but especially music

Imagine Woozi telling Suga that he often gets inspiration from the older’s music and lyrics.


The set list for Kesha’s current tour.

I did a ton of research because it’s not adding up. Officially, it’s Kesha and The Creepies, and she started this tour last year as an act of defiance for “the pure love of rock and roll” and it’s “rock” versions of her songs.

I’m wondering if the legal battle caused the lack of promotion and being booked at odd venues. The tour was in weird cities and not major concert venues or clubs. Or I wonder if she did it on purpose to stay off the radar before she finished her album.

I’m fascinated to see how this all goes. I’ve never heard of “RiverEdge” where she’s playing tonight. It’s all GA tickets and seems like a lawn situation.

I’m also really intrigued to see how her career changes after this album is released.

I hope, hope she plays some new music, especially “Praying”

Oh and Jolene! One of my favorite songs of all time.

I’m so pumped!

11pm thoughts | RIP, Chester Bennington!

Growing up, I was into pop and dance music. But it all changed when I first heard their song ‘In the End’ when I was 9 years old. I started liking rock bands because of them. Linkin Park had such a huge part of my late childhood and teenage years! There’s something about their music, especially Chester’s voice that spoke to me. Thank you for helping me get through the dark times. Thank you for being an inspiration. You will be missed! 

When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I’ve done
Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed
And don’t resent me
And when you’re feeling empty
Keep me in your memory
Leave out all the rest
Leave out all the rest

All the hurt inside you’ve learned to hide so well
Someone else can come and save me from myself
I can’t be who you are

- Leave out all the rest

RIP Chester Bennington 💔  🙏🏽  

anonymous asked:

I'm honestly so crushed over Chester Bennington's death? Remember Numb being Mello's (and the rest of the wammy kids but mostly Mello's) Theme? The emo days were so Simple and Good tbh 😩

The death of any artist is a terrible thing, especially one whose music (no matter how mocked and shit-on: I know Crawling is hilarious and easy to make fun of but you know you loved it at one point too) brought a small hope and brightness into the lives of a lot of kids and young adults who probably felt the same things he expressed in his songs. Suicide is such an awful and insidious monster, but it just goes to show that no matter how successful and adored you are, everybody still has their own issues and struggles. Sending thoughts of peace to his loved ones, because losing somebody like that is one of the most painful things a person can experience xoxo His work will live on in the memories of thousands of Death Note fans and AMVs everywhere, that’s for sure. <3

mystic-mess-headcanons  asked:

[Finally gonna ask for a legendary matchup~] I'm an ENFP Taurus with long brown hair and blue eyes, and my generic face is me looking clueless. I hate small talk, and would prefer silence than talk about pointless things like the weather. Most of my relationships haven't lasted long, because people take things way too quickly. ('I love you' after our second date.) I always appreciate music, especially something soft like a ballad! I'm at an average height, but love wearing heels to seem taller.

what’s this?? ams is getting to this one before she Gets Some Sleep? yes!!

hope you like it💛 also what do you mean “legendary”?? i still remember the one you gave me, thank you!

[matchups are closed!]

I match you with…Jumin!

  • not just cause your pic ok, listen, i got you
  • but because you guys are honestly really compatible??
  • your talks are never about stuff like small talk, y’all get into it
  • like 55% of the time, they’re deep talks. important ones. late night ones. too early morning ones
  • but the other 45% you guys are silly! its really cute
  • the amount of inside jokes you two have is Incredible
  • and you two have comfortable silences
  • the two of you go at your own pace, im proud 
  • jumin thinks ‘i love you’s are important and you really gotta know someone
  • so it takes more than two dates lol
  • but its more meaningful and you know he’s Serious
  • listen i bet you $20 that jumin sang a ballad to you at some point
  • it was early in the morning, the first thing you woke up to 
  • him playing with your hair, singing, then looking down at you, straight into your eyes 
  • wow ok where did that come from ams
  • you like heels?? he’s Got You
  • all the heels you’d like, love. all kinds of styles and colors
  • he loves how empowered you look and lives to make you feel empowered 

rikorin  asked:

Rate Minase Inori - Harmony Ribbon (please me as more objetive as you can)

couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | i feel like i heard it somewhere before | boring | it’s okay | goofy | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | dis my thing | catchy | like it | love it | adding into my playlist | downloading immediately | already in my library | LOOPING FOR DAYSS

First off, Dan. Such thing as “objectively” does not really exist, especially in the music industry. If it comes to music I believe that no one can stay objective there honestly. Anyways I do try my best to not give her a 10/10 just because it is my rl waifu. Thanks for sending in once again Dan :3

Rating: 8/10

Voltron Theme [Epic Trailer Version]
Voltron Theme [Epic Trailer Version]

tfw voltron hits the Big Screen™. so here’s my attempt scoring some music for Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender, as if it were a cinematic trailer. Some notes on composition below. Enjoy!!  

note: original VLD Opening Titles written by Alexander Geringas. This is most definitely a homage to his work.

extra: new version here (with updated brass samples + improved mix)

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so i had like

just recently watched Cats Don’t Dance for the first time in ages and then I got these asks

but to answer your questions

yeah probably

Can we acknowledge Jeremys lil “Wait, you came to see me in the play?”, completely ignoring the fact they are dealing with a crazy supercomputer and squiped zombie students

like Jeremy was just so happy to see Michael and the fact he still came to see Jeremy in the play despite all that happened im emo yall

Reblog to save a ‘Be More Chill’ fans life


baekhyun + lotto = holy fck.