but especially juliet

  • me: ah, Romeo and Juliet is my favourite Shakespeare play and I really want to see a good retelling or sequel that respects all the important elements of the play but still manages to give it a new twist!
  • still star-crossed: messes up the timeline of the play and the background of some characters, dismisses some important details like Rosaline's freaking chastity vow that had started the whole mess, and generally looks like it's going to be the usual Benvolio/Rosaline romance that has been done five thousand times already
  • me: meh
  • also still star-crossed: has a strong black female lead, plus multiple poc characters looking gorgeus in period clothes and who occupy positions of power
  • me: you know what just sign me the fuck up

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I was looking through your blog (that totally didn't sound creepy ^^;) and I just can't stop looking at the photos of the 2016 Kenneth Branaugh production of Romeo and Juliet on the balcony and Romeo's death just before Juliet awoke. As a Shakespeare nerd with a photographic eye, I can't get over how perfect the juxtaposition is ❤❤❤❤❤

Nope, it’s not creepy! It makes me so happy that you looked through my blog. Thank you!

The fact that the death scene echoed the balcony scene is indeed such a sad and beautiful contrast (and that’s, like, my favorite combination). Here are the pictures for those who have not seen them!

Source (x).

Source (x).

I loved the cinematography and the whole feeling of Branagh’s production: Friar Lawrence’s and Peter’s singing, the falling of curtains after Juliet drank her potion, the slow motion of her funeral (and its juxtaposition with the moment when Romeo looked up at the sky and yelled, ‘then I defy you, stars!’). Besides, I thought the black and white filter contributed greatly to the distress of the tragedy.

I especially loved the prologue. You could discern all the characters of the play crying in anguish, all wearing black. Then, when the chorus mentioned the ‘pair of star-crossed lovers’, Romeo and Juliet came on stage wearing white. Visually it was very impressive, and I found the whole production to be very aesthetically pleasing (the music was also fascinating and heartbreaking). Add this to the wonderful acting and reading of the play, and you have a marvelous production! Lily James and Richard Madden are now my favorite Juliet and Romeo after Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting. I talked about the production more exhaustively here.

RFA + V, Saeran, & Vanderwood with PDA (Public Displays of Affection)


-Plans everything out

-Is very dramatic at times, but doesn’t care

-He’s an actor, what do you expect?

-He wants everything to be romantic as possible, even if you’re on a date or just strolling down the street

-Doesn’t go overboard, but doesn’t mind kissing you, holding you, cuddling, or professing your love in public

-Loves you so much, he wants to show everyone

-If someone asks if you’re a couple, he will gladly say yes

-And share cute details about yourself, like how long you’ve been together and such

-Loves to use rose petals. On your table in a diner, all over the floor at home, everywhere

-His favorite thing is reciting love poems or lines from a play to you

-Especially Romeo and Juliet

-Once did it in front of C&R, Jumin almost gagged and called security

-Worth it

-Just wants to show you how much he truly cherishes you


-At first, super jumpy

-Even holding hands in public makes him blush

-He’s never had a girlfriend before, and he’s so scared of messing up anything

-So, holding hands and quick pecks on the cheek are enough to make his face bright red at first

-But with time, he slowly gets more and more comfortable with you

-Even gets tips from Zen, because who else would he ask?

-Not as dramatic as Zen suggests to him, but he’s more confident

-Likes holding you by your waist, just so you two can be close

-A full on kiss on the lips will still make him flustered, but kisses on the cheek are fine

-Is a total fan of eskimo kissed, he just loves how cute you look

-He also looks very cute from your view, so it works for both of you

-Dates are his new favorite thing, because you get to spend time together outside of his apartment

