she’s much happier about their progress

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Hello! Just to tell you that when you picked knight, what you chose was a class called armored knight which is what it sounds like, a high defence but low speed unit. Not a bad choice but it can be a bit hard to run. From armored knight, you can run a class called Great Knight which is alright but nothing good or a class called General which is like an armored knight but even more beefy. It all depends on what traits you picked at the beginning.

Originally posted by redbeanporridge

Yeah this is my first fire emblem and i have no idea what I’m doing or what is happening. All I know is I must kill. (appreciate the help, any advice is always welcome)

I’ve sorted out my opinion on the face punching thing.  Normally, I don’t condone physical violence under any circumstance except self defense or in the defense of others.  I believe that if one person is being hateful and violent then the better person must refrain from lowering themselves to the same threshold.  Assault of any sort is illegal for a very good reason.

However, times have gotten different, even in the five years or so it’s taken me to formulate that mindset.  I won’t encourage people to punch Nazis in the face, but neither will I condemn them for doing so.  Vile people with vile ideas must be confronted.  Sometimes, (and I’m not….entirely 100 percent committed to this idea, so bear with me) intellectual confrontation is simply not an option.

Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to:

1.)  Don’t punch ANYBODY unless a) you’ve made damn certain you know they’re not an innocent bystander.  Jesus.  b) you’ve ruled out conversation c) you are fully prepared to accept the legal consequences of your actions because you just committed a crime.

2.) Don’t attack someone unprovoked.

3.) I shouldn’t even have to say it but I will:  Do not engage in any action that would result in the death of another human being. 

I’ve included that last one because I’ve seen invective going around on several sources that goes along the lines of “Punching Nazis in the face isn’t enough they all deserve to die, kill the fascists.”  And while I agree that neo-Nazi movements and fascism should be opposed to the strongest degree, I don’t think any of the common pond scum out there have committed genocide, or suitable acts that would result in a death sentence in a court of law.  Yet.  So don’t sink to that mindset.  Murder is a tool of the oppressor.  Murder is a tool of the weak, pretending to be the strong.  Murder is the tool of the Nazi and the fascist.  Play the judge and jury of ideas, but not the executioner of lives.

Sharing A Bed Starters
  • "Did you have a nightmare?"
  • "I had a nightmare."
  • "There's plenty of room for the both of us."
  • "There is not enough room here for both of us."
  • "It's cold. We should try to conserve body heat."
  • "You're not even going to notice because you'll be asleep!"
  • "We've only got the one bed between the two of us."
  • "Quit stealing the covers."
  • "Quit kicking me."
  • "It's better than sleeping on the floor."
  • "It's either this or you sleep in the tub."
  • "Alright. Get up here."
  • "We're sleeping in the same bed, not together!"
  • "Please go to bed."
  • "Sleep is for the weak."
  • "Do you have any idea what time it is?"
  • "Dutch oven!"
  • "You sleep on top of the sheets."
  • "I'll sleep on top of the sheets."
  • "I'm scared. Can I sleep with you?"
  • "You're scared? You can come sleep with me, I guess."
  • "I have to sleep closer to the door."
  • "I can't sleep this close to the door."
  • "Stop getting up so early. You always wake me up."
  • "Stop staying up so late. I can never fall asleep."
  • "We can cuddle."
  • "Just don't try cuddling me or anything."

Do any other autistic people have a thing where instructions need to be very specific? Like if someone is explaining something to you and it’s vague or even slightly complicated you just don’t understand any of it? Also when I try to explain things to others, I explain it weirdly, like the way I’m explaining it makes sense to me but everyone else has no idea wtf I’m talking about.


Q: “Do you have any new years resolutions?”

P: (…) I also want to channel my creative energies into something, I’ve been writing down loads of ideas and I’ve got a load of ideas for some kind of creative project, I just don’t know how to make it yet. That’s really vague ‘cause I don’t even really know what it is yet, but there is something brewing in my brain which i’d like to do.

