but eric's tweet!!!

Whiskey: It’s cool how Jack just drops by whenever. That’s alumni relations!

Tango: …Huh…Isn’t it because he’s–OW.

Dex just smacked Tango in the back of the head. It could have been a dance move. It’s a kegster, who knows.

Tango: ow…….OHh! He wasn’t stealing the jam! Haha, wow, I’m glad.

Moments From Bitty’s Twitter, 2/?
  • Jack got so swole over the summer after Bitty’s freshman year that people were walking into trees because of him
  • Lardo: “there are two types of bros, never-shirtless bros and always shirtless bros”
  • Samwell has a Quidditch team, and it’s scary intense
  • Bitty and Holster have binged Orange Is The New Black and reality TV
  • Holster regularly belts Katy Perry
  • Every time somebody asks for Jack’s autograph, so do Ransom, Holster, and Shitty
  • Chowder has a superstitious fear of pucks when he’s not on the ice
  • Suzanne Bittle has heard about Samwell’s “1 in 4, maybe more” reputation and didn’t seem freaked out by it
  • Jack spends most kegsters stalking around and making sure the frogs don’t drink too much, with “occasional lax bro defenestrations”
  • Bitty is really insecure about his weightlifting abilities
  • Holster on the lax bros: “Beautiful tan skin and terrible taste in music”
  • Sweet Baby Chowder is a vicious chirper when he’s goaltending
  • Shitty thought about cutting his hair during Bitty’s sophomore year and Lardo straight up yelled at him not to cut it
  • Holster tried out for a capella his freshman year; they “really wanted him”