but dorks nonetheless

things i really love about kim namjoon
  • the gap his legs create because they are long but not perfectly straight
  • his lanky walk
  • and how his shoulders are always somewhat curved forward
  • the way he moves his hands as he speaks
  • and how he constantly touches his face during logs or when he’s very tired
  • his hands and his long fingers to be honest
  • how easily embarrassed he gets
  • how bad he’s at aegyo but still tries for the fans (thought he knows we’re gonna die of second-hand embarrassment)
  • how humble he is about himself and his talent
  • he has an amazing mass of thoughts swirling in his head, and most of them aren’t the happiest, but he still shows a smiley face 
  • his fucking dimples
  • and how they sink deep whenever he smiles
  • and how they sink deeper when he’s embarrassed
  • how good he looks in suits
  • if you met him on the street you’d probably think he’s a model or something because he’s tall, handsome and dressed well
  • but in reality he’s the one who trips over sidewalks and drops his bag and all its content on the ground
  • the shape of his eyes and how they curve down
  • and how round and dark his pupils look when he explains something
  • on this note: how he has a habit of throwing himself forward as he speaks
  • and how his lips pops out
  • how thick his mouth looks
  • the way his tongue shapes around the words
  • and how sometimes you can see fragments of saliva linking his lips  
  • and the tiny wrinkles his lips have, almost like there’s too much skin squished in a tiny space
  • his eye-smile
  • the way his mouth jumps up when he smiles with his lips closed. you can see how it all quirks up to the upper line of his teeth because his chin becomes twice the size
  • and well, his tiny, round chin
  • and his round wide face
  • his flat, cute nose
  • the shape of his eyebrows
  • how his lips are darker on the edges and pinkier in the middle
  • the shadow his bottom lip cast on his chin
  • the constant darker line under his eyes
  • his cheeks
  • his gorgeous neck and his adam’s apple, the texture of the skin there
  • his tanned complexion
  • you can tell he isn’t the most easy-going person but he tries so hard not to be a loner
  • but at the same time, he knows how important is and cherish his loneliness 
  • how much he loves learning new stuff
  • he’s the strongest kid i’ve ever met; he has been called names, threatened, said he wasn’t bound to be in bangtan, yet he’s tried to not lose balance
  • and when he had, he got back to his feet and shared his thoughts about all, being as much open and sincere as a human can
  • his incredibly deep voice
  • and how lower it gets when he’s tired
  • and how silly he gets when he’s tired
  • and the little moans and sounds he makes when he’s tired
  • actually, when he’s tired
  • the fact that he called his dog rapmon so that he would somehow always be home
  • he knows people might call him nerd because he likes books and philosophy and literature, so when he has to explain something (ex: when he spoke about the meaning of 화양연화) he tries to make it short and he keeps touching his hair, or his nape, or his eyes dart in all direction, because he doesn’t want to look like a know-it-all or anything
  • but he actually comes out like the precious bun he is and we all love
  • how good of a leader he is
  • how bad he is at cooking 
  • how bad he is at living, to be honest
  • thus, how much of an adorable dork he is
  • but nonetheless, i’d trust him with my life
  • how good rings look on him
Dipcifica ~ Chocolates

Pacifica crushed the box of chocolates to her chest, heart fluttering in nervousness. How did the girls on TV make this seem so easy? She wanted to faint, to stall, to back out of this god-forsaken crap of an idea she was going through with. But she couldn’t. How could she, when Mabel was so insistent on her confessing her feelings on such aromantic holiday? And to that dork nonetheless. What if he rejected her right on the spot? Or started to ignore her? What would she do then? But then again, Dipper wasn’t like that. Right? She really hoped she was just being dramatic. She looked down at her outfit, making sure her white blouse and floral pink skirt were wrinkle free. Hopefully, her long blonde hair and light makeup were still in place.

She gave one last look over her should at Mabel, who was gesturing wildly and making weird bird calls for her to go, before letting out a nervous breath and making her way towards the boy twin. He was in conversation with one of his chess club geeks, scrunching his face up in that cute way he always did when he was thinking hard. The chess geek was the first to spot her - Tyler, she thinks his name is- who then proceeded to make up a random excuse, before practically running from the popular Pacificamaking her way towards Dipper. She silently thanked the nerd as she finally reached Dipper, who was still standing stunned in the same spot from the abrupt leave of his friend.

She made sure to hide the box of chocolates behind her back, before letting out a quick cough. Dipper’s head snapped to her, a look of confusion setting on his face,

“Pacifica? What are you doing here?”

He gave a quick once-over, noticing her stiff posture and shifting eyes. He also couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she looked in her perfect outfit, and how cute her usual snooty face was with a dark strawberry pink blush covering it. This, in turn, had Dipper blushing also. She opened her mouth, like a fish out of water, opening and closing in a mechanical fashion, before slamming the little box into Dippers stomach. Successfully knocking the air out of his lungs. How was Pacifica so strong?!