-Gets flustered from time to time, but learns to grow more comfortable

-Always open to showing you his love, even in public


-Prefers a more subtle way of showing you her feelings

-Doesn’t mind holding hands while you walk

-The occassional peck on the cheek is nice

-Will never outright kiss you in public, though

-Even at the cafe

-Prefers to keep more intimate things private between you two

-But does enjoy being somewhat loving

-Favorite thing to do is feed you

-Loves giving you a taste of a cake she’s baking, a cookie she just baked, anything

-Even if customers are around

-The way your face lights up? She can’t get enough of it


-He’s very affectionate indoors, but outside? A bit uncomfortable

-Knows all the ways of charming and light flirting because of business, but hasn’t used them outside of that

-He isn’t that experienced in terms of relationships, so he’s a bit uncomfortable at first

-He honestly just doesn’t want to mess up at all

-Cares about you so, so much, that he’s afraid of doing something you don’t like

-Completely fine with cuddling and kissing in the limousine, but one step out of it? He’s out of his element

-Just holding hands seems wrong at first

-He’s very big on privacy, so it feels like an invasion of it since everyone can see

-But, with time and your reassurances, he slowly begins to get more comfortable with it

-Still keeps it classy, a hand on your back, small kisses, nothing more

-He just needs to learn before he’s open with showing the world his love for you


-Literally the cheesiest person you will every meet

-Doesn’t care where the two of you are, will use any cheesy line he thinks of

-And this guy is a human encyclopedia, so he has a lot

-Will drop lines at RFA parties, on dates, when other people are around, alone


-His favorite thing to use are those cheesy pick-up lines that make you want to gag

-And with them? Acts them out perfectly

-Will literally plan hours in advance for just one line

-This boy puts some effort into his work

-You come home, he’s dressed as a magician with a top hat

  • “Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears!”

-You walk in, he’s put on his full nun costume. Kneeling on the ground, looking up at you, taking your hand as he speaks

  • “Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers.”

-Dresses up as fucking V, holding a camera, starts snapping away pictures of you.

  • “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.”

-Goddamnit Saeyoung

-But you know he’s very sincere with his words, even if he likes to be playful

-He’s never had someone he’s loved as much as you, he simply wants to cherish you and be the man you deserve


-Prepare to be patient with this one

-He is very hesitant in public

-Not really used to receiving affection, at all, and extremely new to even showing it

-Even holding hands is hard for him to do

-He prefers to stay inside most of the time, so even leaving the bunker leaves him anxious

-Hates going to crowded areas. If you’re in a crowded shop, he won’t hold your hand

-No offense to you, of course! He’s just severely uncomfortable

-It will take him a very long time to even warm up to the idea

-Once he’s at that stage with you, it will still only be hand holding and maybe the occasional peck on the cheek. Maybe

-He just prefers to show you his love when you’re alone

-That way, he can feel comfortable and safe with the person he cares about


-Like Zen, he is a huge romantic

-But, he’s more of a gentle lover

-Doesn’t really mind if people stare, because he feels he has nothing to be ashamed of

-Prefers to walk with your arms entwined, rather than just holding your hand

-That way, he can feel your presence without looking, and to keep you close

-He enjoys writing poetry, so when you go on dates, he’ll write a small poem on your napkin

-Nothing too extravagant, something subtle like a haiku about your beauty

-In public, sometimes people will offer to help him with things, but he refuses

-But with you? He can’t say no

-Slow kisses are this man’s most beloved thing in the world

-Under a tree in the park, outside the apartment building door under the stars, just anywhere that’s scenic

-Will get mildly flustered if someone comments on it, but not too much. He recovers easily

-Also, loves to take commemorative pictures everywhere you go

-That way he can remember the loving times you had together whenever he wants


-Okay, this one? Does not give a single fuck

-If they wants to kiss you? They’ll kiss you

-If they want to touch your butt? They’re gonna touch the butt (As long as it’s okay with you, of course)

-Vanderwood literally has no shame

-They will honestly do it in front of others as much as they damn well please

-Will also purposely do it in front of Seven to freak him out

-Seven screams like you’re coming at him with the Black Plague, so it’s worth it

-They’re more of a passionate lover, so they have no problems with showing off

-You’re theirs, so he likes to show it

-Even if that means people may stare

-They’ll just tase anyone who stares at what theirs for too long

-Jealous much?

