but especially women

one more thing, i can’t help but notice that a lot of tumblr’s popular ideas about what 30+-year-old women — and it’s almost always women — should be doing instead of having fun online seem to line up pretty closely with very conservative beliefs about what women’s options should be. especially that women should have children and that once they have children their lives should revolve around those children completely, with no time for breaks or hobbies or internet discussion or other selfish, frivolous, unmotherly activities. to be a mother or a woman old enough to be expected to be a mother is to be a specially regulated class of person, judged by her performance as a self-sacrificing caregiver and exemplar of chaste maturity.

it’s hard to escape the influence of these ideas. but if you don’t hold yourself to this standard at age 22 or whatever, if you want more than what patriarchy has planned for you, then it’s worth it to try to let go of this standard when it comes to older women too. and not only because you will one day be one of them. but also because it’s the right thing to do.

I love how Geralt is known as a defender of the downtrodden against his will lmao. he just can’t help helping people out, especially if they’re women…

i just want everyone in the world, but especially trans women, to be safe, fed, have somewhere comfortable to sleep, good healthcare and the resources to process their trauma, only working as much as necessary, with meaningful relationships with the people around them

…did anyone fuss about all of the boys wanting to be invisible so they could spy on girls in the bath? For that matter, what about Iyami and Chibita trying to sneak into the women’s side of the bath house?

Why is Choro the only one to catch hell for being sexually interested in women? Especially when this case didn’t even mention anything sexual? I’m not saying his intentions were totally pure… but no one in this show is, and in the grand scheme of things, there’s been far worse… but of course, since it’s CHORO…

its also considered way more normal for adult men to hold onto their “nerdy” hobbies. like its not considered COOL but its something i think we’re all used to seeing, middle aged men who collect star wars memorabilia or what the fuck ever. i think that women dont get this same courtesy and its because most people, maybe ESPECIALLY women, have a view of adult womanhood that is extremely constrained and specific and limiting 

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julie andem hates women (and especially lesbians and bi/pan women) and that's the tea. claiming to be pro-women as she tells girls that the reason for their existence is a man. i hate her.

yup mood!!!!

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girl im going crazy.. i have a friend that is being manipulated by her ex bf.. he dates other girls and when he's bored he texts her and she falls every.fucking.time.. Everyone hates this dude bc he the human def of aint shit but she thinks that they have this special, intimate bond lmao im pretty sure he is an actual psychopath bc no one sane would do the things that he has done to her and called it love.. what do i do idk anymore.. i've tried everything and she still dumb af.. Help :(

You can’t stress yourself out over things that you cannot control. We’ve all had to deal with friends who couldn’t see what seemed like the obvious. And toxic relationships can be very hard to cycle out of, especially for women with low self esteem or a history of toxic relationships. All you can do is be there for her emotionally and be a friend.

Something I wish people who talk about “toxic masculinity” in gnc women (especially butches) understood is that any woman can parrot the language of misogyny. Any woman can be a “cool girl”, “one of the boys”, can talk about other women the way that men do and subscribe to the ideas they were taught by patriarchy. But none of this will shield her from misogyny or male violence herself. “Toxic masculinity” can only truly be perpetuated by men because they will never face consequences for it, while women may be accomplices but will always be harmed by it in some way themselves. And this is true regardless of how masculine a woman’s presentation is.

Little things you can do to feel better if you are trans and you can’t really transition right now

For guys

  • Baseball caps? Those are good.
  • Short haircuts. If anyone questions, say it’s for convenience.
  • For your neck: fang pendants (very badass). Or a dapper lil bowtie.
  • Big ass stompy boots.
  • Those cool belt buckles. You can get a basic one or something with a cool design (like a dragon!).
  • Don’t shave. Let your body hair grow. Unless you feel uncomfortable.
  • Buy some spicy-smelling perfumes or other cosmetics. Or if there is something that says “Forest” on it, this one is also good.
  • If you can, try some weightlifting. It will make your muscles better and release some of that sweet sweet testosterone. But remember, fat and skinny men are also very handsome, so if you can’t, don’t sweat it.
  • Eat plenty of protein for a testosterone boost. Also, zinc from seafood - like shrimp and salmon especially - will help that chemical magic. Leafy greens, pomegranate, coconuts, garlic also help. Watch out for soy and tofu! They raise estrogen. And raisins are great, but dried apricots are not.
  • Remember that no matter what you are 100% man (unless you are a demiguy/bigender, then you are 50% man or whatever it looks like for you, that is still very cool, and if you are genderfluid and currently a dude, that’s still very good and valid).

For gals

  • Kitten ear beanies are so pure and good (just like you).
  • Let your hair grow to a nice length. If anyone questions, say you found a new style.
  • For your neck: simple crystal pendants (very pretty). 
  • Crystal bracelets!
  • Lil ballet flats.
  • Shaving can make you feel a whole lot better. Remember - some cis girls also have to shave!
  • Just a little bit of lip balm goes a long way. Oh! And clear nail polish!
  • Sweet-smelling cosmetics are your best friend. You can probably get on eBay or in your local store a nice bottle of vanilla body mist.
  • Google some exercises for a bigger butt, if you want to try it. If you can’t, remeber less-curvy women are also beautiful.
  • Eat plenty of soy, flaxseed, sesame seed, dried apricots… I know that those give you a bit of extra estrogen. Apparently coffee can also do it? Getting estrogen from diet is harder. Just eat a lot of tasty fresh food. Remember to treat yourself.
  • Remember that no matter what you are 100% woman (unless you are a demigirl/bigender, then you are 50% woman or whatever it looks like for you, that is still very cool, and if you are genderfluid and currently a lady, that’s still very good and valid).

