but especially courtney

The thing that really gets me about 13 Reasons Why is that everyone responsible for Hannah’s death (sans Bryce and Tyler, because you know, rapist and stalker) is redeemable. They were all kids who made stupid fucking mistakes, that when added together, pushed a girl over the edge. It just goes to show that every action, every cruel act that you commit, even if you aren’t inherently bad, has a ripple effect that can change lives. In this case, they ended up taking one.

Things I learned from HP Celebration:

- Flitwick and Dumbledore were old boyfriends
- Lucius is actually Hermione’s father
- Draco and Neville were supposed to get together in the 6th book
- Lucius’ patronus is Donald Trump’s hair

it is important to note that the above statements were made up by the actors as jokes and do not necessarily reflect JKRs story, though they’re really quite funny

Anonymous said: Hey I was wondering if you can write a Hannah Baker x fem!reader imagine? I haven’t seen many Hannah imagines and I think she deserves more. Maybe you can place it around the time of the dollar valentine thing (or whenever you decide really) and the reader shyly asks out hannah to Rosie’s diner? Maybe you can even add a sprinkle of angst if Monty or someone tries to annoy the two girls when they’re on their date, leading to the reader to cuss him out? You can play it out however you want really!

Author’s Note: Dear requester, I tried so hard to input a little angst there at the end with the Jocks, but everything I came up with just didn’t seem right. I’m sorry. I hope you still enjoyed bi!Hannah fluff.

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Rip! Rip! Rip!

A girl sobs outside the bathroom stall and you cringe. All you had wanted to do  was do your business in peace, but apparently someone had decided to have a full on break down in the girl’s bathroom. Joy.

As more ripping can be heard, you peek out through the crack in the door and see none other than Hannah Baker- Hannah Baker who’s angrily ripping off the numerous pictures that had been plastered in all the bathrooms of two girls kissing.

You know for a fact who the two girls are in the picture, but you didn’t care to tease them for it or help spread around any gossip. What two girls did in their personal bedrooms was their own business and whoever took the picture (looking at you, Tyler!) was a total asshole.

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12x19 Deconstruction: Cas and Kelly, and Most of the Episode

Oh, this episode. This episode has me salivating with inspiration and a bit of worship - the structure is so damn good I want to just use it as a private staple from here on out. (I won’t.) (Or will I?…) Okay, let’s move onto the actual focus of this deconstruction: the baby. I have stated again and again how…

I do not believe the baby is evil - I believe it’s good

So let me here give you my foremost reasons for why I so firmly believe this, but first, can we just do a slow clap for the amazing work of writers Robert Berens and Meredith Glynn and the stunning job done on this episode by director Amanda Tapping? Thank you. (Yes, okay, let’s stop now.)

I’m going to have to dip into the entirety of this episode now in order to make my reasons for believing the baby is of the Good stick. I’ll spend an extra moment on the pivotal scene in the motel room, but honestly, this episode is so Cas/Kelly focused that it’s impossible not to look at the entirety of both of their story lines through every beat of this forty-two minute blitz of deep character development for Cas. It’s fucking amazingly crafted. Again, prostrated on the floor, Writers.

But what about Destiel?

Well, of course this is a Destiel heavy episode, and for very good reasons, too, but I’m going to discuss Dean as he relates to Cas’ character arc this time around, rather than how they both relate to their joint love story arc. (Okay, the love story arc will be part of this discussion because it can’t not be, but it won’t be in focus.) (There will be Destiel.) (Wait COME BACK I SAID THERE WILL BE DESTIE—… Good. Hi. There will be Destiel. Okay? Just alittlemoreCasKellybabydiscussionshhhhhhh let’s begin now.)

So, then: Why Is the Baby Good?

Oh, boy. The answer is a long and complex one, because it doesn’t really occur in one scene, rather it just keeps coming at you throughout the episode. And it starts as early as the recap sequence, where we’re reminded of Dagon’s role as Protector. The dialogue where she convinces Kelly to come with her is chilling, and significant:

Dagon: I’m a demon - you’re Rosemary, complete with baby. Kelly, the angels, the Wincesters, the good guys - they want you dead, but I can protect you. I can protect your son.

