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Hello. Jikook shipper here. I don't want to burst any bubbles, but I've seen the JK jealous mouth thing in other videos with other members (like when ot7 played blind hide and seek). So it's a cute mannerism of his, not any kind of problematic jealousy (that kind of jealousy is not cute)

Hi, You won’t burst bubbles, I know it all but I’ve seen him doing the mouth thing a lot especially around Jimin. Well, Jungkook really tends to move his mouth when he’s nervous or just as a habit and it can be interpreted in many ways but I’m still stuck with jeonlous thing, no offense ♥


Patrick Kane talks about his hat trick and the first line (x)

If you like or support Chris brown BLOCK ME NOW...

Cause I will find out & I will block you

I’m seeing women defending this man… and I’m disgusted.. especially black women, this man has said out his mouth he’s the type to not let his exes be happy and will stalk and threaten them, y'all got former neighbors confirming he used to assault this girl, even had to call the cops on him. He has stalked her to her home 3 am in the morning before, takes every chance he has to to verbally assault her on social media, and has a past of abusing women… and it’s so far-fetched for y'all to think he threatened to kill this girl… furthermore think of all the shit he’s done to this girl and she didn’t report him, he must have did some wild shit to make her say enough is enough, & y'all really making it seem like as if this girl shouldn’t have reported him even if she felt like her life was at risk because “he’s already got a bad rep & why we gotta do this to our black men”, the role of a black woman isnt to pacify black men and ignore their damaging behavior, y'all need to go tell Chris to seek the medical attention he clearly needs, and leave this girl alone. If you support Chris you’re trash girl and he’d probably beat your ass too…. but anyways

Last Night

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Who knew going to one of Tony’s parties could have a better outcome the following day.

Word Count: 2,443

Warnings: Explicit smut, NSFW, praise kink, slight metal arm kink

A/N: Holy crap guys, this came out better than I expected. This is my first time writing something this explicit to feedback would be great!!

(GIFs are not mine, credit to owners)

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“It was that good? I always had a feeling he was a boob guy, but wow.” Nat asked needing to know the details.

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We are, aren’t we?

Jim Kirk x Reader. Also can anyone spot the lines I used from the Beyond gag reel? *thank you Karl Urban*

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Keenser  was watching you eat lunch, his eyes following every movement you made. You smirk ripping apart the sandwich and handing him half. He makes a noise that could only be described as a squeal, before turning his attention to the food in his hand. You lean back into the chair and try not to think of the Captain. The two of you had a nice romp, as they would say, a few nights ago after a long tiring day on the Enterprise. You try not to think of his lust filled eyes or the way his mouth felt on your skin. Especially not the feelings you were starting to have for Jim. Nope not that. Definitely not thinking of that.

“Aye, another break you two!” Scotty strolls into his office, scoffing at the sight of Keenser and you eating.

“Working hard makes us hungry, am I right Keen?”

Your friend nods, taking a bite of his sandwich.

“Lassie, you’re lucky you are the second best engineer down here,” Scotty picks up his PADD and starts scanning through it, trying to hide the smile on his face. “Anyways, you are free to go. I just had to go see the Captain, he’s in the Medbay.”

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A Touch of Rust

The parts of Genji that aren’t quiet human are made of carbon fiber, nylon composit, and titanium. He’s made to be durable, fast, and lightweight, with his parts easily repaired or replaced when damaged. His body is the pinnacle of biology and bionics combined as one.

He stands out like a sore thumb among the aged steel and pitted chrome of the Shambali monks.

Genji is often awed as he looks upon his master. He is easily fifteen years Zenyatta’s senior, and yet, at twenty years old, Zenyatta has been mature for years longer than Genji. Zenyatta has never experienced a childhood, never fumbled through the awkwardness of adolescence, as artificial intelligence come online as fully developed adults. It boggles the brain, but Genji finds he doesn’t mind it.

He thinks the worn markings of time are fascinating. The smoothed edges and dented joints tell the tales of hard labor before enlightenment gripped Zenyatta’s mind. The weathered markings on Zenyatta’s faceplate, especially around his mouth feature, has drawn Genji’s attention more times than he would like to admit, for foolish and selfish reasons.

