but end up running back

fun filler idea: instead of being banished to the barn, lapis and peridot move into the temple, but this means that they need their own rooms. the main four gems hit the reset switch or whatever to start recalibrating the temple to have rooms for peridot and lapis.

except… the gang get stuck inside the temple as it’s recalibrating. cue a wacky, reality-distorting adventure within the temple! potential highlights:

  • “wow this area is really cold and pretty, where are we?” “oh, this is sapphire’s room!” “um, does that mean it’s going to fuse with ruby’s room to make garnet’s? do we want to be in here when that happens?” “…RUN”
  • amethyst’s stuff goes everywhere. it all ends up back in her room eventually, but there’s a running gag of them just landing in junk, having random things fall on their heads, etc. maybe some fun visual puns in the mix too.
  • amethyst, steven and peridot start actively trying to summon random items with increasingly terrible puns. for some reason garnet is the only person who can get it to work. pearl and lapis are facepalming.
  • this gets less funny when pearl’s swords and the bubbled gems go EVERYWHERE. 
  • “who put a bag of chaaaps in a bubble?” “long story.”
  • eventually they end up in rose’s room and are like “maybe we can just hang out in here while this all blows over?” “wow, i can’t believe we’re at the point where this is the room we actually want to be in…”
  • of course this doesn’t work because they get like halfway through some video game steven’s conjured up or something and one of pearl’s waterfalls opens right on their heads
  • eventually things get settled and they’re in peridot’s room and it’s this high-tech control centre kind of place and peridot absolutely LOVES it. there’s a bunch of spinny office chairs in there and the gang just. leave her there while she spins around on them. “shhhh, she’s having fun, let’s just leave her to it.”
  • lapis’s room is kind of like the view from the top of the ocean tower? it’s got a huge projection of the night sky on the roof, and is this gorgeously decorated room with loads of floating platforms. lapis thinks it’s gorgeous. there isn’t a lot of water but there is a bit in case lapis might find it useful (it’s basically a waterslide down to pearl and amethyst’s rooms).
Here we go...

Ok so I just came up with this hc and I’ll probably do a bad job explaining it but I have to get it down before I forget or something…

So what if team Voltron is on a mission and they are on a planet with hostile aliens or raiding one of zarcons ships and they are running around in pairs trying to do some job that they were assigned to. (Of course Lance and Keith are together bc klance) and so when Lance and Keith are just trying to get shit done they run across the enemy who, of course, tries to kill them. They fight back but end up having to run and take shelter so they can think up a plan. As they are running, suddenly Lance gets hit with these spear like things that only Pierces through flesh (or any other equivalent) and not Lance’s armor. So basically, when Lance falls to the ground in immense pain, Keith is just ‘wtf’. Since there are no visible wounds or objects poking out of Lance, Keith just kinda freaks out bc they are LITERALLY about to be swarmed by evil aliens who want to kill them. Long story short, Keith doesn’t believe that Lance has been injured and forces him to run again. As you can imagine, that wouldn’t really work out so well…

that one post about the summer science camp and the kids covered in shaving cream eating the watermelon alien eggs in the middle of the night isnt even surprising.  Like all the comments on it are like “wtf is this” but those people have never been to a summer camp.  As someone who went to one from 8th to 12th grade, summer camps are surreal and just plain weird like