For nonbinary pals

  • Simple beanies.
  • Google “androgynous/unisex hairstyles”. Look how many cool options you have! You might tweak one to your needs, like make it longer, or shorter, or add some cool hair dye…
  • For your neck: scarves. They come in many colors and patterns, cover up your neck so you don’t get cold, also you can hide your neck bump or lack thereof.
  • Friendship bracelets!
  • Trainer shoes.
  • Baggy hoodies are really nice.
  • You can shave and don’t wear makeup. Or rock the beard and eyeshadow look. Or really, anything else.
  • Cosmetics? Citrus and lavender are considered unisex scents. You can also wikiHow to Make Perfume and mix some scents you like at home.
  • Exercise, if you are healthy enough to do it, is good. Try running and yoga. Remember, media sells us the myth that androgyny=thinness, but it’s bullcrap. Fat, curvy, muscular people can all be nonbinary and/or androgynous.
  • You can look up the guys and gals sections too. Maybe you will find something that helps you.
  • Remember that your identity is 100% valid and true, no matter what. Yes, any kind of identity. No matter if it’s a neutral void or a mix of everything, no matter if it’s stable or changes. It’s valid because you are valid.

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but really... you cannot claim to be a woman completely supporting other women, especially young women, and leave out lesbians and wlw. you just cant, you're a fake. she can't just get praised for dealing with teen issues and leave out such a big one in young girls. there's a reason that only now, 2 years after graduating, im discovering just how many girls i know that have been closeted/struggling/or just not realising they were gay or felt comfy coming out or accepting it, till now.

exactly… and media such as skam honestly goes a long way in pushing girls further into the closet

Book!Bran: Loves Meera so much, wants to tell her while she’s fighting off wights. The idea of living while Meera and his other companions are gone destroys him - “what if I don’t want to remain when you are gone?”. When Meera starts crying he wants to drag himself over to her so he can comfort her, after all he’s been through it’s this moment when he hates been disabled the most.

Book!Bran: Constantly thinks of Arya. Likes to remind people that he was better at fighting than Arya. Sees Arya in Meera, and that’s part of the reason he adores the both of them. Thinks Leaf is Arya and starts crying when he realises it’s not her. Thinks he sees a vision of him and Arya playing and is heartbroken when it’s actually Lyanna and Benjen.

Book!Bran: Defends Sansa when Robb gets angry at her letter. Wishes he was a wolf so he could save Sansa (and Arya) from King’s Landing. Thinks of Sansa when people tell stories, because it was the thing they both loved and shared as children. Remembers something Sansa tells him when he thinks he’s in danger at the Nightfort.


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tbh I’ve been thinking about it and I think the lack of irl gay spaces especially ones just for women means that we never really interactions between gay women taking place…as a result they gain a kind of mythical status where we have thousands of girls on here wishing for girlfriends but with no clue about how to actually get one…girls who match on dating sites and never talk or girls who clearly like each other but never do anything about it…heterosexual relationships are so prevalent in our society that it’s so easy to observe and model romantic behaviours: if not from your parents than from your friends or from reading tips in magazines or books or movies or tv shows and even music. But because good wlw representation is essentially zero, all we really have to go off of is the support and example of older women, and the lack of women only LGBT spaces (like bookstores or music festivals or dances) means that we all just have to guess on everything and I think that’s a huge factor in why lesbians in particular feel so alone


baby belly - from week 10 to week 40 - timelapse video 

video by ig user:  Mimi Ikonn

Warning: the video shows the female body in only swimwear…if anyone has a problem with skin.. 

Dear confused  Quintis fandom - pay attention to the week 17 image… Every body is different, and so is every bump… but  not everyone is huge before week 25…

Remember they are filming ep 3x12 now, and IF THE CB-BABY HAD BEEN A REAL BABY INSTEAD…then it being around NewYears in the shows universe/time…and that shoul’ve been somewhere around week 15-19 mark - depending on the details…for Happy, and the due date would have been then is late spring, and its only Dec/Jan in this ep (after Xmas)… In short: the absence of baby bump before week 16 to 20 to 24 is not a clear sign of no pregnancy. Because while some women get a baby belly by month 3, some don’t really until month 5-6…

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Wil, I'm a white guy, you're a white guy, how do we help people understand not all white guys are dirtbags? How do we stop other white guys from being such dirtbags? Where can we make a space to educate our fellow white guys about how they are hurting others and themselves by being such dirtbags?

Step one: listen to women, especially women of color.

Step two: listen to non-white people when they tell us how white people screw up.

Step three: act on the things we learn when we listen.

Step four: NEVER NEVER NEVER just go along with some white person who is being a shitty garbage human because you don’t want to rock the boat. Call that shit out, and make sure they know that you won’t just stand there silently while they are racist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, etc. 

Step five: I’m serious about step four. These fuckholes feel empowered and protected by the silent and implied consent of other white people. Do not ever give them comfort or the feeling that they have a safe space to be racist, etc.

Step six: yeah yeah yeah free speech. That’s not the same as speech without consequences.

Step seven: Seriously, step four. You have to speak up, because when you don’t, you’re putting the burden of standing up to horrible white people on the very people they hurt and oppress. 

I’d love to hear from anyone else, especially nonwhite people, who have other things to teach me and my fellow white people.

men are banned from saying “daddy issues” especially about women they disagree with or find volatile, it just shows they’re fucking sociopaths and that young girls going through neglect, abuse and predatory behavior is a laugh for them + just another reason to undermine and question women’s credibility in conversations