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After a bunch of recent redos - and some older ones - I wanted to put together a compilation of some of them! I won’t be redoing all of the older Pokemon lines, but there’s still several ones I’m planning on redoing at some point. It’s kind of fun revisiting old lines to see how I’ve improved over the years. Hopefully I won’t have to redo these ones eventually!

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♕ - competing for the same prize (w/ mafia!hoseok, racer!you)

This was not at all how you expected for your night to go down but… desperate times calls for desperate measures. Rejecting him more than fifteen times in a row, you decide to just fuck it, what’s the worst that could happen? Hearing the sounds of engines revving was what made you feel the most alive; the beautiful symphony as the gears switch, clutch in the mix and tires screeching across the tracks is something you can go on forever listening to. But when life is coming up with different circumstances for you to play with, finding a job in another industry was the only option.

Which is why you’re telling Jimin you’re a bartender now, not a racer.

But Jimin wouldn’t be Jimin if he didn’t remain stubborn and offered you a price that placed his pride on the line. So what happens when Jimin drops a cheque that doubles up your monthly pay? 

You take it, and you tell him to practice his smile of gloat when you receive the prize.

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I’m a baby? - Fairy Tail Larcade Oneshot

I promised @keiid to tag her in this one, so here’s the tag.

All the dialogue between double commas is because Larcade talks but no one understands what he says.

I hope you like it.


I woke up in a strange place, and I couldn’t move very well. I didn’t know what was happening until he showed up. My uncle, Natsu Dragneel.

- Hey, you’re awake, little one.

He took me in his arms, and there’s when I noticed something was wrong. Terribly wrong. I didn’t want him to take me in his arms, and I started hitting him. But my fists were so tiny to damage him.

- What’s happening, Larcade? You need something?

- “I want you to take me down!” - that’s what I tried to say, but I couldn’t.

- Da! Dadada! Daaa! - that’s what I exactly said.

- You’re angry to me, but I can’t understand what you said.

I cried, because of my own weakness.

- Don’t cry, Larcade. I don’t know what you want.

- What did you do to him? - asked a woman. Her voice calmed me.

- Nothing. He doesn’t like me, you know that.

- I know, but… After what I knew…

- You don’t want to approach, Mavis?

- “Mavis?”

That name was familiar to me. I listened it a lot of times. I looked at the woman. She was little, like a 13 years old, her hair was blond and her eyes were green.

- “Mom? Is that you?”

- I think he recognizes you, Mavis.

- Don’t approach him to me. I don’t want to hurt him.

- Mavis…

- The curse is too strong. If it weren’t for your scarf, I couldn’t stay here.

- I know. But he needs his mother.

- I don’t even know how he was born. I’m not sure if I am his mother.

- Mavis, you find him. You were searching for him in all the battlefield.

- That’s not…

- Only a mother can recognize her child like that. You are his mother. How he was born doesn’t matter right now.

- I need to know. Is he an experiment? Or he was born from me?

- Mama! - I yelled after a while, trying to reach her with my tiny arms.

- Larcade… I can’t…

My mother ran away. My uncle hugged me when I started crying.

- Give her a little time, Larcade - explained my uncle to me -. She needs to realize all. The curse isn’t new for her, but you are. She doesn’t want to kill you.

- “I want my mother, not you!”

- I know, I know. You want her. But you will have to deal with me for a while.

- “I hate you.”

- I can’t understand you, Larcade. And I don’t know how to take care of a baby.

- “Baby?”

- Wait here a second. I tell Happy to ask in the guild what I can give you to eat.

Uncle Natsu left me alone, on the bed. Something unsafe for someone with my body. I could fell and hurt myself.

- “I want to see my mother…”

I looked at the side of the bed. I knew very well I couldn’t get off in a usual way. It was as tall as a wall. Helping myself with my tiny hands, I managed to put my tiny feet in the ground. I crawl to the door, and I reached it when uncle Natsu returned. The door hit me in the face.

- Tell them to hurry, Happy - said uncle Natsu while he was opening the door. I started crying -. Larcade! I’m sorry! How did you come here? - He lay down in the ground, in front of me -. Where I hurt you?

I pointed my nose. He touched it gently, trying to not hurt me.

- It seems like it’s not broken. It hurts? - I nooded -. I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were just behind the door.

Uncle Natsu carried me and kissed my nose. Then, he took me to the kitchen and put me in a baby highchair. I was hungry, but I didn’t know how to tell him.

- Natsu… - said the blue cat who entered through the window. His voice was sad -. The ones who want to help doesn’t know, and the ones who know doesn’t want to help.

- Monsters, right?

- Eh?

- That’s what they said.

- Yes…

- It’s time to ask to true monsters.

Natsu took a lacrima from somewhere, and made a call.

- Hi, mom! … I need some help. … It’s about Larcade. He’s a baby now. How I take care of him?

Uncle Natsu was at the phone for a half hour. He even took notes of what they explained. And the person at the other side changed every time.

- He’s fine, Raios. I didn’t broke his nose. … Yes, I give him something to eat. Thanks, all of you. See you later!

Uncle Natsu ended the call and searched inside the fridge.

- They told me - he explained -, to give you something easy to eat. And lots of vegetables.

- “I don’t like vegetables…”

- That face tells me you don’t like them. You want a secret? I don’t like them too. But you have to eat it, because you are a baby right now.

- “I don’t want to be a baby. I want my body back.”

- I can’t understand you, remember? You want chicken or fish?

I pointed the chicken. It was the thing I liked to eat at that moment. My uncle cooked, tritured, and gave the food to me. I spit it three times, and the three times he cleaned all while laughing.

- You ate all, Larcade. I was worried you didn’t want to eat because you hate me.

Uncle Natsu went to clean the dishes.

- Now I need you to…

I interrupted uncle Natsu eructing. He looked at me surprised, and smiled.

- That’s what I needed. And now…

I didn’t listen what he said. I fell asleep, and I woke up three hours later.

- Mavis, he needs you.

- I can’t touch him! He will…

- And with my scarf around him?

- You think it will work?

- We have to try.

- But… The curse…

- Only a moment. Look, he’s awake now.

As uncle Natsu said, he put his scarf around me. My mother carried me. She was scared. She didn’t want to kill me. I hugged her, trying to tell her that all was okay.

- Take him! - yelled my mother suddenly -. Take him Natsu!

Uncle Natsu took me and Happy, and put the scarf around us three. The house was covered by a black cloud for a while, and then vanished. The scarf turned black.

- I’m sorry… - said my mother while she started crying.

- Don’t cry, Mavis - answered uncle Natsu -. It’s not your fault. And we are okay.

- But I… I promised to not release the curse in Magnolia…

- Technically, we aren’t in Magnolia. We are in the forest.

- I take the scarf to Wendy - said Happy, taking the scarf with him.

- Thanks, Happy.

Happy left the house with the scarf.

- I have to…

- Mavis, it’s your son. I need help with him.

- I don’t want to be a mother like Zeref.

- And you want to be a mother who is never with his son?

- I don’t want that either…

- Then, hold him.

- No! I can’t!

- Well, then…

Uncle Natsu put me in the top of my mother’s head.

- What are you doing, Natsu!?

- I called my mother for some advices. Cronos was with her. He told me something interesting about the curse. How to remove it.

- Eh!?

- And we need Larcade for that. There are two ways to remove the curse. The second one is with the child of the cursed ones. If it works, Larcade was born from you.

While my uncle was explaining that, an strange magic entered in my body through my left hand. I decided it was better not to move it. If what he said was true, my mother’s curse won’t be a problem anymore.

- Larcade? - asked my mother, worried -. Are you okay?

- “Yes!” - I answered, happily.

- What about the curse?

- It’s been removed - answered uncle Natsu -. Don’t move for a while.

- Are you sure? It won’t damage Larcade? What if I lose control on the curse? What if he loses control when he has it?

- That won’t happen. Larcade is not affected by the curse.

- How do you know?

- Cronos told me.

- Are you sure he’s…?

- He’s Luciel’s best friend. He won’t lie to his descendants.

After ten minutes, the curse was completely removed from my mother. It was in my arm, inside a very big tattoo.

- It’s gone…

- Are you sure?

- The magic stopped changing bodies, and Larcade has a weird tattoo in his arm.

- What!? It wasn’t enough with one!?

- It’s temporary, Mavis. When he removes the curse from Zeref, he could destroy both, and the tattoo will disappear.

My mother took me from her head, and hugged me. I returned the hug.

- You think I will be a good mother?

- Of course you will. Your son already loves you.

My mother played with me all the afternoon, while my uncle was shopping some groceries. He wasn’t alone when he came back.

- Thank you, Lucy - said uncle Natsu to the blonde woman who was with him -. There are some shops who doesn’t let me buy anything, because of what I am.

- I don’t understand. If you always bought in that shop, and they know how you are, why they have to deny you the right of shopping in it?

- In all this time, nothing changed. Humans are still scared of people like me. Monsters, they say. You know I’m not a bad monster.

- You are not a monster, Natsu. Monsters are ugly, big, bad…

- There are ugly monsters who are good, Lucy. And bad monsters who are tiny. Don’t judge for their appearance.

- Sorry…

- With an exception, all those who are not human are monsters.

- What exception?

- Archangels. People venerates them.

- How are you and Mavis dealing with Larcade? You need help?

- We’re fine. I asked other monsters for help.

- Who?