-Vanderwood just enjoys showing what’s theirs. They like to make you feel loved and cherished and so much more. That’s just how they like to show it~

Personally, I don’t think Sana has a clue about Even/Mikael.

With SKAM being SKAM, it’s easy to over-analyze and think that there’s this huge conspiracy going on when there really isn’t, or at least not always. Just look at S3. People were driving themselves crazy with theories and what it all meant, especially with the Romeo&Juliet symbolism, but in the end it wound up being exactly what we all knew it would be. Often times, the first guess is the right one.

With this season, I feel like part of the need for there to be all this Mikael/Even drama is simply because some people haven’t moved on from Isak/Even yet(or downright refuse to) and they want more and more of them, which is understandable, but it’s Sana’s season and in making all these theories people need to keep in mind how it all relates to her and what may or may not have happened in Bakka doesn’t. At least, not yet.

So with that in mind, and taking into consideration what we’ve been shown so far, I don’t think she’s withholding anything from Isak. If anything, she’s knuckling down on a secret. Her secret. Isak saw Mikael in the picture and freaked when he recognized him but Mikael wasn’t the one Sana was watching; it was Yousef, her secret crush who not a single soul knows about(that we know of). She very obviously panicked when Isak surprised her and asked about Mikael and she refused to talk about it, not because she’s hiding anything about him but because she’s embarrassed at having been caught looking at a guy, one who unbeknownst to Isak she has serious feelings for. Sana has never shown that side of herself to anyone. Even the girl-squad doesn’t know(for very good reason, I imagine) and that says a lot, so regardless of how close she and Isak might be, she isn’t just going to talk about it.

In today’s convo, Isak once again asks about Mikael, and once again Sana dodges the question. It’s easy to read a lot into that if you’re thinking in regards to Even but Sana, as I said before, should be the focus. Who is Mikael to her? Elias’s friend; Yousef’s friend. Yousef, the guy she has a major crush on. Yousef, the guy that she doesn’t want anyone to know she likes. So here comes Isak asking her about Yousef’s friend. The less she talks about Mikael or anyone related to Yousef, the less likely she is to give away that secret part of herself. No conspiracy, nothing to do with Even, Mikael or what happened in Bakka.

Maybe not as exciting as some people might like it to be but that’s not the point of this season. This season is about showing us all the sides of Sana that we haven’t seen and when it comes to Yousef, not Mikael, she is a girl with a crush that she’s holding near and dear to her heart. It seems like she’s barely even acknowledged its existence to herself, maybe she hasn’t at all, but she’s definitely going to do her damnedest to keep it and the rest of her life/world separate.

There are two things I thought of recently, regarding Artemis Fowl. Sort of. They are kind of the same thing, but anyways.

1) When Arty kidnaps Holly Short, and then lets her go, that all takes place in the span of about 36 hours. She is kidnapped one night, kept the next day, that night the LEP tries the time stop, and then she is released in the morning. So lets call that 36 hours, and when she is released, it is Christmas Day, December 25th.

Now, we know Artemis did all this when he was just 12 years old. We also know there were months of planning and trying to find a fairy, and then 4 months of stakeout before Holly was caught.

Artemis Fowl was born September 1st. He started this search when he was 11 years old. Then he turns 12 and finally gets a chance to by finding the sprite and doing stakeout.

This was a literal child who just wanted his father back, and his mother back, and would do whatever he had to to do that. Which leads to point 2:

2) A lot of people in the Fowldom are always like “Why THE FUCK is Butler letting A CHILD run around and kidnap fairies? He is a terrible father figure!”

