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You're not a bisexual because you're marrying a man and you've never had sex with a woman

You know what I have a million things I could say but you’re not worth the time (also guess what I have had sex with women!! But that’s not really any of your damn business anyways ) I rarely get rude on here but dude get out of my fucking inbox and off my blog

I saw a Death Note trailer, and had a Thought ™. 

I’m not going to address the whitewashing since many people more knowledgable on the matter have already done so. But if you’re going to take Light, the charismatic, intelligent, handsome antihero, and make him white…

…why is he so ugly?

I’m not being shallow here. What makes Light so insidious is he’s attractive and charming and smart, so he puts people at ease. He’s an expert at earning people’s trust. But beneath that charisma, he thinks he’s better than everyone else, that he’s the chosen one, a god. Light uses his attractiveness and charm to ingratiate himself with the right people and avoid detection. His duplicity to his loved ones and his inflated sense of self-worth makes him a force to be reckoned with. 

This narrative could work really well for a white dude. I’m sure the world hasn’t forgotten the likes of Brock Turner, or the hundreds of other guys like him who hurt others and never expect to feel any consequences because they are white, affluent, and male. An Americanized retelling of Death Note–a Light who used his whiteness as a cloak as well as his charisma–could’ve presented a great opportunity to interrogate that entitlement. 

Based on the trailer, this movie is positioning Light as some sort of outcast at his school. The actor isn’t just unattractive; he looks untrustworthy, dressed in grubby clothes and hanging out alone in the schoolyard. 

Netflix!Light isn’t just whitewashed. He’s been scrubbed of the traits that make him so powerful. 

Alright, followers. Here is my blacklist (a truly divine invention): 

It allows me to follow a wide array of people who I truly enjoy but who have vastly differing interests than mine without flying into a white hot rage every time I scroll through my feed. 

Since I am officially at the point of giving zero fucks about Bellamy Blake, I’m going to ask that you blacklist “Bellcurve” (coined by the bae @ofhouseadama), because that is what I’m going to start calling Bellamy and what I’ll start tagging posts detailing my extreme dislike of his character with. 

Again, blacklist “Bellcurve” if you do not want to see me excoriate your fave on a daily basis. I understand people out there love him and I don’t wanna purposefully offend anyone. But also, I’m ready to drag this dude for all he’s worth. 

The exec sous was watching me do bread and she was like ‘yo do you measure every single one?’ And I’m like 'yeah well I mean I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on how good the bread is now that I’m on the station and I think it’s cause I’m the only one who actually measures it, like yeah it’s an extra step but I mean if it means I get a better product and a better yield it’s kinda worth it’

And she just looks and me and goes 'and you’re still way faster than the older bread guys so like, keep it up dude’

Like ahhhh yes dude I am no longer the bread king I am the bread GOD

Hey Dudes!! It’s @ask-game-ler ‘s birthday and the anniversary of his blog! I really adore the character and the blog so I queued up some of his posts and general Game related stuff to celebrate.

Happy Level up Day, Game! Also Yoyo told me he’s almost hit 200 followers for his next achievement. That’s worth celebrating! If he gets those last few follows we get some extra details about his past!

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Dude I'm on that wet Gladio hype. Like wtf THOSE WET ABS GOT ME LIKE AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH🌙

Can you imagine though. Just every now and then, casually throwing water on him. Ignis chides you for wasting bottled water, but it’s worth it

watching an episode of chopped and in the final round they asked one of the contestants what she would do with $10k and she said “I have student loans to pay off” and one of the judges said “don’t spend the money on student loans. do something to enrich yourself–travel, take a class, visit 50 restaurants, that is worth so much more than paying off the debt” and I just

what kind of privileged rich dude BULLSHIT is that I s2g

he ought to pay off my student debt just for making me listen to that fuckery

I’m so glad I’m seeing teenagers recognize that older men have no business talking to them in a romantic/sexual way. I’d always be like “I’m SUPER mature” and took the attention as a compliment which played right into older men’s traps. But I see girls now like “dude I’m 14 fuck off” and that makes me so happy for this upcoming generation of girls that know their worth and don’t take shit.