- My family.

- They are alive!?

- They are in another country right now, but they are alive.

- Your parents too? - asked my mother, carrying me.

- Of course they are. Now you have Larcade, I want him to meet them someday.

- You want to meet them, Larcade?

I looked at my mother, and then at my uncle. I laughed and cried at the same time. My tears were tears of joy. I really wanted to meet my family.

- And that reaction? - asked Lucy, confused.

- I think he’s happy, and wants to meet them too - answered uncle Natsu.

- How do you know? - asked my mother.

- His mind and his memories are the same. Only his body changed.

- Let’s take a bath, Larcade.

I hugged her and nooded. She took me to the bathroom, leaving uncle Natsu and Lucy alone, and filled the bathtub with hot water.

- Mavis! - said my uncle at the other side of the door.

- Yes?

- Don’t fill the bathtub too much. Larcade is too little.

- Okay!

My mother closed the water and undressed me. Then, she undressed herself and entered in the bathtub carrying me. She made me sit in the bathtub.

- It’s too hot for you?

I declined with my head, and I played with the water. My mother laughed.

She cleaned me with all the care a mother can provide to her child. And played with my hair, just like a child.

- You two must be freezing - said uncle Natsu when we left the bathroom.

- We’re okay - answered my mother.

- Well, dinner is ready. It’s your turn to give it to Larcade.

- Eh? I have to give it to him?

- He can’t by himself.

My mother gave me my food while my uncle finished their dinner. After eating, I eructed and I fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night. My diaper was dirty, I could feel it. My mother was sleeping at my side, but she was sweating and trembling.

- Mama… - I said, trying to wake up her -. Mama! Mama!

- Hey, big boy. What are you doing awake? - asked my uncle, entering in the room -. Is Mavis having another nightmare?

- “Nightmare?”

- It’s been like this since she’s here. She never explains her nightmares, but she’s scared of them. Take good care of her, Larcade.

- Mama…

- Is your diaper dirty? I change it. Come here.

My uncle changed my diaper. I wasn’t surprised that he knew it was dirty. My father told me a long time ago that the sense of smell of a Dragon Slayer is at the same level than the dragon one. He left me with my mother, putting me under her arm. She relaxed.

- Larcade… - murmured my mother, hugging me.

- Good night, Larcade - said my uncle before leaving the room.

I hugged my mother and I fell asleep until next morning. My mother was crying when I woke up.

- Mama…

- You’re awake - said my mother when she listened my voice -. Thank God. I thought the curse killed you because your little body couldn’t contain it.

- That’s what you dreamed? - asked my uncle at the door of the room.

- Natsu…

- If he couldn’t contain the curse, the four of us will be death. He’s not affected. Don’t worry, Mavis.

- I’ve been dreaming this since he’s here.

- Why you didn’t tell me? I could ask earlier for it.

- I didn’t want to bother you, or anyone…

- The next time, explain it to me. You’re not bothering anyone for that.

My mother smiled and looked at me. Uncle Natsu left the room.

- I will protect you, no matter what.

- Mama…

In that moment, I could feel the soul of my mother. It wasn’t from a 13 years old. Her soul was a 20 years old woman which body doesn’t grow up.

A week passed. My body didn’t change, but I could talk a little.

- Natu… - I said to my uncle.

- What’s the matter?

- Mama?

- She’s with Lucy. They are shopping some things. She will return soon.

- Happy?

- In the guild, with everyone.

- Lony…

- You are not alone. I’m here. You’re lying in my chest. You want your dragon plushie?

- Ye!

My uncle gave me my plushie and I hugged it. He looked at me with an smile.

- Natu…

- Yes?

- Mama. Curse. Soul. Up.

- Let’s see… It’s about your mother - I nooded -, and the curse - I nooded again -. Soul up? I don’t know… Oh, the soul’s age!

- Ye!

- You could came to this world because your parents souls were adults!?

- Ye!

- Let’s ask the expert.

My uncle called Cronos via lacrima and put the speakers. He answered few seconds later.

- Yes? - asked Cronos at the other side.

- Cronos, I’m Natsu. You think the curse can let the cursed ones have a child if their souls are adult?

- Where did you get that theory?

- Larcade thought it.

- Knowing Ankhseram how I know him, it’s possible. Their bodies don’t age, but their souls do.

- Thank you, Cronos.

- Anytime, your highness.

Uncle Natsu ended the call and carried me.

- We have to celebrate that. You want extra cookies today?

- Ye!

I was eating the third cookie when my mother returned.

- Why are you two eating cookies? - asked her.

- We discovered how you could have Larcade - answered uncle Natsu.

- How?

- Your soul is an adult soul. We asked Cronos about that, and he says Ankhseram could do it in that way.

- Are you telling me…?

- Larcade is your son and not an experiment.

- Really? Are you sure?

- Larcade discovered it. He noticed your soul was adult.

- How?

- I don’t know.

- Well, we have to celebrate that.

- It’s the second time someone says this.

- Who else?

- Me.

That night, for dinner, we had cow meat. And they gave a few to me. And my mother wanted to sleep us four together. And no one couldn’t deny those puppy eyes she made.

I woke up the first one the next morning, and something was different. My body was at his normal size. We were in the same position we fell asleep last night, but with body at his normal size. I mean, my back was touching my uncle’s back, my mother was hugging my head, and my face was in her chest. It was totally wrong!

- Happy… - I whispered -. Happy…!

- Uh? What’s wrong, Natsu? - asked Happy, half asleep.

- I’m not Natsu. Help me, Happy.

Happy looked at me, surprised. Then, he tried to woke up uncle Natsu without waking up my mother. I was the first thing he saw when he woke up. He managed to take off my mother’s arms from my head so I could escape.

- What now? - asked uncle Natsu.

- I… Don’t know? - I answered.

- Take a shower. I search some clothes for you.

- Understood.

I went to the shower. While I was in it, I looked at my left arm. The tattoo the curse left in me was a human figure wearing a cape, which face I couldn’t see, and with a big scythe. Then, I looked at the Alvarez mark, and I erased it.

- I’m sorry, father. I don’t need to be loyal to you anymore.

- Larcade - said my uncle from the other side of the door -, I’ve found something for you.

- Thank you, uncle.

- I left it at the door. I’m calling Lucy. I have to explain this to her.

- Understood.

When my mother woke up, we were eating our breakfast with Lucy. She looked at me, surprised.

- Good morning, mother.

- What happened? - asked her.

- I don’t know. I woke up like this.

My mother hugged me. I returned the hug.

- Natsu, those are the Tartaros soldiers clothes, right? - said Lucy.

- I thought they were cool, so I took some home - answered my uncle -. It’s temporary, until we buy something for him.

- You have your point with that.

- Mom loves you, Larcade - said my mother to me.

- I love you too, mother.

I cried. My mother joined me. My uncle and Lucy looked at us. They knew very well we needed that.

I Didn’t Know That I Was Starving ‘Til I Tasted You.

For @warpedchyld. For reasons. I just had to ;)

Warnings: Dom/sub, sexual content (implied) & breath play (kinda?). NSFW.

Steve discovered 21st century music was far more provocative and sexual than anything he’d ever heard. It wasn’t until things had calmed down and he was back at the Avengers Compound, with a lot of free time, that he really had the ability to catch up on everything he hadn’t already learnt.

And that meant pop music.

According to Clint, anyway. Having more time, also meant he could get back to art and illustration, he loved drawing and painting, he was an artist and his fingers craved those inky sets of watercolours and crisp paper that Bucky had bought for his birthday a couple of months ago, and finally he could get down to work. Letting the radio play, he got to it, when a song he hadn’t heard came on. It was called Starving by Hailee Steinfeld, which Steve thought was a really weird title for a song. Maybe, it was about food or something.

I didn’t know that I was starving ‘til I tasted you

Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo

By the way, right away you do things to my body

I didn’t know that I was starving 'til I tasted you

It was safe to say it wasn’t. Bright red in the face, Steve almost dropped his paint pallet upon hearing the line ‘I didn’t know that I was staring ‘til I tasted you’ and as songs go, they usually make you feel something. And all Steve could do was gape at nothing in particular at the sheer sexual nature of the song, but also, at how much it reminded him of Bucky. And the first time he’d, quite literally, tasted Bucky. He could never forget that moment. Couldn’t even if he was tortured. It was when they were back home, when the worst thing Steve was worried about was rent and dying of his asthma or another illness he had, they’d been kissing and then one thing led to another…and well.

Steve couldn’t get enough, let’s put it that way.

So, engrossed in his own thoughts, he didn’t hear the door to their floor open and the lift chime, indicating that someone was entering their lobby. Pretty soon, Steve felt arms wrapping around his waist and that thick, muscled body, pressing up against him. And that did make him drop his paint pallet, which Bucky, of course, caught.

“Baby, you all right?” he asked, smirking as he mouthed at Steve’s blushing neck, “you’re all flustered.”

Steve let out something close to a whine and blushed even more. If that was possible. “I’m fine,” Steve replied, voice higher than usual.

Bucky grinned and sucked a hickey into Steve’s neck, gripping his hips tighter so that the blond was pressed against the brunette’s beefy body, with no escape. And fuck, Steve melted at the sensation of being held so tightly. His head fell back against Bucky’s shoulder, parted lips, eyes darkening, glazing over.

