but especially the second one damn

damn the delivery boy.

Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk / Reader.

Genre: Expecting Parents AU / Fluff and Non-explicit smut.

Summary: Jeon Jeongguk is a computer science major working as a pizza delivery boy, and you are an uninspired published author who has just started an art degree. When you realise that the delivery boy is your old high school crush, he keeps coming back, but with more to offer than just puff pastry and vegetarian supreme. Though little did he know that he would end up giving you something much more that flips both of your worlds completely upside down in the form of two blue lines and nine months.

Count: 9,656 words.

month one.

Two lines.

The second is a little faint, but it is there, undeniably there, growing stronger by the second as your heart sinks deeper into the pit of your stomach and suddenly you are keeling over the sink, throwing up a combination of panic and regret. You wipe your mouth, sit back on the closed lid of the toilet, shut your eyes and take a deep breath, holding it until your lungs burn and your lashes fly back apart to look at the test still shaking between your fingertips.

There, right before your eyes, two fucking blue lines protruding like two middle fingers, poking up at you and saying – Congratulations sucker, you are pregnant!

Twenty-three years old and pregnant.

You throw up again.

This has got to be the biggest mistake of your life.

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Writing is Hard, pt 8: Slow and Steady

Summary: Dean shows you his favorite kind of sex.

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Warning: Smut, dirty talk

Word Count: 3100ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

The motel door opens quietly and you hear Dean shuffle in, his footsteps easy to recognize. You don’t move, body too exhausted to even roll over in bed and say hi.

Sam has to know that Dean comes to your room every night now. Actually, Dean just goes straight in with you now more often than not, leaving Sam to himself. You’ve never discussed it, but you suspect that Sam’s silence on the matter of you and Dean is his thank you for finally having some privacy on a regular basis.

Either way, you aren’t remotely surprised that Dean is here. You listen to boots being kicked off, a gun being placed on the night stand, and clothes being shuffled off. He’s down to his boxers when he slides beneath the covers.

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Why did no one every tell me that Onew decided one day to sing opera, and SM was like, sure?

And then he decided to choose an incredibly famous piece to do it with?

And then he decided in 2016 to bring it back, because he had something to prove?

Which just so happened to be that his voice has only gotten better after surgery?

Like seriously, watch these two performances. The first is from 2011, and well before he got vocal chord surgery. Then listen to the second, from 2016. Not only did he sound good in the first one, he improved in the second one. By a lot. The comments are full of Italians impressed by his pronunciation. In the first one, you can hear him struggle on the high note just a bit. He doesn’t even waver in the newer one. 

Basically, his vocal coach wasn’t lying when he said Onew got better after surgery.

Now, Pavarotti can never be surpassed, especially on Nessun Dorma. But holy shit can Onew sing. He has a voice that is he decided to sing the phone book, I would buy it so damn fast, it would give me whiplash.

Oh, and for extra emphasis, here he is singing it on a variety show. In case you thought it was a recording or something.

BTS reaction to you calling them daddy in front of the members

yas. I. love. this. request. thank. you. very. much. hehe.

the following content is for mature minds only ;)

requested by @x-momochi-x: Okay, so could I have BTS’ reaction to you calling them daddy in front of the other members 

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If you have doubts about seeing the new Beauty and the Beast movie because of certain decisions made by Disney...

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….LeFou has done nothing to warrant hatred and is just amazing in this movie.


Go watch it and judge it for yourself. If you come to me and say you didn’t like it after you watched it, for whatever reasons you put forward, well…that’s your rightful opinion and I will accept and respect it like a gentleman.

Judging Disney’s decisions without even watching the damn movie is shameful, especially since this one is just…just great entertainment! Maybe not the best movie for 2017, but it certainly qualifies as award-worthy.

Bts | Reaction | Apocalypse

sure, that would be some real depressing shit but hope you enjoy and thanks for requesting!! :)


It would honestly shatter him completely as you showed him the bite. He didn’t want to believe it when Namjoon had gotten done inspecting you for injuries after that last attack, saying how you got bitten on the shoulder - it wasn’t possible. Jin could’ve sworn you were in his sights the whole time..at least he thought you were, up until now. He felt that he was the one to blame for this misfortune, that he was the reason you would now die.

“Jin,” You whisper, watching as silent tears streamed down his face. “This is not your fault.”

