but especially music


“Hey, where’s the new Foo Fighters album?”

“Uhh, I saw it around somewhere, hang on a second.”

“Oh Black Sabbath?” the annoying kid scoffed, “do you even like them, or are you just wearing that to look cool?”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“You’re a girl, I doubt you really like music like that!” Is this fucking kid for real?

“Shouldn’t you be at school or something?”

“If you’re such a fan , name all their albums!”

“Oh, I’ll name all their albums, alright,” I roared, “right after I kick your scrawny ass from here to Twinbrook, you little shit!“ The annoying kid took off pretty quick, but not before buying that goddamn record because I’m excellent at customer service.

A Short Time Later…

"Fuckkkk I’m so boreddddddd!”

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lzdirection90  asked:

U still get a lot of asks babe:) sending love to u. Also, yeah i hate that this is happening to liam especially now with his music coming soon. And zayn i mean u know all this is hurting zayn

All of this stuff hurts all the boys and I really just want it all to end. I’m hoping that after this year’s solo releases we’ll get some good news.

heather mcnamara when moving independently: hunched over, coiled in on herself, knees together, restricted movements

heather mcnamara when moving in sync with the other heathers: straight back, total range of motion, doesn’t looked scared or nervous

I’d love to have more movie adaptation of Broadway musicals!!! Especially if the characters were played by Broadway actors!!! With scenography similar to the original!!! AND they could be all set in a theatres!!! And you know whay could make these movies really easy and cheap to make?? If they made DVDS of actual Broadway Musicals recorded in HD!!!

I decided I needed to draw another Polysquad pic cuz the last one wasn’t great,,,