but druggies said i do so

Okay so, I have to say something here.

This means a lot to me. 


Well, about three - four years ago, I was dead set on becoming an actress. That was my passion, my life goal. I wanted to be a child actress because I believed that I was good enough. Now my dad said, no, because most child actors/actresses turn up as washed-up druggies that will do anything for attention. And, at that current point in time, I was OBSESSED with Harry Potter. (honestly. I would cosplay as hermione every recess.) And so, after watching the movies, I told my dad - NO WAY could my heroes turn out like that! He shook his head and was like, hmm we’ll see, just you wait…

And they have still proven him wrong to this day. Emma Watson is still my favourite actress. (Lin Manuel Miranda is now my favourite actor, but that’s besides the point) All of them have not turned out as “washed-up druggies that will do anything for attention”. My (old) heroes are still proving to be the wonderful people that I looked up to when I was younger. 

And that is probably one of the best things a child could ask for.

bts theory

so I saw a post that said something about how in some neighborhoods, shoes tied together and hanging off a power line signified death but in MY NEIGHBORHOOD that means someone nearby be selling the druggies whICH EXPLAINS JIN’S PINK FLIP PHONE

those plants around him? weed

how else do you think he got vlive on his pink flippity flop phone? photoshop? took a pic of another phone? no weED

source: dude trust me but also 

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Paparazzi - Justin Bieber imagine

Request: ‘Can you do a imagine with Justin and y/n are out in public and the paparazzi say really mean stuff to her and he protects her’

Warnings: language and some references to drugs 


If there was one thing I would name about about what I hate about Justin being famous, it would be the endless amount of attention and following around he receives. We could never seem to be able to get away from it, no matter where we went. We could go to Antarctica and paparazzi would still find a way to get to us. The fans, I truly didn’t mind because they actually had manners unlike the paps. Insults would be hurled at me in a daily basis, either on social media or in person.

We were currently inside the Chanel store on Rodeo Drive and there was a whole crowd of people outside, waiting for Justin to come out. I looked at the bags on the wall for something that caught my attention. Justin was talking to his security so they could be ready for when we actually left. I couldn’t actually hear what he was saying to them because there was so much screaming and hollering coming from outside. Justin came over to my side to join in on helping me look for something.

I glanced over at him and noticed his attire. “Justin, please do me a favor and pull up your pants.” He gave me a confused look and looked down at his clothes.

“Babe, it’s called style. There isn’t anything wrong with me sagging my pants.” He replied. “You should try sagging your pants.”

“Absolutely not. Justin, set an example.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“You’re not my mom. Just get a move on so we can leave before they break the windows,” He was referring to the people standing outside the store. I looked over the things once more before I finally came down to a decision. I went to the check out and Justin quickly paid for it. He took my bag and his security told him to get ready. 

“Stand behind me and don’t let go of my hand. Got it?” He asked, looking back at me in a serious manner. I nodded my head quickly and held onto his hand as tight as I could. I hated going out into crowds like this. It was the worst thing possible. The fact that I was claustrophobic didn’t make things any better for me. It wasn’t as bad as when I was young but, it’s still a scary experience. His security opened the door and the screaming from the fans immediately hit me.

I think I might have gone deaf in both of my ears. Justin’s security pushed the crowd back only so much, it barely made a difference. Justin guided me through the endless maze of people and almost half way to the car, something was thrown at me. I didn’t bother to look at it but, an insult soon followed.

“Justin, what are you doing with a druggie? You forget that she’s an addict?”

I ignored what was said at first but, everything got worse from there.

“Why don’t you just overdose already? It’ll make the world a better place, especially for Justin!”

Justin stopped in his place and he turned around in the direction the last insult came from. “What did you say?” He questioned. His anger was very noticeable in his tone. “Who said that? Come on, speak up!”

“I said it,” someone spoke up. “What are you going to do about it when it’s true?” I saw the paparazzi’s face and it was awfully familiar, even the voice was. He was the pap that followed us around everywhere we went.

“You care to repeat that, you piece of shit?” Justin continued. He let go of my hand and walked over to the guy. I followed behind him and told him to stop before it could get any worse. Justin continued bantering the guy until he gave in, which was a huge mistake. Without thinking twice, Justin drew his arm back and threw a punch or two. Before Justin could cause serious damage, his security pulled him away. 

I was sort of shocked yet happy that Justin did that. I wasn’t expecting it at all. He was always so humble and it was so foreign to me to see him like that. I caught up to Justin and his security and we got into the car, leaving the crowd of people behind. There was an awkard silence between us so, I took the time to break it myself.

“Thanks for standing up from me Justin. No one has really done that for me before.” I said. I smiled at him to show I was being sincere and he sent me a small smile back.

“Anytime. No one deserves to be disrespected, especially my girlfriend.”

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V Rant: Keeping Rika's Mental Illness a Secret

…or at least part of one. I’ll probably do more in the future knowing me.

To be blunt: V fucked up. Many fans or -as I like to say- intellectuals can see and understand that. Anyone that said V did nothing wrong would be lying straight to your face. For right now, let’s focus on Rika and him dealing with her mental illness and why he kept that a secret.

Many people don’t know but having/acknowledging/admitting you have any mental illness is something that is not accepted easily in South Korea. In America, it’s fairly easy to say, “Hey, I’m depressed. I think I should see professional help,” when you have the right people supporting your decision. It’s almost the exact opposite of that in South Korea. Like Japan, South Korea has an alarmingly high suicide rate. In fact, it’s three times as high as America and on average, 30 Koreans commit suicide and about 90% of those deaths are because of bottled up depression. Thirty. Daily. That’s a majority of my family. And why is this so common? Because admitting you have a mental illness there is almost taboo.