Even though Kelly might have had reservations, what happens when the Winchesters decide to interfere, tricking Kelly and more or less kidnapping her against her will, really only serves to prove one thing: they have nothing on Dagon.

Sam: We want to help.
Kelly: You call this helping?

Kelly has no faith in them whatsoever and when Dagon comes for her, she’s resigned to go with her - there’s no salvation to be had here, the Winchesters, whatever their motivation, can’t protect her or her child.

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Alright (Fem!reader)

Description: It’s all in the request really.

Request: Would you do a Hannah x fem!reader where the reader receives the tapes (instead of Tony) but she actually goes outside when she sees Hannah? Thank you!! 🌟🌸

Pairing: Hannah x Fem!reader

A/N: GIF is not mine.

Warning: mentions of suicide and rape; also some cursing

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Hands Off My Cookies, Friar!

Hands Off My Cookies, Friar!

 A/N-This was what had been going through my head when I sat down to start writing chapter 8. It’s not where I saw the chapter or the story going. I always imagined the back story of Lucas and Zay in my head. So, cookie baking day with Zay’s Grandma Gandy became about Lucas and Zay. I didn’t want to delete it so I decided to post as a one shot or companion piece to A Weekend in Paris. One thing I’ve learned when Zay gets in your head, he won’t be ignored.

Thanks to @sand1128 for the encouragement, title suggestion and proofread. Thanks to @hiheyhowdyhi and Courtney and Kayla also for the encouragement and proof reads as well. Thanks especially to Courtney for telling me to write it and get it out of my head. This turned out way cuter than I thought! Also thanks to @spamiam77 she has been a great source of encouragement to me as well! Thank you all! And I promise chapter 8 of A Weekend in Paris is next. 



Thursday, July 13, 2023 Grandma Gandy’s House

Riley and Lucas had been in Texas for a month and a half and had been having the time of their lives. They had been on the ranch for most of their visit. The only exceptions were when they visited Austin and the day they baked cookies for Zay with his Grandma Gandy. Riley had decided that she loved Zay’s grandmother. She was sweet and sassy and didn’t take crap from anyone. She now understood where Zay got some of his sassiness from. Pappy Joe had decided to tag along with Riley and Lucas on their cookie making day. Riley thought it was cute that Pappy Joe and Grandma Gandy had secret crushes on each other and neither one was too old to flirt with the other.

Ida Mae Gandy reminded Riley of her own grandmothers. She was sweet and soft-spoken like Amy Matthews and could be loud and outspoken like Rhiannon Lawrence had become later in life. Riley and Grandma Gandy were in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes they had used while the cookies were cooling. Lucas and Pappy Joe had gone outside to look and Grandma Gandy’s car. It wouldn’t start and she needed it to go play bingo tomorrow night. Once they were done and waiting for Pappy Joe and Lucas to come back in, Riley was looking around in the living room at all the pictures of Zay and his brother, Gordon. Riley had to admit, Zay was a cute little boy.

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The Gripling Siblings' Respective Interests In The Foutley Siblings, and Blake's Questionable Behavior Regarding Carl

