but eh i tried

The legend herself


part of chlo noir au

they only knew each other for a week, being stand-in heroes for adrien and marinette but they fell in love so quickly anyway. so it was hard for them to say goodbye

little do they know they’ll see each other again soon.. except they won’t know

(this is like a love hexagon just for these two)


“Now, in “The Lord of the Rings”, people were wearing this. This is metal chainmail. This is about five kilograms of metal that I’m carrying around in this shot. WETA is famous for creating this chainmail which wasn’t as heavy. It’s like made of sort of an alloy or plastic, or something like that. Unfortunately they’d run out of it when I got to New Zealand. But they had plenty of the heavy stuff.” - Luke Evans

Behind the scenes of The Hobbit spam (117/200) | (1-100)

  • Jungkook: I've got to go.
  • Jimin: Aren't you forgetting something?
  • Jungkook: Uhhh... *gives Jimin a quick peck on the lips*
  • Jimin, blushing furiously: I-I meant your jacket, you stupid bunny! You forgot your damn jacket!