but eh i tried


roasting marshmallows, getting drunk, standing near the edge at the top of a building, laughing so hard your stomach hurts, feeling the bass of a song shake your whole body, truth or dare, the feeling of your heart pounding, the smell of gasoline


bear hugs, sunny afternoons, defending a friend, sleepovers, holding hands, platonic love, kissing your friend’s cheek, holding the door open for someone, bright colors, inside jokes, making friends


kissing in the rain, the rush of pride you get when you accomplish something, finishing a project, hushed whispers, being acknowledged, warming up after being in the cold , getting what you want, buying something new


the smell of old books, the sound of pen on paper, finally getting through a creative block, getting an A+, staying up late to study, writing poems, checking books out at a library, watching someone talk about what they are passionate about, classical music