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Just because it’s summer and we don’t have much material, I’ll go for it at these quotes.

This fits nicely with my belief Cas is in the philosophical ”learning stage” of his journey, and that it will get him just where we want him, finding himself and wanting to be with Dean.

Oh, Socrates. The Greek dude who preached that he didn’t know anything, and used his seeming ignorance to make his enemies and his interlocutors underestimate him all the time. 

Who made enemies in his home Athens to the point that he got a death sentence for his beliefs. 

Who’s technique of interrogating his opponents was used as a basis for Columbo’s way of conducting the investigation. (You know, the detective in a trench coat?) 

Who was bisexual, just like most of the Greek men and women at the time. 

Who believed that “the unexamined life is not worth living”. 

Who was the teacher of the youth, for which he was killed, but not before he inspired a new generation of Athenians. 

Who thought that no one desired evil, no one is destined to follow their father’s footsteps, and that all the virtue is mostly knowledge. 

Socrates also compared himself to a “midwife”, rather than a teacher. He argumented that even though “midwifes” (”doulas”) can’t bear children anymore, they have once and therefore can now assist pregnant women in their journey. In the same way he can only assist younger people in their philosophical searches if he himself once experienced everything he is talking about - and in this way he can now be the guide for the others.

Which is I believe eactly what Cas will be to Jack in season 13 - an angel who experienced humanity, and can now take Jack on his journey because he, Castiel, has been on this angel/human journey before. He knows both sides of Jack’s nature.

Cas is his socratic doula. His spiritual assistance. 

I’m loving these quotes of the day.

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Idk if you are big reader of long fics, but if you ever have the time you should give Someone Who's Feeling For Me by ellispark. Because they have written Lisa so well! She is part of the main plot and she is not a two dimension character there to push destiel to happen! Idk man it's really good fic over all, but it's worth reading for the awesome portrayal of Lisa as more than a plot device!!

i just read it thank u for sharing it with me it was fuckin great my dude

link to fic

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I really want to get started as a digital artist and share my art with the world, but I'm actually really scared to get started, like no one is going is going to like any of my work. Any advice on how to get over that fear? P.s. You're one of my biggest inspirations and one of the reasons I want to get into digital art so thank you! ^^

How exciting dude, thank you!! Well let me tell u up front that you have absolutely nothing to lose by posting your artwork online. You are the captain of your own boat and you can sail it however you choose to, but no matter how still the water might seem you’ll always be moving and always learning. Be proud of your achievements no matter how small they are! My biggest piece of advice is to never allow the opinions from others weigh down the worth your work - people will love your art when YOU learn to love your art! There’s so much to explore and learn, and the adventures are endless!! WELCOME ABOARD

Are the new X-Men movies worth a damn?

Been thinking about giving them a shot for a while now because I love xmen but if they suck I don’t want to waste my time. I’ve avoided watching them 1 because I can’t stand Jennifer Lawrence, 2 because that dude from ahs looks fucking stupid as quicksilver and 3 I love the originals so much. But if you guys tell me they are good I will give them a shot.

what a wonderful day to not hate myself

i want all of u to know the same self love my dudes. sometimes life fucking sucks and teen years are the literal worst. but im older and got better coping mechanisms than when i was a teenager and dude …. its legitimately worth it to get rid of bad coping mechanisms and find good ones. its hard but it pays off and youll feel so much better for it. 

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Hey I love ur blog sm. Random question (and Ik u probably don't care) but do u think I should make a gorillaz blog?? I love them sm and I have basically dedicated my Tumblr time to stalking gorillaz accounts but I don't write or do art so idk if I'm worth making an account..? Srry for bothering u I just wanna be apart of the fandom and like talk in those discords or whatever but idk if people will ever want me there or notice me. Okay again sorry

Dude. My friend…pal. A couple of things.

1. Yes, if you want to delegate your Gorillaz content to one blog, please do! I am 200% more inclined to follow/interact with a blog if they are solely a Gorillaz blog as I can’t be bothered by content I am not fixated on. I love and appreciate all blogs that are just Gorillaz as I know that is hard to maintain especially if you have others.

2. Wanting to interact with other fans more is an even better reason. So, again, please do so! Believe me, all anyone wants to do is to talk, make friends, and have a good time. Even if you think you have “nothing to add” (look at me: unoriginal memes, simplistic and generally shit writing, crap amateur art…I’ve gained more than 600 followers in less than a month by just being myself, which is the case for most of the blogs I come across and enjoy!) Just do it bro

3. Like I said earlier, just be ya crazy self. I guarantee if you are genuine, kind, receptive, and have a sense of humor, you will make lots of friends!! You can’t do that if you don’t put yourself in situations to facilitate it. Join all the damn discords, message all the people you follow, just interact and interact because we’re all just randos at the end of the day who are shy but desperate to talk to other people about this stupid friggin band!!!

4. feel free to talk to me if you make the Gorillaz blog, I’ll make sure you have at least one person to talk to even though I am not very interesting or good at conversation!! In conclusion, follow your dreams my dude

classic lit authors on ao3
  • Jane Austen: The slowburn writer to end all slowburn writers. Has a mild case of purple prose syndrome. Sets you up to think she's using a really lame trope or cliche, but then pulls the old BITCH U THOUGHT. Gets in fights with commenters who completely miss the point of her work.
  • William Shakespeare: Where dick jokes meet feels. Recycles old plots that have been in the fandom for years, but always manages to put a new spin on it. That said, he's better known for good character writing than good plots. Kind of problematic, but people love him anyway. Laughs at and encourages commenters who completely miss the point of his work.
  • The Brontë Sisters: Their fics get lots of comments but they never reply. They never leave author notes, either. They share an account, and there are talks of a collab fic coming soon. Write fics for OTPs of questionable healthiness and consent. Only ever write darkfic. Like, REALLY dark. ...People are getting kind of worried about them.
  • Edgar Allan Poe: Also only ever writes darkfic, but at this point, people have moved past being worried about him and have just accepted that he's weird, he's morbid, and we love him. Channels his feelings about his ex into his writing. It results in really good stories but everyone's sort of like, "...Dude."
  • Charles Dickens: Trying to set the record for highest wordcount on ao3, and it shows.
  • Victor Hugo: Currently holds the record for highest wordcount on ao3.
  • Oscar Wilde: Only ever writes M/M. Has a BAD case of purple prose, but it's worth it if you manage to get through. His stories are either hilarious or soul-crushing. Or somehow both. People love him but know better than to disagree with him publicly, lest he destroy you with one of his infamous subtweets.
  • L. Frank Baum: Wrote one really well-loved story that's among the most famous in the fandom, and it's literally all he's known for, and it pisses him off. His popular story became a multichap against his will because it's the only one of his stories anyone actually reads. He keeps trying to end it so he can work on other things, but always ends up coming back.
  • Arthur Conan Doyle: Feels L. Frank Baum's pain. SO much.
  • James Joyce: Has fascinating ideas, but takes forEVER to get to the point in his stories. Also a stoner, and it shows.
  • Lousia May Alcott: Writes stories for her unpopular OTP (that's a NOTP for most of the fandom) and breaks up everyone's favorite ships, mainly out of spite. Also kills everyone's favorite characters, less so out of spite.
  • Mary Shelley: Writes incredible stories, but publishes under her boyfriend's account because she's banned from ao3. ...Again.

Painted a hurt Fenris and Hawke sneaked in there to kiss him better - went from pure angst to 100% fluff, I do not regret.

Orphan Black Explained (with pictures):

A visual explanation of Orphan Black based off of the explanation from @thatgaycousin and I just picked the pictures..I know they aren’t exactly precise to the moment within the show but just bear with me:

A show about ^Tatiana Maslany’s world being thrown upside-down after witnessing

^Tatiana Maslany’s incident at the train station.

^Tatiana Maslany is soon found by

^Tatiana Maslany, who is killed

by a hidden ^Tatiana Maslany.

Another ^Tatiana Maslany contacts

^Tatiana Maslany and soon

^Tatiana Maslany meets up with ^Tatiana Maslany and ^Tatiana Maslany. Everything is kinda the same for awhile..

with ^Tatiana Maslany hunting

^Tatiana Maslany who is imitating

^Tatiana Maslany.

^Tatiana Maslany is quickly dragged into the bigger picture and meets the CEO…..



How The Inevitable Filler Episodes Are Gonna Go Down
  • <p> <b>Lars:</b> Oh thank god, you're here! Where were you? It's been months!<p/><b>Steven:</b> See, we were going to save you, but then there was this really kooky side plot where Peridot ran for mayor, and then Onion<p/><b>Lars:</b> Steven<p/><b>Steven:</b> wanted help running a lemonade stand, but he was using unethical business practices so we had to shut him down, and then<p/><b>Lars:</b> Steven<p/><b>Steven:</b> Pearl got upset about something, fusion mom and purple were also there. There was a lot of crying and a little singing and<p/><b>Lars:</b> Steven I Could Have Died<p/></p>
We are not obligated to want each other forever. When I ask you to be with me, I’m not pulling you into a promise you’re not ready to make, I’m just asking you to be with me. Be here. Take up space. Don’t let time swallow empty seconds– make this worthwhile. It’s foolish to believe that every person you cave for is meant to stay. But that doesn’t make wanting them any less important. Maybe we’re not meant to be, maybe a lifetime is too long, maybe we’ll only last during the calm before the storm. And that’s okay. If life was an exchange of hearts, I’d gladly take yours for a while. It is worth it to know that there was at least a time when we were enough for each other.
—  It’s not always about forever

Some of y’all are asking about the ritual with the scotch, so HERE IS A STORY THAT SPANS SEVERAL GENERATIONS OF SHENNANIGANS.

So my dad’s side of the family is a bunch of rowdy farm boys with a dark sense of humor. My oldest uncle Tim was the first to get married and the rest of them orchestrated this complicated, almost medieval style dance routine on the dance floor where they would switch dance partners mid-song and slowly danced the bride towards the door, swept her up, put her in the back of the pickup truck, and took her away.

Tim doesn’t notice until the song ends. This was in the 70′s, way before cell phones. The front desk of the hotel gets a call, it’s one of my uncles. “We have your wife. The price is one bottle of scotch.”

He’s like ‘what is this shit?’ And he figures they can’t hold out too long. They have to come back sometime. No. They are literally driving her around the block several times, stopping at pay phones to check in to see if he’s gotten the ransom. This goes on for about an hour.

So he goes out and gets a bottle of scotch, puts it by the door as they drive by and everyone returns.

All the boys got married in the order of their birth and let me just say… they’re not above petty payback. Next one up is Jay who just… seems to forget entirely that his brothers are complete jackasses. Also, he was kind of the ringleader at the last one so there’s no way they could do it to him!

Haha… ha…. haaaaaaaa… oh, uncle Jay. You sweet summer child… who is also several decades older than me. 

Bride gets kidnapped, almost in the same manner as Tim’s. The price, as always, is a bottle of scotch. But Jay… oh… Jay…

Jay just HAD to get his ass married on a Sunday and this is Indiana, buck-o. There ain’t no alcohol sales on Sundays. No liquor stores, no grocery stores, no convenience stores. Nowhere. But there WAS a bar at the Marriott holding the reception. So he had to pay the front desk $75 for a bottle of scotch maybe worth $20 so he could get his wife back. 

A pattern emerges. 

My uncle Moe was next in line. They…. eloped for reasons, but for the purposes of this story we will say that he avoided a situation where his brothers could steal his wife. It’s kind of a personality thing with him, we’ve noticed. Just… ‘oh! Let me avoid this conflict entirely.’ 

Next up is my dad, who is a fun-loving dude who had his reception at a bowling alley and he was NOT, I repeat: NOT- going to have this night ruined by larceny when there is IMPORTANT BOWLING TO BE DONE. Buys a bottle of scotch and and presents it to his brothers with a big audience just so no one can claim that he didn’t. Everyone has fun. 

Moe’s first marriage falls through, and I’m not saying that there’s superstitious reasons for this but I’m just saying- he most certainly DID NOT present a bottle of scotch as an offering at the reception so we must reasonably assume that this had something to do with it. He gets married again and you better believe that there was a bottle of scotch waiting for his brothers at their table. 

So this tradition carried on into the next generation. No one actually expects that the four of them are up to kidnapping anyone when they’re well into their 50′s, but no one is about to risk it. There is a bottle of scotch at the table where the brothers sit at every wedding. 

But my cousin Julia is a perfectionist and if there is any detail that might go wrong, she is going to obsess over it. Because of this, she has a tendency to overcompensate to make sure that NOTHING goes wrong. NOTHING. 

She plans her big moment TO THE MINUTE and a week before the wedding she has this revelation… she has heard… stories. 

Oh no. 

The scotch. 

Around the same time, my grandma is moving out of her old house and she’s inviting family members to rifle through her old things before she gives them to Goodwill. Me, my dad, Tim, and Jay are all there. We’re about to leave when Moe comes up the drive way with a BIG BOX. 

And Gran is like ‘I don’t need more stuff… I don’t need more stuff.. what the fresh hell have you brought to me this time, son of mine?’

He sets it on the floor and it clinks. 

“Julia has ordered me to bring this as a preemptive offer to ensure that there will be no need for a ransom.”

He has brought 24 bottles of scotch. Each brother, including himself, can have six bottles. Whatever debt might have been incurred from his first marriage has been paid off. Her children, and her children’s children, and her children’s children’s children… will no longer need to live in fear of kidnapping on their wedding night. 

This is a sharp contrast to my sister-in-law, who learned of this tradition a week before her wedding, went out and bought a bottle of scotch, slammed it down on their table, and told them to fight for it. 

Junkrat VA Highlights
Chris Parson
Junkrat VA Highlights

As you may or may not know, Chris Parson (Junkrat’s VA) just appeared on LoudAnnoying’s LAVAwatch stream and spent some time with the dudes as they played Overwatch. The stream was about an hour and ten minutes long, and I got about three minutes of useable content out of it, but hoo boy was it worth it!

The majority of what you will hear is Chris doing is Junkrat’s voice, but there are also a few amusing impressions of his that I will leave as a surprise. VOLUME WARNING THO.

If anyone knows what Chris is saying in Spanish, please reblog this with the translations!

in which jack and shitty accidentally date

based on a dream I had, I present: a short semi-fic about Jack and Shitty and their day-long, beautiful relationship.

Basically, this is what happens:

At a kegster during their freshmen year, in which Shitty is running around being the life of the party even though he’s a freshman, Jack is also in attendance– talking to Berger and Marsh in the kitchen. Jack is there, partly to keep an eye on Shitty, partly because he is surprised by how much he does like some of the guys on his team, mostly because they had won today and Jack is in quite a good mood. Not a good enough mood that he is going to risk going into the living room where music is blasting, but in a good enough mood that he is holding a solo cup of beer and chilling in the kitchen, chatting with Berger and Marsh. He is at ease as Jack ever is– laughing good naturedly as they tease both him and each other and of course, this is when the trouble starts.

The trouble is this: Marsh is drunk and excited that Jack has actually shown up to a Haus kegster and since Jack seems to be in a good mood, Marsh decides to take a risk and ask Jack a Question. More specifically, Marsh rams an friendly elbow into Jack’s ribs and goes:

“Yo, Zimmermann, you like anyone on campus yet?”

A few months prior, that question would have made Jack freeze up. But now, Jack smiles easily (because honestly, it is a rather respectful question– “like” instead of “fuck”; “anyone” instead of assuming “girl”) and he certainly doesn’t want to get into his romantic history or lack of crushes so he smiles, shrugs, and says

“Nah, love’s shitty,” It’s still friendly and he smiles and asks Berg about his crush that the whole team knows about and that should be that.

The problem, however, is that what Alex Berger and Carter Marsh heard was not “Nah, love’s shitty,” but “I’m in love with Shitty.”

Which, of course, is a much bigger deal. 

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