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TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording, Excerpt ½

DESCRIPTION: Conversation


PARTIES: 3 (Guardian-type)



[Cayde-6] Well, I never. Petra Venj. What’s an old pirate like you doing on a rock like this? That face’s too pretty to be seen ‘round here.

[Petra Venj] Ha! My favorite Exo. Ever the charmer, aren’t you? Sadly, duty calls. I must speak with Zavala.

[Cayde-6] That old fart? Come on, that quick wit’s wasted on him. Let’s have a drink instead. Maybe shoot something.

[Petra Venj] Bored, Cayde?

[Cayde-6] I am dying.


[Eris Morn] Cayde! There you are. Why did you run off like -


[Petra Venj] Hivebane. 

[Eris Morn] Regent. 


[Eris Morn] I trust you are well?

[Petra Venj] No complaints. 

[Eris Morn] Good. 


[Eris Morn] If you’ll excuse us, we were on our way to the War Room.

[Petra Venj] Were you, now? That’s funny, Cayde failed to mention it. I’m headed there as well.

[Cayde-6] Huh. Must’ve slipped my mind. Suppose we’ll go…later. Give you and Zavala some time to catch up.

[Petra Venj] Wonderful, wonderful.  This has been a treat. Cayde, I’ll see you this evening?

[Cayde-6] Count on it. You take care, Petra - and maybe stay out of the common rooms. Some folks hold long grudges.

[Petra Venj] Please. A diplomat like me, fighting?




[Eris Morn] This…evening, is it?

[Cayde-6] Just a couple drinks between friends, kitten. Want to join?


[Eris Morn] Cayde.


[Cayde-6] Yes?

[Eris Morn] The next time you call me ‘Kitten,’ I will reach into that fat hole you refer to as a mouth and tear out whatever Light-forsaken servitor drives your constant inanity.


[Cayde-6] I’m glad we can talk like this, Eris.

Injured to Loved?

Erie looked to the man below her and licked her lips, feeling the orgasm rising within her rather quickly due to his size. She trembled and called that she was going to cum, wanting him to know how good he felt inaide of her.


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Erie: ❝you know we belong together. i knew it the first time i saw you, and you know it, too. i know you do.❞

random sentence starters! ★ @asktheirelandtwins

     Winston and Erie often fought, their almost constant quarrels akin to the interaction between fire and gasoline. Neither Winston nor Erie had let it get this far as to bring their gentler actions to a screeching halt- that is, until now. Winston had gone too far in his childish insults and felt as if he couldn’t go back to his more affectionate endeavors toward Erie. The blonde man paced by the window, his thoughts muddled in his head until he heard footsteps along with Erie’s voice. Goodness, he loved hearing the soft tone she used now. It had a soothing effect on him, but in their current harsh atmosphere, it felt foreign. 


     He didn’t quite know how to respond to that statement. He simply stood, gawking at the Irish woman before him.

     “Are you sure about that?”

     He cursed himself in his head as those words fell from his lips, but he didn’t add anything. The Southerner simply stared at Erie.

bleeding. screaming & bleeding. a drop
of wine runs down the slope of her back,
like mountains, she is
unconquerable. a thousand men have tried & failed & failed. 

she smiles;

wickedly, this is what she lives for, the thrill of the rush
& the rush of the thrill. 

paints her face in blood
of those who cannot face her
who cower behind helmets & cannot see a 
woman fight. but they are mistaken.
this is not a woman, this is a

tearing & ripping & screaming; a bloody
war cry, hands flung in the air
breast heaving, she worships
no one but herself.

( chaos rules, tonight. she has no master & she needs no man )

—  eris / h.a

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Can you write a Moriel AU fic where Mor has a forced fiancee but she has a secret affair with Az? And when Mor, Mor's fiancee and Az go on a business trip, Mor and Azriel have secret sex?

(A/N: I actually found this prompt very inspiring and it’s kicked me out of my writer block. Hopefully now I’ll be able to get my other prompts finished. This one has quite a long word count but hopefully you enjoyed it. The business background is sort of inspired by my watching of good girls revolt, so enjoy!)

It had been a dangerous game from the very beginning. 

Ten years ago, Azriel had joined the newspaper as nothing more than a caption writer on the bottom rung of an ever-expanding ladder, since then he’d worked hard, day and night until eventually he was a Senior most reporter at the paper, respected and well known, with more headlining stories than any other at the paper. 

Azriel was a hard worker, a loyal employee and he was also having an affair with the boss’ fiancé. 

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Tri-Wizard Tournament

Erie smiled to the man and saw how much he was embarassed by her question and she had hoped that the man would just say yes. He stuttered through an explaination and she just sighed, moving over to hug him with a warm smile before looking up to the man and cupping his face. “Hey, I think ye’re a handsom man as well.” She smiled to him but didn’t add the platonically to her scentence.


Detective Conan 986 Spoilers [English Translation]

Hello, cool Kogoro. Thanks to Neuro for proofreading!

  • C: If she can see both the Tohto tower and the Bell Tree Tower… 
  • C: Then Eri-obasan must be somewhere in Sutanchou! 
  • [Oi, we’re screwed!]
  •  [The lawyer sent out a bunch of nonsense about crabs and swordfishes…] [And judging by her daughter’s answer, it looks like she’s getting close!!] 
  • C3: Even though I impersonated her and spread misinformation!! 
  • C2: Give me that!! 
  • [Ran: We’re at Sutanchou, but which building is it?]
  •  [Sent: No-no! Not Sutanchou!] 
  • [Kisaki Eri: I don’t know, when I escaped from the suitcase, I was already inside of the building…] 

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