Many kpop fans in the Mystic Messenger fandom know about Park Bom from 2NE1 but I’ll talk a little about her for those of you who don’t know. Bom is a beautiful and very talented singer with a great voice. Like many 20-something year olds, she has depression. In Korea, she couldn’t find a strong enough prescription for antidepressants so she ordered them from America. This was of course found out by fans and anti-fans alike and many of them called her horrible names. They said she was a druggie and some even said she should just kill herself. Just for ordering prescription medication.

What the hell does this have to do with V and Rika, I hear you ask. We’re getting there. Confucian practices are still pretty common in South Korea. There is the Confucian ideal of filial piety and maintaining the family hierarchy as well. Preserving the dignity and face of the family is paramount while individual concerns are secondary. South Korean citizens are getting more comfortable with Western psychotherapy but these practices aren’t widely spread. In one drama I watched a while ago, a male character said that not too long ago, a man with a wife and a child with a mental illness would be sent out of the country. He would give his wife the money and he would send her and their child away so they wouldn’t embarrass the family.

This is where V and Rika come in, see? We all know V was in love with Rika but that seems to have turned into an obsession (I believe this is due to possible childhood neglect, specifically from his mother just judging from how his and Rika’s relationship is but that’s a different story). V did well in encouraging Rika to go to therapy like any loving fiancé would, I believe. As he was only her fiancé and not an immediate family member, he had no say when she decided she wouldn’t be getting any better seeing the psychologist she had after only three weeks (you couldn’t even get prescribed something in that time period, bro). What he should have done was told her family, which is what I would have done if this happened in America. But it didn’t. This happened in South Korea. We can’t say what Rika and Yoosung’s family is like since we don’t hear enough about them. I am pretty sure when I say that V was most likely afraid of what her family would do or say when they found out Rika had a mental illness. For all we know, they could have shunned her or kicked her out of the family. I think it would have been easier since she was adopted.

I’m not saying V was right in this decision and I never well. I’m not defending him either as this isn’t the place to do so. That’ll be for another rant. But we should at least try to understand his decision.

An Ode to Hunter S. Thompson.

I know he was an asshole.
And a crook.
And a druggie.

A bad father.
A suicidal man.
He ended his own life.
The way he wanted to to.

But that’s the thing I suppose.
Thompson did what he wanted to.
What most are afraid to ever do.

And when he spoke his words meant something to me.
He wasn’t cocky,
He wasn’t prideful.

He saw the truth.
And displayed it the best he could.
He lived the truth.

He lived.
He once said. “There’s no drug like writing.”
And so I started writing.

He was a good one.
Even though he wasn’t.

And thats the realest thing a person can be.


::A request… A REQUEST!!! I’m so happy I could cry! Thank you, Anon! I have to say, I think the ending’s a little cheesy, but I hope you still like it. Enjoy!::


             “Lu-if-r.” He could hear it, could hear you; The muse of your harp strung tone. But he was paying more attention to your lips as you spoke. Those cupid bow lines, covered in a lustful red; He could almost, No, No he couldn’t. His face only took a moment to realize a strange pain in his chest, but he had no Idea what that feeling was, or he wasn’t given enough time to think. The stretch of line curled back after only a few seconds of confusion. You’d raised your hand to lightly grip Lucifer’s arm, causing his heart to flutter, and allowing himself to return into a mindless daze. He was drowning in the sent of your, and now his, favorite perfume. You could only take so much staring from one man, so you tried your next solution. He was being sucked into the vortex of you (E/C) eyes until, you slapped him. 

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anonymous asked:

Hello~ can I request a batboy be friend will a narcotic boy? Thanks!! And good luck ouo)b I like what u write -46kuma

Hi! This was probably not what you actually requested but I don’t really quite know how to write a person who is narcotic so instead, this came to be. Things are also kinda vague here and there so hope you don’t mind. Quite sorry if you are unsatisfied with this! Thank you for sending in your request!

“Don’t say a thing.” Tim lifts his finger to stop Jason from saying anything.

Jason chuckles. “I wasn’t going to anything much really.” He glances over at the place where they had just left and sees you staring blankly in their direction so Jason raises his hand to wave at you. You returned it with a small wave before disappearing behind the doors.

Tim rolls his eyes. “Of course, you weren’t.”

Jason feigns innocent. “Timbers, I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Tim abruptly stops walking before turning to look at his older brother. “Okay, spit it out.” He crosses his arms – since they are ahead of scheduled, Tim knows they have some time to spare.

Jason leaps at the chance. “How in the world did you meet that friend of yours, Timbers? What the hell have you been doing under our noses? Does the big B know and damn,” Jason stops and shakes his head. “I feel like Grayson now with all of these twenty questions.”

Tim tries to remember when he had met you – it had been some time ago, maybe when he was nine or ten, he doesn’t really quite remember. He knows you are older than him though – maybe about Jason’s age if he had to guess. “Believe it or not, he saved me from a few bullies back when I was younger and I kinda hero-worshipped him for a bit.” Tim shrugs his shoulders as if the thing he had just said was no big deal.

“Y/N’s isn’t your typical druggie, alright? He doesn’t really smoke opium or the likes. He smokes some vaguely medicinal herb but that’s not the point. I haven’t been doing anything under your noses at all.” All he had done was making sure every week you didn’t take too much of whatever vague medicinal herb that you smoke. That’s the least he could do for you really.

“So does Bruce know about him – Y/N?” Jason questions.

Tim nods his head. “He met Y/N a couple of times. Who do you think supplies some of strongest medicines whenever Alfred runs out?” He asks rhetorically and Jason’s jaw drops.


Tim nods. “Yeah, it shocked me too when I found out.”