But I mean, lets face it. Butler has seen some shit. He’s seen terrible things happen to people physically, and emotionally. He is aware of the trauma and mental scarring Artemis has gone through after hearing that his father’s ship blow up and watching his mother descend into insanity. Butler is also paid to protect Artemis, not question his decisions.

Then you add in the fact that Butler doesn’t for one second believe in fairies until he sees them. Basically, as far as I can tell, Butler is letting a child run around chasing fairies because what else is he gonna do? Leave? Leave not only his families centuries-old position, but leave a small boy with no family? And since Butler is fairly convinced fairies don’t exist, what’s the harm in looking? Yeah, traveling the world and meeting shady characters makes his job a lot harder than it needs to be, but if that’s how Artemis – a genius child that Butler probably only slightly understands how his mind works – copes with the (probable) death of his father and loss of his mother, then who is Butler to argue with that coping mechanism?

At least Butler has done all he can to keep Artemis safe during those travels, and made them as easy as possible for the boy. And even when fairies are real, and there is one in the manor, Butler does his best to keep Artemis safe and convince him that kidnapping human-like sentient species is Not A Good Thing to Do. He tries to teach Artemis morals to the best of his ability, while keeping him safe physically, and quite possibly mentally by being supportive for all of Artemis’s schemes.

So yeah. Arty was a literal baby when he kidnapped Holly, he only had proof of his idea like, a week after he turned 12 (12! He’s not even a pre-pubescent teenager! He is just a pre-teen! A lonely little preteen boy with no friends and no family who just wants his father and mother back!) and Butler was as supportive as possible (and arguably very father-like because of it) to a damaged boy who had essentially lost everything except that support.


                                   Romeo & Giulietta: ama e cambia il mondo
                                                    (The Italian Musical)

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juliet butler: thoughts?


the short answer is: J’ADORE HER. 

the long answer is: wow!! i really really loved juliet when i first read the books (and i still do). looking back on it, i wish she’d had more involvement, but what do we get of her is phenomenal. like this series was so formative to the way i saw myself as a young girl growing up and all the women in artemis fowl were so important?? 

juliet butler especially was so EMPOWERING. she wears glittery eyeliner and knocks bad guys out with jewellery  (pretty sure her motto is “talk shit, get hit”), she never hesitates to establish her presence as the dominant one, and all the while she is very much a teenage girl and that’s never once lost or seen as a weakness.

she’s one of the world’s best wrestlers but she was so largely feminine, and the story rewards her for that and for being exactly who she is. like it was one of her main character traits!!! and sure this series has ~issues~ but on the whole it really was very good, and juliet butler definitely wasn’t one of them.

(also butler’s & juliet’s relationship is so much fun bc they’re such wonderful siblings they love each other so much but she still annoys the heck out of him god bless)

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Do you happen to know where I could watch the Kenneth Branagh production of Romeo and Juliet with Richard Madden and Lily James. I've loved Romeo and Juliet for years and just recently become a fan of Lily James, so I really want to see it if possible, and I think I remember you mentioning it before. Thanks!

Try this one! I hope you enjoy the performance. Personally I think it’s a superb production, Lily James being a very energetic, determined, passionate Juliet. I especially loved her delivery of the potion speech—I was in tears during that scene. She’s actually my favorite Juliet after Olivia Hussey. And I have a crush on her. You may like it if you agree with my reading of the play: Romeo is soft, fanciful, childish (he dramatically throws himself on the floor when he says, ‘O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?’). Lily’s Juliet, on the other hand, is fire and vigor. Come back to the ask box afterwards if you want to discuss her acting!

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Hi there! I just finished reading IWWV and I freaking loved it, especially the Romeo and Juliet scene! One thing I keep wondering about, however, is that time when James came to Oliver's house for Thanksgiving break. How did Oliver's parents react and did they get along with James? What did J&O do during that time?