Courtney and Blake Gripling have respective interests in two people who happen to also be siblings, ironically. In some ways, they’re interested for similar reasons, while being interested for completely opposite ways in others.
Courtney and Blake are rich and naive to the how the middle and lower classes operate. Courtney’s especially interested in the lifestyle most of her peers lead, being a minority as a rich girl, and chooses to seek knowledge and experience the middle class lifestyle vicariously through Ginger. There are moments when it seems as though Blake’s trying to fit in by conforming to the lifestyle of his peers, such as “doing his part for casual Fridays.” In the first episode (Ginger the Juvey), he gets ready for a play date with Carl (and Hoodsey) by changing into something more casual. When he gets dropped off at Carl’s, he asks Winston if he looks “cool enough to play with.” While Courtney and Blake enjoy and prefer being rich, they obviously have an interest in the lifestyle of their peers, and want to fit in.
But why Ginger and Carl?
I think it’s safe to say that Courtney admires Ginger’s personality. In the first episode, Courtney tells Miranda, “There’s something about her (Ginger).” In “The A Ticket,” Courtney’s intrigued by Ginger’s behavior, which she refers to as “Gingerisms.” Courtney often applauds Ginger when she does something noble or brave; especially if it’s something Courtney feels she could never do. For example, in “Piece Of My Heart,” Courtney seems to think it’s brave that Ginger’s willing to go to the Sady Hawkin’s dance without a date, saying that she didn’t think she could ever go alone. In “New Girl In Town,” she applauds Ginger for being brave in making “the initial offer of friendship” with the new girl in town, Letitia. Later in the episode, Courtney decides to go through with the party at Letitia’s, because she got to thinking about what Ginger said, and it managed to make her feel “guilty,” “spineless” and “amoral,” according to Miranda. In “Driven To Extremes,” Courtney’s the first one to follow Ginger’s example in moving her desk back to the center of the room, despite their substitute teacher’s demands that they keep their desks lined up, facing the wall. In the same episode, Courtney has a look of admiration on her face during Ginger’s protest against toilet papering the substitute’s house and throwing eggs at her. In “Fast Reputation,” Mipsy picks on Ginger by using Ginger’s “niceness” to her advantage, and saying that “nice girls finish last.” Miranda laughs, but Courtney doesn’t. When Miranda suggests Ginger do something that would involve breaking school rules, so Miranda wouldn’t have to see her for a few days, Courtney tells Miranda that Ginger wouldn’t break school rules because she’s a “nice girl.” However, Courtney doesn’t say this sardonically. If anything, it seems that she finds this an admirable facet of Ginger’s personality.
Blake, on the other hand, appears to be drawn to Carl because he’s a “bad boy.” Whereas Ginger’s the show’s goody-two-shoes, Carl’s the one who’s always getting himself into trouble. It’s no wonder that Blake, being a rather mischievous boy himself, would be so eager to befriend Carl, of all people. In the first episode, he actually turns down Carl and Hoodsey’s offer to hang out, because he’s “bent set on stirring up a bit of mischief” at Courtney’s birthday party. In “Piece Of My Heart,” he’s intent on finding out what Carl and Hoodsey are up to. He’s happy when Carl agrees to let him join in on their newest plan. When they’re carrying out their mission, Blake declare’s that it’s “thrilling. Positively thrilling.” Toward the end of the episode, he suggests considering future escapades.
In addition to mischief, Carl and Blake seem to have other common interests, like petrified eyeballs. Blake doesn’t seem to mind things that others might be repulsed by. To the contrary; he seems intrigued by them. For example, in “Fast Reputation,” he looks excited when Carl shows him the jar full of lice and explains the lice-circus idea (even though he acts smugly and spends the rest of the episode competing against Carl and Hoodsey). He competes against them by supplying maggots with food dye so they’ll turn into flies with colorful wings. He’s also one of the few people who aren’t bothered by—and, to a greater extent, are actually interested in—Carl’s behavior and eccentricities, in general. His “Carlisms,” if you will.
I often see comments or hear complaints about how rude and snobbish Blake can be toward Carl, and while I won’t dispute this behavior, I just want to explain how Blake came to act this way toward Carl. In the first episode, Blake’s so excited when Carl approaches him on the playground that he loses control, excitedly exclaiming, “Carl!” (before turning to Hoodsey and greeting him by crossing his arms and purposefully pronouncing his name wrong). When Carl asks if Blake would like to play with them, Blake exclaims, “Would I!,” before catching himself and responding again with, “I mean, what an intriguing idea,” while trying to appear less excited. Later in this episode, it’s shown that he’s very excited for his play date with Carl (and Hoodsey, who he’d probably prefer were elsewhere). When it turns out that Carl and Hoodsey were only playing a prank on Blake, tricking the boy into thinking they were going to hang out in Carl’s dog house to lure Blake out of his tree house, he decided to get revenge by stealing the petrified eyeball.