  • that one year where the entire group had an intense obsession with old bay seasoning.  old bay got put on everything. pasta. sandwiches. chips. pudding. a guy snorted it
  • same kid also drank dirty taco dishwater on a dare
  • flies on leashes
  • one of the guys had 4 pairs of decorative boxers.  he shared them with 3 other guys and they wore them over their shorts for at least 3 days.  they wore them in public.  theres a picture of them doing model poses in front of a waterfall wearing fluorescent decorative boxers over their shorts
  • a girl deadpan goes “i am the captain now” and then pushes our counselor out of the raft into the white water rapids.  he was cool with it
  • the 2 guys that shared a canoe and tipped their boat 7 times in 30 min
  • everyone imitates a velociraptor when you cross that specific field on the hike. no one questions it
  • the indestructable piece of firewood that became a minor deity
  • hearing coughing and screaming in the tents at 12 am because someone decided to kill all the bugs on the ceiling of their tent with a 10 second long spray of 40% deet aerosol bug repellent
  • someone put a frog in a kids shower.  he let it stay in there with him.  he kept it for the next 5 hours.  it sat by his bowl at dinner
  • pillow fight using entire couch cushions in a shabby 1800′s log cabin
  • on the last night at camp we go back to the main property where the hotel is. the hotel kitchen has a cookie jar.  we wanted cookies.  so logically, we dressed in all black, put black mesh kits over our heads, grabbed a bunch of pool noodles, and “snuck” up to the half mile to the hotel, dropping to the ground anytime a car passed vaguely in our direction.  we send a kid into the kitchen through a side door.  he is acting as a decoy to get the staff out of the kitchen.  he says he is a guest and cannot find the bathrooms (especially not the one in his guest room). he is still wearing the mock ninja attire.  the last 2 staff leave to show him where the bathroom is in his own room that he doesnt actually have.  everyone else in our group goes into the kitchen to get the cookies. the cookie jar is empty.  we end up taking a half eaten loaf of wonder bread instead.  we run back away from the hotel waving pool noodles in the air holding a loaf of wonder bread.  no one questioned any part of this entire event. 

basically dont underestimate the surrealist hive mind of a small group of people cut of from all social conventions for a week

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Sebastian 22. “Yeah? Well, maybe I need you.”25. “Just.. Let me hold you.”

“Y/N?” You heard Sebastian’s voice float through the door of your trailer. Shaking your head slowly and sniffling, you let out a weak, “Go away, Seb.” Which only resulted in him opening the door and coming in anyway.

You’d been working on a movie together for nearly a month now and had become extremely close – probably because you were cast as his love interest. You’d be lying if you tried to say that you didn’t have feelings for him. He was probably the sweetest, most attentive man you’d ever met in your life.. He made you beyond happy.

Upon seeing a head of dark hair entering your trailer, you quickly wiped the stray tears from your cheeks, hoping your eyes weren’t as red as you thought they were. The director of the film had said some really rude things to you today – basically accusing you of not even trying, relying on Seb too much and making everyone else have to work twice as hard to clean up your messes. That conversation ended with you running back to the safety of your trailer where you proceeded to collapse into a puddle of tears.

Sebastian witnessed the entire thing.

When his eyes met yours, a small, sad smile graced his face. “How ya feeling, sweetheart?” He asked softly, coming closer and sitting next to you on your small couch. You shrugged, forcing a weak laugh.” I-I’m fine, Seb. Really.” You adverted your gaze, hoping he would just drop it, but he was stubborn.. it was one of the many things you adored about him.

“Look, Rick really shouldn’t have said those things to you. It was completely uncalled for and—“ He paused, reaching out to touch your shoulder. “Look.. If you want to talk about it, or you want me to say something to him, just tell me.. Anything you need.” He offered up a small smile, but for some reason, all you could think of is how the director said that you lean on Seb too much. You’re too dependent on him. “I’m fine. Really.” You replied, your voice shaking, betraying you.

“Y/N.. You’re not fine, okay? I know you, baby, I know you. C’mon, it’s just me.. You don’t have to lie to me.” He said, scooting a little closer to you, his thumb rubbing your shoulder in soothing circles. You jerked your shoulder back from his touch, your lower lip trembling at the hurt look on his face. “No! He was right to say those things to me.. I-I I do rely on you too much, I-I.. I’m too attached to you, Sebastian. When we starting filming this movie, we had a deal, we said we wouldn’t get too attached, and I fucked up.” You said quickly, leaving yourself breathless.

When Sebastian didn’t speak right away, you began to panic. “Seb, you need to leave. Please. Just go.” You said a little louder this time, standing up and wrapping your arms around yourself, wanting to disappear. “Y/N—“ He spoke, but you interrupted him. “Seb. Go. I don’t need you.” You hissed, tears burning your eyes at how harsh you sounded. “Yeah? Well, maybe I need you.” Was his response.