Jason starts to walk again. “Was that what you took from him?” He hadn’t even bother going inside earlier. He had been surprised to see Tim’s friend when they arrived at the house to even bother making sure his brother’s alright. Not that he had any doubt about Tim being able to take care of himself. It just surprised him.

“Yeah, we needed some more and with the upcoming fight, we really need all the help we can get. Besides Y/N makes the best product.”

Nightfury (Dick Grayson)

Request: Nope.

Prompt: You and Dick are house mates, you know about him being Nightwing but he doesn’t know about your crime-fighting persona. (I such at descriptions)

Relationship: Dick Grayson/Nightwing x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, Heated make-out session?

A/N: My first attempt at this story writing thing. It SUCKS!

(Y/N)’s POV

I heard a commotion come from Dick’s room making me raise an eyebrow, “Dick?” I called out, “Yeah” He replied, “You alright in there?” I asked as I approached the door, “Yeah, just getting changed. Don’t come in” He replied, I rolled my eyes at his excuse before opening the door to find him tending to his wounds from his vigilante life, I sighed “I told you not to come in” He said as he looked at me, I raised an eyebrow, “So, you trust me with your secret of being Nightwing but you don’t trust me to tend to your wounds?” I say folding my arms, he sighed and laid back on his bed making me smirk as I began cleaning his gash on the left side of his chest.

He hissed making me roll my eyes “Who knew you’d be such a cry-baby?” I asked, “Very funny” He replied causing me to chuckle, “So, what happened this time?” I asked as I began to bandage up the gash, “Nightfury got in over her head again” He explained, I raised an eyebrow “How so?” I questioned, “I was doing my usual rounds and then she joined me like usual, then they was a drug deal going on so we busted it and got caught up in some crossfire making me give the order to retreat but she was so focused on taking this druggy down that she went in blind and was going to be killed but I saved her behind like usual” He ranted.

“You do realise that she can take care of herself, right? I mean, why else would she become a vigilante?” I point out, he just grunted and it fell silent, “That’s new” He commented, I stood up straight “What’s new?” I asked, “That” He said pointing to my neck, I went over to his mirror and moved my hair to find a graze, “F*ck” I muttered as I went through the med-kit, “Let me” He said sitting me down, “Now, what happened?” He asked, I sighed “Fight. I was tasked with breaking up two scraping females, did so with ease, or so I thought” I lied mentioning the grazed, “Long nails?” He asked, “Oh, some of the longest I’ve seen in a while” I say making him chuckle.


I was escorting some possible new-comers to the college, for next year, around the premises with Dick, “And here we have the- ” “The end of the tour” A familiar sadistic voice said from behind me, I turned around and found the Joker and two of his goons stood there with guns, “Now, Miss (L/N), if you could kindly come with us so no one will be harmed” Joker said, I raised an eyebrow and folded my arms as Dick escorted the new-comers away from danger, “And why would I do that?” I asked, “Because if you don’t then you can say bye-bye to your college” He explained, I sighed “I’ve got one little question” I say as I slowly grabbed my foldable batons from my jacket, “Shoot away” He chuckled.

“Why do you need your goons for little old me? I can’t harm a fly” I asked, he let out his crazed laughter and came closer to me, “But you can harm a fly, can’t you, Nightfury?” He whispered in my ear, my eyes widened as I quickly jumped behind him and kicked him to the floor and I threw my baton’s at the goons head making them drop unconscious, I pressed my foot on to the Joker’s neck “How’d you find out it was me?” I growled, he chuckled “An old friend tipped me off when I was having one of my visits to the asylum. You know the one, don’t you? The one where you’ve put so many people in, including daddy-kins” He said, I growled and slammed his head into the floor causing him to fall unconscious.

I sighed and regained my composure only to find out that Dick, or should I say Nightwing, watched the whole scene “(Y/N)…” He trailed off, I rolled my eyes “I’ve told you plenty of times that I could handle myself, maybe this will prove it” I say as I picked up my batons and left.


Dick’s POV

The front door slammed open as I stormed in, “You’re Nightfury!” I yelled, (Y/N) rolled her eyes, “Keep your voice down!” She growled as she stood up to face me, but with me being taller, I towered over her, “What’s the point? I mean, everyone will know if the Joker knows” I snapped closing the gap between us, “Actually, I hit him with the right amount of force to give him a slight case of Amnesia. So, shut your gob before I shut it for you” She retorted as she narrowed her eyes at me, after a small glaring contest I scoffed and turned my back to her.

“Honestly, I can’t believe you. I trusted you with mine, yet you couldn’t trust me with yours” I complained, “I didn’t tell you because, in your eyes as Nightfury I’m just a hot-headed vigilante, who can’t look after themselves!” She snapped, “Perhaps if you didn’t dart into every fight then I wouldn’t think that!” I snapped as I faced her and towered over her, again, “Screw this” She said as she barged past me and into her room, “(Y/N)! Open this door!” I yelled.

I pick locked (Y/N)’s door open only to find her room empty and her window wide open, I went over to the window and shook my head “F*cksake (Y/N)” I muttered as I went into my room changed into my Nightwing outfit and left through (Y/N)’s window, I searched through the streets and warehouses in attempts to find her but I was having no luck, I sighed as I entered another empty warehouse, “Where are you?” I muttered as I went to leave but was smacked over the head with something sending me to the floor, “What you do that for?!” A voice yelled, “That’s Nightwing!” The other yelled back before I fell unconscious.


(Y/N)’s POV

I dropped through a warehouse’s roof window and landed silently on the main level, I heard muffled speaking making me raise an eyebrow and head towards it, I stopped at a doorway that led to the elevator shaft, “Please, enlighten me, what are you going to do with Nightwing now you’ve hung him up?” A voice asked making my eyes widened as I peeped around to find Dick hanging by his arms in middle of the elevator shaft, unconscious, “You see, he has a partner, her name’s-” “My name’s Nightfury! And it seems like you caught my attention” I say as I walked into the room, they began to panic, “Oh come on boys. I promise, I’ll be nice” I teased before they shot at me causing me to hid behind a frame piece.