“You’re going to die, because I wasn’t watching you, jagi. How dare you say this isn’t my fault?!”

He didn’t mean to raise his voice at you, quickly regretting it when you flinched back from caressing his damp cheek. Sighing with so much dread, Jin slumps over in physical pain as the weight of you dying was dragging him down; he just couldn’t bare the thought of losing you, especially to those monsters. You didn’t wait another second to pull him into your embrace, holding onto him as tightly as you could while he clung to you for dear life.  

“I’m sorry, Y/n…I’m so so sorry…”


“Yoongi, we can’t keep this a secret, it’s not fair to the others-”

“Do I look like I give a shit what the others have to say about this? You’re my responsibility, my woman, my number one priority - and I’ll be damned if I lose you like this, Y/n.”

He would be an emotional wreck when it happened, the two of you were scouting the area only for it to be an ambush of those demons - cornering you to the point one of them was able to snag your arm real good. Yoongi, having rushed over to you in the nick of time, was able to blast through a good portion of them, so the two of you could get away. Once he saw that you had indeed been bitten, every option of keeping you alive was running through his head.

Telling the others was not one of those options.

“Baby, look at me,” You pleaded, growing more anxious the more he paced back and forth. Gripping onto his arm, you finally get his attention to look into your tear filled eyes. His eyes soften instantly at the look of fear in yours, as he fought not to show that he, too, was scared. “It’s over for me.”

No. Don’t say that, it is not over for you, Y/n. Don’t fucking talking like that, I-I can fix this, I can! Just please, give me some time, please…” He closed his eyes tightly to hold in the tears, but it was no use. They fell freely down his flustered cheeks, as the pain started to seep over the fear.

“We have to tell the others, Yoongi. You know that we do.”

“They’ll kill you, baby, I can’t let that happen. I just can’t…”

Wiping the few tears off his face with your thumbs, you cupped it gently, asking him to open his eyes. Once he did, it only hurt him more to look into yours and see that your mind was already made up, no matter what he had to say. 

He knew that this was goodbye, whether he liked it or not.


Namjoon couldn’t live with himself knowing that there was nothing he could do to help you, or to stop it. It all went down when he was nowhere near the camp, coming back to find it deserted and trashed - all that being left was the trailing the walkers left behind and…your corps.

You laid there in a pool of your own blood, a large bite had been taken out of your face while the rest of your body looked stepped on. Namjoon fell to his knees at your body and cried, not having the strength to do anything else, but hold what was left of your body and just scream to the heavens. He cursed up at the sky, pleading to whoever listened as to why they took you away from him, or why no one had helped you - why wasn’t he there when you needed him? He stayed there until another herd of them came around, due to the noises he made, all slowly closing in on him until they were at a dangerous distance.

But, he didn’t care. 

He felt nothing but sorrow as he continued to hold your mutilated body, not even flinching when your undead form was starting to awaken in his arms, about ready to tear his throat out. If it wasn’t for Hoseok coming back to the camp in case there were any survivors, Namjoon would’ve died that day.

From that day on, he wishes that he did.


Hobi laid next to you as the two of you savored your last few minutes of being together in this unforgiving world that you lived in. He felt like he turned his back for only a minute, and then boom. That walker came out of nowhere as it latched onto your leg, taking a good bite out of your calf muscle. It took a good three bullets to kill it, only because Hoseok couldn’t shoot straight due to him being in shock.

He mentally kicked himself for not being quicker, hating his own guts for being so stupid. Constantly his friends warned him about having his head in the clouds, and now he had to pay the price for it - by losing the one he loved the most.

“I’m so sorry, jagi…if I hadn’t been so immature, this wouldn’t have happened.” He’d sniffle, you wiping the stray tear that slipped past his eye. “Why did you have to pick me, huh? You idiot, you could’ve had Namjoon, or even Jungkook, they would’ve been able to protect you! Why did you have to pick me?!”

You shushed him as he started to work himself up, and also before he drew any unwanted attention to any nearby walkers. Stroking his cheek gently with the back of your hand, you couldn’t help but smile. Even in a situation such as this, he still managed to entertain you.