“You hungry, baby doll?” Bucky chuckled, somewhat teasingly. And at any other time, Steve would have snapped back with some comment but right then, it wasn’t the moment and Steve was too far gone.

A clumsy nod was all Steve could muster, whimpering when Bucky wrapped his metal hand around his throat, lightly, gently, purring in his ear, “you gonna be good for me? Eh, sweetheart?”

Steve moaned and nodded, blushing all over again. “Yes, sir.”

Bucky growled and kissed Steve fiercely. Painting was the last thing on Steve’s mind at that moment, especially when Bucky picked him up effortlessly and carried him over to their bedroom. Yeah, painting could wait.

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What if Voldemort didn't offer Frank or Alice Longbottom a chance to sacrifice themselves for their child, his offering to spare Lily was only a whim based on a prior request to do so. What if he killed Alice and Frank without hesitation, and was able to kill defenseless little Neville. Then just to be safe, he tracked the Potter's down too. What if Snape didn't find out in time, and Lily was murdered without thought, and Harry shortly after.

What if Voldemort went after Harry and Neville, and gave no one a chance to die for them? What if both Chosen Ones died as children?

Gosh, we didn’t want to pull our punches today, did we. Okay, well, I guess here we go–

Because Voldemort wasn’t gone, because there was not a sudden flood of peace–they didn’t send enough Aurors to take down Sirius Black.

Instead of standing laughing in the street when they came to arrest him, Sirius ran. He Apparated away and went to find Remus, because they still had work to do.

That first meeting, after Remus got the news of Peter’s “death,” of everyone’s, was a difficult one. It was outside the wreck and ruin of the little cottage in Godric’s Hollow and that only made it worse. It had been the only place Sirius had been sure Remus would go that night.

“What a Halloween, eh, Moony?” he said from the bushes and Remus almost cursed him right there, until Sirius managed to shout and dodge and wave his hands enough to explain that they’d switched the Secret Keeper. Sirius started laughing when he saw Remus start to believe him, and it wasn’t the mad laughter of a man who had lost everything, because Sirius hadn’t, not quite.

When Remus buried his head into Sirius’s shoulder, outside the slightly smoking shell of Lily and James’s home, they both cried like the children they were.

In a different world, they would have had this reunion in the scarred confines of the Shrieking Shack, thirteen years too late. In a different world, Sirius would have been gaunt, grimy, gasping with demented fury. Remus would have been washed out, threadbare. They would both have looked far too old for their ages, but there would have been a boy with messy hair and his mother’s green eyes staring accusingly out at them. In a different world, Harry would have hated Sirius until he understood, and then he would have loved his godfather for the rest of his life.

If you asked them, the boys crying on Lily and James’s doorstep, or the skeleton of a wanted man and the wan ghost with the beast living under his skin– if you asked them which world they preferred, they’d have an easy answer for you.

But what did happen, in this story where they buried the Chosen Ones too early and there was no love to bring them back? They kept fighting. The war did not end. Voldemort had seven Horcruxes and he thought he was immortal. For now, he was.

In this world, there was no prophesied boy. Love was not magic; it was only soft touches and quiet words, promises they could not promise to keep. An extra piece of chocolate tucked into a packed lunch. A mother’s favorite earrings passed down and down, hand to hand. Love was not magic. It did not resurrect.

Halloween Night 1981 was one more night in a long fight, to almost everyone. This was not the first time whole families had been lost. This was not the last time they would bury children.

But that night, Augusta Longbottom withered. Peter Pettigrew shivered, somewhere, welcomed into plush halls with open arms. Petunia Dursley found only the milk on her doorstep in the morning.

When Remus took Sirius back to one of his safe houses, Remus drank the same way he had in that other reality–in mourning and not any kind of celebration. But this time, he did not drink alone.

Only Dumbledore curled in on himself over lost opportunity, knowing exactly how much hope they’d lost in those two houses, now empty, now cold. He knew about the prophecies, Sybil Trelawney’s hoarse forgotten promises. He knew how powerful Tom had become and he knew how much weight they had been hoping to put on the shoulders of those two lost boys. He knew Harry had had his mother’s eyes.

(Albus did not know, however, about Neville’s first word or that Harry had refused new, magical toys to instead chew and slobber on Lily’s favorite, soft old doll, which she had carried from a Muggle world to a magical one.

Dumbledore thought about the war that night. It would save lives, this old man and his tired soul, that this was how he mourned. But there were more opportunities lost here than a war one day won; there was a grief here that had nothing to do with strategy.)

“We are lost, Minerva,” Dumbledore said.

Professor McGonagall was trembling, thin and severe with it. “You don’t think that,” she said and she was right. But it was a night to believe thoughts like that. In the morning, there would be new plans, new hopes, but not on this Halloween. Dumbledore took out a lemon drop and sucked on it. Minerva found the fire whiskey. The sun rose, eventually. They called a meeting of the Order the next day.

There was no prophesied boy, but there was still this–dozens of shadowed young faces looking up at Albus and not running, even at the very end of the world. Dumbledore looked out at his chess pieces, pawns and queens; his children and his friends; his collateral damage. He had the beginnings of a plan swelling in his chest.

It would take them decades to get their hands, quietly, on every Horcrux. Tom Riddle had to think they were secret. He had to think he was safe. It would take them almost decades, but one day he would be mortal again.

These dozens of faces–they were mortal now. Alastor Moody could feel mortality in the aches of old broken bones; Andromeda rewrote her own last name, refused to fear sea serpents, and refused to pretend that the serpents could not swallow any one of them whole. Remus and Sirius felt empty, gaping holes in the seats around them, and they made crude, expansive, joyous toasts to friends’ memories.

When Molly first reached over and held Arthur’s hand, they knew this was something that could not last. That was why they held hands, held on, held tight.

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Books A-Z.

Inspired by @macrolit (<3 !!!).  I’m a political theory and philosophy type, so a lot of my favorite books are really more… Dry social science?  I’m gonna try and confine this to fiction and literary non-fiction/essay and less like… Super long form journalism, or idk early-European state formation à la Tilly (as much as I love it).  Anyway, here goes.

A - l’Atlantida by Jacint Verdaguer.  

This is Catalan epic poetry par excellence.  Among other things, it chronicles the tales of Heracles in the Iberian peninsula and the sinking of Atlantis.  Verdaguer was a significant figure for the Catalan literary movement known as the Renaixença, which revitalized Catalan as a language of literature, politics and philosophy.  It’s an area of research for me, and Verdaguer is easily my favorite poet, so this holds some special charm.  I… Don’t think it’s been translated to English?  But you can probably find it in Spanish.

B - Books v. cigarettes by George Orwell.

My favorite of the Orwell essay collections published by Penguin.  The titular essay is a great, but I also highly recommend “The Privation of Literature” and “How the Poor Die”.  Everything in this is great (and still super relevant) commentary on class, intellectualism, and mass politics.  “My Country Right or Left” is in here and should be on every high school social studies reading list every semester. (EVERY SEMESTER.)

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Prompt: teen!lock au; M thinks shes crushing on JW and after failing to catch his attention (for JW likes gutsy, outgoing, confident, poised girls which M is certainly not) M decides reluctantly but out of desperation to ask J's best friend SH (who she hates on principle for being a cold asshole) to help her become J's dream girl. SH seeing the childish overly cheery lost cause before him agrees with a sneer (not one to back down from s challenge). But the more he helps her with her 1/2

2/2 Metamorphosis the more he realizes he actually likes the cheerily childish but full of fun and love girl, while Molly discovers that the cold asshole isn’t so cold after all but can be quite sweet and funny. And they actually have a lot of shared interests. Can end up with M/J (failed awkward) date as J finally sees M but M already pining for S who is in a jealous and depressed fit as the date take place. In the end M and S end up together :)

This 2 part prompt is pretty complex for a mini fic prompt. So I hope you don’t mind, anon, that I cut it up and tweaked it quite a bit. In general I’d say I’m going for more of what the second half of the prompt outlines. The settup is teen!lock, and it’s right before uni time for all of them. And Sherlock and John have a flat together…basically because it just helps the plot lol. Enjoy! ;D

“Look, all I’m asking is that you try to be civil,” John said to his best friend while buttoning his shirt and checking his hair in the mirror. “Honestly, I think you’ll like her. She’s…well, I think she’s probably the first girl in a long time that I really genuinely have a lot in common with. She wants to be be a doctor as well!” John was trying his best to make her sound thrilling. “And besides that, she’s adorable and sweet and just…well, she’s just really nice.”

“I can hardly wait,” was the only response Sherlock offered, still focused on the contents of the dish he was holding. 

John rolled his eyes at Sherlock’s sarcastic words. “Listen, if you don’t want to bother with her then just go to your room and keep to yourself so I can at least enjoy her company. And I’m not sure if we’re getting take away or eating at a restaurant, but either way I can get you something.”

Sherlock shrugged. “Not hungry.”

A knock at the door made John rush to answer with one more warning glance at his friend.

“Molly, hi!” John greeted warmly. “Take you coat?”

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My favorite moment from Hetalian horror show was the "bad ending". What happened to Bulgaria in that ending exactly I didn't fully comprehend what happened (when he got tied up by Russia..) this has been on my mind me for a while now do you know what exactly took place....?

It is a very perplexing moment. Let us review what happened, shall we?