“5. 4. 3. 2. 1” I counted down to the bullets stopping making me smirk as I withdrew my batons and run towards them, I smack them both around the face before kicking one in the chest sending them backwards, while I dealt with the other one, I wrapped my legs around his body before choking him with baton, his body fell limp making me drop him as I went to attack the other but stopped as he held the chains that were keeping Dick held up, “Drop your weapons” They ordered, I complied “Good girl. Now, on your knees and hands on the back of your head” He said, I glared at him “Do it or your boyfriend goes splat!” He yelled, my jaw clenched as I lowered myself on to my knees and placed my hands on the back of my head.

“You must really care about him” They teased, I narrowed my eyes at him before Dick groaned as he came from his unconscious state, “Ah, just in time, Nightwing. Your girlfriend’s brains are about to blown” They said as they placed the chains back on the holders, “Girlfriend?” Dick asked, I rolled my eyes “He thinks that we’re together” I say gaining his attention, his eyes widened as the male pushed a pistol against my forehead, “Any last words?” He asked, “Yeah” I smirked as I quickly picked up my batons, hit the pistol away from my forehead as I threw the other to call the elevator up to this level.

I punched him in the face before knocking him to the floor and running over to the holder and let Dick’s chains go allowing him to drop on top of the elevator roof, as I knocked the enemy unconscious, “I’m not his girlfriend” I say, Dick jumped off the elevator roof as it stopped at the level I was on, I picked up my baton and placed them in the holders, “I thought you didn’t need any help?” I teased, “I had everything under control” He said making me raise an eyebrow “Because hanging unconscious in an elevator shaft was a part of your plan” I scoffed, he sighed “Fine, thank you for saving me” He said, I smiled “That’s more like it. Let’s head home” I say patting his back as I walked ahead of him.

He stopped me and pulled me back into his chest, “Dick, what are you-?” I was cut off as he pressed his lips against mine causing me to seize up, eventually I eased up and returned it, wrapping my arms around his neck and lightly pulling at his hair, he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance, which I denied making him groan in frustration as his hands found their way to my butt and pulled me closer and holding me in place as he massaged my butt before squeezing it making me gasp allowing him to gain entrance and immediate dominance, I pulled a little harder at his hair making him moan into my mouth making me smirk before I pulled away “This maybe the time, but it’s not the place” I whispered in his ear before licking the shell of it.

He groaned in frustration as I got out of his grip and headed towards the exit, “Race you home?” I asked, he smirked “Last one there’s the submissive one” He replied as he darted past me, I chuckled “I was going to let you be dominate but if that’s the deal, fair enough” I say as I caught up to him.

Old Ties

Starter for @abxavterno (For Jongin)

Chanyeol wasn’t entirely sure what was going on when a large number of men in suits showed up in the bakery. It wasn’t his usual clientele, to be perfectly frank. He’d get an occasional young business man in a suit come in as they forgot to pick up something for an anniversary or work meeting, but usually not this many and usually not people that looked quite so…. intimidating. Chanyeol was no push over, his height and build helped that, but seeing this many people at once was concerning. He blinked a couple times when one reached up and flipped the sign on the door to read closed rather than open, protest dying in his throat when he caught the flash of metal under a suit jacket that was a tell-tale sign of a gun. He swallowed the lump in his throat and straightened up slightly, eyeing the different men to try to identify one as their leader. Playing dumb was probably the best route. 

“Ah, sir.” He cleared his throat again. “I know it’s a small bakery, but you don’t have to flip that sign. I can handle all of you.” He said, flashing a grin, acting oblivious. “What can I get for you today?” He asked, subtley pulling his sleeves down slightly to cover the old needle scars on his inner elbows. 

To The Pathetic Man That Assaulted Me for 6 Years...

Dear You,
“You.” It seems strange that I don’t even know what to call you, considering you almost ruined my life. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, but I am all too aware of my assault every day of the year. Sometimes, I wonder what was going through your head.. What could have possibly made you think you had the right to violate an eight-year-old girl — to take her innocence and rip it away from her? What kind of delusion led you to tell her that her parents would hate her if she told them? I wonder how you live with yourself after you touched me, and then told me it was my fault. You used to tell me it was because my clothes, I was eight years old, wearing little girl clothing and you’re going to blame my outfits? It took me almost six years to start wearing shorts again because of you.

I wonder if you remember all those times as clear as I do - as I probably always will, for the rest of my life. I’m not sure if I remember the very first time, because I was so young, young and fragile; but I do remember times after that. I thought I would never get a break. You took everything I thought would be my choice away from me.

It started out me wanting a ride on the four-wheeler and you’d take me. You would stop in the woods, turn around and pull my shirt down and try to look at my breasts. You tried to kiss me there, and play with them. It was so frightening I didn’t know what to do, I felt as if I couldn’t scream. I just let it happen and I tried to push you off me. You were so much bigger than I was though, what more could a little eight year old do?

My mom and dad fought often and sometimes one or the other would move out and go somewhere else. My mom went and stayed with her friend and I went along with her, little did I know you would stay there too, sometimes. I remember sleeping in the bed and you came into the bed with me, while I was sleeping, and put my hand on your junk. I remember punching so you’d stop. Time after time this happened.

I got older, about eleven, but the older I was I grew more scared. You were drinking one night, and being rude so I was being rude too. You choked me out, and I went into a seizure almost. I remember shaking and crying, my mom put me in the bath. There was one bathroom at the time, what a coincidence you’d have to use the bathroom the second I was in the bath. You came in there trying to look at me, and touch me. I cried, but I never said anything, to anyone.