“Hoseok, you’re the idiot if you think I wanted anyone else but you. This isn’t your fault, it was bound to happen eventually. It just did a lot sooner than we had hoped…”

“We were going to start a family,” More tears started to cascade down his face, your own beginning to form, but you blinked them away. “Everything was starting to be okay again, you can’t leave me…”

“I’m not leaving you, Hobi. I just won’t be around…but I’ll still be with you. And we can still start that family, just…just in a different life. A better life. But, you have to promise me you’ll move on. Promise me you’ll better yourself, to survive.”

He could just hear the exhaustion in your voice, as time was starting to run out. If he didn’t want you to turn into one of those things, he needed to put a bullet in your head. Right now.

Weeping to the point he could no longer see straight, Hoseok slowly started to pull away from your gentle touch, pistol in hand. It practically vibrated the closer it got to your head, his nerves starting to get the best of him. He didn’t want to do this, but there was no one else around to do the job. And if he wanted you to be put to rest, this was the only option. Clicking the safety off, Hoseok stared deeply into your eyes one last time, watching as they slowly started to drain from their warm color.

“I love you, Jung Hoseok. Remember me.”

Those words, followed by the gunshot, would haunt his dreams forever.


Jimin refused to look at anyone as they drove off, leaving you in the road behind them. You had been bit, all having took a vote on you leaving or staying; the majority wanted you gone. The tension in the RV was suffocating, no one being able to say a word, all being too afraid to. It wasn’t until Yoongi finally sighed, heavily.


“Don’t fucking speak to me.” He was quick to cut him short, the sound of his name being enough to set him off. “I will never forgive any of you for this. Till the day I die, you all remain dead to me.”

“There was nothing we could do, man! She was infected, we all made an agreement that whoever was unfortunate enough to get bitten would be forced out of the group, loved ones having no exceptions!”

“She was our friend, Min Yoongi! Our best friend, my world, and you all made me leave her alone on the side of the road, like she meant nothing to any of you!”

“How long until she’s no longer the woman we’ve come to love, huh? Because, in less than 24 hours, she’s one of them. There was nothing we could do Jimin, and I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry, but it’s done. It’s over.”

Silence filled the RV once again, everyone staring in between the two as neither of them dropped their intense gazes. After a full two minutes, Jimin stands from his seat, jaw clenched as he now stares down at Yoongi. Taehyung and Namjoon both watch with caution in case he were to try anything violent, Yoongi only challenging the younger member with his eyes.

“The only thing that’s over is our friendship.”


Your funeral was the closer for Taehyung’s happiness, that last ounce of hope he had for this world - gone.

When he went to check on you after telling him that you weren’t feeling well, he was greeted by being tackled into the ground by a force that was no longer his loving girlfriend. He held your snapping jaws away from his skin in terror, as he stared into your cold, dead eyes. What happened to you, he asked himself, for you were fine just mere hours ago.

After Jin had successfully shot you in the head, your blood splattered all over his face and clothes, leaving him to just lay on the ground in shock. Pushing your corpse off his body, Jin quickly searched him for any bite marks, discovering nothing but a hollow shell that used to be Kim Taehyung. Now, he felt nothing. You were just alive in his arms hours ago, and now you were nothing but a dead body - one of those things.

He didn’t cry when he watched the elder ones bury you, didn’t speak; he just stood in silence as the rain poured over the seven of them, pulling his hood up as he walked away from your new grave with a blank expression upon his face. Jungkook would’ve run after him, if not have been stopped by Hoseok.

“Give him some space,” Was all he said to the maknae. 

But, space was the last thing that Taehyung needed. As soon as he was alone, down came the tears as he practically rocked himself in the corner of your used to be shared room, hugging the pillow that you had been sleeping on not too long ago. Why didn’t you tell him? How could you not tell him that you were bit, he could have helped you. Why would you leave him like this? 

It wasn’t until he felt something crumpling inside the pillow case, catching his attention as he pulled away from it to inspect it. Reaching inside, he pulls out a piece of paper with your handwriting on it, squinting at it in confusion. 

Dear Taehyung, 

When you read this, it means that I have turned. I wanted to tell you, really I did, but I couldn’t bear kissing you one last time with the thought of me turning into one of those monsters being in your head. I wanted you to kiss me with happiness, instead of pity, with love instead of sadness. You may hate me for keeping this to myself, but I didn’t want you to worry. Please, don’t shut yourself away from those who care about you because of me, move on from this. I made a stupid mistake, and I don’t want you continuing on thinking that this was your fault. I want you to live on knowing that I love you, and things will get better. It my hurt now, but I promise, we will meet again. I love you, Kim Taehyung. Please, don’t forget that, and don’t forget me. Goodbye, my love.