Okay, first of all, I suggest you read the full translation here because it’s REALLY AWESOME. We get to learn about Bhutan (but that’s for another post). Anyways, let us direct our attention to the bad ending when Bulgaria decides to stop Russia from making everyone “become one” with him through a magic potion. In the good ending it’s all a plot for a movie that America is sharing with Russia. But in the bad ending…oh boy is it different.

When Bulgaria says he wants to protect everyone, Russia says:

“Are you saying that you’ll take their place instead? Hmm…Alright. If you mean it then I’ll stop for today.”

By take their place this meant that Russia was going to do to Finland, America, England, Spain, Germany, and Japan what he did to Bulgaria in the upcoming scene. Then Russia stops and lets everyone else go, everyone goes home, blah blah blah…and then this happens.

B: hmm?

B: Eh… What was I…doing?

(Russia. You were doing Russia, Bulgaria)

And then we are treated with this and some interesting music

(I got it at just the right time so Russia’s text covered the Bulgarian buttox)

B: Eh, what is this!? what’s going on?!

R: Good morning Bulgaria, your heroic act was really cool.

He’s not referring to what you think he is you perverts! He’s talking about bulgaria “taking their place”. Note that Russia has not done anything to Bulgaria yet (at least while he was conscious).

(I cropped it. No Bulgarian buttcracks for you)

B: Mr. Russia…?! Um, thank you very much…But why did it end up like this!? Uh-I mean, why, sir…

R: You said you’d take their place instead.

He was going to do this to Finland, America, England, Spain, Germany, and Japan.

(this was made by HIMARUYA, by the way)

B:Not like this! I wanted it to be in a cool way…! Isn’t your relationship with me pretty well?!
R: It wouldn’t have changed anything, it’s a tradition that someone ends up in this role after all

Now that line really stands out to me. If it means what I think it means, Russia usually dominates people and puts them in this position. It really shows just how fucked up Russia is. He says someone is always in this position. So who was in this position before Bulgaria is now? Take a guess.

More likely than not, it was Lithuania. Lithuania does not act the way he does around Russia to anyone else. Reminder, this is the guy that kicked Prussia’s ASS and directly admits that he hates him. But what about after Russia left the Soviet Union? Who is Russia’s bondage buddy today? Prepared to want to murder Russia. I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that I know who it is…

(russia get your damn hands off of that cinnamon roll!)

Latvia is the one baltic that still hangs out with Russia today and can’t seem to get away from his influence. The last baltic to leave the USSR. The only baltic too afraid to get rid of any of his Soviet things. The only baltic to go through a blizzard to get to Russia’s house. The Baltic that can drink the most and has the highest alcohol tolerence. It all makes sense.
But maybe there’s a slight possibility that Latvia doesn’t want to get away. Maybe the reason he keeps crawling back–even in a blizzard that BELARUS won’t even go through–is because of Stockholm syndrome. That or he’s REALLY into BDSM.
Anyway, Russia’s a total dick to Latvia and Lithuania (but not to Estonia if you remember from my old age theory).

Anyways back to the analysis

(still no porn for you)

B:Tradition?! What tradition?! What does that mean?!
R:No clue meow~

The meow is a reference to something that happened earlier, it will be explained in the next clip.

But when Russia says Tradition, he may be implying that something like this may have happened to him when he was younger. When he says no clue, Hima may be implying that the memory was so horrible he has tried to repress it. But I learned from my science class that real traumatic events don’t get repressed. Instead, it’s the opposite. They’re impossible to forget about, thus causing PTSD. If something like this happened to Russia in his past (most likely his childhood) then it would be totally understandable why he acts the way he does rather than just being an absolute monster for no reason. Perhaps the way he tortures his victims is also a reference to the Forest Brothers, the gulags, or how Russian POW camps were historically the most brutal. (It keeps getting darker, kids!)

B: Wh– how do you know tha– You weren’t there when I…  

R: Hm? The meow? It’s something you can say to be forgiven! Ah, that’s right! You finally got the chance to stand out~

More references to the first part. This means Russia was stalking them the whole time.

That meow means he’s going to do some unforgivable shit.

B: You were there…from the start…! from the very start…!
R: Listening to your stories one by one was really comforting, I enjoyed it.

Judging from the building in the next scene, this all seems to take place at school. Now that is top quality faculty.

B: Ah, but now that I think about it this is a pretty nice role to be in! Thank you!!

R: You’re a bold one, aren’t you…

That’s where it ends. And at this point kids, our hero Bulgaria realizes he is into BSDM. The ending is very much open to fan interpretation, and that’s how I interpret it.

In conclusion, Russia x Bulgaria is canon and Bulgaria is still Vice President of the forgotten characters club. The End.

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Stucky AU? Where SHIELD finds Bucky in cryo in an old Hydra base, he has his metal arm but the brain washing/memory wipes didn't happen because the scientists in charge of him were killed. So he sat there frozen until a few years before Steve when he's found, heartbroken and on a revenge mission to get every lingering hydra agent or base destroyed. They took his sweetheart from him. Then he gets a call "We found him, Sargeant Barbes."

Imagine Bucky’s anger - no, his rage - when he finds out what happened to Steve. He wants to rip every Hydra down right that moment. He sees red and only sees red for a long time. 

The hollow, aching feeling in his chest is too much to bare. He can barely get up some days but he always does when he has another tip from Natasha for another Hydra base to tear down. 

His rage fuels him. His rage keeps him fighting. He tears each base down, leaves hardly any survivors and when he does, he leaves them to Natasha, who is not merciful when it comes to avenging the ones she’s lost.

If he stops going on missions, then he’ll get swallowed up by the misery, depression and guilt that taints his heart. He’ll drown in his sorrow and never resurface. Sometimes, he wants to fall away. But he knows it’s not what Steve would have wanted. So, he keeps going, to keep his memory alive.

Hydra will not take Steve away from him. Not his memory or his love. 

And then the day comes, when he gets a call from Natasha. “Hey Nat,” he says, “you got another base for me - ?” 

“No. It’s something else. You’d better come in,” she says and she sounds…happy. Bucky hangs up right away, showers and throws on some clothes and boots before leaving his apartment. 

He’s at SHIELD headquarters within fifteen minutes and is led by Natasha up to the infirmary. “What is it?” he asks her, “seriously Nat?” 

She merely smiles, “we found something. Or rather, someone.” 


“Look.” Nat nods towards the hospital door. 

And there, in the room is Steve. He’s smaller than Bucky again, not by height. But muscle wise, Bucky’s larger due to Hydra’s torture and the need to feel stronger than anyone else, Bucky had made sure he was impressive in size. Steve is all refined and wrapped up in that wonderful body of his, lying there in bed, staring at the ceiling. 

His hair’s damp and his cheeks are wet. He’s been crying. He looks just like he had the day Bucky had last seen him, except he’s dressed differently, rested and confused. 

“Stevie,” Bucky whispers to himself and then rushes into the room, nearly tearing the door off it’s hinges. 

“Bucky?” Steve croaks, sitting up. In a flash, he launches himself into Bucky’s arms, sobbing loudly. “I thought I’d lost you. I thought I’d lost you forever. I’m so sorry. I let you fall. I let them take you.” 

“No, no, oh baby no,” Bucky croons, cupping Steve’s face. “No, you didn’t leave me. You didn’t. You couldn’t have known. What were you goin’ to do, eh? Jump after me, they would’ve gotten you too. The only thing that kept me alive all those years was knowin’ that they never got their hands on you.” 

They’re level in height now, but still Steve looks down so Bucky has to dip his head to meet his gaze.

“B-but - 

“No, baby boy, no,” Bucky shakes his head, “no. Look at me, sweetheart. It’s not your fault. I’m here. You’re here now. Are you okay? Oh doll, I should’ve been lookin’ for you. I did, I did and we had the best people searchin’ for you - 

Bucky,” Steve whimpers, clutching at Bucky’s shoulders, at his clothes, at his neck, “Bucky, Bucky…” He looked into Bucky’s eyes and felt himself crying even more so. “I love y-you.” 

“I love you too, darlin’,” Bucky growls, kissing Steve firmly on the mouth. A couple of the doctors look away, blushing at their public display of affection. “I’m never lettin’ you go. You’re got gettin’ out of my sight, ever again. You hear me?” 

Steve nods, nudging his nose against Bucky’s, “you too.” 

Bucky grins and laughs wetly. They had a lot to talk about and work through but right now, all Bucky wants to do is hold his sweetheart. 

And so, he does. 

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Thanks a lot for the Colin's singing analysis. I was wondering what did you think of Lana's singing? Like I know ppl have different tones and vocal ranges, but to me it felt weird, and she didn't sound so good. But then again I think it might be because this song is a totally different style of music than the style used in Hooks number.

I thought about writing on her singing as well, but I let it go after thinking I may sound petty…

But hey, you asked, and this is my blog and I do whatever I want, and everything is going under a cut and this post is tagged ;)

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Gavin didn’t know much about the concept of “home.” Growing up, he was lucky to consider what he had even a house, a dilapidated flat in the rough part of the inner city was where he used to lay his head for the vast majority of his life. There was no refuge there, no warmth or happiness or safety. Going “home” was synonymous with yelling and pain and so much fear that it just never seemed worth it.

It wasn’t always like that though. For 8 years of his life, he really was happy. In his grandfather’s little cottage in the outskirts of Oxfordshire, tucked far away from any neighbors, but Gavin could say he was never wanting for love or affection.