There’s a place on Zenyatta’s torso, at the seam along the side of his rib plating, that developed rust. Unlike most wear and tear, Genji worries that if it isn’t sanded and sealed before too long, it would further pit and flake. Zenyatta doesn’t seem bothered by it, probably hasn’t noticed it, but it draws Genji’s wandering eyes, distracting him from his meditations. Genji finds that he can only go for a few days before he has to point it out himself, slipping into his master’s small, private chambers.

“Master…” Genji greets in a humble bow. As he straightens his back, his eyes fall on the damaged metal and he finds himself blurting, “You have oxidation.”

“Oh,” Zenyatta says, conveying surprise with a curious tilt of his head and touch of his fingertips to his faceplate. “That is troublesome. I shall have to repair it soon.” He looks down and about himself, looking for the blemished steel, when Genji reaches out to point, his own finger brushing along the surface of Zenyatta’s side.

With a jerk, Zenyatta’s hover sways dangerously away, both hands coming up as if to protect the spot. He huffs out an almost musical series of sounds, that Genji belatedly realizes is laughter.

“I’m sorry,” Genji says as he holds up his hands in surrender, “I did not mean to touch… But, are you ticklish, Master?”

“Is that what being ticklish is like?” Zenyatta asks, a tone of awe and laughter affecting his voice. “How wonderful… Would you mind… tickling… me again?”

“Most people don’t like being tickled, Master.”

“Perhaps.” Zenyatta covers the small distance back to Genji and holds out his hand. “It does cause quite the fight-or-flight response. But think I’d to try more of it. It’s invigorating. I feel… giddy.”

The sweet, child-like innocence of his master sometimes moves Genji as much as his master’s wisdom, and he finds himself sharing a chuckle. Putting a hand in Zenyatta’s, Genji splays out the fingers of his other along the cool metal of Zenyatta’s side, dragging his own carbon fiber fingertips gently over the smooth surface.

Zenyatta laughs like the chimes of a bell and squirms again, this time into Genji, in so that he has to wrap an arm around Zenyatta to keep them both upright. “I am most sorry,” Zenyatta chortles as they right themselves.

In that moment, Genji is sure he’s not seen anything more beautiful, more real, than the happiness of his master. “No apologies required.”


Matthew (5) by Greg Burger, Sutro Baths, San Francisco, 2016-11-14.

These are long-exposure images; the lens remained open for about 30-60 seconds.  Much of the light - all of the light in the 3rd and 4th pictures here - is moonlight.  It was actually very dark.

What appears as a sea of fog in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th pictures is actually the blurring of ocean waves.

Photographer Greg Burger began each image by first allowing moonlight to accumulate, then added light from in front and from the side (red, blue, green and orange in this set) with a hand-held device (much like a flashlight) capable of projecting many colors.  He then returned to close the shutter.

The game for Matthew, as model, was to hold perfectly still while each image was constructed around him.  The slightest motion of eyes, head or mouth, especially when his face was lit, would blur the image.  Thus, where Matthew appears slightly blurred, it’s not because the shot was out of focus, but because he moved very slightly.


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“Hey” you greeted Eric. He didn’t answer. The Dauntless leader looked tired as hell. Tired eyes and grumpy face exposed his lack of rest.

“Hey, I’m talking to you” you repeated. Eric turned around with annoyed expression on his face, but when he saw you holding two steaming cups of coffee, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. “What do you want, princess?” 

He liked to call you like this, cause he thought that it annoyed you, but secretly you loved this nickname…especially coming from his mouth.

You rolled your eyes in fake annoyance, and handed him one cup of coffee. “Did I deserve this?” he chuckled and sipped little bit of a drink. 

“Probably not, just thought it’ll make you less of an asshole” you smirked and walked away. “You should get some rest, or It’ll be even more easy to kick your ass” you added.


Patrick Kane - [74/88]

oops - Ian (nsfw)

A/n: Anon requested that your kid interrupts your sexy time. ;)


“Where’s the kid?” Ian purrs into your ear, his long arms locking themselves around your body from behind and pressing you onto his own.

“Asleep.” You respond, giggling and craning up your neck when you feel his lips nibbling your earlobe playfully. “Why?”

You pretty much know why he was asking, your ass pressed exactly onto his growing erection. He wasn’t afraid to show how much he wanted you right now, especially not after not getting any action for so long. His mouth travels over the back of your neck, teeth gently biting at your skin in an attempt to get a reaction out of you. You take a sharp intake of air when he quickly and effectively reaches your sweet spot, knowing very well how to twist your mind to his will.