This attitude that the media (and some fans) have adopted towards Harry is like so toxic and dangerous ?? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Harry, and I’m sure he will totally kill it at anything he decides to do and I’m extremely excited to see what it’ll be (like acting for example, he’s also a great model and ofc he’s an amazing singer) but, they’re hyping him way too much, putting him on a pedestal even before he does anything just for the sake of it, putting way too much pressure on him, talking about him as if they have any idea about what he wants to do, acting as if he’s the second coming when in reality he’s just a young boy, who’s taking a break from a boyband and like the rest of his bandmates has absolutely no experience with this solo thing, or am I missing something ?? Did he already have a career before 1d?? Cause everyone talks about him like they’re so sure about what he’ll do next as if he’s a veteran or something. It’s just, it’s too much. Too fucking much and I’m gonna be mad if he pours out his heart and soul into a project he believes in and it turns out it’s not be what everyone expected from him. He’s 22 ffs, he’ll make mistakes (just like the other boys), he’ll learn, let him breathe, let him figure out who he wants to be, let him speak his mind (if that’s what he wants to), please don’t expect him to be perfect and the most important thing, don’t erase his roots, don’t erase the people whom he shared so many experiences with, the people who have accompanied him throughout his career, cause he said it himself, that band changed his life and made him who he is today, please don’t put his boys down to praise him. Just, let him be Harry, not Harry Styles™ all the damn time.

Muse as old as time
  • "I'm far too old for these games."
  • "What's it like to be immortal?"
  • "How old ARE you?"
  • "I'm afraid I don't understand the current slang."
  • "Do you know how to use a smart phone?"
  • "I am waaaaay older than you."
  • "Being this old has pros and cons."
  • "Do you have any idea what Netflix even is?"
  • "Did you meet Shakespeare?"
  • "I was alive when the pyramids of Egypt were built."
  • "Are you an angel or demon?"
  • "Humanity has jumped chasms in just the past thirty years. It took at least two hundred years to upgrade from wood to an iron plow."
  • "I'd rather ride a horse."
  • "You can't be THAT old!"
  • "That's simply impossible."
  • "I remember when stars filled the night sky and cities were practically nonexistent."
  • "Magic is real."
  • "Your problems are inconsequential."
  • "The universe spins, the earth moves and time passes ever on."
  • "What's it like, being as old as you are?"
  • "I'm just glad corsets have finally gone out of fashion."
  • "You can be upset about security measures all you want. I'm happy it doesn't take a month to travel across the Atlantic."
  • "Are you REALLY immortal?"
  • "I have seen all of time and space. You know what? It's the little stuff that counts."
  • "It's the here and now that's important to me."
  • "Doesn't it ever get boring?"
  • "I have loved many people over the many years. Each one is special to me."
  • "Every day brings new things."
  • "Do you ever want to end it?"
  • "I couldn't ask for anything more."
  • "Sometimes I just don't get mortals."

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please do headcanons with yuuri and viktor where their female s/o is a skater like them and surprises the boys by do the quad flip perfectly(aka viktor signature move) at one of their skating programs.




Do you have any idea how many attempts it took me to get kageyama just so i could draw this stupid comic¿¿¿

Here’s the test in case you want it :-)

Hi everyone! After weeks of not posting any proper arts, I’d like to share a sneak peek of my MM Halloween keychain set! ^ o ^

Yes I made it finally;; *cries a litre * I’ll post the remaining characters tomorrow including PRE-ORDER details (there’ll be a special early bird package)^^

If you have any questions feel free to send it to my askbox! Actually I’ve been sick for this whole week.. So I got so many unanswered questions in my inbox, I’ll try to answer it all soon for sure!

Thank you for every one and each of you who’ve liked my artworks. Really I wasn’t even planning to make this keychain from the start but you gave me support and ideas, which is really nice :’) *tumblr hug*

Special thanks to @crystalchock i can’t do this without you babe;;

Oh and for this post (and the next one) reblogs are much appreciated!

There’ll be suprises for random reblogger ;) (I’m serious) 

Thank you!!

I was really shy as a kid, but my mum always used to take me to the theatre and I loved it, everyone sitting in a dark room and having the same experience, going on the same journey, and things that weren’t normally said in every day life were being said on stage. I didn’t know how to get into it. I didn’t know if I had any talent for it. I didn’t even know if I wanted to do anything in front of people, but I just loved that world. My parents instilled in me the idea that we can do and be whoever we want to be if we have the right level of awareness.