His grandfather–Nonno, he called him–was a kind man. Honest. Had worked and worked and worked until he could scrounge up enough money to move his family from their tiny town in Italy to the UK, and then worked until he no longer physically could. A man who had every reason to be jaded and bitter, having outlived his wife as well as their three children, but Gavin can not think of a single time when his Nonno was anything other than a sweet, kindhearted, happy-go-lucky fellow. Even when he became sick, when cancer and chemo ravaged his body from the inside out, left him pale and frail and a shadow of the man he had once been, he never once let his smile slip. A charmer, Gavin remembers the nurses all used to say with a fond grin when Gavin rushed straight from school to the hospital every few weeks for the next chemotherapy appointment.

There Nonno would be sat, in one of those cushy, reclining chairs that did nothing to mask the view of the bleak white walls or the smell of antiseptic or the image of his fragile grandfather attached to various leads and IVs all poking through his skin. Gavin would always feel sick looking at it. But Nonno would see him in the doorway, smile that bright, brilliant smile, and exclaim “Bambino! You are here!” in that heavily accented voice that never failed to put Gavin at ease.

Nonno had taught Gavin a few things in the years Gavin lived with him: work hard for the things you think are worth it, never be afraid of failure, and a home-cooked meal can cure all ailments.

Gavin didn’t believe the last one, as a young lad of 9 years, he couldn’t correlate Nonno’s favorite phrase with his inability to cure his cancer. But even a young Gavin couldn’t deny the look of utter joy Nonno always got when cooking. Or the look of pride when tasting something Gavin had cooked himself.

Those days in the kitchen, with Nonno patiently directing Gavin on how to spice something properly or the true Italian way to make pasta from scratch, were some of Gavin’s fondest memories. Now that, he will forever associate with home.

That’s what he thinks as he lugs out the old-fashioned pasta maker out from the cabinet and readies the dough he already rolled out. He works on autopilot, the heavy, warm smell of garlic and tomato enveloping him and reminding him of a simpler time.

“Whatcha doing, B?”

“Bugger me!” Gavin snaps, jumping a foot in the air, much to Dan’s amusement.

“Aw did I scare you, B? Sorry B!”

Gavin glares at him before pointedly returning to his work, cutting a long strip of dough to insert into the machine. Dan lets out another laugh and wraps his arms around Gavin’s waist, settling flush against Gavin’s back and resting his chin against his shoulder.


“Your observational skills are unparalleled, Daniel.”

Dan snorts and kisses Gavin behind the ear, grinning widely when Gavin instantly melts against him. He presses another kiss behind his ear and then moves to his cheek, and then the corner of his lips. He hums happily when Gavin sighs and turns in the circle of his arms to kiss him properly.

“You are an absolute menace, Daniel Gruchy.”

“Aw B, don’t be like that B!”

“Don’t be like what?” Meg asks as she walks into the kitchen, popping up on the counter next to the boys and puckering her lips for kisses. The boys easily oblige.

“B’s being a prick,” Dan whines instantly to her, nuzzling Gavin’s hair.

“And Dan’s being a twat.”

“Boys, boys, no fighting in the kitchen.” Meg leans over to the stove and lifts up one of the lids, inhaling deeply at the smell of homemade pasta sauce. She ladles a bit out, blows on it, and then sticks her pinky in. Gavin watches intently as her eyes close and she moans around her finger. “Fuck that’s good.”

“Yeah? Does it need anything?”

“Could do with a sprinkle more of oregano, but other than that–” she dips her finger again. “Ugh. Delicious.”

“Cheers, girl,” Gavin smiles. He moves for the cupboard, but finds himself completely stuck. “B, lemme go, I need to get the spices.”



“Nah,” Dan grins. “I demand payment.”

“I’m cooking for you, you spoiled wanker!”

“Mmmm, nope. Not appeased. Need more kisses.”

“Kisses eh?” Gavin turns fully in Dan’s hold, chest to chest, and grabs Dan’s face with his floury hands. When Dan sputters at the sudden onslaught of white powder, Gavin squeaks out a laugh and kisses his nose. “That enough payment for you luv?”

Dan splutters again and glares, wiping away frantically at the floury handprints on his face. Meg laughs hysterically, bent at the waist, and Dan turns his glare on her too.

“You’re both awful.”

“Naaaaaah,” Gavin laughs. Meg leans over for a high-five and then jumps down to skip over to the spice cabinet and pluck the dried oregano from the bottom shelf. She holds it out to Gavin but quickly draws back when he reaches for it.

“What about my payment?” She grins cheekily, which slips a moment later when she sees Gavin’s hand inch towards the flour. “NO, GAVIN I WILL–”

The flour collides with her forehead and she holds her breath as the dust blooms outward around her.

“Gavin?” She calls over the raucous laughter.

“Yes luv?”

“You know those knives you got me for my birthday?”

“Yes luv.”

“It’s going straight in your nose.”

“It’s a big enough target.”

“B! Traitor!”

It’s a free for all then, the pets wisely steering clear after the first time Hebe was nearly trounced by a baguette. By the end, all three are absolutely covered in powder and the floor is littered with cans and herbs and even more flour, laughter still ringing through the halls. Miraculously, the pasta sauce and fresh pasta remained untouched.

Gavin pulls himself upright, accepting the hand Dan extended and the tomato-y kiss with a wide grin.

“I’m not cleaning this,” Meg says immediately, picking basil stems out of her hair with a grimace. “Dibs on first shower!”

“Meg, no! I already called it!”

“Race ya, bitch!”

And once again, Gavin is left alone in the kitchen, beaming fondly after them. He shakes his head, picks some Parmesan from out of his ear, and returns back to work, readying the noodles to boil. By the time both Meg and Dan return from the bathroom, the food is complete.

They kiss his temple when he returns from his own quick shower, vow to clean up so he doesn’t have to, and they all relocate to the living room. There, with Gavin sat comfortably between his partners, the shitty movie Dan put on completely ignored in favor of digging into the delicious food, moans and compliments filling the air in between bites, Gavin realizes something.

He found home again.

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How would STARISH react to waking up and discovering their S/O had started their period during the night? (Like the S/O got their period early and didn't use tampons/pads so theres blood everywhere?)

Okay this surprisingly took a while! I hope you like! :3


“It’s really alright, _____-chan.” His palms grazed against your cheeks and he pressed his forehead to yours in a sense of comfort.

You nodded, so embarrassed that you were as red as his hair colour. You expected him to be shocked out of his wits and disgusted. You didn’t think he’d act the contrary. Patient and understanding.

“I’m sorry..Otoya..” You mumbled and he shook his head firmly. “You couldn’t have known, _____-chan!! It’s perfectly fine!” He assured, patting your head. You smiled weakly in reply.

“Now then, let’s clean up! I’ll give you a hand!” He said with a nervous smile as he pulled off the bedsheets.


Without a word, he removed the sheets, taking them to the laundry. You opened your mouth, trying to say something, to apologise but no words tumbled out. You drooped your head, playing with the hem of your skirt.

Masato was the one who first spoke up. “It’s a natural process.” He cleared his throat. “You can predict when it comes but it isn’t necessarily correct. It’s okay, _______.”

You took his hand and he clenched your palm, his fingers stroking your skin. “Masato….”

“It’s fine, _______.” You looked up to see his amethyst eyes softening with concern and understanding. You tried to smile. He smiled back in response, kissing your fingers.

“Let’s work on cleaning up now.” He offered, motioning to the bathroom.


Surprise was evident in the blonde’s face when he awoke to the red mess beside him and you fervently trying to clean it up. He got off, helping you shrug off the bedsheets and he put the stained bedspread into a bucket of water.

“______-chan, accidents happen!” He said, in an attempt to console you. “I should have put on a pad…” You muttered under your breath and he frowned. He pulled you into a tight hug.

“I said it’s okay, _____-chan. I’m not irritated by this at all! Remember that time when I spilt my tea all over the bed?” He asked patting your cheeks.

You chuckled. “That’s not the same thing…”



“I’m so sorry, I’ll clean it up–” You felt the heat gush up your cheeks as you frantically pulled off the corners of your bedsheets, tugging them off more roughly than you intended to.


You bit your lip, bundling the fabric and making a run for the bathroom but your boyfriend caught your wrist, steadying you in place.

“Tokiya–” You started but he raised his palm, requesting you to not say anything. You stopped midway and shook your head, looking away.

“_______. Do you think I’m bothered by it? Yes it’s blood but menstruation is an entirely normal process for your body. Nothing about it is disgusting. If anything, please let me help you wash the bedsheets.” His lips curled into a reassuring smile at his last statement and you fought back tears that threatened to well up and fall over.

He kissed your forehead. “It’s completely fine.” He cooed, taking the cloth from your hands and dunking it into a bucket.


“I’m sorry…” You mumbled, burying your hands into your face. Your boyfriend made sure you changed and didn’t leave the couch as he quietly changed the bedsheets.


He didn’t reply, stretching his back. “Say it. You’re obviously pissed and eh..disgusted.” You pointed out, shifting uncomfortably in your seat. “I want to help you clean my mess at least.”

“Lady.” You looked up to meet his concerned gaze. “I’m not at all disgusted. It’s natural right? The only way to temporarily stop this is by..” He trailed off, his lips curling into a wolfish smirk. “Is by you and I having loads of–”

“STOP! DON’T CONTINUE THAT!” You said, your voice shrilly as you tried to fight down that red blush threatening to surface. He laughed, his eyes glinting with teasing humour.