Time and time again you’d do this to me. When I was sleeping, when we’d be home alone, anytime, didn’t matter when, didn’t matter who was there.. One day though, I woke up without pants on and I couldn’t remember what happened. I was horrified. This is when I spoke up, I asked my little sister if you came into the room that night, she didn’t know, so I explained to her what had been happening to me.

It got to the point where I didn’t even want to shower because I was scared of you coming in there. It didn’t matter if I locked the door or not, you’d just unlock it anyways. I would just wash my hair and go on about the day, because quite frankly I wouldn’t care if I washed my body or not. That’s how scared you made me. One time, it was just us at the house. I thought you were sleeping so I hopped in the shower, you violated my rights; unlocked the door and came in spying on me, I was 15 years old then.

I finally came out about it to my grandma the day you hit me and she blamed it on your "illness”, your “illness” is you’re a druggie. I told her, she didn’t believe me, and the thing she said was, “was he high? he doesn’t know what he’s doing when he’s high” That’s not true, you didn’t do drugs when you did this to me the first three years. You knew EXACTLY what you were doing. She asked why I never came out about it and I said it was because I started when I was young. She asked me how young and when I told her right, she replied “oh pfftttt…” as if I made it up, just so she could protect her little pathetic “son”.

You almost ruined my life; until I started talking. I hope you get what you deserve, and nothing less. I will never be the same again. I will no longer live in fear because of something a piece of scum did to me. I am stronger that that, I am a stronger person because of what you did to me and what I went through. I am strong, but weak.

A strong survivor.

Casefile #0111
The Riddler

Casefile #0111

paradoxmagic said: This is a personal question; however, you always talk about your father but you rarely talk about your mother….what was she like? or better yet what happened to her? Or well, both of them? Sorry to pry but curiosity is eating me alive (pardon the expression)


Anonymous says: I guess we all know that you didn’t have a good relation with your father. But what’s with your mother? Do you bear a grunge against her?


Anonymous asks: So I heard you became a criminal because of daddy issues, but what about your mother? Was she in the picture when you were a child? Was she a drunk? Druggie?

[Transcript Included Below]

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Collin: After high school, I got caught up with the wrong crowd. I thought they were just a bunch of druggies and drunks but one night they took me to this factory thinking we were just going to this badass party. That’s where I met Dayna, at that time she was just the right hand man to the boss.. til she killed him in his sleep. She killed any that didn’t follow her, including my friends.

Collin: I was terrified so I went along with anything she said to save my own neck. She made me do so many terrible things.. then I found out it was you we were taking hostage. I promised.. Claire, you’re getting out tonight.

Claire: W-what?

anonymous asked:

Do u like onision? If so y? If no y not?

I hate him a lot and I had zero spoons to write all the reasons why so my boy @kuroseptic wrote them up for me bc he’s a doll. So here we go.

1: he’s manipulative and emotionally abusive
2: he shames people who have cosmetic surgeries /and/ called top surgery a cosmetic surgery.
3: he publicly shamed his ex gf on the internet and called her a druggie for smoking pot and said all druggies should die. Also told her if she wanted him to ‘forgive her and take her back’ she had to get a tattoo that said I’m a liar. He also chained her in his basement as 'punishment’ and when the internet called him out he said 'no it was just bdsm!!’
4: he collected pictures of underage girls from his website and 'rated them’ in his vids. Most of them were in their underwear and he would rate their weight and if they were hot or not. When called out he said he was 'helping girls will their self esteem’ even when he said a girl had a shrek body. And he was like 'well not /all/ the girls were underage!!’
5: he belittled the Manchester bombings and acted like people were somehow lesser because other tragedies took place involving POC and didn’t get as much media attention (which is admittedly not cool! But he handled it way wrong)
6: when Christina Grimmie got killed he said people praying was stupid and 'you prayed and she still died’
7: he’s done blackface and defends usage of the N-word.
8: he’s extremely transphobic and said trans women should go to mens’ prison.

Imagine being Tara's Best Friend

Originally posted by anemonepirate

It was your first day of kindergarten, your mother had curled your hair loosely and dressed you in a black jeans and a plaid shirt, while your brother was dressed in a similar outfit, when you entered the classroom you looked around and saw your name tag on your desk. When you hurried towards it you saw another little girl sitting at your table, coloring. 

“Hi, can I color with you?” You asked as you sat in your seat and looked at the little girl. She had brown pigtails and was wearing a blue dress, her nails were painted sparkly blue and she had pretty brown eyes. 

“Sure, I’m Tara.” She said as she handed you a crayon. 

“[Y/N]. And that’s my brother Jax.” You said as you smiled and pointed towards your blonde haired brother, who was talking to Opie. 

Originally posted by lifefullofglitter

 "Well Teller it looks like you aren’t the only taken one now.“ Your best friend smiled as she walked into your room. 

"Wait, Jackson has a girlfriend? I haven’t heard anything about a girl from either him or Ope." 

"Well that’s because he just asked her out, in person.” She smiled as you looked confused, for you could hear your brother and boyfriend playing video games in the next room, and the only ones home were the boys and you and Tara… And then it hit you. 

“No.” You said 



"You are looking at Jackson Teller’s new girlfriend.” She smiled as you jumped up and hugged her in excitement. 

Originally posted by fyeahmaggiesiff

 "Tara, what are you doing here?“ You asked as the loaded car sat outside your house. 

"I’m…. I’m leaving [Y/N], and I don’t want your brother to know. I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to you, I mean you are my best friend." 

 "Well when are you….” You stopped short as you looked at her, her eyes starting to water, “you aren’t coming back are you?" 