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The funny thing is that harry and his sad fucks try sooo hard to make him seem so woke but look at him hanging out with the kardashians (who we all know are shit for several reasons i dont really need to list) and grimmy (a misogynist and racist piece of shit), chelsea handler (literally wont miss a chance to make racist jokes abt angie jolies kids, literal children), not to mention the whole israel thing and somehow his stans think that like 3 tweets abt white feminism are more relevant.



Matthew (6) by Greg Burger, Sutro Baths, San Francisco, 2016-11-14.

These are long-exposure images; the lens remained open for about 30-90 seconds.  Much of the light on the rocks is moonlight.  It was actually very dark.  The 3rd and 4th pictures here, two of the shorter exposures, capture a plane passing in the background.

What appears as a sea of fog in the background of each picture is actually the blurring of ocean waves.

Photographer Greg Burger began each image by first allowing moonlight to accumulate, then either added light from in front and from the side (red, blue, green and orange in this set) with a hand-held device (much like a flashlight) capable of projecting many colors, or ran the length of the pool to add the fire effect.

The game for Matthew, as model, was to hold perfectly still while each image was constructed around him.  The slightest motion of eyes, head or mouth, especially when his face was lit, would blur the image.  Thus, where Matthew appears slightly blurred, it’s not because the shot was out of focus, but because he moved very slightly.

Cancer Crew - You Get Hurt Filming a Video P1 (MAX)

So heaps of people have been asking for me to do one where you get injured during a video and because this turned out so fucking long I decided to do it in parts. So, here’s Max, and I should have the rest of the boys up soon!

The Gentlemen’s Guide
You were helping the boys film a video for George’s channel, and you’d be lying if you said it wasn’t one of the funniest ones yet. Especially when your boyfriend, Max wouldn’t keep his mouth shut; curse words flying out from his mouth every split second. They had contemplated wether or not they wanted you or Max to be the female when it was time to film for that part. You said you’d do it and Joji asked if he could film you and Max separately, and see which one he wanted to use. 

So, there you were, holding onto both Ian’s and Joji’s hands, the tarp that was currently covered with shattered glass, mouse traps, and 50 bottles of soap and oil. “You better fucking protect me” You mumble, eyeing the entire thing up, your grip becoming strong on both of their hands. “Protect the lady” Joji repeated in his Frank voice as they both pulled you along with them onto the tarp. You could already feel yourself beginning to lose balance and Ian holding out his umbrella with the handle hitting your leg was not helping. George, wasn’t honestly doing jack shit. You could hear him yelling out things like protect the lady but all that went through one ear and out the other when you saw the boys begin to throw the vegetables. Only, their target was obviously you.

“Ian, put the umbrella in front of me!” You tell him, attempting to dodge the veggies, the cheap, ten dollar dress the boys had bought not helping very much. Then Chad throws a bag of potatoes and thats George down, and due to you squeezing his hand tightly, that mean’t you were down too. As you went to hit the ground, you instinctively put your hand out to stop your fall or at least help it from not hurting as much but your hand makes contact with something other than the tarp. You scream in pain as the rest of your body hits the ground, your entire hand shooting and stinging with pain. As if your scream was a cue for cut, everyone stops and turns to you, obviously seeing your injury before you did because Ian’s eyes go wide and George is pulling that ‘Thats gotta hurt’ face and Max is running over towards you.

Max slips a little bit once you’re in his reach he picks you up bridal style, as Ian comes out of trance and helps to hold Max up so you both don’t go down. You bring your hand in your line of view, and see theres a giant piece of glass from one of the wine glasses in your hand, blood dripping from the cut and onto the ground. You’re surprised you didn’t scream louder, because fuck, the injury looks like it deserved a big scream. Max sets you down on one of the plastic chairs, and kneels in front of you, eyeing up your hand. He’s screaming at the boys to grab him something that you can’t even hear because your minds set on the scene before you. “Baby” You hear his familiar voice ring through your ears and you look away from your hand to your boyfriend, who looks as if he’s in as much pain as you. “I’m fine” You tell him, but you and him both knows thats a lie. “I fucking told you to get rid of the glass before she went on!” Max yelled. You’re not sure who he yelled it to and you’re sure he didn’t know either. You can see he’s beginning to go red with anger, and he’s either about to take it out on the boys or himself, so with your free hand you squeeze his wrist slightly. “Honestly, Max, it doesn’t even hurt that much” You try reassuring him, but Max isn’t one to fall for bullshit. 