“I appreciate you wishing to help but I want you to sit there. I’ve not done laundry in a while so this’ll be a good restart.” He hummed, sauntering to clean your sheets. You trailed behind him, muttering “Good restart, my ass.” under your breath as a curse.


He jumped at the sight of red blood, tinting the sheets in an odd shade entirely. “_____!! You okay?!!” He yelled, worried if you hit something in your sleep. You shook your head, embarrassed.

“Its uh…” You pulled off the sheets, cursing yourself for not putting on a pad or a tampon last night.

“WHAT??” He asked louder, unable to decipher your muttering.

“PERIODS, SYO!” You replied back louder and understanding dawned on his face.

“Oh…uh…” He scratched the back of his head, unsure of what to say. You rolled your eyes, feeling like utter crap. “I know it’s disgusting.” You grumbled, taking the cloth to be washed.

“Nah..it’s okay. Things happen.” Syo tried to comfort you but he was afraid if you already started having mood swings. You bit your lip.

“Really?” You asked, hating that helpless tone in your voice.

“Yeah. I promise. We men have issues too.” He patted his chest, puffing it up to emphasise his point.

“Oh.” You smirked. “Like what?”

“The sudden urge to kiss his girlfriend when he knows he can’t do much.” He said with a grin, kissing your lips quickly. He pulled away immediately, suddenly embarrassed by his actions. “I’ll help if you want.” He said, looking away.


“MY PRINCESS!” He shrieked, crawling to the edge of the bed to help you remove the bedspread.

“Oh shit.” You cursed under your breath, rolling up the cloth and making a run for the bathroom.

“Wait!” Cecil called behind you. “What’s wrong??”

You blushed, unsure how to reply. You toyed with your toes, pacing about. You sighed, deciding to tell him crassly. “Periods…its okay..I’ll clean up, Cecil!” The words tumbled out of your mouth like lightening and you shut the door immediately. He frowned.

When you got out, you didn’t expect to be embraced tightly by your boyfriend whose arms pulled you close until you felt his breath at your ears.

“My princess, did you think I would find that gross? It happens to all women.” He kissed the back of your palm and peered into your (e/c), his emerald eyes unwavering.

“Cecil…” He smiled before kissing you softly. “It’s fine, my princess. I shall make you feel better!” He said, kissing you again.

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"You're such a bitch." With KuroMahi maybe? Kuro seems to have lost his temper and said something he didn't mean...

I’m sorry for the wait!!! I hope you enjoy regardless!! <3


“Kuro! Get off your lazy ass we have things to do” Mahiru yelled in annoyance, Kuro seemed to be doing it all just to piss him off.

“Aah don’t want too, leave me alone” Kuro replied in a colder tone than usual, tiredly lying on the couch with one eye open watching his game device almost struggling to keep aware of his surroundings.

“Just get up! You have to take out the trash, unpack the dishwasher, unpack the dryer and clean the bedroom it’s your turn!” Mahiru yelled at him feeling ticked off, he was stressing about getting everything done and the damn vampire on his couch wasn’t helping a bit. When he found he was ignored he walked over behind the couch and pushed Kuro off onto the floor. It wasn’t the first time he had done that, usually Kuro would complain and whine or if he was in a good mood he would chuckle.

Kuro just silently glared, picking up his game and throwing it back on the couch with more force than necessary. “You’re such a bitch, just leave me alone” he said in a cold serious tone.

“e-eh….. Kuro..?” Mahiru quietly mumbled, flinching at the harsh tone.

“I said just leave me alone” He left the room to go lie down in Mahiru’s room instead, closing the door behind him and leaving Mahiru alone with his thoughts.

Did Kuro… mean that? Mahiru knew he was being pushy, and that he really hated work, but what made him lash out so harshly… did he hate Mahiru- he cut off his own thoughts not wanting to think about it. It was stupid, it was just stupid, Mahiru shouldn’t have pushed him and they wouldn’t be in an argument. It was his fault… wasn’t it.

He numbly walked over to unpack the dishwasher, unloading the plates and not noticing small tears dripping onto the plate. They called each other insults all the time, it wasn’t a big deal, Mahiru wasn’t an overly sensitive person. So why did Kuro saying it like that hurt him so much? The apartment was quiet, too quiet, it had barely been a minute but he missed the beeping of Kuros game and his whining.

Mahiru was that pathetic, he just wanted Kuro to come back out and cutely roll around on the floor or even turn on the television and watch some stupid high school drama. He gave up on the dishes and lay down on the couch much like Kuro was, closing his eyes for a small second. Maybe a small break wouldn’t hurt… he wanted to say something to him, but he didn’t want to face him. Thinking simply he should just talk to him! But maybe Kuros bad habits were rubbing off on him after all.

He fell into an uneasy sleep, waking up and finding he was much more comfortable than before. A blanket was laid down over him, and all the dishes were put away… he couldn’t help a large smile as he buried his face happily into the blanket.

I’m sorry Mahiru

Thankyou Kuro


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So in the recent chapters of KS, was Sangwoo guilty or scared that Bum wouldn't wake up after he hurt himself? And why didn't Bum want to sleep with Sangwoo? Isn't that what Bum wanted? (Sorry for the long questions, I just wanted your opinion on this lol)

Apologies for taking so long to reply to this! I’ll break the questions down a little bit so I can better keep track of my own train of thought in trying to explain how I see the situation. I realize that most of this is just me unnecessarily recounting what happened rather than answers but…^^;

Was Sangwoo guilty?

No. I personally do not see that and frankly don’t believe Sangwoo is capable of guilt, it’s a foreign concept for him. Even when he apologizes (like he does in chapter 27) it still never comes across as anything but “I see something went wrong here so I will say the words I’m supposed to” instead of him genuinely feeling he is responsible or in the wrong. Starting from chapter 25 Sangwoo more or less pressured Bum to talk about his uncle (thus forcing him to relive trauma he wasn’t prepared to deal with) and when the story ended up being “disappointing” to Sangwoo, he wasted no time in voicing that discontent. He instantly became distant and showed no emotion, just turning away from Bum. As we saw, his actions and words completely broke Bum down, leading to his attempted suicide.

It’s worth noting here that Sangwoo acting so distant (instead of for example laughing at Bum) can easily be taken as a sign of him distancing himself from a familiar trauma of his own. Sangwoo could have been through a sexual assault, the words he says to Bum could be what he has been telling himself for years, going distant could be how he handles it. Being disappointed in Bum not stabbing his uncle could be Sangwoo remembering his own experience, or it could be what he saw his mother go through even. There could be a backstory that explains this but there’s also a chance that Sangwoo was just purely disappointed in Bum without there needing to be an experience of his own that he was projecting.

Now, to me Sangwoo’s reaction (or the LACK of reaction) to Bum bleeding on the floor was exactly how I expected him to react. He just stared at him, questioning Bum and slowly becoming irritated over not being paid attention to and then simply stating for Bum to die – classic Sangwoo.

Was Sangwoo scared that Bum wouldn’t wake up?

Yes, I’d say that became obvious after a while but the reasons might be… eh, twisted(*). He fetches a bat to presumably finish Bum off by bashing his head in, but then the change takes over and it’s… quite something. He sees bleeding Bum again and starts freaking out, he pools the blood with his own hands like that would make it return inside Bum’s veins, instead of trying to stop the bleeding by applying pressure on the wound. He even verbally commands the bleeding to stop. Sangwoo has seen (*cough* caused) enough bodily harm to know how to make bleeding slow down and yet he seemingly loses all rational thought for a moment (like a child experiencing something like that for the first time). It takes him a moment to start functioning, to carry Bum upstairs and then bandage him.

During this sequence of events from the kitchen to (what I assume is his childhood) bedroom Sangwoo says several things that catch the reader’s attention. He briefly blames himself and apologizes to Bum, then he notes that “something is not right” before he finally functions again. There’s a lot going on there with Sangwoo. Once upstairs we get treated to a memory/hallucination of Sangwoo’s mother and more allusion that Sangwoo sees his mother in Bum when he “speaks” to Sangwoo in bed.

(*) By “twisted” I mean that I don’t believe it to be as simple as Sangwoo having fallen for Bum and worried about losing him specifically. I still think that one of the driving forces to his shock was that Sangwoo is not done with Bum and if Bum would kill himself then it would mean to Sangwoo that someone has walked out on him – Sangwoo needs to be the one to end things with other people and not the other way around. The other reasons would come from the Bum/Sangwoo’s mother connection, but we have yet to been shown enough of what actually happened with Sangwoo and his parents for me to throw guesses. Even with what we have currently been presented with I don’t really know what to say about Sangwoo’s attitude toward his mother (in the past or in the present), it’s completely foreign aspect of him to me.

Jump ahead a bit and Sangwoo has recovered, he cleans up the kitchen presumably because of his mother telling him to and continues to eat cake. He doesn’t come check on Bum nor help him come down. We’ve already been shown that you can hear everything that happens in that house no matter where inside it you are so I’m sure Sangwoo knew perfectly well that Bum was moving long before he limped to the kitchen. Then he makes a note that “WE’re BOTH a complete mess” which sounds like a hint to Bum that he should know Bum isn’t being taken care of but it is expected of him to offer support to Sangwoo like Sangwoo has for him.

Why didn’t Bum want to sleep with Sangwoo?