You sucked in a quick breath, meeting his eyes again, which were bluer than you’d ever seen them before. You opened your mouth to speak, but he shook his head, grabbing your hand and pulling you back towards the couch, where you fell right into his lap. “Just.. Let me hold you.” He whispered, pressing a chaste kiss to your forehead and exhaling slowly, his scent consuming your thoughts.

“And for the record..” He started, wrapping an arm around your waist to pull you tighter to his chest when he felt you relax at last. “I’m pretty attached to you, too.”

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Size Isn’t Everything - 4/4

Summary: Kurt’s got a bit of a size-kink. Based on this prompt from the @prompt-a-klainefic blog.
Chapter: 4/4  Read Chapter 1 here, Chapter 2 here, Chapter 3 here
Words: ~4550 (this chapter)
Warnings:  I guess? PWP, Size kink,


Many thousand apologies (again) for the long delay in between chapters. Blink and weeks disappear. The final chapter should be up before the end of the week, and thanks for still reading!

forever thanks to @mshoneysucklepink for the beta!

Blaine woke the next morning with a serious case of dry-mouth and little recollection of what had happened the night before. He remembered playing the gig, and that it went well. He remembered applause and a decent sized crowd. Despite that, he knew he still didn’t want to join the band full time, no matter how many times Sam asked. (Okay good he remembered Sam asking again last night.) He remembered drinking a lot (too much), and his friends putting him into an Uber. He didn’t get sick in the car (but wasn’t so lucky once he got home).

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Seeing Double

Anon Request: Hi! I’ve been reading your fics for a while now, I totally love them!!! I have a request, if you’re willing. A jim kirk x 5 year old child! reader who’s actually his child from one of his old one night stand or something that he has to take care of. Thank you!

Daddy!Jim and Daughter!Reader (Part 2!)

Word Count: 1626

Warnings: None!!

A/N: I hope this is okay! I realize there really isn’t a lot of Jim taking care of the kid but idk I’m still happy with the way it turned out, so I hope you are too! I definitely got a little too involved in the backstory lol. I think I might do a part 2 at some point, just because I like the idea of Jim and his kid pulling pranks on people throughout the ship. We’ll see, we’ll see. 

“Sir, we have a wee situation in Engineering.”

Jim cursed under his breath. It hadn’t even been three hours yet. “Guess it’s a good thing you’re the best engineer in the fleet Mr. Scott. I trust you can handle it while I finish this briefing.”

“I think this is something you’ll want to come down and see for yourself, captain.”

Jim pushed himself up from the table, cradling the comm to his ear. He spoke in a whisper: “Look, Scotty. I told you I’m in a briefing and frankly the admiral in charge is pretty hot so I’ve got to act like a Captain, okay? Whatever it is you can handle it.”

Scotty sighed. “All right, all right. Remind me what the procedure is for stowaways again.”

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You’ve had the Late-Night Regret Twitch: to mourn over why we couldn’t have just done better. There are defining moments in the past where we think, “I should’ve went to that city. I should’ve gotten that job. I never should’ve dated her. I wish I could un-meet him.”

My dear friend: If you’ve really messed it up, I don’t believe you can “fall off” God’s Will. I don’t believe that God’s Will could be a fixed straight line. I don’t think God ever says, “Well, you fell off the track so good luck in the ditch for the rest of your life.”

Many earnest Christians assume that this relationship or this job or this house is the one that God really has for them, so they invest their entire heart into these things. But at any moment, our idea of the future can be upturned. We see it happen all the time. Did that mean God had it coming for them? Does that mean they’re now out of line with God’s Will and they need to claw for their dream again?