Sincerely, L/n Y/n. 

Water droplets coated the paper as Tae continued to cry his little heart out, hugging the paper to his chest; letting out a soft chuckle as you even sprayed what you had left of your perfume onto the paper. Sure, it did hurt that you left without saying a proper goodbye, but that note was enough to put him at ease. You were right, he needed to move on from this, and be strong just for you. It was going to be hard, but it’s not like he would do it alone; the soft knocks coming from his door assured that. 

“Tae? Are you alright?” Jimin spoke softly, fearing that if he were any louder, Taehyung would not answer. Sniffling a few times, he weakly stands from his curled up position to head for the door, your note clutched in his hand tightly. When he opened the door, he was greeted by concerned looks from his family, all of them worried as Tae has the biggest grin on his face. 

“She’s in a better place, now. I’ve never been happier.” 


“It sucks around here, without you, you know. Everyone being on my case 24/7, you not being here to have my back like you always did. You always had my back, no matter what…and I hate you for it. I hate how heroic you had to be, to save my sorry ass, but at what cost, Y/n? What good have you done? 

Oh, what, just because I get to live even longer in this hell, I should automatically feel grateful? 

Fuck that. 

Because without you, I no longer have a will to live, you hear me? Without you, there is no point anymore. Nothing is the same, and it’s all your fault. All because you had to jump in front of that stupid walker - I could have handled him myself, you idiot! I could’ve easily taken him down, but no! You had to do the stupidest thing, and push me out of the way! You had to be the hero for once, didn’t you! You had to prove that I didn’t always have to be the knight in shining armor, that you could handle yourself, right?! Well, look at you now, you’re dead! You’re fucking dead, and I hate you! I fucking..!” 

Jungkook falls to his knees as the tears kept flowing, weeping over your grave in pure agony as the flowers he had brought you slipped from his finger tips, and landed in front of your tombstone. He didn’t hate you, he never could - if anything, he hated himself, for letting this happen to you. You didn’t deserve this…to die this way. With someone with a heart as big as yours, you should have outlived them all. It just wasn’t fair. 

“I love you…I love you so much, Y/n. Please, don’t leave me…” 

inspired by this post by @captain-snark i hope i did the idea justice!

part two part three

Derek swears someone is using his pool. He doesn’t have evidence, but things look slightly out of place when he gets back from his business trip. It isn’t really that noticeable and when he had Cora check on his place a few days ago, she said everything looked normal. 

It’s really just a feeling. A feeling that someone is using his pool. 

With a sigh, he shakes it off. It’s nothing, nothing substantial at least. He grabs his briefcase and suitcase and leaves the house for his business trip. It is always a drag going across the country to New York to deal with corporate. He has to put on his best suit and pack his other good suits, and then he has to somehow manage not to get too wrinkled on the plane on the way there, and it is a long flight from California to New York.

But this is what he chose to do. This is what he got his business degree for. He owns a bakery and now there is a corporation for it to make more bakeries, and really, he didn’t think his bakery would get this far. There are investors and CEOs to talk to now. He hates talking to people.

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prompt: first time they sleep apart/don't share breakfast/a day they only talk via text/etc — not for any angsty reason, just life and so they go about it like they've always done before but it just feels off (maybe they don't realise it straight away, maybe they do) because the other isn't there. just that quiet realisation of oh, this thing i used to do is not my life anymore because now i have him. bonus + that feeling of coming home when they are back in their routine

when magnus woke to a bleak grey sunrise and an empty bed, he had to say things felt a little bit off. the sun was an overexposed slit cut across a stormy sky as he rose from bed and checked his messages, the light spilling over his bare chest as he scrolled through his phone.

the night before he had gotten home late, house calls running deep past dinner and he missed alec just before he had to leave for patrol. he had assumed at some point in the night, alec would make his way back to the loft and he’d be woken by alec sliding into bed next to him to soak up his warmth. but when he woke to his alarm and an empty bed, he assumed that patrol had run on late and alec had slept at the institute.