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do you know of any exercise wheels for rabbits? or advice if i have to make my own?

I don’t… As far as I know, the best way to exercise a rabbit is to give it space or even walk it on a leash. You could maybe try something similar to the cat wheels that are starting to get popular, but I have my doubts that a rabbit would use it or that it would be large enough, considering a bunny’s bounding hops when it runs. And I have no idea if it’d be safe… You could maybe try a small treadmill type thing, but the same as mentioned above is applied.

Anyone else have anything to weigh in with?

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I'm not a witch or anything but I've been following your blog for a while along with other magic blogs and I'm really interested in becoming a witch, but I have no idea where to start. do you have any tips for people who want to get into magic?

Ooh have I got posts for you:

Other posts not by me:


  • You do not need to be Wiccan or any other kind of religious to practice magic
    • Nor do you need to be any specific gender, sexuality, race, etc. 
    • The only thing you really need to be a witch is a desire to be so
  • The term “witch” is gender neutral, but you don’t need to go by that if you don’t want to, there are other alternatives
  • Do a lot of research (which you seem to have done, so good on you there, but keep going, it never really stops)
  • Figure out what it is you want to do with magic (everything, only specific types of magic, whether or not you think you might curse, etc.)
    • What you decide for these is not concrete - you are not bound to working with one type of magic if you want to change to something else. What I do is constantly changing
    • On this note, you don’t need a “witchy label” (i.e. sea witch or whatever), these things are just more meant to help other people recognize what sort of magic you practice at a glance - you are also not confined to that label if you decide you want one, you can do other kinds of magic as well
  • Don’t let other people tell you how to do YOUR magic - it’s YOUR craft for a reason; play around, experiment, find what works for you and run with it
    • Sometimes people are just shitty and will tell you you’re doing it wrong no matter what you do - so just kinda be prepared to see that and then promptly ignore it xD
  • See what you already own that you can use within magic, and then find out what you can do with those things
  • Don’t worry about buying “organic,” “fancy,” or “exotic” herbs - you can find the same properties and associations in regular household spices and herbs
    • On that note, if you have a Bulk Barn / Barrel in your area, GET YOUR HERBS FROM THERE. Seriously, Jed and I went to one this past weekend, and they have EVERYTHING. And so cheap!
  • Seriously, you can get a lot of stuff from the dollar store, WalMart, thrift stores - hit these places up if budget is an issue
    • For the longest time all my crystals came from Green Earth, and every single one has worked for what I wanted it to thus far
  • If you don’t care about deities or spirits, just don’t work with them
    • Same thing goes with the astral plane- if you don’t wanna go near it, you don’t need to
  • Practice your fire safety methods
    • DO THIS
  • It’s okay if you don’t practice every day, miss the moon phases or sabbats - these are not the things that define a witch, they are just things you CAN do
    • I have never practiced a single sabbat, and I think Saturday night was the first or second time ever hat I actually had my spellwork correspond with the right day of the week and moon phase
    • It’s seriously okay if things don’t line up perfectly timing wise; it adds a bit of a boost, but not enough to make it or break it
  • Try to have fun with it - magic is not 100% serious all the time, nor does it need to be

Best of luck anon! :D

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So... I want to be witchy and practice the craft but I've honestly no idea where to begin. I also don't really have the money to afford supplies like candles and crystals and herbs and stuff (high school student here...) so I'm not even sure if I could practice effectively because of that. I have a couple books, but I'm not sure if the authors are credible or not, so I'm afraid to practice from them. Do you... have any advice or tips?

-big warm smile- Sweetie, come and sit by me. Let’s chat.

First of all, welcome to the community! There’s a lot to learn and a lot of complications and it might take you a while to find your feet, but there’s plenty of folks around who are willing to help. We’re glad you’re here! :)

Now then, supplies and budget concerns. There are SO many witches out there working on a shoestring budget or no budget at all, and they practice just fine.