She started to ramble, “D-don’t t-take this the wrong way! I-it’s not l-like I like you or a-anything! I-I just felt sorry for you a-and decided to g-get you something since you probably w-won’t get any chocolate from a-an actual girl! You should be honored!”

Dipper ignored her babbled words, catching his breath while glancing down at the little box Pacifica had placed in his hands. It was wrapped in gold, a cute little white ribbon tying it closed. He carefully untied it, opening to see chocolates nestled inside. They looked handmade, each one taking a random shape of their own. He looked back up at Pacifica, at the now tomato red blush engulfing her entire face. She wanted to die of embarrassment right then and there. Did he hate them?! Was he going to throw them back into her face?! Surely he would laugh in her face?! He didn’t do any of those things though. He only asked one simple question,

“Did you make these yourself?”

This caught Pacifica off guard, the answer showing on her vulnerable face. Crossing her arms, she humphed,

“I thought the rich ones would be too good for you, and these are…cheaper…so..”

She trailed off, running out of excuses to use. The truth of the matter was she had spent all night trying to make those stupid little chocolates. She even had one of the chef’s try to teach her, but it was harder than it looked, hence the reason they all took on a deformed shape. They were at least good enough to eat, despite their horrible appearance. She’d made sure of it. She looked away from him, a pout setting across her face,

“If you don’t want them, than just give them back.”

Dipper paused, almost like he was appalled by the idea of it, before rolling his eyes,

“Of course I want them, Pacifica. Especially since you went to the trouble of making them for me.”

He took a chocolate out of the box and held it up to his eyes. He then threw it into his awaiting mouth, chewing the sweet treat, before swallowing. Pacifica watched him, ready for rejection. Instead of the look of disgust Pacifica was expecting, a grin made it’s way onto Dippers face,

“They’re really great, Pacifica.”

A warm feeling spread throughout Pacifica as she stared at Dipper. God, she loved that smile. A look of the usual snooty Pacifica made its way onto Pacifica’s face,

“Of course. I made the after all.” But then her eyes looked down nervously and the blush reappeared, “I’m really glad you like them.”

This was too cute for Dipper, who swiftly bent down and kissed Pacifica’s cheek. He blushed at his mindless actions as he pulled away. She probably thought of him as a creep now. One look at her face, though, told him that she had definitely not expected his actions. She was blushing profusely, her eyes wide. She hid her face then and turned, “G-goodbye then.” And quickly walked away, back to the happily squawking Mabel doing her victory dance.

official ranking of every michael j fox character from his movies

A very small, albeit moody child. I will protect him with my life.

Kind of chubby with a bad haircut, but is cute nonetheless.

Hawaiian shirt isn’t very tasteful, but I’d trust this boy.

Looks pretty hunky, with a decent haircut.

A total hottie, with a little bit of adorable dork mixed in. 100/10

Is EXTREMELY ADORABLE AND DORKY, but looks extremely ugly with hair all over his body.

Is very well-dressed and a bit arrogant, but loves his family and is still adorable and small. 100/10

The mullet is a little too intimidating and doesn’t suit his sweet boyish nature and the earring screams george michael, but I’d totally want him by my side.

IS THE CUTEST FREAKING THING EVER. Is very charming and is a total babe. Is the very definition of boyishly handsome. 101/100

Is a very sad, lonely little boy with fluffy hair. He needs a hug really badly.

Damn this boy is tough. He has a cool haircut. Is the ultimate bodyguard.

Is still a total hottie and adorable dork. His hair seems to be fluffier than before so that’s a plus.

A little cowboy hottie. Is a total badass and like in the previous movies is still quick thinking and smart.

Hairs a bit messy and the five-o-clock shadow is a bit distracting, but seems to be an adorable dork nonetheless 

Hair is nice and fluffy and neat and the tie is kinda nice. He’s very good at saving lives which is nice.

Is a very cute puppy. Very playful and silly. Would love a dog like him.

Smokes so much that I’m worried he might get lung cancer, but he has nice hair most of the time and he’s cute with kids.

Has hair similarly styled like he did in the last movie, but is much more tasteful and tidy.

A bowling dork that does a good jimmy durante impression. He gets naked at some point and you see a lot of his butt which I guess is a bonus.

Another case of life-with-mikey hair, but with a nice speech thrown in for good measure.

Still a pretty adorable pup (even if he’s clearly portrayed by a different dog), but he matures slightly at the end of the film when he’s given a girlfriend that I’m still a little butthurt about (yes I’m butthurt that they gave a DOG an unnecessary girlfriend).

Very cool and can see and talk to ghosts, but HE GETS INTERROGATED and I’m not happy about that.