When I read Scripture, I see that most of the biblical characters had to change choices on the fly. They would run into a dead end, back up, and start again. They spent years in circles. Sometimes God would reveal what to do next; other times they would just pack up and start walking. Their lives were flexible. They didn’t have one specific dream. They did mess up, a lot. I’m sure they had tons of Late-Night Regret Twitching. I’m sure, like us, they often thought, “It’s too late for me.” But in hindsight, the very interruptions and unforeseen circumstances in their lives were part of God’s Plan A. Every wrinkle in their story was a new doorway. And God’s Will, in the end, wasn’t so much about what they were doing, but the kind of person they were becoming. The destination was important, but the journey was the pulse that beat their hearts.

—J.S. Park | Mad About God

Home (Prologue)

Title: Home (Prologue)

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: Maybe some cursing, implied smut, slight angst.

Summary: Reader has been dating the man who she thinks she wants to marry for four years- ever since after she moved away from her old life in Riverdale- but when he finally pops the question, her mind drifts to the boy she left behind her, Jughead Jones.
She goes back to Riverdale to try and figure some things out. But ends up accidentally falling for Juggie once again.

A/N; If I do decide to make this a series, this will alter between before the reader moved and left Juggie and after.
If you do enjoy this, please let me know if you’d like for this to become a series!
I hope you all enjoy!

Additional notes:
The characters are all in their early/mid twenties in this fic.
The reader and Juggie dated in highschool.
This fic is slightly AU.
And yes I might have gotten this idea from The Notebook (I’m sorry omg)

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riverdale ep 4 recap

Betty decides to expose Ms. Grundy and discovers she may have molested Jason too

Kevin angsts about being the only gay boy in the whole town (but isn’t as campy about it as usual), and then….kind of….flirts with Veronica…for some reason?….and asks her on a date (I nearly had a heart attack thinking they were making him straight)….so apparently he’s either Bi or so desperate for sex that he’s willing to settle for a girl

then we find out his dad ISN’T a homophobe, he just doesn’t want Kevin to have unprotected sex with random guys (to which Kevin fires back that he’s the only Gay person in the whole world and will never have sex with a guy anyway)

Betty and Veronica find out Ms. Grundy….isn’t Ms. Grundy(’‘o_O’‘), but someone who stole her identity (thank heavens)

then Kevin goes on his fake heterosexual Beard Date with Veronica, Cheryl shows up and strops Kevin from going straight for Veronica out of desperation and tells him to get her some popcorn

he meets a consession boy who literally looks like how he does in the comics, gets bitter seeing all the happy straight couples sucking face and buys himself a crap-ton of food

then a gang member who was heckling them earlier confronts him saying he’s “not so tough without his beard” Veronica

meanwhile Alice confronts “Ms. Grundy” and is the only person who seems to understand the actual gravity of what Grundy is doing to Archie, and she ends up running Grundy out of town (thank god)

then it cuts back to Kevin RAVENOUSLY making out with the gang member boy and he gives him his number (thank god) so Kevin finally has an actual love intrest and finally isn’t just a self-hating biphobic gay boy who has no prospects outside of being Betty and Veronica’s Gay best friend (and trying to “settle” for Veronica)

and then we find out Jughead is homeless and the drive in movie is where he was living


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Prompt: Bones doesn’t know reader is mute and is constantly confused why she never talks to anyone or answers questions. Jim has to save both of them from further embarrassment. -Anon


Word Count: 2,490

A/n: I love mute!reader’s, I think they make the cutest love stories. And I’m actually taking my second year of ASL (American sign Language) so I have some experience with signing but describing the signs is almost impossible so if you get confused, just look it up :P Enjoy!

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ya lit meme: [5/10] books or series
↳ all for the game series by nora sakavic  

The Foxhole Court was the only home he needed; the Foxes were his family. He didn’t want any of this to have a hold on him anymore. How sad, how strange, how stupid, that he could run so far and still end up back here in the end.

I need a Larry AU where Harry is just getting over a really bad breakup so he spends like a week binging netflix (“i told you i’m fine liam…. no i don’t need you to come over….. yes i’m sure….. no nO i do not need you to call my mum…….. yes….. yes….. no…..yes….no that’s not friends in the background i have to go bye”) and at one point or another, something happens with his subscription and he has to contact technical support and so he pulls up the live chat feature where he starts talking to this guy named louis, and he gives louis the account information, right, and louis is like,

“so you’re harry styles then?” 