One of the things that gets fed to us a lot by popular literature and media is that in order to be a witch you need lots of rare herbs and fancy crystals and enough candles to set a small village on fire. Not so. Basic spells can be done with whatever you have to hand. It’s all a matter of working creatively and thinking outside the occult-store box.

You’re a student, yes? So in your accoutrements for school, you’ve got things like paper, pens, tape, maybe some markers and things, right? And your home kitchen, that’s probably got a spice cabinet with some cooking herbs, right? And you’ve got access to the internet (obviously) and a blog.

So…good news! You’ve got everything you need to start your practice.

No candles? No problem! You don’t really need live-flame candles unless you’re working a spell that requires something to be set on fire. You can use LED candles, or a picture of a candle, or a flashlight, depending on what the symbolic need for the item is. Or, if you want, you can skip them altogether.

No herbs? Check that kitchen cabinet. Amazing things can be done with the seasonings that are probably already in your home. Some of my go-to herbs are Basil, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Cinnamon, Cayenne, and Ginger, to say nothing of good old salt and black pepper. The spice aisle is a treasure trove for witches on a tight budget, and even more so if you have a local dollar store that carries cheap generic seasonings. You only need a pinch or so of an herb for full effectiveness; a little bit goes a very long way!

No crystals? Again, not a requirement. Some witches work extensively with stones and gems and such, but as with candles, unless you’re working a spell that specifically revolves around the use of a crystal, you don’t really need them when you’re starting out. If you do feel a draw toward crystal magic, small quartz points are easy enough to find as decorative items or jewelry and they tend to be less expensive than most other minerals. (I recommend checking this shop for crystals and such. The owner is a fellow witch and her product is very good quality and very reasonably-priced.)

With paper and pencil, you can work on creating your own sigils, make paper charms or poppets, practice writing spells, or take notes on things that interest you. Blogs are a great way of doing this as well; plenty of witches have blogs that function as digital repositories for their magical learning.

As for the other stuff (i.e. cauldrons, jars, besoms, statues, incense, etc), all that can wait. The most important thing that you can do as a beginner witch is research. And not just with books either. The internet can be a great source of information, so long as you don’t mind exercising those critical thinking skills.

Witchy tumblr has taught me a whole slew of things that I never would have learned from books; some stuff about the community you can only learn from other people, and it largely deals with social awareness and etiquette. Generally, if you follow Wheaton’s Law (“Don’t be an asshole”), you should be fine.

Getting back to books…yes. There ARE pagan authors who are very popular and very problematic. The only two that I recommend avoiding wholesale are Silver Ravenwolf and Raymond Buckland, due to the rampant racism and misinformation found in their rhetoric. There are others that should be avoided for other reasons, but those are the two you see in bookstores most often. (My post on other authors and their issues is here.)

EVERY pagan author is problematic in some way (including me) because there are so many viewpoints in the community about what is and is not acceptable in the craft. Generally, you want to avoid (or at least heavily fact-check) anything that tells you the following:

  • There is only ONE WAY to be a witch / practice witchcraft (wrong)
  • There are only Certain People Who Can Be Witches (fraud)
  • Christians are evil / stole our holidays / burned millions of witches (lies)
  • It’s perfectly okay to cherry-pick whatever you want from other cultures and traditions and cobble it together however you please (NO)
  • You can’t do magic without deities / witchcraft is a religion (try again)
  • You can only do magic for pure good / for the good of others (haha no)
  • In order to be a witch, you must join a coven / undergo initiation / be trained by a person of certain rank / perform certain rituals / own certain objects / work your rituals naked / follow (or not follow) a certain religion / make vows to a certain deity or set of deities (nope nope and uh NOPE)

Whatever you end up reading, definitely supplement that learning with research on practical history (that boring stuff you learn from dusty old tomes) and a good dose of practical botany or herbology (knowing which plants do what so you don’t accidentally give yourself an allergy attack or a dose of poison).

If you’d like a place to get started, I do maintain a website with lots of free information on plant-based cottage craft (the way I do it, anyway) and advice for beginner witches. I also have a book in the process of being published that you might find useful. My two collaborative projects, The Sisters Grimmoire and The Witches Cupboard, are available on Amazon in print and on Kindle.