checking alec’s messages confirmed that, three texts about how they’d found a nest of shax demons and he was too tired to make the trek back. that was no surprise, yet still it felt strange seeing as magnus couldn’t remember the last time they hadn’t slept in the same bed together. he chalked it up to the grey sky outside putting him into a darker mood, sending alec a short message before he went for a long hot shower.

the water soothed him, sinking into tired muscles, the night before having done a number on him. he leaned his shoulder against the cool tiles as he let his mind drag over everything he had to do that day. he had two clients in an hour, then a meeting with the high warlock of manhattan, later he’d have plenty of potions to finish. his mind hummed with everything he had to remember as he made quick work of getting clean.

still, even after he was dressed and ready for the day, looking sharp in one of his dark well tailored suits, he couldn’t help this feeling that was hanging around the edges of his mind. even as he summoned himself some breakfast, leaning up against the edge of the balcony and staring out at the dark grey clouds that were just getting darker, there was something off.

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D’Arcy Carden photographed by Paige Winston for Brooklyn Magazine

You know, it’s funny—I call us the Four Babies, which is weird because it’s not like we’re even younger than Kristen—but Will and Jameela, and Manny (Carden’s non-Danson/Bell co-stars) and I, this is our first big thing, together. I mean our first big thing, because obviously Kristen and Ted are like old pros and have done plenty of shows and movies and everything. But Kristen and Ted are just as happy and excited to be there as we are. You think you’re going to be intimidated to work with Kristen or Ted, but so quickly that just goes away. They are so down to earth, and so happy to be acting, and happy to be acting for Mike Schur, who’s the most loving human alive.

It’s just … am I being too positive? It’s really the best damn job. It’s not just the cast, though. The crew and the writers, everybody’s very, very happy to be there. Mike Schur is a dream human. It doesn’t get any better. I think especially with the second season coming back—I remember one of the first scenes back in the second season was all six of us. And, we were like vibrating we were so excited. You know what I mean? Because we missed each other. It’s a damn blast.

Secret Encounters - Dean Winchester x Reader (Single Father AU)

Title: Secret Encounters

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: —

Warnings: Age gap, Reader is twenty something years old

Summary: Imagine being in a secret relationship with your best friend’s father, Dean Winchester.

A/N: I read something that inspired this, so I am not the one that came up with it in the first place but this is all still mine so enjoy!

He was tall, dark and handsome. How more cheesy could it get?

Whenever you stared at him you felt like time would stop. How was it even possible? The only words you could think of to describe him were exactly those. Alright maybe not the dark part. Whenever he’d smile at you or anyone around him it felt like the entire room would light up and your heart would soar, a smile forming on your lips too. It felt almost contagious but he had such a kind soul, so selfless, generous and kind that it was impossible not to be happy with his own happiness.

The first time you’d met him, as many you thought, you’d taken him to be more… rough. The full lips and sharp jaw along with the broad shoulders and strong arms as well as the jeans and black shirt and flannels he’d wear intimidated you for some reason as well as attracted you. He looked kinda scary at first, and when he spoke that deep gruff voice would make anyone think that he was a tough man but in reality when you got to know him he was such a gentle person. Dean Winchester was the definition of ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, or at least up to some point.

His love for classic rock and his Impala was true, as was the fact that he was a ladies man. With a killer smile like that he could have anyone that he wanted and it was only proven by the numerous nights he spent at bars and then at some lady’s place. Well, lately that had started changing but from what you’d gotten to know and what you’d usually see he was a total flirt. Moreover, his love for pie and burgers along with childlike behavior was obvious by the boyish grin he’d sport sometimes. He was a kid at heart yet… such a real man at other times, knowing exactly what to do and how.

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things i love about daniel ricciardo

- his love for music

- his friendship with felipe

- his friendship with jenson

- his friendship with max

Originally posted by arthur-pic

- the way he treats children

- especially felipinho

- he’s afraid of wasps

- he’s a dork

- his instagram video’s

Originally posted by mclaren-freak

- shoey

Originally posted by repsol-ariel

- when he demands nico to do a shoey (you can clearly see he loves it)

Originally posted by imnotthatlost

- his humour

- photoshoot dan

- his curls

- he loves cake

- the 2 second challenges

- his body

- cowboy dan (I mean damn)

- he actually can be serious

- when he dances

- small dan

- he’s an amazing driver

- when he wears a suit

- skeleton dan

- he loves his fans

- but most important: his smile

Originally posted by hannaclock

Originally posted by hannaclock

It Had To Be Done

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,395

Summary: Dean gets jealous when he finds out the reader has a date and he tries to tag along.