In “Deja Who?” Blake gives Carl a resume for position as “new best friend;” but Carl crumples it into a paper ball, so he follows it up with a “business card.”
In “Piece Of My Heart,” he suggests considering future escapades, but Carl tells him that “this is a temporary arrangement,” and they’ll go back to being sworn enemies the next day.
It can be inferred that Blake acts the way he does toward Carl because Carl constantly refutes Blake’s efforts to befriend him. It can also be inferred that Blake’s behavior is a front against/defense mechanism toward Carl’s teasing and pranks.

Moving onto my second part of this essay, I’d like to elaborate on Blake’s questionable behavior regarding Carl.

In the first episode, in the scene wherein Blake’s getting ready for his play date with Carl, a photograph of Carl in a picture frame can be seen under Blake’s mirror. I think the fact that this is in the first episode is especially significant because we know for a fact they were trying to establish something right away. Blake’s obsession with Carl is made obvious right off the bat.

In “Dare I, Darren,” Blake looks thrilled when he wakes up after having his tonsils removed and sees Carl looming over him. He quickly sits up and opens his mouth, starting to say Carl’s name in the same excited manner he did in the first episode, but Carl presses a finger to his mouth to hush him. Blake smiles against his finger and lies back down, looking content.

In “Blizzard Conditions,” he tries to contact Carl via walkie-talkie when the Gripling’s limo gets stuck in the snow. When he finds the walkie-talkie, he kisses it and rubs it against his face, saying, “Hello, old friend. Deliver us from this peril.” Ginger answers Carl’s walkie-talkie and says he isn’t there, and Courtney proceeds to talk to her. Blake wrestles Courtney for the walkie-talkie, insisting that Carl will want a hand in rescuing him. This shows that he doesn’t just care about “being delivered from peril,” but specifically being saved by Carl, if only to interact with him.

In “About Face,” Blake’s supposed to be developing photos of Carl playing Parrot World with Polly Shuster in order to frame Carl on the grounds of cheating and break-up him and Noelle. What we see is Blake pacing around his tree house, which is covered in pictures of Carl—not playing Parrot World with Polly; just random pictures—repeating Carl’s name over and over, and asking himself why he still finds himself haunted by those same two words: “Carl Foutley.” Due to Blake’s actions in “Wicked Game” and “About Face"—as well as the misunderstanding in "Butterflies Are Free (part 2),” where Noelle sees Carl (along with Hoodsey, Blake and Brandon Higsby) interacting with Polly—he effectively breaks Carl and Noelle up. It’s probable Blake just sought an opportunity to sabotage Carl, but, from a certain perspective, it seems as though he had an ulterior motive.

In “The Wedding Frame,” the movie that ended it all, there’s a heart-warming moment where Blake hugs Carl and cries in his arms. Carl looks slightly shocked for a moment, but just let’s it happen and proceeds to comfort Blake. I think the fact that this happened in the final movie is significant. It’s like everything they went through throughout the series built up to this moment.

I think Blake’s obsession with Carl is most likely platonic, but it’s interesting to consider everything from a certain perspective.

Star Struck, Fuck! {Bidadore} Tonksie

A/N: So while I was writing DMISWD I had a plot bunny! Unlike most of my plot bunnies it did not just leave me alone and wait it’s turn until I was done! So after writing it in my journal it demanded to be written. Enjoy!

Summary: Soulmates AU- A world where you see black and white until you touch your soulmate for the first time! Bianca Del Rio, winner of RuPaul’s season 6 has the best top three friends ever in Courtney Act and Darienne Lake! They Surprise Bianca with Danny Noriega tickets, a pop star Bianca secretly loves!

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if anyone ever says that meg white was a bad drummer and was holding the white stripes back or that kurt cobain wrote all of courtney’s songs for her or that yoko ono killed the beatles then you are permitted to destroy them

I'm not sure what this is but it's just my two cents I guess

I can’t get over how cute Duncan and Courtney are. Especially together.
I don’t care if everything went to shit after season 1 of Total Drama because you know what the ship was perfect and cute and just asdfghjk