And if you have more questions, feel free to ask. :)

(Wow this one got away from me. But I hope it helps!)

RFA HEADCANONS: When You're Upset~

(Hey! This wasn’t a request, but i haven’t posted any headcanons today, and this is the only thing I have idea’s for. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll take a request or two tonight, and it’ll be done either tonight or tomorrow! :D
What they do when your upset~)

• The moment he see’s you even slightly down, he’s already engulfing you into a tight hug.
• He’ll start saying any words of comfort that he can think of, wanting you to brighten up.
• He also makes you your favorite meal, doing his best to make it absolutely perfect for you.
• If you want to be left alone for a bit, he’ll give you your space.
• And when you’re ready to talk, he’s completely ready to listen to you, and help
you in whatever way he can.

• He’ll put his work down for you if he has to, rushing over to be by your side.
• He starts cracking some of his best jokes, trying to get you to smile again.
• If that doesn’t work, he’ll start to soften up, pulling you close to him.
• He runs his hands through your hair, as he attempts to get you to tell him what’s wrong.
• Even if you say you want to be left alone, he’s not going to. After all, when he was upset, you never left him alone.
• He’s 100% willing to do anything for you, so if he has to, he’ll do whatever he can do to get you feeling better.

• If you seem a little down throughout the day, he doesn’t really know what to do, so he just quietly wraps his arms around you, pulling your head into his chest, as he rubs his hand on your back.
• He doesn’t push you to tell him immediately, but after a while, he will want you to tell him what’s been troubling you so he can try and fix it.
• He buys you both a fancy dinner to share together, and even a cute little dessert, not breaking his eyes from your face as you eat. (Creepy? Well, he’s just concerned~)

• At first, he instantly asks who he needs to beat up..but as a joke..kinda?
• He’ll start reciting a few of his more “lovey” or “romantic” lines from past musicals.
• He keeps you close to him, letting you have his shoulder to cry on when you need it.
• Will literally do anything for you.
• no, seriously. Anything.
• Get hungry? He’s rushing to get whatever it is you want.
• Get cold? He’ll wrap you both in a fluffy blanket, making sure you’re as comfortable as possible.
• And when you finally tell him what’s wrong, he’s there for you. He will support you.

• She’s there for you.
• You have always been there for her, she really feels like she owe’s you one.
• She’ll get you a cup of your favorite drink, placing it down infront of you, and then sits down beside you.
• She’ll smile, and open her arms widely.
• She’ll ask you to tell her what’s wrong, and won’t drop it unless you’re seriously uncomfortable with her knowing.
• (She’ll probably put in Zen musicals and start having you both recite the lines together, oops.)

• When he noticed you not being yourself, he instantly gets worried about you. He doesn’t want to see you in such a bad position.
• Without saying a word, he picks you up bridal style, and takes you to his bedroom. (nOT FRICKLE FRACKLE, THANK YOU xD)
• He’ll gently lay you on the bed, wrapping you up in the covers. Once that’s done, he’ll pull out your favorite book, and start reading to you until you can peacefully fall asleep to the sound of his voice.
• If you can’t sleep, he’ll get in bed with you, wrapping his arms around you from behind.
• He’ll ask you what’s wrong, but he won’t pressure you. When you want to tell him, he’s still gonna be there.

• He has no idea how to react.
• He feels his heart start to hurt at the sight of you upset, and just?? What is this?
• He’ll quickly go out of the room (only making you feel worse?)
• but, he goes to his brother for advice.
• His brother tells him that he just needs to comfort you, and make sure to do what he can to cheer you up.
• Saeran still has no clue what to do, but, he decides to get you a bowl of ice cream.
• Once he brings the ice cream up to you, he sets it in front of you, before awkwardly hugging you.
• “Hey, (Y/N)…uh, something wrong..?”
• When you tell him, he still doesn’t know what to do, but he knows this time..he can’t just walk out and ask for more advice?
• So, he tells you what he would do, or some awkward words of comfort.
• And maybe they aren’t the greatest, but his cuteness seemed to be able to cheer you up~