“yeah that’s me”

“right…so… i see you’ve watched roughly 48 hours of friends these past few days along with, what is that? six plays of grease?”

“uhhhhh …yep that sounds about right yeah”

“uh huh. i’m not really supposed to ask you this but are you alright?”

and harry tells him abt the breakup and louis is so nice and understanding and at the end of it when harry’s account is back up and running, they stay on the line talking or whatever for hours until louis absolutely has to get off. and then like a couple weeks go by and harry…he doesn’t /miss/ louis. they only had one conversation how ridiculous would that be psh. but like… he was just really nice to talk to and harry likes nice people SUE HIM. so he comes up with some Minor problem that’s wrong with his netflix just so he can talk to him it’s actually quite sad, really

“uh yeah i have a question um what’s the difference between my queue and my list

“…. are you actually serious right now”

“yes i am this is a very important question louis please help me”

“the queue is a list of things you’re gonna watch and the list is things you’ve watched and liked. since apparently you don’t know how to google it”

“well i just wanted to make sure i got the best help, /lewis/, so like….how have you been?

anyways like i said it’s quite sad, really, but they go along with it until louis is like… two seconds away from getting fired. which wouldn’t be the Worst thing since he’s got a job as a teacher lined up but still. it would look bad so he quits on a whim and gives harry his number. he has a bit of a freak out afterward, wondering if he read the signals wrong, questioning his sanity (did he really just quit his job for a boys he’s been flirting with for the past two months OH NO), and wondering how hard he’d have to beg until he gets a call from an unknown number an hour later and like. it’s all uphill from there

Car in a block of ice.

(warning: long story)

For various reasons, I went to a boarding school in Pennsylvania for sophomore through senior year of high school. Nothing criminal - mental health issues and learning disabilities that the regular school was not equipped to hadle at the time.

One of the dorm monitor guys was a ROYAL @$$hole. Any day he was on duty was hell. He would stick you with “on campus only” (a.k.a. grounded) for the littlest thing, and complaining about it got you “in sight” (have to be visible, can’t hide in your room even to do homework, etc) until bedtime. Typical “I’m in charge” bullying BS.

One year he got bad news right after we got back from Thanksgiving: A family member on the other side of the country was in bad shape, so he had to go take care of them. (We never got the exact details.) He lived in a crappy neighborhood and didn’t trust his car to be in one piece when he got back, so he asked the school administrators if he could leave his car at the school while he was away for about six weeks. They let him, the only stipulation being that he had to leave the keys with Maintenance so they could move the car if the parking area needed plowing.

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Two Can Play~ Part 4~ Marty Scurll/Adam Cole

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Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

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After last week, you had a lot of things to think about. From Marty’s confession to what was really going on between you and Adam. It was confusing, did Marty really want you or was this just a game to him? With Adam, it’s different. He fulfills your needs and there are moments where you two act like a couple, cuddling, holding hands, kissing each other’s cheeks, going out together etc. But he has never asked you to be his.

You had know what’s been running through his mind.

“ Adam?” you paused the movie that you two were watching,turning to face him sitting cross legged on the bed. He turned to face you, eye brows knitting together as he listened to what you had to say. 

“ What’s going on between us? I mean I know for the past couple of months, you and I are just fuck buddies but do you feel like there is something more between us?” 

Adam took his time answering your question, he licked his bottom lip searching in his mind what to say to you. It’s not like he doesn’t have feelings for you, he enjoys your company but he doesn’t seem to see you in a relationship with him. It wouldn’t be good, he thought to himself.

 He always thought that you would end up running back to Marty, that you and Marty belonged together. Sure he was jealous of how much you loved Marty but things changed, he made you forget. He liked that he made you feel something for him, he liked having you around and he liked that you would act like a couple. 

But he just doesn’t want to accept the fact that he does has feelings for you. He was scared to fall in love with you, he was scared to get hurt. Every one gets hurt sometimes but with someone like you, he couldn’t. He would ruin you. 