Lotion? Check.

Shaved? Check.

Makeup? Check.

Nails painted? Check.

Freaking the fuck out? Check.

Tonight you have a date. It’s not just a date, it’s a huge decision. It will either make or break your fucking world. Maybe that sounds a little dramatic but it’s true. It will completely alter your life and you’re praying it will be the outcome you want.

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train boy

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

author: simonewrites

characters: peter parker, reader

relationships: peter parker/reader

warnings: fluff, soulmark trope, pizza, mild cursing

word count: 1k approximately

summary: it’s your first day of school in new york, and while you’re on the train, you lock eyes with the cutest boy you’ve ever seen, who, excitingly, goes to your school. you’ve prayed that he’s your soulmate, but you don’t know and you’re too afraid to find out, so he makes the first move. 

notes: i’m starting a soulmate drabble series! send requests either there or to my inbox here if you’re feeling it. you can also find the work on ao3! hope y’all enjoy <3

New York is the biggest city in the United States, and it’s a far cry from your hometown. You want to hate it here, want to dislike the culture and the hustle and bustle and change of scenery, but you can’t. Everything is bright and new and fresh-feeling, including the heaviness of the humidity that hangs in the air.

So your first thought when you see this boy on the subway, with the brownest brown eyes you’ve ever seen and tousled, wavy brown hair and a shy smile, is They don’t make them like that back home. Then you register his hoodie, printed with the seal of your new high school, Midtown, and your heart sings. He has his headphones in, though, and that’s a universal sign for “Don’t talk to me,” so you just slip your own headphones into your ears and pray to God that you see him around.

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anonymous asked:

These is a clear hierarchy of importance in lions tho. Black is top, Red is second, Yellow and Green are middle, Blue is training wheels starter lion for dummies.

Right okay so, hypothetical, if someone cuts off one of your legs, but it’s just the right one, that’s totally fine because it’s not like that’s important or you need it at all right?

Like, if it was your left leg or your left arm that would be a bit more of a problem but as long as it’s not your right arm or your head right. Everybody knows those are the only two body parts you actually need.

You really don’t get how this body metaphor works, do you?

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Wanna Be Yours, 5/7 (Olicity, College AU, Explicit)

Summary: College AU. Felicity’s car breaks down in a major rainstorm, sending her walking to the closest house she can find. It just so happens to belong to Oliver Queen, and he’s having a ‘Skivvies Only’ party. (See AO3 for Author’s Notes.)

A/N: The response to the last update was so amazing! Thank you so, so, so much! And quickly, there are two songs that were sent my way that are so Wanna Be Yours that it physically pains me. Four Leaf Clover by Christian Hudson via @ellefraser17 gave me a meltdown on Twitter, and Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur via @onlyhere4olicity had me flailing on the couch this morning. Go listen!

My eternal gratitude to my amazing beta Margaret. She’s the actual best. The actual best.

(read on AO3)

(read from the beginning)

Wanna Be Yours, Part 5

It took all of Oliver’s willpower to leave her. How could he not pause to drink her in? The most beautiful woman he’d ever seen was naked in his bed save for his shirt still hanging off her shoulders, looking up at him with the softest smile. Every bit of him had itched to reach out for her, to take even just one more minute.

Rolling out of bed had been hard enough - literally hard enough. It was a damn miracle he didn’t bust through his briefs, especially when he had to watch her sit up on his bed like it was the most natural thing in the world, like they hadn’t just decided this was a thing a short second ago.

She must have been able to read his mind because her mouth parted, her eyes darkening as she looked up at him. God, her eyes… He could look into them for days, swim in their beauty, drown in the fact that now when she looked at him, he saw the same desire he felt for her.

His head was spinning.

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For the fic meme: "wait, that was you?"

“Wait, that was you?” Yuri asked. Otabek had just told him that they had met at Yakov’s summer camp and that’s when he remembered. He remembered Otabek very well now. That was you who was my first, and only lasting, crush?

