but even beyond that aspect i am really emotional about this oh god

Please Don’t Laugh

Okay, so @morality-sanders gave me this idea. But this is also pure retaliation for what is happening on that blog, and @logic-sanders because omg. I am dying. Oh, I can promise that there will also be more angst to come (probably).

Warnings: Panicked Thoughts, Self Doubt, umm, Angst in General.

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I'm in love
  • Me(via text): I know you won't read this till morning but I needed to say this because it's all very very true.......ready?
  • I love you, so much all of you, your personality your looks, your laugh, your likes and dislikes, the way you're obsessed with Attack on Titans, Smite, and Ark!, how you can play video games with me and just be a total derp. I've never been in love nor have I ever said "I love you" to someone and actually meant it. But you're different, you have brought emotions out of me that I would of never guessed were even there, you make me actually want to sleep?!?! And wake up early?!?!?! (Wat😳). You make me question my actions, try new things, want to turn my life around for the better, make me think of my future and what it's going to be like. Thinking ahead you're there, I'm in love with you, and every aspect of you. You are so smart, kind, gentle (when you want to be 😏), by far the biggest dork I have ever meet, only gentleman in the world as far as I'm aware, you're cautious (WHICH IS A GOOD THING), you have a clear understanding of how the world works and what you want and how to get it (that's hot). Seriously I love you, I love laying in bed all day playing video games with you, or just cuddling, watching game of thrones, Attack on Titan, movies that I clearly need to be watching but because I'm ridiculous and a derp I just haven't until you make me which I love!, when we have sex, you literally make me feel things I've never felt before and I'm sorry I'm addicted, I'm new to this stuff. Remember your a drug to me, I wasn't kidding.
  • I really don't mean to say I'm sorry all the time or try to feel bad about things that I can't control it just happens, and it only happens because well, I'm in love with you, and since this is the first time for that, I don't want to fuck it up even if it's the smallest thing in the world like poking you in the eye (I AM STILL SO SORRY YOUR POOR EYE IS ALL RED 😭) or bumping you when we wake up or are goofing around. I want to be good enough for you because you're to good for me. I have only ever dreamed of someone less than you in my life and it's like you're an being created by the gods sent to me; They took one look at this clumsy, dorky, hot headed girl, with a huge heart, and said "That girl. She needs HIM the perfect HIM, beyond what she prayed for, or dreamed of. HIM." You. That's only a theory I'm pretty sure you're like and alien or angel but we will discuss that another time lol. But I adore you so much, you're everything to me I enjoy bragging about you to people, buying you gifts, going on dates with you, everything all of it not a second goes by where you aren't on my mind. I love you. You are the love of my life and I don't plan on you leaving my life anytime soon. I'm sorry for the book but it had to be said you've got me head spinning what can I say ☺️ alright I'm actually going to try to sleep now. Maybe. Night💘
  • Him(via text): Oh baby I love you so much. You truly are the moon of my life 🌖 I had all but given up on finding someone who would love and appreciate me for me and not only that but be willing to give back just as much as they take. I never have had to question whether you really love me and I know I never will. You have given me everything I have been so lucky to give you and more. I don't mind the small pokes, bumps, or bruises. Nothing so petty could ever endanger my impression of you or the way I feel about you. At times I cannot believe I have been so blessed to be able to share my life with someone who knows me, who loves, and who understands me. I am beyond exhilarated to know I can make you feel the way you do, both emotionally and physically 😊 you never have to worry about bothering me or annoying me with cuddles or kisses because I always remind myself that you do this because you love and desire me, and there is nothing more in this world I could ask for than that. I love you beyond words, and I always will 💗💕💞 oh and good morning😂
harry potter reread: goblet of fire pt iv
  • how fucked up is it that snape’s comment to hermione after she was hit by the densaugeo hex made her resolve to get them shrunk to smaller than their regular size. for god’s sake, he’s a teacher and he BULLIED hermione so relentlessly that she felt compelled to change her physical appearance. fuck him