Max is about to open his mouth to say something, but Ian comes out from the house with what looked like a cloth, some bandages, and you couldn’t exactly make out the rest. Max gets up from his kneeling position and decides it wouldn’t be best for him to tend to your cut because he doesn’t know shit about what he’s supposed to do. You feel him come around to your side and rub your arm soothingly as Warren takes the supplies from Ian, obviously having a fair idea of what to do. Max rubs his hand up and down your arm before he finally interlocks his hand with your uninjured one. You can tell he just wants to scream and yell, but he’s probably biting on his tongue to keep from doing that. 

“Fuck, I feel like shit” You hear him say beside you, and even though the statement was far from a joke you can’t help but let out a small laugh. “I’m the one with a giant piece of glass in my hand and you feel like shit?”

Honestly what with Sirius sharing his bed because of nightmares and Lily sharing his bed because of True Love™ James Potter probably woke up with hair all over his face/in his mouth more often than not especially after Sirius got disowned and he and Lily started dating

“Tell us where he is, and maybe you will be let off with a minor warning.”

Gavin shrugged again, spitting out blood onto the cold cement floor. His hands were bound above his head, blue shirt caked in semi-dried blood, and his golden sunglasses missing a lense and the other was cracked. There were a few visible cuts and bruises here and there, but most were hidden under his shirt from punches and kicks to the gutt to get him to talk.
They were bringing out some more persuasive items, or so they thought. Knives mainly. Brass knuckles here and there. A taser. Items that wouldn’t kill him just yet but deal some significant pain.

“You really still won’t talk? At this rate, well.” He paused, grinning to his other colleagues and shaking his head. “You’re going to die tonight, kid.”

The FAHC member smirked, shrugging again, and kept his mouth shut. Like hell would he talk. Especially since it was about Ryan.
This weak rival gang snatched him up while he was out and about alone last night, not brave or strong enough to take him on along with the other members of the crew. They bagged his head, bound his hands, and tossed him into a van and brought him to where they were now: some worn out shed that looked like you would die more likely from a rusted nail than the idiots standing in front of him.
Now, Ryan was a very popular target amongst most rivals and the cops. Everyone wanted to know where the psycho Vagabond was, what his weaknesses were, how to kill him, where he was so they could stalk and wait for a time to attack, so on and so on. No one ratted out a member unless it was a fun ploy to a mission; so even if he died that night, they would still be clueless and have one angry crew after them then.

The man that wouldn’t shut up with the threats and questions held a decent sized knife with rugged edges. He held it up a bit more towards Gavin’s face as to say, ‘Are you sure you want to stay silent, kid?’. But he didn’t plunge it into his stomach, didn’t twist it around inside, didn’t even move the blade closer because something else caught his interest.

“What is he doing?”

“Looks like he’s signing… Talking with his hands, ya know?” One member piped up.

It took the man another confused minute before he realized that he must be talking silently to someone and sent a couple men out to look around.

“Who else is here?”

Once again, Gavin shrugged, keeping his hands moving for just a second more before stopping. He had to keep Ryan from jumping down and attacking them, being threatened to get stabbed wasn’t something new and he had to calm the face painted menace down and assure him it was okay still.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about! My hands were getting numb!” He complained like a child. “Besides, what do you want with Vagabond anyways? You know you’d just die before you got a chance to talk.”
His cheek got another bruise.

The Golden Boy moved his jaw around, looking disgusted and rolled his eyes, quickly signing again to tell Ryan he was alright but just annoyed as hell.
However, the man eyed his hands as Gavin once again spoke through them; glancing around to see if he could spot the person around. If his member was right and the kid was speaking to someone through his hands, then there was only one way to fix that little problem. He went to the tool box placed to the side and pulled out a hammer; just a simple hammer, but in this case it was a bit more than just a tool for whacking a nail in.

Without any speech before the act warning this time, the hammer was slamming down on the hands held up and tied in front of a wooden beam. Over and over, and with each hit Gavin let out cries of pain until the pain had become to much it numbed, until each hand had snapped and mangled up enough for the man’s liking.

That’s when he broke.