“Yes, is there a problem?” Otabek immediately responded with a question of his own, and frankly, Yuri was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that this god that was standing next to him and had just rescued him, was in fact the very same person he had a crush on as a boy.

Yuri shook his head slowly, thinking about his next words carefully. “No, it’s just… I remember you too. I never managed to get your name back then, though. I never thought I’d see you again, yet here you are, swooping in to save my from my own psycho fans and then bringing me to probably the most beautiful spot in Barcelona. What’s your angle, Altin?” Yuri was, of course, hoping that his childhood crush was about to confess his own crush. This was, of course, purely wishful thinking and was not very likely.

“Only if you want there to be one, Yuri. I brought you here to ask if we could be friends. From the first day I saw you, I knew you were strong. There was something else in your eyes when you looked at me, and I’ve never known what it was.” He paused and stepped forward. “But if you’re asking for what angle I’d play if I knew for certain it would work out… I suppose I’ll tell you.”

Yuri waited a moment, realizing three things. One was that Otabek wasn’t going to say anything else without an answer from Yuri. The second was that this stoic bastard has said so damn much in the past ten minutes alone, and Yuri wasn’t sure anyone else really every heard him talk so much. He felt special. The third this he realized was that they were facing each other with only about four inches separating them. Yuri had a feeling he knew where this was going especially given the slightest hint of pink on Otabek’s cheeks, and he was, strangely enough, okay with it. When he spoke, it was a whisper. But there was no need to be any louder than that when they were as close as they were. “Tell me.”

He chuckled and smirked. “Well, I’d say something along the lines of ‘Yuri Plisetsky, will you go on a date with me?’. And then maybe… Oh I don’t know, ‘Will you be my boyfriend?’. But that’s just an angle, isn’t it?”

Yuri’s heart stopped. His crush. Was planning on asking him out? Oh, this was almost too much for his heart to handle. Yuri glanced down at Otabek’s lips real quickly and made an impulsive decision.

One second they were standing there in a comfortable silence, the weight of the ‘hypothetical’ questions lingering between them. The next second, Yuri had thrown his arms around Otabek’s neck and pulled his face down ever so slightly to push their lips together. Otabek was surprised for all of three seconds, as he hadn’t expected this response from Yuri. He was certainly not complaining though. He placed his hands on Yuri’s hips and pulled him closer, kissing back happily.

When the kiss broke, Otabek smiled. “Are we gonna be boyfriends or not?”

Yuri rolled his eyes. “Clearly that kiss didn’t help you figure that out.”

“Maybe you should try again?”

“I think I will.”

The two ice skaters stayed where they were until the sun set, enjoying each other’s company and each other’s kisses. This was the start of something beautiful.



2 years of Sounds Good Feels Good - “You guys do more for the world than you actually know. We wanna write real songs for real people, real issues that everyone has in this room, everyone watching at home. Everyone’s got their problems, everyone’s got their demons, and we wanna be the band for you–we wanna be here for you because we have shit going on as well. We have our ups, and we have our downs, especially. But that’s okay. We live in a weird fucking world these days, and I think if we can write music that’s from our hearts for you, it doesn’t matter if they’re worldwide hits, that’s for sure. We don’t give a damn. As long as it means something to every single one of you guys, that’s all we care about. I just want this next album and this band to mean something to you instead of some pointless shit that’s on the radio. We want to mean something to you." 

Wrapper prompt fic for you

OG Titus & Jason prompter from a couple weeks ago here- you knocked it out of the park. What an awesome fic!

In return, here is a blurb that your recent headcannon repost about Bruce,Jason and small items/candy wrappers drove me crazy enough to write.  I don’t have a tumbler or a03, so enjoy it for now : ) 


Bruce had been fiddling with something in his right rear pocket all evening. It must not have disturbed his other brothers, or else Jason knew Dick and Tim would have been hovering around the man, especially his worrywart of an older brother.  Damian had been conveniently waylaid by the Teen Titans for the weekend and unable to make the evening’s event.

Maybe it was a new ‘Brucie’ quirk, one more thing for the press to wonder about, another misdirection for crowds pay attention to. How was he to know? Jason hadn’t attended one of these dumb big-wig parties for years. The only thing the second Robin was fidgeting with was his bow tie as he approached Bruce.  Damn Babs and her playing dirty- even if she had back up blackmail pictures, Jason was certain he had served his sentence. 3 hours of fake smiles and pate’ on crackers was enough. 