"This life was never what I wanted, you were bred for this life, I wasn’t." 

"Tara…” You started 

“I’ll call you when I get there.” She said as she started the car, and slowly pulled away from the curb. 

Originally posted by sotirialbee

 "I do.“ You smiled as you looked at your now husband, who was kissing you. The crowd cheered as you walked away a Winston. You looked over the crowd though, and at your own party, the only thing you could think was so much for best friend. 

When you were on the dance floor dancing with your wedding party you felt someone tap your shoulder, "Lass there is someone waiting for you outside!” Chibs shouted over the music, as you followed him out the door, to a silver Honda. 

 You lifted the hem of your dress and walked down to the stairs to the car as Chibs went back inside. When you reached the bottom of the steps the door to the car shut, causing you to lift your head and see your best friend. You dropped the skirt and raced into her open arms, “Hey.” You whispered 

 "Hey. You look beautiful.“ She whispered as you pulled away.

 "Do you want to go inside, I made Bobby make his famous…" 

"I can’t stay long, I just figured I would came and say congrats and that if you and Opie ever want to come to Chicago, you are more then welcome to come stay with me." 

"Thanks but Ope and Jax just finished prospecting. The wedding was kind of also a celebration for becoming members." 

"Oh, so traveling is now out of the question." 

"No I mean I can come, but Ope can’t." 

"See this is why I could never marry Jax, I can’t live tied to this town, and that is all that comes from becoming an old lady. Haven’t you noticed the only old lady who has stayed around is Gemma. No one else in the club has an old lady, not Bobby, Tig, Chibs, Piney." 

"Do you love him still?” You asked as a tear started falling down your face. 

“I don’t think I ever did.” She whispered, “I have to go." 

 And you watched in your wedding dress as your best friend drove away. 

Originally posted by jaxnathanielsteller

"What are you doing here Tara?” You asked as you opened the door, coldness in your voice as you looked at the woman you once called a best friend. 

Your daughter on your hip as your son played behind you. 

“I figured it was time to come home, and I wanted to know if…" 

"I have the kids and no sitter but I just put lunch in the oven if you want to come in, I can make some tea for you." 

"I’d like that.” She smiled as she stepped in, your son looking up at the new presence, “Momma is this Aunt Tara?" 

"So this must be Kenny.” She smiled as she looked at the little boy. 

“My momma told me about you, your photo is in her wallet and on her mirror, it is also on uncle Jax’s.” He said as she looked at you 

“My photo is in your house and your wallet?” She laughed as she opened her wallet, revealing a photo of you both at Prom. 

“I have that one in my wallet too, and the one on the mirror is from the time Ope and Jax drove us out to the beach to go swimming and have a picnic." 

"And I had that awful bathing suit?” Tara laughed as you remembered the times where you were inseparable, and now.., well this was the first time you had seen her in the six years you and Opie were married. 

“So where is Opie?” Tara asked 

“Ummm the lumber yard, after we were married, he got arrested, sentence to five years, I was working as a waitress and a single mom, we had Kenny before the wedding. He has been working the lumber yard for a year now and working weekends with the club. We just had Grace about three months ago.” You gestured to the little girl who was now sitting in the high chair. 

“So is Opie going to come home for lunch?” She asked 

“He shouldn’t be, he said him and Jax were going to the diner for lunch, talk about…" 

And then you heard the engines. 

"I should go..” She started 

“No point darling, they already saw the car. So you gonna apply to Saint Thomas?" 

"Yea prenatal surgeon." 

 "Good for you." 

"Are you still waitressing at the diner?" 

"Yea weekdays, Gemma watches the kids. Wendy used to.." 

"Whose Wendy?" 

"Jax’s junkie ex wife.” You responded as you heard the door close. 

“Daddy!” Kenny screamed as he ran towards his father. 

“What no love for uncle Jax?” Your brother said as your son erupted into laughter. 

“What is that wonderful smell I smell?” Opie called from the door as he walked in and stopped as though he had seen a ghost. 

“Well I figured I would make Kenny some pizza, I can pop another one in the oven for you and Jax if you would like some?" 

 "Ummm yea, mind if I get a beer?" 

"Opie it is your house, you can have a beer whenever you want." 

"Oh okay.” He said as Jax entered the room, carrying Kenny. 

“Hey…” His words stopped when he saw her, her eyes sparkled as she looked at his boyish charm. 

“So Jax, wanna beer?” You asked as you popped another pizza into the oven and refill Tara’s glass with tea. 

“Nah Sis, I was just…" 

"Now don’t tell me you drove all the way out here for lunch and now you are leaving me here with more pizza then I know what to do with?" 

"I think Ma…" 

"Ma can wait, sit, stay, have a beer, play with your favorite nephew, or if you want you can feed little miss Grace?" 

 "What is on the menu for her today, Carrots or…" 

"Whatever looks good to you Mr. Teller, as long as she isn’t wearing it this time. So Tara you living in your own place?" 

"Mmmm oh yeah I am packing my dad’s place up, been staying there." 

"Well I was sorry to hear of his passing but I am glad you are staying in the house." 

"Thanks, I really should be…" 

"Tara Grace Knowles I have not seen you since my wedding. You are staying and we are catching up." 

"The things I do for you.” She laughed as she drank the tea. 

Originally posted by journeyslegend

 "Tara! Tara! Where are you going!“ You called running out of the house. 

 "I can’t.. I can’t do this." 

"So you slapped my brother for what? He did nothing wrong." 

"You asked me on your wedding day if I still loved him." 

"Yea and you said…" 

"I lied, I have always loved him. And seeing him with a druggie whore, acting like she didn’t almost kill that precious little boy…" 

"He hasn’t Tara… He is not staying with her, she is off to rehab first thing in the morning." 