  • oh my god. ron asks molly to make dobby a sweater for christmas, and dobby makes harry some socks patterned with snitches and broomsticks….this is so fucking cute i’m gonna die I LOVE CHRISTMAS CHAPTERS
  • the fat lady frequently has her friend violet in her portrait, and at christmas they get pissed off of chocolate liqueurs. headcanon that violet is her long-term partner and their favourite past time is getting drunk and talking smack about the castle inhabitants
  • honestly the yule ball would’ve been SUCH a good chance for jkr to add in some queer representation…have dean and seamus going together. show a slytherin girl nervously building up the courage to ask a hufflepuff girl to dance. i am not about that ‘dumbledore was gay so the novels are queer positive’ life, i need MORE THAN A POST-TEXT ADD-ON, JOANNE
  • instead i’m just going to pretend that hermione inspires a tidal wave of girls to question their sexuality. “Parvati was gazing at Hermione in unflattering disbelief … Pansy Parkinson gaped at her as she walked by with Malfoy” these girls are literally so blown away by how stunning hermione is that they’re just openly checking her out and ignoring their own dates. this pleases me
  • “It now occurred to Harry that he had never actually heard Krum speak before, but he was certainly talking now, and very enthusiastically at that.” i literally realised this a chapter or so ago lmao. he’s endlessly followed by a gaggle of fans but the only person he speaks to is hermione because she doesn’t treat him like an untouchable idol. i like hermione and krum’s friendship. i hope he attends ron and hermione’s wedding and ron treats him with a bizarre mixture of sheer bitterness and undying hero worship
  • while all the other faculty members are dancing, snape is patrolling through bushes to break apart canoodling couples. i don’t know what’s funnier, to imagine the staff drawing straws over who gets stuck with cock-block duty and it ends up being snape, or him volunteering to do it just for kicks
  • “Harry definitely didn’t want to listen to this … Instead he tried to interest himself in a beetle crawling along the stone reindeer’s back, but the beetle just wasn’t interesting enough to block out Hagrid’s next words.” holy shit, harry stares right towards rita skeeter when she’s spying on hagrid!! that’s very clever of her but at the same time it’s a bit of a risky choice of animagus. you could get squashed or plucked up by a bird at any moment
  • “Malfoy put his hand inside the pocket of his robes, and pulled out a folded page of newspaper. ‘There you go,’ he said. ‘Hate to break it to you, Potter.’” ok. so. draco decides to tear out and keep rita skeeter’s defamatory article about hagrid with him, SOLELY so that he can whip it out and taunt harry with it. every session of this reread i am just blown away by this ridiculous child
  • did you know that hagrid is responsible for an entirely new breed of magical animal? i mean blast-ended skrewts sound like unholy abominations from a d h lawrence tale but still, getting manticores and fire crabs to breed is no mean feat in my opinion
  • “'Yeh know wha’, Harry?’ he said, looking up from the photograph of his father, his eyes very bright. 'When I firs’ met you, you reminded me o’ me a bit. Mum an’ dad gone, an’ you was feeling like yeh wouldn’ fit in at Hogwarts, remember? Not sure yeh were really up to it … an’ now look at yeh, Harry! School champion!’ … Hagrid’s miserable face broke into a wide, watery smile. 'Tha’s my boy … You show 'em, Harry, you show 'em. Beat 'em all.’” i can’t deal with this, hagrid is the sweetest, loveliest influence in harry’s life and i don’t think he’s appreciated enough. his unconditional love for harry is one of the most wonderful aspects of the entire series, he is definitely one of (if not the) best parental figures and. i just. i need someone to hold me for a second
  • NO BUT SERIOUSLY, that talk with hagrid inspires harry to stop ignoring cedric’s advice out of petty jealousy and actually start trying to figure out what’s inside the golden egg. “Lying to Hagrid wasn’t quite like lying to anyone else … [Harry was] unable to banish the image of the happy expression on Hagrid’s whiskery face as he had imagined Harry winning the Tournament.” he can’t bear to disappoint hagrid because hagrid is just so genuinely enthusiastic and proud of harry and oh no i’m getting emotional again
  • moaning myrtle haunted olive hornby, the girl who used to bully her, well beyond their years at hogwarts, at one point interrupting her brother’s wedding, and after that incident olive went to the ministry to send myrtle back to hogwarts. say what you want about myrtle but that is some impressive dedication
  • did anyone else think harry was an absolute idiot for procrastinating his preparation for the second task until the very last minute? (literally the last minute - he wakes up ten minutes before the task with nothing to go on) i did, the first time i read this, but now that i’ve been to university and suffered the nightmare of writing essays for three years i don’t blame him in the slightest
  • i totally forgot that dobby, not neville, is the one to give harry gillyweed…darn films polluting my memory. although i think i actually prefer the idea of neville doing it…i know the films cut out dobby working at hogwarts so they had to find someone else to help harry out anyway, but i love any excuse to see some harry/neville bonding time
  • fun fact: dobby thinks that ron’s name is 'wheezy’
  • i know he’s under a lot of pressure, but when harry’s impatiently waiting for another champion to show up and rescue their hostage he thinks “What were they playing at?” like harry…they’re traversing a massive lake of indescribable depth with no idea of where they’re going, and you only found the hostages because myrtle helped you so chill out
  • when percy (looking “very white and somehow much younger than usual”) spots ron and harry swimming back to land, he jumps in the lake and rushes out to meet them…i really am gaining a newfound love for percy this reread. HE LOVES HIS FAMILY EVEN IF HE ACTS LIKE A TWAT SOMETIMES
  • “Dumbledore was crouching at the water’s edge, deep in conversation with what seemed to be the chief merperson, a particularly wild and ferocious-looking female. He was making the same sort of screechy noises that the merpeople made when they were above water.” there are two things i love about this: 1) the chief merperson is a lady and 2) dumbledore speaks mermish. imagine what mermish classes entail. i’m just picturing a weary middle aged man at the front of the class saying “now repeat after me: *UNHOLY PROLONGED SHRIEKING*” and the class joins in in some horrific siren song from hell. and the teacher’s like NO IT’S ALL WRONG, YOU’VE GOT TO MAKE IT SCRATCHIER! IT’S *GRATING WAILING SOUNDS* NOT *SLIGHTLY LOWER-PITCHED WAILING SOUNDS*!!! and now picture dumbledore sitting in that class having the time of his life
  • oh my god, after rescuing her from the lake krum points out that hermione has a beetle in her hair….RITA SKEETER LANDS RIGHT ON HERMIONE’S HEAD TO SPY ON HER. THAT’S HOW SHE KNOWS ABOUT KRUM ASKING HERMIONE TO VISIT HIM OVER THE SUMMER. MASTER TACTICIAN
  • i’m not sure what’s funnier, the fact that ron uses the term 'scarlet woman’ when talking about rita skeeter’s article making hermione out to be a tart toying with krum and harry’s emotions, or the fact that he picked the term up off of molly
  • after snape threatens to slip harry veritaserum, harry worries over the fact that “there were all the other things he was concealing … like the fact that he was in contact with Sirius … and - his insides squirmed at the thought - how he felt about Cho …” harry i would argue that you being in contact with your supposed mass-murderer on-the-run godfather trumps your crush on a girl. oh to be a teenager again
  • jesus, rita’s article about hermione in witch weekly causes hermione to receive hate-mail composed of cut out newspaper letters telling her to 'gO Back wherE you cAME from mUggle’, and one envelope even contains undiluted bubotober pus. this is terrifying!!! a 14 year old girl is physically injured from receiving racist mail. goblet of fire is the book where Shit Starts To Get Really Real i tell ya
  • “'I hate that Skeeter woman!’ [Hermione] burst out savagely. 'I’ll get her back for this if it’s the last thing I do!’” i really don’t understand people who hate hermione because she’s boring……she is ruthless as fuck and is one of the most hardcore characters in this series. she traps beetle rita in a jar for a WHOLE YEAR just because she pissed hermione off, hermione jean granger is not boring in the slightest
  • “'I want to know how she heard me talking to Viktor! And how she found out about Hagrid’s mum!’ 'Maybe she had you bugged,’ said Harry.” ha ha ha good joke jkr
  • i can’t help but feel that the severity of the trio’s discussion of who is trying to kill harry is lessened a bit by the fact that they keep referring to sirius as 'snuffles’. a nickname which sirius chose himself by the way
Initial Thoughts about ‘Flowers’