“I don’t know” He says, looking away from you. Adam didn’t want to see the hurt flash across your eyes or your lips turning into a frown. 

“ Oh” the way you said torn his heart apart, it was like he shattered you inside with those words. He turned his head to glance over at you seeing a tear fall down your cheek but you quickly wiped it away, nodding your head. 

“ I think I’m going to go back to my room” you slipped off his bed, slipping on your shoes. What hurts was that he didn’t say anything else or stopped you from leaving. His eyes were burning holes into your back watching you get dressed. As you walk out the door, looking back at him once last time before disappearing from his room.

 As the door shuts, Adam lays his back on the bed letting out a sigh, not a happy one closing his eyes as he lays his hands on his stomach folding them. He had to let you go, it was the best choice to make. For you, he was doing this for you. You didn’t need to be involved with him even if it hurts. 

You on the other hand walked slowly to your room, hurt that nothing came from this between you and Adam. Was everything that happened between you all a lie? Did he not feel anything? 

Sure it started off with no strings attached, but you swore you saw something in his eyes like hope. 

Sniffing unlocking your door to your room heading to bed. It’s been a long day and you wanted to everything to be shut down for a moment. You’re head felt like 20 bricks were piled on pushing it down. As your eyes closed, a bing was heard in your room. 

Sitting up, you took your phone from your pocket forgetting it was there before reading the text you received. Not even bothering to open it, it was from Adam. 

I’m sorry, it read

He can shove that sorry elsewhere, you didn’t care. At least not for tonight, tomorrow was another day and you just wanted to go to bed. That’s what you did. 

Days go by, weeks go by, you have been wrestling in different states, greeting fans. They would ask you what happened to Adam. You used to tweet with him over social media and take pictures with him. Now it was just you, places that you went to, new merch you had or some goofy selfies. You would just tell them that Adam was busy when it was a lie. You hated to lie to your fans and everyone but you needed it. 

“ Can we get a picture with you Y/N? You’re are just amazing” one of your fans said, giggling as she was so happy to meet you. “ Awe, of course sweetheart” you two took a selfie before signing her autograph when two hands came onto your shoulders scaring you. 

Turning around you saw Matt Jackson laughing, holding his stomach with Nick laughing besides him. Since when did they think it was okay to come up to you and act like you two are friends. 

“ Thank you for giving me a hard attack” you mumbled, rolling your eyes at them. They noticed not even a smile came to your face. Matt frowned, stopping laughing while Nick sighed to himself. 

They really wanted to you to forgive them, it was stupid to hold a grudge like that over them. As you waved to your fans, they stopped the boys to take pictures and sign autographs. You began to walk away from them, wanting to get further away. But that didn’t last very long as they caught up to you. 

“ Wait up Y/N, I think we should talk” Nick says, grabbing your arm.

“  I have nothing to say to you” 

“ Oh come on Y/N, this is bullshit. You are mad at for telling Marty how you feel? We’re sorry Y/N, we didn’t mean to babble. But we thought he felt the same way, we thought it was best for you” 

“ What’s best for me?! Are you kidding me?! He didn’t feel anything for me, he didn’t even tell me had had a girlfriend. I thought you two were my friend, who the fuck gave you the right to tell him without consenting with me? I didn’t want you, I told you a million times to not tell him. You two fucked up and right now I can’t. Not with you and Adam and all this shit” you waved your hands around continue to talk when Matt interrupted, “ What happened between you and Adam?” 

“ He’s a fucking asshole, that’s what. I fucking hate him for making me feel like this” 

“ I’m sorry, what can we do to fix it?” Nick asks, feeling upset that you were upset. This was their fault, if they never told Marty of your feelings then maybe things would be different. 

“ Nothing, stay out of my life” 

“ But were friends Y/N, you can’t just shut us out like that. Please” Matt begged, with Nick feeling his tears coming. 

“ I can’t.. I got to go..” you left them standing there, hurt and confused. Both brothers looked at each other, “ We have to fix this.” 