So, Sangwoo takes them to take a bath. He acts very much his usual self before starting to assure Bum that “you didn’t have a choice.” All of this reassurance is false, he just says things that he thinks Bum wants to hear now. Earlier Sangwoo said what he thought, now he says what he assumes will get Bum to “lighten up” and return to their established dynamic. He momentarily believes it works when Bum says it’s okay, but Sangwoo’s words are too little far too late. Sangwoo offers sex because that has worked before, and we can see the utter shock on him when Bum rejects him. He can’t handle it, he can’t process it, and he goes back to remembering his earlier memory/hallucination and tries to justify himself (“I said” and “I treated”) before turning it to insult Bum (“ungrateful” and “none of the others were like this”) and bringing up his uncle again. Bum has no room to react to any of it.

…I’m off the subject. Their last sexual encounter was in chapter 20, where Bum thought Sangwoo was having sex with him only to realize he was being deceived. Then at the motel Bum was ready to have sex with Sangwoo. What that compared to chapter 27 says to me is that Sangwoo simply had rotten timing. He pushed Bum to relive sexual trauma that caused the man to attempt suicide and then brought the trauma up again only to ask “wanna do it?” just seconds after. Sangwoo obviously doesn’t see a thing wrong with this, but I believe Bum just wasn’t up for it after painfully going through his memories and then being insulted by Sangwoo. He doesn’t even know Sangwoo had a meltdown of his own, so it seems as far as Bum is concerned Sangwoo wasn’t shaken at all; when Bum woke up he just saw Sangwoo doing exactly what he had been doing before Bum’s suicide attempt – eating cake.

Isn’t (sleeping with Sangwoo) what Bum wanted?

Yes, to a certain extent. We know that Bum has wanted Sangwoo for a long time, but ever since his captivity he has also grown to want him less. This is evident when comparing earlier chapters to more recent ones, where Bum did initiate sexual activity to where as he will only take it when Sangwoo initiates. He still wants Sangwoo (as shown in chapter 20) but what Bum has wanted more than sex with Sangwoo is to be important to Sangwoo. He originally fell for the image of protective and kind Sangwoo, someone who’d care and be there for him.

The real Sangwoo wasn’t kind but he brought some of that protection and care that Bum wanted. We know that being unimportant to Sangwoo is a terrible fear for Bum, and the way Sangwoo reacted to his story really did not help with that fear. From Sangwoo it’s a major fuck up that he failed to be emotionally supportive there, it was something really important to Bum. Bum has wanted to be intimate with Sangwoo for a long time, but he has wanted emotional intimacy more than the physical. Sangwoo offered him the wrong one this time.

Now is this something that will have long lasting effects on how Bum views Sangwoo? It very well could be and we’ll just have to see if it’s something Bum can look past.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any suggestions on fanfictions where Obi-Wan didn't become a Jedi?

Hi!  I know there are a bunch out there that I’m still getting to, but I can only think of three that I’ve finished reading (what’s been posted), but they’re really good ones!  It’s not a trope I usually read, I get sadfaced when Obi-Wan isn’t living the life he wants to live, but occasionally some get me past that!

- Lost Reflections by esama, obi-wan & cast, time travel (?), 30.5k wip

Obi-Wan didn’t become Qui-Gon Jinn’s apprentice, and Ben didn’t exile himself to Tatooine.  On Bandomeer the two meet.

A young Obi-Wan is sent off to the agricultural corps and a stranger with the same last name as him shows up, who begins working with him and teaching him, in a different way but no less worthwhile and meaningful.  It’s a very calm and almost slice-of-life kind of story, it’s about two people (the same person, though, any potential reveal hasn’t happened yet) who need to heal finding each other and helping each other.  Ben is so wounded in spirit, young Obi-Wan is so frustrated and unsettled, that in learning to use the Force on this planet, to help grow things, is surprisingly interesting a read and so touching for how they both find better places in their lives.  That they’re not limited to one path and that they can find solace in exactly where they are.

Don’t let the WIP nature fool you, it’s not about the ending, it’s about the journey.  It’s a lovely story and was incredibly warm and soothing to me, when I used to get antsy about the idea of Obi-Wan not being a Jedi. (full rec can be found on this post)

- Sun Kissed by Vee017, obi-wan/anakin & cast, nsfw, off-screen rape themes, 81.7k wip

Being on a world that supports slavery is one thing. Buying a slave and bringing him into Republic space is entirely another.

The other thing that makes me feel better about Obi-Wan not being a Jedi is when he meets Anakin and they can go live their life together instead!  This one might be a miss for you if you can’t handle rape and sex slave themes (though nothing happens on-screen or in current time, it’s all in the past), but I liked it for being a long journey between these characters, that they don’t just jump together, that it’s been 80k and they’re still working their shit out, because they both have things to heal from. (full rec can be found on this post)

- One Whose Authority by Mithrigil, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 33.1k

After seven years training as Qui-Gon’s Padawan, Anakin finally has questions that his Master can’t answer. A specialist in force-user initiation and the erotic mysteries might be just what Anakin needs–but Kenobi is almost too good at his job.

I also greatly enjoyed this one, it has a sex scene that is ridiculously hot (well, three of them that were fantastic!), but that it wound sex together with teaching Anakin how to manage his feelings, how to learn to settle down and find a little more balance.  The combination of those two things made this a really fascinating read and I love that this Obi-Wan may have wanted more, but he wasn’t miserable where he was, that he was still helping people!  Even if he still had something of a journey to go through, even if there was some angst, it was a largely happy fic!  And also, seriously, that scene with the medicine caplets and Anakin’s focus, holy hell, that one stayed with me.  (full rec can be found on this post)

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i know this is a weird request but i feel like homura and karamatsu might get along well for whatever reason and id really love to read a ficlet where they get to have a conversation for the first time and they just start talking to each other abt their bfs

Sorry for the delay… I took some time to think about how I wanted to do this. I eventually decided to combine this with Tanabata. (Though I’m open to writing other Tanabata fics, too, come to think of it. It’s that time of year.)

I just went with “Homura” bc frankly it’s easier.

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The Cello Player | Part 2

Brian x Reader/You
Third Person P.O.V
Summary: (Y/N) is a flute player who attends the same music university as Brian, a talented cello player. Their horribly strict conductor pairs them up to play many duet pieces for the upcoming concert as well as playing with the full orchestra. (Y/N) struggles with the heavy workload as Brian helps her through the stress.
1846 Words
Updated: 21st May 2017

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 

Established religion / Story inspired by the movie ‘Whiplash’

Originally posted by dammyoongi

The conflict that happened between Brian and Linda happened days ago. Linda was especially peeved at the fact she couldn’t call out Brian for anything because his playing was too perfect. He adapted easily to the environment. Everyone almost relaxed because she was too focused on trying to catch him out.

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Maybe this is too personal but what do you think about lgbt+ representation in media and queerbaiting? Like are you passionate about the topic, one of those "eh whatever i don't need it" kinda person or is it a topic you generally don't particularly care about?

It’s alright! I welcome personal questions~

LGBT+ rep is gaining more visibility but personally still very far from enough. I still have to grasp at straws at anything that I feel remotely connected to, esp as a bi woc (Asian specifically too). Hoo boi that’s some scarce content right there. I’m super passionate about the topic as everyone should be tbh.

As for queerbaiting, it’s always the biggest disappointment to me sigHs I wish people would create content w sincerity not because it’ll blow up as a hit for the fandom. It matters to so many of us and our feelings shouldn’t be something they exploit.

But yeah, I think what’s great is a lot more indie art works and shows are finally more free to broach this topic, which is a good step in the right direction! As creators from the LGBT community, we need to relentlessly explore these stories as well, directly or indirectly. For me, all of my content whether fanwork or original art work is about LGBT poc, youth especially, since that’s something I’ve never had growing up. You don’t have to do your stories that way but you kNOW even having one LGBT person in ur cast would make a difference to someone. So it’s always something to think about. I try to inject as much complexity and dimensionality and of course sincerity too because that’s the content we all deserve yknowwhatimsaying.