As you can probably imagine, Oliver kept James out of the house as much as humanly possible, but the brief interaction between James and Leah and Mrs. Marks Oliver overhears from upstairs is a good indication of how the rest of it went. As for how they spent their time, there was a lot of loitering in coffee shops, reading in amicable silence, James pestering Oliver to show him around his hometown, and both of them avoiding talking about the obvious elephants in the room. 

Romeo and Juliet on the Balcony. 1886 .
Oil on Canvas.
271.5 x 160 cm.
Signed Julius Kronberg and datered 1886.

Art by Julius Kronberg.(1850-1921).

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I'm sure this has been mentioned before but I'm new to tumblr so forgive me. I just started re-watching the series from the beginning and in GM Truth Farkle literally steps between Lucas (as Romeo) and Riley (as Juliet). It's an interesting parallel and call back to the BMW pilot when they're studying Romeo and Juliet, especially since BMW was about finding your one true love and holding onto it and GMW is about the perception of love vs the reality of love. I see what you did there writers!



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Dean! I'm curious, what do hell hounds look like? Are the cute? I have a feeling they are adorable!!!! Especially Juliet! I want one so bad! Do you think you could get Crowley to hook me up?

They’re definitely not frigging cute. You do not want one. Let me repeat that: you do not want one. -Dean


On Sunday, Campbell & I had some friends come over for a small fourth of July cookout. We had so much delicious food and overall it was just a really great time.

I absolutely loved catching up with some friends and just having a great time. Juliet brought flower crowns for the kids and they absolutely loved it! Elodie was excited to be matching with her sister & Juliet. Gen’s kids were absolutely a joy and I know my kids enjoyed having them around. And as always, Elodie’s little ballet friend, Lacey, was a joy to have around. All of the kids had a great time playing with their friends. Sonnie was especially excited about Juliet bringing her twins over. She loves babies & was more than excited to show them her favorite toys.

We ended our night sitting in the front lawn and watching the city’s fireworks show. It was so much fun and Sonnie adored the fireworks.

It was fun to end this busy week surrounded by lovely people & a wonderful time.

Best wishes,

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  • 7. Friendship that never felt real to you. 

I really love this relationship in all its nuances and i definitely want it to be explored again but like - Sansa/Margaery is not a friendship. Margaery is using Sansa as a pawn just as much, if not more, than everyone else in King’s Landing. And the fact that she wraps it up in affection and kindness and that makes it easier for Sansa to swallow doesn’t make it any less manipulative. I can definitely see Sansa reflecting back on their interactions and seeing the manipulation there and learning from that and then when they (hopefully) meet again they’ll be on equal footing and maybe even be the only people who fully understand each other’s roles in the game of thrones (arianne, cersei and dany are all playing completely different queengames, but sansa and margaery are very similar imo).

  • 10 Least favorite season long storyline

THE AMY POND’S EVIL PREGNANCY BODY AUTONOMY STEALING CHARACTER REDUCTIVE BULLSHIT THAT WAS DOCTOR WHO SEASON 6. Fucking ATROCIOUS and coming straight after the excellence that was season 5 it was even worse like I still cannot believe that happened. Why terrible? Such disappointment.

Similarly, the season 4 Angel arc. CORDY/CONNOR GROSSSSS, CORDELIA BEING LIKE POSSESSED/VIOLATED FUCKING GROSSSSS, JOSS WHEDON’S WEIRD WOMEN HANGUPS GROSSEST OF THE GROSS. Angel was never my favourite show but that was a low, man. That being said I quite liked the changeups they made for season 5, it’s probably my favourite season of the show. Spike and Illyria definitely helped.

There’s a lot of like, subpar storylines (i watch a lot of cw smh) i can think of but those two are probably the worst. OH AND ALL OF THESE LAST TWO SEASONS OF SONS OF ANARCHY HELL NOPE

  • 11. Talk about a character with a bad story or character arc. 

L E A H  C L E A R W A T E R.