Marty has been missing you more than he could think, he miss how you would laugh a smile around him. He misses your cooking, your jokes, the way you would wrap your arms around him when you went for a hug and he missed the way you would look at him.

 Like he was the only guy on the planet that was worth it. He felt like his heart was missing something. You. He didn’t know how you were doing, exactly. Marty follows you on your social medias, he always likes your pictures and sometimes would comment on them but you don’t respond to him.

 He watches your instagram stories, missing the sound of your voice. He wants you back in his life and he is going to do anything in his power to get you back even if he has you as a friend again. But he promised to himself that he would be your lover at the end of the line. 

Adam misses you too, he misses how you made him feel. He would get nervous around you, it was rarely that he felt like this. You made him whole and happy. He missed it, he missed the giggles that escaped your beautiful lips. He missed the way he would tickle you. He missed your scent. He missed holding hands with you. He missed the feeling of your lips against his. He missed everything about you. He rubbed his eyes, feeling the tears coming as once again you are on his mind. 

“ I think I love you, but it’s too late” he whispers to himself string at the picture of you and him on his background. He is kissing your cheek while your smiling wide, his finger brushes over your picture before one of his tears lands on the screen of the phone.

Adam regrets letting you go and he has no idea what to do. 

Meanwhile you just had some lunch deciding to go check your twitter, going to your dashboard, your phone drops as you read the tweet that makes your heart skip a beat.

@MartyScurll You can make me wait forever, push me away and tell me never. I don’t mind, no I don’t mind it. I would come back a thousand times.

It sounded like it was meant for you, you understood what the lyrics meant. He used to them to catch your attention. But then another tweet stops your breathing almost. 

@Adam Cole Cause sooner or later it’s over,I just don’t want to miss you tonight

You felt your heart torn in two, but what were you going to do?

FYI dt appreciation week sets are coming I’m just a day behind because life. I’ve got something really special planned for the hair portion. Stay tuned for that :)

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Insomnia: Part Two

Admin Marie

A/N: An anon asked me if I would write a part two to Insomnia, so here it is! I hope you enjoy it and are happy with the ending. 

Word Count: 1330

Genre: Angst

Member: Woozi (Seventeen)

Summary: You couldn’t keep your mind off Jihoon, no matter how hard you tried. When Seventeen comes into your restaurant, you get a surprise that you weren’t expecting. 

Part 1

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For the months after you left Jihoon, you were barely functioning. Your heart felt so fragile, you wished to ease the pain left by him, the man you loved. He had called, multiple times and left what seemed like hundreds of messages, messages you would never respond to because you knew for a fact that if you did, no one would be able to stop you from running back into his arms. You ended up moving in permanently with Jieun,you two deciding to split the rent of her two bedroom apartment and become roommates, because hell, you didn’t want to be alone.

Joshua’s visits became more frequent, just so he could hug you and hope it would help ease the excruciating pain running rampant through your body. He didn’t bring Jihoon up, not unless you asked him, which you hardly did because it hurt more to know how much pain you caused him by leaving. The sad thing wa, you desperately wanted to run back to him, you wanted to apologize and cry while listening to him tell you that he forgave you. You knew you couldn’t though, because the pain you felt while in the relationship with Jihoon was just as painful as the hurt you felt now. It was like an ache, one that you take all different kinds of painkillers for but nothing seems to work so you wait as you hope it’ll go away and slowly you forget what it feels like to live without the ache.

You turned into an insomniac somewhere in the past month or two. Sleep felt so far away it was like trying to get the the end of the rainbow, only to find out that you can’t ever really get to the end of the rainbow, but you keep trying anyway. Jieun would sometimes sleep in your bed with you because you would get so scared of being alone that she would just lay with you. That helped you fall asleep sometimes, the assurance of another person. Joshua called you often, making sure you were still getting up every morning and going to work, no matter how much you didn’t want to.  

You had to work late tonight. You hated the late shift, practically loathed it, but at least you had something to keep you busy. You heard a group come in at 9:45, loud as ever and laughing. You internally groaned as they got seated in your section and you made your way to their table, looking down as you approached them to pull out your notepad.