This couple isn’t perfect, I know that. Courtney can be extremely controlling and manipulate, while Duncan can be just an all-around dick and can have the charm of a slimy snake… but in the end, those two just bring out the worst and best in each other, and it’s incredibly interesting and wonderful to watch.
All I can think of is Courtney getting overwhelmed and finally breaking down from stress of needing to be “Miss Perfect”, acting indestructible and Duncan just breaking his tough-guy act because Court is just so sad and meek his princess is instead of being strong and bossy and loud and teasing.
When Courtney is vulnerable and just bawling, Duncan will literally melt, going all soft and almost teddybear-like, speaking so gently, coddling her and trying his best to comfort her, ignoring his own discomfort at being so… sweet
If anyone dare caused his princess pain or sorrow, Duncan would be the type to turn into an actual ogre or dragon when it comes to protecting his treasure, his princess.
Courtney constantly tries to tell Duncan there is no need to rip someone’s head off just because her “feelings” got hurt or something else, explaining she can handle her own revenge, her own fights, but Duncan jut rolls his eyes. When someone got his girl crying and in a fit, Duncan is very willing to rip a new one for said person.
Duncan is just so overly protective when he knows his girl is just to tired and beat to be her own defender and even though she hates admitting it, Courtney’s totally okay with it because even though she’s strong, she still wants someone to hold and protect her on the days that she’s not, when all the pressure just finally gets to her. 
And when Duncan is having his own “PMS” days, Courtney might snap back and tell him to stop being so bitchy because her patience is quite thin…. but… because she cares for him so, she does have moments of logic and remember Duncan’s only human, and on those days Courtney is actually very cool and patient with him, taking his attitude and sharp tongue with stride, because she knows at the end of it all he’ll apologize for his behavior.
She know’s it won’t be with words, never words, but when they’re alone and there are no prying eyes and judging voices, Duncan will drop all his defenses and just hold her, breathe her in and just ooze all his emotional baggage; fear, insecurity, rage, and sorrow; regret for being such an ass. Courtney, being the strong, but compassionate girl she is, will just hold him back, rubbing his back and nuzzling his chest or neck. Duncan’s way of apologizing is giving her a rare look of expression and showing Court his vulnerability, allowing her to coddle him and protect him from… well, himself; the world, his problems. With every soft touch and secret whisper, he shows how much he loves her. It’s very intimate to him, and very special to her. 
Duncan doesn’t really let peoples opinions about himself bother him much, letting it roll off his back like water on duck feathers. If someone is talking bad about him, he’ll deal with it either with a shrug and an even meaner comeback about said someone or will sock ‘em one. Now, when Courtney’s around and she hears someone talking bad about her boyfriend, there are two reactions to it;
She teases Duncan over what the person or people said about him, if she dubbed it as harmless gossip and actually found it silly, or—
she will march over to the person and just explode on their ass, lecturing and mocking them with as much spite and wit her small body could contain. She might talk about Duncan in a sour way, but in her head that’s her job and her job only to talk bad about him. She doesn’t tolerate anyone else doing it and even though Duncan has tried talking her out of it or telling her he really didn’t care, Courtney would just ignore him and go give the trash-talker a piece of her mind. Secretly, Duncan liked knowing Courtney actually cared about him enough that hearing others talk negative about him would set her off. He actually found it quite hot watching her rage and practically start a physical fight with someone because of him
No one talks badly about Princess Courtney’s Dragon.

anonymous asked:

Top 5 shadiest moments

right, okay, let’s see,,,

  • filming adore and bianca’s tie, when they werent 100% sure if they were gonna use it in the end, i feel like it was sooo fucking ///: especially for courtney (dont get me wrong, i love both adore and bianca, and i’d be fine with the tie, but?? they basically let courtney know immediately she wasnt winning, so /: yeah /: )
  • coming for milk for wearing a beard on the runway, and then next season having a beard on the runway theme,,,,,
  • when cynthia was showing her sofia vergara for snatch game and ru just goes “ so when are u gonna start doing sofia? “ dashkda

my dumbass doesnt remember any other moments, but im sure there are PLENTY of others, feel free to add asdkjha thank u so much for asking!!

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My mom was falling asleep during a scene with Sara after I explained who she was and that she’d been down there for years but they hadn’t seen her and she was casually just like “how do you know she wasn’t the one keeping them there” and I was just like “I…………” Then she was like “she’s manipulating them” and fell asleep. 😟