Witnessing the torture, and with no way for him to sign, Ryan snapped. The face painted man was like a nightmare emerging from the shadows. Vagabond was the reaper of FAHC.
He strode casually to the two men who had wandered off to look for him, and having hid on the wobbly wooden second floor, he simply let the two tumble over the side and onto the ground, the thumps gaining attention then, but the gun shots he unloaded into the two men he tripped made sure that attention was on him.
The men were yelling then, exclaiming that he was there and were ready to take him down, yet one by one they dropped like flies. There were only eight men in there, and two had already been killed.

It was like a blurred dream, the pain had made it seem like it was a dream sequence happening in front of him. Gavin kept flinching and pulling his eyes down from rolling back, stupidly moving his hands to try and get out to help but pain shot through each time. He tried his best to stay awake and see what was happening.
Ryan was moving quick; he had even put his hands into a man’s mouth, snapping his jaw then grabbing the knife the man was holding and stabbing him multiple times before he seemed satisfied with that body. He had gone completely mad. The messier the kill the more content he seemed to be. He only stopped when every man in there was surely dead; blood soaked his body and a few cuts and abrasions to himself. It took him a moment to snap out of the hell sent murderer profile and calm the madness down enough to free Gavin.

If from just seeing his hands crumpled he acted like that, he couldn’t imagine how bad it would be if he could have heard him as well. His mind was too distracted by the absolute pain to even think about that at the moment.
Ryan took him down from the victims post and simply scooped him up – craddling him in his arms while Gavin held his hands out to keep them from hitting something. He could ask him if he was alright, but he wasn’t the best at reading lips yet, and from the looks of it, Gavin wouldn’t even be able to shake a yes or no. Vagabond glanced at his hands and scrunched up his face. He would kill all those men over again if he could.

With Gavin back in his arms; wanting to squeeze his body to him but kept himself from doing so; he alerted the others to come and retrieve them. That was the last time he listened to Gavin on whether or not the situation was okay, what a moron.

Ryan planted small kisses on the others face while waiting for the rest of the crew, feeling the vibrations of the chuckles and words Gavin spoke. He hadn’t a clue what the hell he was saying but he assumed it was all good praises. He kept going at the kisses, even when the others showed up, annoying the hell out of them, and even Gavin at this point since he wouldn’t stop pecking the kisses down onto him.

Micheal had especially had enough.
“Stop fucking kissing him already! His hands are broken, why don’t you be a goddamn doctor instead and fix them up! Seriously, stop with the fucking kissing!”

Baby Pilot//Josh Dun

Requested: Hi, so because Josh dun with a baby makes my heart do unimaginable things, can you write a Josh imagine where you are with him while he’s on tour with you and Josh’s baby and it’s pretty much tour life with new baby and like the little guy or gal loves watching Josh drum, with a lot of cute Josh and baby moments please 💕💕


               It would be the first time your son would be joining Josh on tour; considering he was a mere 1 year old. He didn’t seem to understand what was going on, but he didn’t mind. The two of you knew he would love it, considering he was full of giggles and smiles whenever Josh practiced his drumming around home.

               “How’s my favorite little dude?” Tyler smiled, kneeling down to meet Y/S/N eye level. Causing a squeal of excitement and giggles to pour from his happy little mouth. Especially when Tyler started lightly tickling his sides; causing him to squirm around in your lap. “He seems excited, even though he probably has no idea what’s going on.” Tyler laughed, ruffling your son’s curly brown hair.

               “He loves seeing Josh drum, so we thought it would only be proper to bring him along. Not to mention Josh not wanting to miss a thing. He almost missed Y/S/N first word.” As if on cue, your son looked up at you and smiled his small smile.

               “Drum!” The two of you had found it hilarious that his first word would be drum.  “Drum! Drum!” He squealed, giggling when everyone around him smiled.

               “Yes buddy, drum.” Josh laughed, reaching down and lifting your son off your lap and into his arms. “Are you excited to see me play tonight?” The little boy merely giggled, smiling happily at his father who was peppering his small face with kisses.

               “Dada drum!” He squealed happily, causing Josh’s face to light right up. The love those 2 shared was absolutely adorable. You watched as Josh sat down, holding the boy in his lap facing him as he started making silly faces; getting an amused reaction from the boy. The weird faces and noises Josh could pull off never failed to make the boy giggle and squeal with excitement.

               “He’s so cute you guys!” Jenna gushed, watching Josh and your son bond together. “It makes me want a baby. Tyler.” Jenna smiled up at the singer who was currently bright red. “I’m kidding, not for a few more years.” The both of you laughed as Tyler let out a sigh of relief.

               “Jeez Tyler, how would you not want one? They’re cute, giggling cuddle machines.” You joked, grabbing your son’s small hand as he reached over to you.

               “The smell though; which your little guy has.” Tyler looked like he was about to hurl as you grabbed your son off Josh’s lap; offering to change his diaper while the guys started on sound check. You had gotten accustomed to what you would find in his diapers; it was just his new habit to squirm and try to crawl away which was making this hard.

               “Y/S/N, don’t do that.” You cooed, poking his nose lightly as he giggled. The more you tried to keep him in place, the grumpier he got with you. “Hey buddy, I’m almost done.” You whispered, only to hear his whimpers begin. You knew he was probably just tired, considering he hadn’t had his nap today. He was too excited with being on the bus around everyone to sleep. You were pulling up his pants when he had started to wail; it broke your heart to hear your little boy cry. “Hey, shh.” You comforted the tired child, holding him on your hip as he kept crying. Though you petting his soft hair lightly seemed to calm him down, leaving him to just whimper as he slowly drifted off to sleep against your shoulder. Though you wanted to go see Tyler and Josh do sound check before the show, you knew it would be far too loud for your son to get any sleep. So you opted to lay in Josh’s bunk, with your son lying beside you.

               He’s snoozing right now; I won’t be there for a little bit :/

               You sent your text to Josh, and laid still; watching your son’s small chest rise and fall. You found it so crazy how you and Josh created something so small, delicate and perfect. You found yourself lost in your thoughts; only being pulled out when someone was re-entering the bus.

               “Hey.” Josh whispered, leaning into the bunk slightly, pressing a quick kiss to your lips. “We really tired him out earlier, didn’t we?” Josh smiled, watching as the little figure beside you began to stir. When your son slowly began to open his eyes, Josh held his arms out; smiling as the boy crawled over to them. Tiny arms wrapping around Josh’s neck.

               “Dada drum!” You giggled, following Josh off the bus and into the venue as your son made little sounds and various ‘dada drum!’s.

               “Hold him for a second.” Josh handed the boy to you as he walked across the room, crouching down as he asked Tyler to video tape. “I don’t know what it is, and I could be dead wrong. I just have this feeling that he’s going to walk soon. You know?” You and Josh had held your son up as he stumbled around, and he had been walking when holding onto something. You hoped he would be able to walk freely on his own soon—despite the fact that it would make him a bit harder to keep track of.

               “Go to dada!” You whispered to your son, putting him on his feet. He initially fell onto his bottom; pouting a little at himself. “Go on, you can do it.” You encouraged, helping the boy up and holding onto his small hands until he gained his balance, taking a small 3 steps. 3 steps on his own, nobody helping him, nothing to hold on to. You were fighting tears at this point, as your son fell forward, crawling the rest of the way to Josh.

               “Good job buddy! You walked.” Josh looked just as excited as you did, picking his son up as they spun quickly. You simply burying your face in your hands; happy tears finding their way down your cheeks. “I’m so proud of you.” Josh continued, pressing a loving kiss to your son’s cheek.

               “The best part of this, is I got it on video.” Tyler beamed, holding his phone out to you; where the video of your son’s first steps was playing. Nothing could describe how happy you felt, how proud you were of the little child being held in his father’s arms.

               “Dada drum!” He squealed happily, clinging to Josh’s neck. Now you would have to worry about him running out on stage during the tour; rather than just trying to crawl out there.

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Paddy and Doug on the hit list if Robert ever goes to his hitman hiring ways. They both have a darn cheek. Especially Doug and his apparent bad mouthing of Aaron coming up. Ugh.

I don’t know who Doug thinks he is, he always got something to say. Robert can call that hitman and get rid of all the pricks in the village

He knew there were other humans here, but actually running into them reminded him of that, leaving a sour taste in his mouth. Humans had no right to be here, especially one that was so useless to his plans now.

Sighing he had intended to turn the other way and avoid him, but to late he’s been spotted. Maybe he could make this fun.

“Hello there.” a simple greeting with an uncomfortable smile and a little wave.