“Hello. My name s Y/N and I’ll be your server today,. Can I start you off with something to drink?” You ask, looking up and locking eyes with Seventeen.

“Y/N? I thought you got of at 8,” Joshua says, looking guilty and nervous.

“No, I was supposed to but then my shift got extended because a waitress was sick,” You reply. As you scan each face, your blood runs cold when you make eye contact with Jihoon. “What do you guys want to drink?” You ask, wanting to get out of that situation as soon as possible. They all order a drink and you hurry off. At this time the only people who come to the restaurant are some regulars and occasionally a couple or two, so Seventeen is one of the only people seated in this restaurant. They always used to come when you were working just to see you, but after you and Jihoon broke it off, they stopped coming to avoid the awkwardness. You wondered to yourself if they knew you were working and were trying to fix things. You shake the thought off, knowing they probably were just hungry and didn’t want to cook.

You grab a tray, loading all their drinks on it and carrying it out to them, placing each drink in front of the corresponding member. They each thank you, except Jihoon who doesn’t say a word, unsure at how to handle this situation.

“Are you all ready to order?” You ask, pulling your notepad out.

“You know me, I’ll have mr usual,” Jun says, smiling at you. You return the smile and write down his order. Everyone actually orders their usual, but Jihoon makes Joshua order for him which tugs at your heart. You know the sound of his voice would break you like a twig under a boot, but you don’t care, you want to hear it. You walk away from their table, placing the order in the kitchen and waiting for something to do. You know your boss with throw a fit if you don’t take proper care of the customers, so you begrudgingly stand up and walk into the main area, stopping in front of Seventeen’s table.

“Can I get you guys anything else while you’re waiting for your meals?” You ask. Jihoon stands up, pushing his chair back and walks over to you.

“Come,” He whispers, and grabs your hand gently, dragging you away. You make eye contact with Jieun and stop moving.

“Wait, just give me a second,” You say. Jihoon stops and drops your hand. You walk to Jieun, asking her to cover your tables while you talk to Jihoon. She nods and ats your shoulder. You walk back to Jihoon, disappointed when he doesn’t grab your hand again and walks out of the restaurant. You follow him silently, getting yourself prepared for whatever is about to happen. He stops and turns to look at you, his eyes glistening under the light from the restaurant.

“I’m sorry,” He says. You stay silent, holding back the tears that are bound to come. “I didn’t treat you properly. I ditched you night after night, caring more about my career than you. I am so sorry for that, and I know it is something I won’t ever be able to take back. I know you don’t want to be around me-” You cut him off.

“You think I don’t want to be around you? Jihoon that’s all I’ve wanted since the day I left. I never stopped wanting to be around you, hell I never stopped loving you either,” You say, words pouring out of your mouth before you can stop them. “I never wanted things to go the way they did. I didn’t want to leave that day, but it was what we both needed.” You wipe away the tears that have started to find their way out of your eye and down your cheek. You sniffle and sigh, waiting for his response.

“Can we stop this? Can we put the past behind us and continue being friends? I can’t put you through what I put you through again, but I need you to be with me. Would you please, please just be my friend, of nothing else?” He begs, tears streaming down his face faster than your brain can comprehend.

“Of course. I will always be here for you,” You reply. He hesitantly steps forward and hugs you. You bury your face in the soft material of his shirt, inhaling the familiar scent you longed to smell.

“I will never stop loving you, Y/N,” He whispers.

“I will never stop loving you either, Jihoon,” You reply. He pulls away, handing you a disc. You stare at it, wondering what is on it.

“It’s the song you asked to hear, the first night we really talked. I finally perfected it. I wanted you to hear it first,” He says. “Text me what you think,” He says, ruffling your hair and walking inside. You smile down at the disc, a tear dropping onto the clear case holding it. You both knew that starting to be friends wa just a temporary fix and one day things would get confusing again, but in that moment, neither of you cared, because he loved you and you loved him, you two would do anything just to be in the same room.


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