I like the slicked back hair. Looks kinda serious. I’d trust him.

Very cute and sweet and I love him. You can even see Michaels face in his face. 

Love his design. Is like michael but 10x dorkier. Also totally looks like mike too.

Still is pretty sweet and cute. The cgi appears to be better so he looks even more like michael now.

A bit weird to see michaels still distinctly boyish voice coming out of a robot dogs mouth, but I won’t complain this dogs still pretty cute.


High fever, headache, chest pain following coughs. The early symptoms of M3 are similar to Ebola; but, your skin is still like white jade and you still look pretty, so, I have no problems with my vision. Although, my symptoms also indicate a kind of virus - have you never been infected? It’s just a common cold.

I’ve been imagining Deidara a bit so here’s something I believe is kinda cool

Deidara Relationship Headcanons!

-The type to eat dry cereal with you at 4:00 in the morning because you both can’t sleep, are hungry, and are both too lazy to go cook.

-Watches horror movies but won’t admit they make him a little paranoid.

-Jams out to literally everything and ANYTHING with you. “One headphone in his ear, the other in your ear” type of boyfriend.

-Likes exciting dates at concerts and firework shows. Likes calm dates like picnics by lakes and home with pizza.

-The type to propose on July the 4th

-Pet peeve is when his S/O doesn’t pay enough attention to him. He turns into a small child if it happens and becomes clingy. Will interrupt your conversation.

-Dances around the living room with you to old Fall Out Boy songs when you’ve had a bad day.

-Is a total dork, but a cute dork nonetheless


Based on otpprompts lovely idea.

Anime: Naruto

Pairing: NejiTen, Neji Hyuuga, Tenten


By the way she clung to his arm, her smaller frame shaking at every step they took and her eyes turning into tiny crescents, Hyuuga Neji knew she was close.

A snort escaped her lips. Neji resisted the urge to roll his lavender-tinted eyes.

“Out with it,” he said. No sooner had the words left him, Tenten guffawed and her mouth let out a barking laugh that had people watching them curiously.

They pointed, they whispered, they judged; yet, Tenten paid them no heed. She laughed, clutching at her sides and wiping the moisture that pooled at the corners of her eyes. She sniffed, snorted again, and burst into a fit of laughter before she shook her head.

“Are you done?” Neji asked in exasperation, although there was a hint of a smile on his own lips. Tenten gave him a toothy grin.

“Yup!” She exclaimed happily, a slight skip in her steps. She giggled again. “Mrs. Hyuuga. What a joke.”

“You act like this is your first time being mistaken as my wife,” Neji commented. They stopped at a classy cafe, and wordlessly, Neji signalled if Tenten wanted to dine there. Tenten bobbed her head eagerly.

“Thank you,” she gave her companion a smile when he opened the door for her. “And you can’t blame me. It’s funny!”

Neji raised a brow, and Tenten puffed her cheeks.

“It is!” She defended herself. “I mean, imagine what people would say if they found out we’re not even a couple.”

They found a table for two, beside a huge window where they could also enjoy the view outside. Tenten quickly sat in her seat and enjoyed what the window could offer.

“They’d think we’re cheapskates, Neji.”

“There was a discount for couples and we took advantage of it,” Neji frowned a bit. “We’re not cheap, Tenten. We’re smart.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night, hubby,” Tenten winked at him. Neji glared at her playfully.

A waitress then came up to their table to give them a menu each. In between explaining some of the dishes, the ginger waitress (her nametag says “Moegi”) gushed about how cute they were and how they looked good together.

Tenten flushed a bit at the waitress’ upbeat compliments, while Neji’s lips curved a fraction. Once Moegi had left with their orders, Neji was suddenly quiet, his gaze captured by the scenery outside.

“She’s right, you know,” he said suddenly, pale eyes turning to Tenten. Said girl tilted her head in confusion, and Neji felt the need to elaborate. “About us looking perfect for each other.”

“We should start dating. What do you think?”

Tenten shrugged her shoulders. “I dunno. Are you willing to marry me at some point?”

“I merely suggested we date. Marriage seems a huge step, don’t you think?”

Tenten stubbornly shook her head and glared at Neji.

“But if we’re serious, it’s gonna end there, right?”

Neji’s brow raised. “Are you saying you will and want to pursue a serious romantic relationship with me?”

“Well, yes!” Tenten impatiently blew her bangs and crossed her arms. “I’m always serious when it comes to you, Neji.



A pause, as both merely gave each other a calculating stare. That is of course, Tenten’s shoulders started shaking, and a giggle escaped her. Neji chuckled in response.

“Did we just…?” Tenten saw Neji nod and facepalmed. “That was so unromantic!”

“We were never good at romance,” Neji said but slyly added, “We’ll learn, of course.”