PSA for fellow binder-wearers *IMPORTANT*

So I was recently talking to my friend and we were talking about binding and he told me he was starting to experience chest pain because he’s been wearing his binder Every Day for /Months/. This obviously concerned me because you are NOT SUPPOSED TO BIND THAT OFTEN. IT IS A SERIOUS DANGER TO YOUR PHYSICAL HEALTH. When I told him this and that he should only really bind in public, he simply shrugged it off and said he was too dysphoric not to wear it constantly.
Guys, I get it. As a dude who binds myself, I know how nice it can be to have a flat chest, but it is not worth the risk. Honestly, you can only bind for 8 CONSECUTIVE HOURS at a time, so your body has a chance to heal and take a break.
For instance, I rarely, if at all, bind when I’m at home. Not only do my parents not know about my identity, but also it’s a lot more comfortable to wear my tighter sports bra than to worry about how long I’ve been binding and to make sure I’m stretching out my back muscles (IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO STRETCH YOUR BACK EVERY COUPLE HOURS WHEN BINDING). Now I know for some, the dysphoria is too much to handle, but your health is more important. I know a guy that bound so often that he ended up breaking a couple ribs, and he was using an actual binder, not tape or bandages or anything. Because of the injury, he can never bind again.
Basically, what I’m trying to say, is that binding isn’t meant to be used as a Constant curve to dysphoria. It literally is squeezing your torso to press down your breasts in a way that isn’t natural. If done right, you should have minimal to no side effects at all, but only if Done Right. If you’re just hanging out at home or with people you’re comfortable with, just wear a tight sports bra and a loose shirt. No one has ever broken a rib by doing something like that because they’re actually built to be worn 24+ hours at a time and aren’t putting your body at risk.
Be safe, y'all. Please drop an ask in my inbox if you have any questions or concerns and send to anyone you think needs this information.

Mario Kart Flashbacks
Danny, Arin, & Raleigh Ritchie
Mario Kart Flashbacks

Lovelies, if you haven’t seen today’s episode of Guest Grumps, it comes with the highest recommendation. Raleigh Ritchie was a perfect fit for the show and it was a very fun episode all around. Even if you’re not a fan of Game of Thrones it’s worth watching all the way through.

This was one of my favorite moments. The end of the clip really highlights what great dudes Danny and Arin are. 

Kaiba: Wheeler you are a worthless dog who isn’t worth anyone’s time. You will never amount to anything you deadbeat and your dueling skills are abysmal at best. 

Also Kaiba: *invites Joey to his tournament even after having to deal with his friendship nonsense in Battle City and also claiming he is a shit duelist*

Also Kaiba: *goes out of his way to poke fun at Joey just to elicit a response any chance he can get even if they aren’t in a conversation with each other initially*

Also Kaiba: *answers Joey’s phone-call even though he has absolutely no reason to and is at work, a place he claims to require perfection and efficiency in at all times, while worrying about the state of his company*

Also Kaiba: *accepts every duel challenge Joey has ever given him despite claiming that Joey wouldn’t be a challenge for him and therefore shouldn’t bother*

Also Kaiba: *doesn’t openly show care for anyone but his brother, but still goes out of his way every now and then to make sure Joey doesn’t die stupidly or really get too hurt* (insert gifset and manga screenshots of every time this happens here)

Kaiba: And you’re especially not worth my time, Mutt.


Bang Yongguk: *smiles*

Me: Listen my bro, my guy, my dude, my good ol’ buddy ol’ pal, I adore you and support you and appreciate you and love you more than anything and if you ever think that you aren’t valued or acknowledged or good enough or worth everything in the world then let me tell you right now my lovely pal, friend, sir: you are incorrect and if you ever think that way again you better betcha I am (read: we are) going to be right there reminding you that all we want is your happiness and health and safety and there is really nothing on this planet more precious than your smile so you just go ahead and try and underestimate yourself my beautiful fellow


Day 6: Aliens/Food

Hunk’s stomach can take a lot, but not everything…..

The aftermath: