but eeehhhhh

“Miss me beautiful?~”
“Fuck you!!”
Drew an old ship I used to draw on a daily basis -w-
It’s a kinda one-sides hate/love ship?
Hehehe, i’ve always loved torturing Toshi~
Ah, well shit -u-“”
EEEHHHHH @dimini kinda knows who HE is :P
In any case, both dorks belong to me

skyloftinq  asked:

Midna for 21, 22, and 24?

21- Eeehhhhh Midna can be patient when she needs to be (being a princess and queen in the future) but if she really doesn’t want to, her she acts like the brat she is the moment she doesn’t get her way.

22- She only insults people who deserve it (Zant, Link when he’s being very stupid). Her insults tend to be very cheeky about your looks and fashion. But sometimes, she will cover up her flirtations with petty insults about your “stupidly perfect eyes” or “annoying cute smile”

(I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT THE LAST ON SO SORRY) 24- Midna sleeps regular hours, as she need her beauty sleep and she’s not stupid enough to NOT take care of herself. But there are times where she has nightmare about her time in the catsle, where Zant locked her up in her room, sometimes forgetting to feed her. There are times where she dreams about Zant killing those she loves, just like he did with her parents. It’s those times she doesn’t get the sleep she needs, but lucky for her, Link is there to comfort her; to tell her everything’s ok and he is safe. She REFUSES to sleep on anything that is not a mattress or something equally comfortable. If there isn’t anything like that, she will MAKE IT.

~Mod Roy and Mod Junior


“You chose to make this drink to my liking. Hibiki, that’s what possibilities are.”


1. My town feels like fire, my town feels like thirty kids pulling out the ground from under me, my town feels dirty, too pure, like when you wash your hands too much and the irritation peels away at your skin - this is not a eulogy, this is not a funeral. I want none of the heat but all of the light. My town leaves open doors everywhere and I can’t find my way through them. 

2. I am smothered in claustrophobic love. Only push, only the left over hearts and lungs that keep me alive. I look up sometimes and I dream about the open, I dream about absence of love, I dream about the pull. I dream about reaching up and touching so little that I am long gone. 

3. You have left too many goodbye notes in my skin. My words become moist on lips and soft on pillows, your letters taste arid and sharp. You never had a way with words, I was always your voice. I was the savior, I was the mother, I was the way you could never tell me you love me, so I tucked the phrase under my teeth and held it on your collarbone. I was always so hungry for paragraphs and metaphors. 

4. There is a sense of small in my light. It is the sense that as long as I’ve been here my heart has been writing adventures that it is never longed for. It is the sense that in ten years I might be holding keys in my throat. It is the sense that I am a alarm, I am a panic, I am the broken teeth and split lips who calls you on the phone to tell you they’re sorry. 

5. There are wild lovers with hearts full of the world, there are stone cold lungs with beating drums. I consume, I dissolve, I conquer. There is no room for me.

—  4 WAYS I WANT TO LEAVE // ekc
MADE in Sydney MC
  • Daesung: *supersonic* "YEAH YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH-EH-EEEEHHHH!"
  • VIPs: *struggling* "YEAH YEAHHHHHH....!"
  • Seungri: "Hey man...I think- I think you had a good vocal teacher."

i have a really bad habit irl where every time i feel sad or anxious, i cut my hair. at home. very choppy and messy-like and entirely for the cathartic feeling, as if i were some kind of anime protagonist going through one of those intense scenes where they become suddenly cool. 

this isn’t one of those times but i rly like short hair on girl mayors.