Tenten’s smile was simply breathtaking. “Together?”

Neji reached out and held her hand in his. He smiled. “Together.”


Daring: (sour face)
Chase: ….. (is concerned) um prince daring did you need someth –
Chase: I

in which daring cannot deny his love for red/black combos (kitty clawed his pretty face for being a douche canoe to lizzie but chase won’t take his crap)

(also I feel like wonderland would not care about sexuality at all like everyone likes everyone it’s normal it’s all normal so when daring is finally like I LIKE YOU ALRIGHT chase is all oh well geez hahah and be embarrassed but not bothered and daring will be like why are you so cool about this we’re both men and chase will be like and????? and daring will just deflate and die)

(also also everyone thought chase liked darling but he thought he made it clear that they’re friends (also darling likes girls probably so) and maybe he got a little crush on her really handsome brother even if he was a strange dork he was wonderful nonetheless and chase just kind of kept it to himself but eventually daring noticed him from over his mirror and was like “…… oh”)

dannylovescalpal  asked:

pls can you do one with calum. 12 and 17 . i love your blurbs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Calum heaved a sigh of relief — the full weight of his body slumped against the wall as a rough hand combed through his black locks, curls softly brushing against his palm and fingers — whilst a mischievous smirk toyed with the corners of his mouth.

“Babe…we have a whole hour by ourselves…” he murmured, his finger curled in a beckoning manner. When all you responded with were raised brows, he peeled himself from the door and strutted over to you - arms wrapping around your shoulders as your back was pressed against his chest. “Think about all the things we could do in sixty minutes.”

Ever since the two of you settled down and mutually decided to have kids of your own, any time spent alone - no matter if it was of the fun, sexy variety or both of you lying face down on your bed, your bodies intertwined but otherwise completely exhausted - that contained physical contact was a gift the neither of you wanted to pass up. And with one son spending the day at a peewee football camp and the other having a playdate down the street with a close friend of yours, you should have easily capitalized this situation. Not necessarily in a sexy, fun time way. After all, you could have collapsed on some comforting surface with ease before being reminded that you had to be an adult. But sixty minutes? The possibilities weren’t exactly endless - they were limited at best - but enough time for you to at least do something that you never thought you could normally do.

“Uh, babe, we’ve reached fifty-nine minutes, and the clock is still counting down. I have some ideas but—”

You hadn’t even realized you’d tuned him out until you felt his plump lips peppering your cheeks with wet kisses. A small giggle erupted from him as he then rocked you back and forth in his arms - mouth still attached to your soft skin. The eyeroll was completely involuntary on your part. A dork, you thought. Married to a total dork. Nonetheless, the giddy chime in his voice was infectious, and you couldn’t help but let out a chuckle as well.

“I swear I must’ve married a man-child,” you teased, pressing a quick peck to his bicep that rested on your shoulder.

“What are you talking about?” he queried; his voice held overwhelming amounts of sarcasm and mock offense. “I am very mature.”

You were prepared to interject a comment when he spun you around so that you were now facing your husband - that wicked look of mischief once again present in his shining eyes - and hefted you so his broad shoulder painfully dug into your chest. Shuffling his feet, you suddenly found yourself being heaved onto the couch with a slight thud - the cushions make a poof sound. Calum was quick to climb on top of you - his entire body weight leaving you groaning - as you kept your face covered with your hands; before you could peek between your fingers, you felt his rough hands gently covering your own, his smile wide as he went back to work covering your face in sloppy kisses whilst you sputtered and squealed with glee. Your face was cradled in his hands when your tongue poked between your lips - though he was quick to lightly catch your it between his teeth, his eyebrows waggling.

Although you struggled to form any words - you could almost hear his pun-infused thoughts: Calum got ‘yer tongue? - you reluctantly attempted. “Thith ith how you wanna thpend the latht thithty-theven ninutes?”

He had to pull away, snickering under his breath and burying his face into your shoulder. Despite your pout being ignored, you teased the dark curls of his hair by twirling them between your fingers.

“Just remember, babe,” he said, voice muffled against your collarbone. “You said yes to all of this. Man-child and all! Now,” Calum’s voice seemed to drain of the childish tone - now much more serious, “let’s make the most of these fifty-six minutes.”

Thank you so much! And I’m sorry if this wasn’t all that great. P.S. My blurbs love you more. xx

Cont | godofcheating

                  I - idiot !

                 Glad to see you? Hmm, even I do I’m not sure what I am more.
                     Glad or mad with you?
All his feigning falters as soon he pointed
                                                  it out. The nerve of him!

               “Oh, erm no its ok. I’m sorry. I didn’t know – you had your good reasons
               to be away for a while now…
Watch him grow a tad bit red in the cheek due
                  to embarrassment in making silly assumptions then finding out the truth.