It sorta sucks cause I literally cry every time there’s any hint of legitimate queerness in media because I’m like wOW dUDE!!!!!!! It’s me?!?!?! I exist whaTTTT?? AND THATS SO IMPORTANT because we find ourselves through story and empathy. It’s literally through media that I came to terms with how I felt about my sexuality (since at the time I knew no one among my peers or family that could relate)

SO YEAH TLDR THIS TOPIC IS EXTREMELY CLOSE TO MY HEART AND I COULD SCREAM ABOUT IT ALL DAY I’m sorry if it was incoherent Ive been running on 2 hrs of sleep for the last 48 hrs LOL but lol adhakdhak

Hello, Beautiful (text messaging) [SaiIno]
  • Setting: Around the time cellular phones became a thing in the Narutoverse, right around the time Sai and Ino started dating.
  • ---
  • *after their first date*
  • Conversation Started: 6:45 p.m.
  • Sai: Hello, beautiful (*¯ ³¯*)♡...
  • Ino: Hi. Who's this?
  • Sai: Who else would it be? ♡♡
  • Ino: Could be anyone, really. ╮( ̄_ ̄)╭
  • Sai: Anyone?(O_O;)
  • Sai: Fine, if anyone can call you beautiful, then I'll call you Miss Beautiful.
  • Sai: So, do you now know who it is?
  • Ino: Sai?
  • Sai: Yay~! You got it right.ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ
  • Ino: Imagining you saying that with a blank face is kinda scary.
  • Sai: Whaaaat? How am I scary? ;---;
  • Ino: Haha. Never mind that.
  • Ino: So...what's up? ヾ(*'▽'*) Why'd you text?
  • Sai: Wait, you need a reason to text somebody? (•ิ_•ิ)?
  • Ino: Well, that's usually how it is.
  • Sai: Oh...
  • Sai: Well, I really don't have any reason, so...sorry for disturbing. (╥_╥)
  • Ino: Wait! It's fine! Don't go...
  • Sai: But I thought you said you needed a reason to text somebody.
  • Ino: Hey, hey, that's not entirely true...you could text someone just because you wanted to talk to them.
  • Sai: Oh...then I guess I do have a reason, after all.
  • Ino: Hm, what might that be?
  • Sai: I wanna talk to you. Is that a bad thing?
  • Ino: No, not at all. I wanted to talk to you too, but I forgot that I didn't have your number.
  • Ino: So I'm glad you texted.
  • Sai: What are you up to?
  • Ino: Not much, I'm just tending to the flower shop. I still get customers as late as 9:00, and I don't have anything to do.
  • Ino: What about you?
  • Sai: Need help with that?
  • Sai: Nothing, really. I'm just practicing a few sketches.
  • Ino: I'm fine, but I'll probably be needing help next week. A wedding's coming up. (╯_╰) What are you sketching?
  • Sai: I can help you if you like. Just a few...things.
  • (He's actually trying to draw her from the top of his head, which he didn't really find difficult at all)
  • Ino: Thank you! I really appreciate it!
  • Sai: No problem. If anything, I should probably thank you.
  • Ino: Why?
  • Sai: You know, for what you did back there...and for earlier. I had a lot of fun.
  • Ino: Don't worry about it! I hope I wasn't talking too much back there. (╯︵╰,) You seemed a little quiet.
  • Sai: I did? No way. I actually said a lot of things.
  • Ino: Ah, I guess ours standards are different. ( ̄▽ ̄)
  • Sai: I enjoyed listening to you talk. But if it troubles you, I'll try my best to speak up a little more. (>_<)
  • Ino: Ah, don't worry. I'm not trying to pressure you or anything.
  • Ino: I just thought that you were uninterested. (;;;*_*)
  • Sai: Uninterested? Why would I be uninterested?
  • Sai: I wouldn't have asked you out if I was uninterested in hearing what you had to say. ( ´ ▽ ` )
  • Ino: Is that so? ( ̄▽ ̄)
  • Sai: Yup. Besides, I know how much of a loudmouth you can be. ☆ ~('▽'人)
  • Ino: Eh? Did you just call me a loudmouth? (╬ Ò﹏Ó)
  • Sai: Hahaha, I'm sorry about that. (シ_ _)シ
  • Ino: Hmpf.
  • Sai: Come on, why don't we just hug it out?
  • Sai: (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • Sai: (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • Sai: (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • Sai: (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • Sai: (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • Ino: Fine, fine. Just stop sending those huggy things.
  • Sai: But I like hugs.
  • Ino: Sigh. And I thought you were the quiet and cool type.
  • Sai: Wait...you don't like me anymore? (个_个)
  • Ino: No, that's not it.
  • Ino: I still like you, even though you text like a twelve-year-old.
  • Sai: How?
  • Ino: You keep using these little face thingies.
  • Sai: But you've been using them too, haven't you?
  • Ino: I know. Hahaha. So I guess we're both at fault here.
  • Sai: Heh. We're on the same team now.
  • Sai: Are you still tending to the flower shop?
  • Ino: Yeah. Sorry my reply's a little late. A customer just came in. He wanted to find the perfect flowers for an apology to his wife.
  • Sai: Huh? Flowers...for an apology? By the way, am I bothering you?
  • Ino: No, you aren't. :) Yeah. Every flower has a different meaning.
  • Ino: It's the language of flowers.
  • Sai: Hmm...so what did you recommend?
  • Ino: Carnations. Pink ones, with some white ones. He was so tired from work that he forgot their afternoon date.
  • Sai: What do they mean?
  • Ino: Carnations symbolize devoted love. Pink ones mean that he'll never forget his wife again, and white ones mean that he'll remember her forever.
  • Sai: Oh, that's interesting.
  • Sai: You're constantly surrounded by flowers, aren't you? I think giving you flowers as a present will be difficult.
  • Sai: But I hope I don't relay the wrong message.
  • Ino: Why? What message would you like to relay to me?
  • Sai: Well...
  • Sai: Romantic love?
  • Sai: Why? Is that wrong?
  • Ino: No, definitely not...I'm just a little surprised.
  • Sai: Why? Do you dislike me?
  • Ino: No! Why are you asking me all these difficult questions? (ಥ﹏ಥ)
  • Sai: Heh...sorry.
  • Sai: Anyway, isn't it getting a little late?
  • Ino: Nah, it's still a little early.
  • Sai: Want me to come over and walk you home?
  • Ino: Ha? Why would you do that? I'm totally fine.
  • Sai: I'm just worried.
  • Ino: The streets are safe, remember? I'll be fine. No worries, no worries.
  • Sai: But still. You never know if you end up running into a violent, drunk person or a thief...
  • Ino: Fine, fine. I'll be going home soon then.
  • Sai: Please let me know when you're home...or if you run into trouble.
  • Ino: Alright. <( ̄︶ ̄)>
  • Sai: Oh, Ino...
  • Ino: Hm?
  • Sai: Would you...
  • Sai: Would you like to go out on another date next time?
  • Ino: Are you kidding me?
  • Ino: I'd love to go!
  • Ino: So, where are we going?
  • Sai: I honestly haven't thought about that yet, but I'll come up with something.
  • Ino: Alright. I'll trust you with that! (・ω<)☆
  • Ino: Anyway, I don't think any customers are coming in anymore, so I'll close shop right now.
  • Sai: Alright!
  • ----five minutes later----
  • Ino: Are you...standing outside right now?
  • Sai: Wait...that's your flower shop? I never would've guessed!
  • Ino: It's called 'Yamanaka Florists.' How is that not obvious?
  • Sai: I can't lie to you, can I? (╥﹏╥)
  • Sai: I'm just worried about you. Let me walk you home...please.
  • Ino: Fine. Why don't you come inside? It's freezing outside.
  • Sai: Alright.
  • Sai: Hey, why don't we grab something to eat?
  • Ino: Sounds fine to me. Now, get in here before you freeze to death!
  • Sai: Oh...you're worried about me~
  • Ino: Idiot.
Mommy & Daddy’s Baby Talk
  • This was inspired by a chat by @hex-maniac-mareen
  • -Genos Tucks in the Mini Genos' before joining Saitama in their own futon in the opposite side of the room-
  • Genos: Hachi and Nana finally went into sleep mode...
  • Saitama: Thank god. I'd thought they'd 'never' knock out for the night.
  • -Scoots over a bit for Genos under the covers-
  • Saitama: I really didn't expect them to show up like that. When did Kuseno even have the time to make them?
  • Genos: It was during my upgrade session. He'd figured the process would go on much longer since the last battle, so he thought it would be to our benefit if we had a little extra help around the apartment while I was gone; seeing as I've told him I generally tend to house chores outside of work and training.
  • Saitama: Ah, I see.
  • Genos: ....
  • Saitama: ...Hm? Hey, what's up? You're all quiet all of a sudden.
  • -Looks down before he looks up at him-
  • Genos: ...Sensei, I would like to apologize.
  • Saitama: Huh? Where did that come from?
  • Genos: ...A...Another reason Kuseno had made them unexpectedly was the urge to have future generations. He looks to me as he would a son, and I to him as a second father. And being what I am, regardless if I had encountered the Mad Cyborg, and remained as I was as a normal 15 year old boy at the time---
  • Saitama: Okay okay, I get that, you don't have to ramble. But what does 'that' have to do with 'me'?
  • Genos: ...It...had me thinking...perhaps you also felt something of a similar urge. Or that one day you would want something as 'natural' as starting a family. I mean, even if I were to be human...being biologically what I was I....-looks to one of the Mini Genos' as it turns over and whirs to sleep mode-...I could never give you that...
  • -Sees the disappointed look on Genos' face and scratches the back of his head nervously-
  • Saitama: ...Ah, well, to be honest I never really gave it much thought. Even when it seemed like the average thing to pursue when I decided to stick to being a Salary Man, it just never seemed all that big a deal to me if I got one or not.
  • -Genos blinks as he strokes his hand against his cheek-
  • Saitama: ...But, I don't know. Having you and the guys around here lately has been kind of fun. And with the brats around, I really don't see a need to "start a family."
  • Genos: Sensei....
  • -Hugs him close before looking up as Saitama lowers his head for a kiss. Saitama suddenly grins mischievously-
  • Saitama: ...Say...even though we can't exactly "make" a family...[-in a purring whisper as he gently pushes him on his back-]would you like to do it as though we are trying to?
  • Genos: Eh...?...Mm~?!...Mmn~...////....
  • -The Following Morning-
  • Mini Genos': Danna?/Are you okay?/He's usually up earlier....
  • Saitama: Uhm, let's let him sleep just a little bit longer. In the mean time, we should get breakfast ready.;;;
  • Mini Genos': Kaaay!
  • Genos: ....////....[Urgh...;;;]