"I can’t [Y/N]. Coming back was a mistake." 

"No it wasn’t. This is your home, your family. You belong here with Jax." 

"I can’t [Y/N]." 

"Take a night to think about it, I’ll call you in the morning to talk about this." 


 "Love you bitch!” You called as she shut the car door and drove off. 

Originally posted by menofmayhemconfessions

 The next morning she woke up to pounding on the door, she pulled herself out of bed and dragged her feet to the door, when she opened it she saw a red eyed Jackson Teller. 

“What’s wrong Jax?" 

 "She’s dead Tara. She took Opie’s truck after the party to get dish washer soap for Ma." 

He couldn’t even finish the sentence before he collapsed into her grip, as silent tears fell from her eyes.

Selenators and their obsession with me which is hypocritical.

Selenators claim I’m obsessed because I talk about Selena, but isn’t that what Selena signed up for when she basically did everything she can to become a celebrity? 

I am ENGRAVED into their minds. Whether or not I’m around in the future, I have had an impact on them. They’ll be saying “Remember exposingsmg?” And when I get proved right… AGAIN… they’ll try to convince themselves that it was some sort of coincidence. In the end, I’m engraved into their minds. Whenever THEIR fave does something, they think about what I AM going to say. Hey they’re like Selena, you know, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 

Selena is filming her new movie which no one will go see when it’s released just like no one saw Behaving Badly, The Getaway, Rudderless, or Spring Breakers (wow four movies that bombed at the box office and at reviews from the audience or critics… Justin’s curse!)

Anyways, so part of her role is this

So the second those pictures come out, the first thing Selenators can think of, is what I’m going to say. Aw!

And the reality of it is

I didn’t even say something. And when I did, it was this

I will forver be engraved into their minds. They wanna call me obsessed yet they stay reading my blog

and talk about me with their friends

That same rat is the same one who says I have no life because I talk about Selena negatively yet what is she doing up texting her friends about me? It sure isn’t to plan a tea party!

Having a conversation with takes two different roads.

1. They’ll provide fake stats.

2. They’ll run away once you ask for receipts. 

Here’s an example

And yes she didn’t reply. 

They know everything! It’s like a wikipedia page on me ♥ At least when I wanna know something about my Selena, my sources who are part of her inner circle, can easily tell me. 

If you ask for receipts, I’ll grant you it. 

(Yes that is vinylugly who retweeted that tweet meaning she agrees that if I provide a legit receipt from E News or TMZ, that will prove my legitimacy)

So that’s what I did. 

Texts between Alison and I, April 26

TMZ, April 28

So what do they say?

After that, no reply. I proved that TMZ’s source said the same thing as well as mine. Someone else said that it was actually a coincidence. Yeah… because all these times were coincidences also. 

Jan 16. 

Feb 5th.

Or how about my source telling you guys in September and December 2013 that Selena is dating her dancer Charity 


Only to have Blind Gossip say the same thing in March 2014

It’s a coincidence that BG’s source as well as ours is lying?

July 2nd 2014

July 3d

Or how about TMZ again.

Less than 2 weeks later

It’s a coincidence tho! 

Yet vinylugly who retweeted the tweet saying where’s my TMZ proof, ignores that and goes on to focus on Blindgossip

Whether or not Blindgossip “lied” it still doesn’t explain how their sources match up with mine who match up with TMZ. 

I thought vinylugly deserved to get dragged on my blog with over 1 million visits. I won’t even @ her this post, I know she’ll personally do her daily exposingsmg check up like Selena. 

Also, I mentioned @triggabuteras in one of my recent posts. She used to run a defend account account for me and actually wanted me to let her in on the exposingsmg squad!

Rodents like that is how Selenaexposed got suspended. Trust no one if you want to run a successful blog. 

I know vinlyugly loves my 1 million views since she stays talking about them as well as contributing to them! She’s just angry that For You doesn’t have ¼th of that.

One more thing, I said something about me getting proved right 5 out of 10 times and Selenators can’t seem to let go of it just like they couldn’t let go off the “download here” button when they downloaded Stars Dance illegally.

You do understand that there are certain things that won’t get proved right. Going back to the Delena fight, I can’t release video evidence of them fighting. Or the Jenners vs. Selena, I can’t show you evidence of them fighting either. I can only give you proof to a certain extent. It’s not  failed test when Selena’s image took a 360 spin after me and Selenaexposed. The Selena who you guys said doesn’t smoke cigarettes or the one who didn’t go to rehab like “that druggie Demi!” has had 360 image turn ever since us. And it sure as hell ain’t a failed test if the majority of twitter tweet “What’s wrong with her face….” or “What drugs is she doing” when a new Selene picture comes out because before me, no one called Selena a coke addict. So the only test that was failed, was the “Can Selena still have a successful career after the Jelena breakup” test, when four movies in a row bombed and the two albums released after her breakup with Justin, are her lowest selling. 

Because in the end

You guys like it when I drag Selenators, so hopefully you liked this post :)


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anonymous asked:

Hate is such a strong word to use. But how bloggers have taken this pr stunt to show their true colours on what they feel about Z has made me hate them. Idont get worked up about internet strangers but said strangers have managd to convince their followers that Z is a cheating druggie with mental health issues. They are destroying Z image in the name of concern. What concern? Drug addiction and mental health should be talked about but diagnosing Zayn as this without a medical checkup disgusting

This is how I feel. Health diagnosis is VERY specialized so no one without a MEDICAL degree should be out here doing that shit. It’s slanderous otherwise. Throwing around things like drug addiction and mental health diagnoses aren’t a joke. And the implications and “assumptions” are all fuckery that would be shut down if implied to their fave. So I have no time for their “concern”

The Healing place is a fucking joke. Hell, all shelters in my opinion are a fucking joke.