‘What'cha got there, old man?“ Jason asked by way of greeting, sipping from a flute of champagne he had snagged from a passing waiter. For a gala in his own home, Bruce was surprisingly isolated behind a table that held a melting ice sculpture and empty finger food platters. The older man jolted slightly at the approach, coming fully back to the present. 

“Hmm? It’s- uh, nothing, don’t worry about it, Jay. Enjoying the party?”

 “If by ‘enjoy’ you mean ‘dodging every cougar who wants to pinch my cheeks-both sets!- and avoiding everyone else who might recognize me as one of the formerly dead’, then yes, I have been enjoying it.”

At the word dead, Bruce resumed playing with whatever was in his pocket, and Jason was done with it. In one smooth motion, he tugged his father’s hand out of his black suit trousers and liberated the item he had been concealing. Jason flattened the paper against his palm. It was crumpled to the point where the paper had become soft, a hole worn in the center of the formerly shiny paper and it smelled vaguely of artificial fruit flavor.

“What is this- a gum wrapper? That looks ancient. I thought I was the only one around here who chewed gum, and that was just to cover up the cigarette smell when I was a–” And the realization quickly took hold. 


Bruce cleared his throat and Jason risked a curious glance upward, teal eyes meeting bright blue. Bruce’s eyes were shiny, lips pressed together in that peculiar fond-but-pained look memories of Jason’s youth seemed to bring about.

“The Two Towers.”


“Where I found this. You were on page 79. I don’t know why I took it, at first. After that, I couldn’t let it go. It was just something small. I could take it with me…It reminded me of you…”

For someone who could hardly say the words, here was a man who showed his love by holding tiny, worthless tokens sacred and carrying them with him forever.  Jason would have to ask Leslie later if it was possible for every internal organ to clench simultaneously, because he was momentarily frozen, not even breathing. Gently he closed his fist over the gum wrapper.

He swallowed heavily, not meeting Bruce’s gaze but patting him lightly on the shoulder as he turned to flee.

“I’m just…I’m gonna…go…target practice…with Artemis maybe…” His eyelids weren’t blinking fast enough to keep moisture at bay. Too much light, too many people to fall apart here. Jason needed to leave. Now. 

“Don’t go—Jay!” But his second oldest had already slipped past the wait staff and, more than likely, was making his escape this very minute through the secret hallways of the manor.

Even trying to politely excuse himself, it took Bruce twenty minutes to make it across the crowded foyer to the stairs. Tim looked up from his discussion with a pair of city council members, eyebrows furrowed in concern. Bruce made a gesture for him to continue entertaining their guests- he would be back in a few minutes.

Upon reaching the second floor, Jason’s room was empty, which Bruce had expected. Jason’s tuxedo was left in a messy pile on top of his former bed, and his duffle bag of clothes was gone. But in it’s place, there was a familiar Tolkien book laying open on the covers. The precious, faded wrapper was spread to highlight a passage, which Bruce now read with interest:

He knew now why Beregond spoke his name with love. He was a captain that men would follow, that he would follow, even under the shadow of the black wings.

It was close to sacrilege in the manor’s household to deface a book, but Bruce would always later claim the salty wet marks left on the page were unintentional.


One night not long after the gala, a battered, stitched up, and only-let-out-of-the-medical-bay-if-he-agreed-to-sleep-at-the-manor Jason pulled back the covers of his bed….only to find a hardback copy of ‘The Hobbit’ resting upon the pillows and on top of that, a fresh, unopened package of gum. 

Thank you so much for this! It’s incredible I’m smiling so much right now you don’t even know. This fic was both sweet and sad and wonderful. I love it so much, thank you! The Tolkien quote was beautiful, and everything between Jason and Bruce was just so good. Thank you again so very much. 

For anyone who’s curious the post mentioned is by @thelittleredheadedmusician and @byebyeskylark and can be found here

The thing that makes Luke’s final interaction with Clem so heartbreaking is the fact you can tell he really is at his emotional limit. Every other point before then you see him try his damn hardest to seem optimistic about things no matter what it is, ESPECIALLY around Clem. But with the rest of the cabin group dead, and how he dropped the subject the second Bonnie came into the conversation, I think Clem was the only one around who he felt close enough to finally let his feelings out to.