Because I LOVED it overall, after the first two episodes, and have just a HEAD CRAMMED FULL OF THOUGHTS about it, and although I have no idea whether anybody else would be interested in those thoughts, I want to talk about it, so here they are. Due credit to @culumacilinte, with whom I’ve been squeeing and idea-bouncing; some of these ideas and this phrasing is surely hers.

I’m doing a ‘Read More’ for the sake of people who haven’t yet seen it and are avoiding spoilers, but seriously: if you don’t want to be spoiled at all, please don’t read this yet. 

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biusagi-deactivated20140708  asked:

Like I have all the things Whedon did wrong with Steve and Thor my like I can't fully write it out, so can you like give some examples of Whedon's horrible choices with Thor and Steve and the avengers itself?

hmm hmmm well disclaimer it’s been almost a year since I’ve watched this film in its entirety while sober, I mean besides the 6 minutes I just watched in target, so my memory of it is a little warped. on the flip side of that I’ve seen this movie TOO MANY TIMES to be any type of objective about it??? so I avoid talking about the avengers in general since I have SO MANY OPINIONS.

so keep that in mind. and oh god this got long I don’t even know if I answered your question bUT HERE GOES

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The 100 3x15 - Natalie is dead, Part 1


I was so very tense throughout this episode. There was a lot of screaming, but it was honestly WONDERFUL.

This is going to be a full recap (when I say full, I mean it…it’s LONG) this week, because I’m actually at home today AND I loved it so much I want to watch it forever.

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Okay, okay, I got like four different people asking me to elaborate on why I absolutely hated YuriKuma, and after having some time to process it I think I can at least try to explain why.

The most obvious, glaring issue is that the entire concept revolves around the fetishizing and objectification of lesbians. Oh, I’m sorry, not lesbians – ‘yuris’. Every girl with an evident interest in girls is introduced with the subtitle of 'yuri’, which according to the show means not just same-gender attraction, but also the absolute, untouchable purity that comes with it. Lesbianism isn’t a thing in this universe, you see. If you’re in love with a girl, you can’t have an actual relationship, one that will survive out in the real world, and can involve real emotional complexity and – heavens forbid – sexual aspects. No. The entire concept of this show revolves around the love between two girls being the purest thing in this world.

From watching Utena, you’d think this is the sort of thing Ikuhara would break down and go against. But nope. Here this seems to be taken completely seriously. Needless to say, this is offensive as twenty kinds of fuck.

Then there’s the gross in-your-face fanservice which doesn’t really require any further elaboration. Naked girls sensually licking honey off a flower sprouting from third naked girl’s chest? More like please fuck off forever. The way they’re trying to simultaneously bank on the 'purity’ aspect of girls’ relationships while sexualizing them to hell and back is especially gag-worthy.

Then: the metaphors. God, fuck those metaphors. Do you remember watching Utena and being slammed in the face with visual metaphors left and right, about a fifth of which you could actually understand? One of the funnest, most fascinating fandom experiences I’ve had was looking up interpretations and analyses after my first watch. It really opened my mind, and made me realize what a truly complex, well-thought out work the series was.

In YuriKuma, you are slammed in the face with an equal amount of metaphors. The difference is that they are shit. They are obvious and spoon-fed, and don’t require rubbing two brain cells together to figure out. The result feels cheap and pretentious to the point of insulting the viewer’s intelligence, and you can practically feel Ikuhara getting off to his own ~amazingness~ every time a character mutters a nonsensical string of words such as 'THE TRANSPARENT STORM WILL DESTROY ALL THE LILIES!!!’. Dude, even if you repeat that phrase a thousand times it will not make me take your shit seriously. It is idiotic and inane.

Moving on: the writing is simply awful. First of all, the characters’ personalities are barely discernible, beyond oozing with moe. You have Kureha, who already has a tragic bear-related backstory, and then you give her a PURE BEAUTIFUL YURI relationship with a girl which literally has the emotional depth of a spoon (having them constantly go I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I WON’T GIVE UP ON MY LOVE while showing no other aspect of their relationship will not make it believable, sorry), only to fridge the girl to give Kureha a… double bear-related tragic backstory? WHY. Literally why the fuck was that necessary.

Then you have the bear girls, which I get are supposed to be inhuman and inhumane, but the thing is, supposedly the show’s intention is to eventually make you care for them and their relationship with Kureha… which I have no idea how they’re planning to pull, given that those two are essentially sociopaths, have eaten Kureha’s girlfriend, and are looking to eat Kureha as well. And with how trite, terrible and cliche-wrought the writing has been in the first ep alone, I highly doubt they’ll be able to humanize those girls in a way that’s even half-believable. Odds are, the show will just keep throwing them at Kureha while uttering lines such as 'I want to eat you, my delicious meal!!’ in the hopes the audience will come to ship it. This is gross. I will not. Fuck you.

And then you have the attempts at 'quirkiness’ or whatever, with the bear girls’ usage of sound effects, and the three flamboyant men which literally have no reason to exist and completely fail at being funny on any level. The court scene was baffling, and not in the positive, engaging sort of way, but just in the 'why the hell is this happening and why am I watching it’ way. Which goes for the entirety of the show, actually.

TLDR version: Jesus fuck I can hardly even believe how awful this show is.