Now, please read carefully. I was in a bad environment at home. I was being emotionally abused by my father for years, more so when my parents got a divorce. I tried to move into a friends house, but he found out and yelled and screamed and threatened to drop me off in the middle of saint louis. So, when I got the chance, I flew out to see my boyfriend and I had decided I was going to stay in that state. I wasn’t going back. I knew with him still living at home, his parents wouldn’t keep me there so I had plans on just staying at a shelter til I got back on my feet. 

Every single shelter had a huge ass waiting list that went on for 6+ months. Every. Single. One. Called every possible shelter in the area and they all asked if I had a kid or was pregnant. I was so upset because, really, how many homeless women with kids/are pregnant are there??? I wouldn’t know but surely there were more kids who were homeless right? Well, I FINALLY found a shelter that allowed me to come in. It was all great at first, but then after a while, I started to realize it was hell. 

The Healing Place in Raleigh North Carolina was God aweful, poorly run and barely helped anyone. It was sad, really. There were two sections; one for overnighters(people like me needing a place to stay) and people in “the program”(they had problems with drugs and alcohol abuse). Though, I do understand why they were more lenient towards the program people being it was mainly a place for druggies, I just didn’t like how it was ran. 

1) Pass addicts who were in the program were the monitors. They always said “once an addict always an addict” so why the hell did they let these people run the place? Not to mention they all had a piss poor attitude and had a rude stick shoved so far up into their asses they couldn’t see straight.

2) People got kicked out for the stupidest reasons. Couldn’t make it to class(which I’ll explain later)? Cant get a bed. Took something to eat from the cafeteria and brought it to bed with you? Welp, you poor diabetic thing, you’re out on the streets again. Hell, there was a women there who was saying she didn’t like the food and she was “sent down the hill”!! 

3) Even if you weren’t in the program and had no addictions AT ALL you HAD to go. This prevented the actual homeless people to go out and apply for jobs or even go to interviews! If you didn’t go to class and sign the paper before each one started(there was two) then you could not get on the van or get a bus ticket to go to the shelter. 

4) Oooh the old women there… They had been there for years. YEARS. Still sitting on their asses thinking they were some goddess. They had their own beds and everything(you usually got a different bed all the time). It pissed me off when the monitors told us “young people” to all let the elderly and disabled sign the list first which is utter bullshit. Call me selfish, but why should I stay the night on a bench in the back of the women’s center when these elderly people can simply call up their son/daughter/relative and they can get money for a hotel(i’ve seen it happen quite a few times) 

5) They did NOT search the program people’s bags. Noooo, they searched OUR bags. The ones without the problem. And to rub salt in the wounds, it was the program people’s job to check our stuff. We weren’t allowed to have any electronics and were locked up. I couldn’t understand why the program people didn’t have their bags checked. Like, really, there was even an incident where someone found a broken crack pipe in the shower and the fingers were pointed to the overnighters. After the monitors mentioned the broken crack pipe, NOTHING was done. They were like “lolwell since no one did it i guess it’s fiiiiiine”. 

6) You weren’t allowed to keep your stuff in the shelter but the program people could. Many of us had large bags and suitcases but we had to drag it onto the bus and somehow stuff it into a van and had to take it EVERYWHERE unless you went to the women center(where we had our classes) and sign up for storage. 

7) They served expired food. I mean, I know it was all donated and I greatly appreciated it, but c'mon if you’re serving us stuff that can get us sick, that’s not right. But of course, you couldn’t breathe a word about it, even if it was expired or spoiled or else they’d send you “down the hill”. 

Of course there were other nit picky stuff that was a living hell too. Like, all the snoring, getting up at 5 am(mandatory) and only allowed to come back in at 3 or 4pm(can’t remember which) and the fact that someone stole my class ring but of course, living in a shelter there had to be rules, but I think the Healing Place is a sick and twisted shelter that needs to get their shit together. But not just them, I heard of other shelters that had bed bugs and were worse so I guess I should be thankful? Well, I am thankful now that I’m living with my aunt and I have a job and such.

WAY Tdrl; The Healing Place is NOT a good shelter in the slightest and I think all other shelters are no better. 

It's Good To Be Bad (Chapter 1)

TITLE: It’s Good To Be Bad


AUTHOR: leavetherestunspoken


GENRE: Romance, Drama, Crime 

FIC SUMMARY: Tom is the founder/boss of a gang called The Dirty Dawgs. But what happens when he falls for his newest member?


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: I’ve been dying to write a gangster sort of story for ageeeees. Finally after the whole Jaguar, villain, Tom stuff, I’ve had lots of inspiration! Sorry that this chapter is a little jumpy, it’s just getting to know the characters and a little background info first! :) x


Kelly had just finished touching up her make up when her cousin, John, shouted on her from the living room to hurry up. She rolled her eyes as she quickly put on her lipstick. She was looking forward to going out for dinner with him and then going for a few quiet drinks to celebrate her 30th. But it was also to celebrate her 2nd year of being in The Dirty Dawgs gang.

Since joining the gang her life had been anything but quiet. But she wouldn’t change it for the world. The Dirty Dawgs were her family, she would do anything for them. Even The Boss. Whom she had only ever met once. But due to circumstances, she had never met him properly. So she just went by the things she was told of him. 

All she knew about The Boss, or otherwise known as Mr Hiddleston, was that he never liked getting his hands dirty. But he was the mastermind of the whole thing. Kept the whole gang in money, made sure everyone had a roof over their head. He was very good to his gang. She had also heard from one of the few girls that he was very handsome. Not many of the gang saw him regularly though. He was a dark horse in Kelly’s eyes. But she owed him her life.

Keep reading