but doodling this made me really happy


In other news Hiryuu’s too cute and I’m weak

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I'm currently really stressed and on the verge of a mental breakdown over a history project, when I see some of your art. Dude, you made me calm down so much, and your art inspired me to finish my project so I could draw. Thank you so much for posting such wonderful art to calm me down! <33! Also, if your requests are open, might I ask to see seabury in your style?

Im happy to hear that my art managed to calm you down!

Here’s a Seabury for you!

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hello! I really love your art and it really inspires me!! Could you please draw your version of Septiceye Sam? Thank you so much!!

Happy my art inspires you dude, also I haven’t drawn septiceye sam as a human a lot, so here’s a beta version design I made up now (he’s also wearing Jack’s hat) lol I kinda love him lol Did I make a good Septiceye Sam design?


Two quick doodles I made because wow I really love Sander Sides. It’s such a unique and creative idea. I adore the characters and the lessons we learn with them in every episode! 

@thatsthat24 Thank you for your wonderful videos, Thomas. They always manage to make me smile. I hope you have a lovely day filled with lots of sunshine and happiness. I’m already looking forward to your next video! ♥


I can not agree more! It is truly the best squad and who else could lead it if not Izuku himself? 


Oh wow this is the quickest doodle I’ve ever posted I think but I wanted to doodle the magical woman from my dream.
She wasn’t really exceptional beautiful dressed in my opinion but I love to draw things from my dreams
Another reallly really quick dream-doodle under the cut haha (quicker than quick)

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Hi! I'd seen some of your art on my dashboard but today I spent some time seeing it on your blog (I even went through the whole supergirl tag) and I love it so much! Not only are your illustrations effortlessly heartwarming, they're also very funny. I laughed at "You've been framed for a heinous crime by your evil genocidal mother. Move back 20 spaces." for longer than I'd like to admit. I just really wanted to thank you for bringing a smile to my face and inspiring me to create more art.

Thank you. This message made me happy. Keep making that art.

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hello!! sorry this is so out of the blue but ive followed you i think since i started watching gravity falls which was,, years,, so ive followed you a long long time and i wanted to say that youre such a positive force on my dash?? your art is so bouncy and fun to look at it makes me v v happy!! n im glad our interests coincide so i could continue enjoying your content that much more jcjdjd but anyway!!! thank you so much for creating and everything you do!! 💜

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i get so happy when people tell me they have been folowing me for that long?? and nrjkfnjke positive force omg thank u so much

here a little mabel doodle sheet THANK u for making me smile ,,,,

I want to do a quick shoutout to the Hannibal and American Gods fandoms. 

I’ve been drawing for years, but have always struggled with my art. About 4 years ago I put my art down and never really picked it back up again. Here or there I’d draw something – but it was never consistent. 

I’m one of those people that draws for myself. I’ll take requests, but I draw for me. Always have. I don’t mind drawing the pairing that no one else supports, or that show no one else is into. I have never expected or really looked for recognition when it comes to my art because, honestly, I’m not a big fan of it.

Let’s just say some idiots ruined how I see my art and now I’m just so– whatever when it comes to it. Which is why I don’t really put work into my art anymore. Don’t really do finished pieces. 

I was expecting it to keep being like that– UNTIL THE FANNIBAL FAMILY STRUCK MEH. 

Let me just say: OH MY LORD. You are S O  S U P P O R T I V E. 

I have never been in such a supportive fandom before. NOT TO SHAME MY OTHER FANDOMS. I still love my other fandoms, I’ve just never made any kind of name for myself in them. Even pieces that I pour hours into. 

Then here I am doing 30 min doodles of random stuff – starting with a funny picture of Hannibal licking Will’s tummy scar because I saw a request and WELL WHY NOT I’LL DOODLE ON IT. AND SUDDENLY FANNIBALS. 


L I T E R A L L Y : 

I read every one of your cute notes. Your tags. Everyday I wake up to this steadily growing amount of notes and I am just so entirely blown away. 

I have literally been in a drawing rut for 10 years and stepped away entirely 4 years ago and now– here I am. 

I never thought I’d need recognition or support but I can’t tell you how much it has made such a difference in my life. I won’t go into details, but I’m currently struggling, and seeing those notes, seeing that I make other people happy with my silly doodles– It has been a literal game changer. 

Thank you so very, very much for supporting some random newcomer. Thank you for not being cliquey. Thank you for not being shaming or having silly ship wars. I just– 

Thank you. Is really what it comes down to. 

I literally cannot tell you how much this means to me and how big of a difference this has made in my life. Even if it seems small, I’ve never had anyone in my life support my art and my creativity like this fandom has. And I adore, absolutely adore, all of you for it. <3

NoHateAwarenessWeek: Love your content creator!

This is a post for ALL types artists and content creators, whether it’s fanart, fanfic, meta, graphics, etc.

There are so a number of these people that I personally interact with, some I’m closer friends with, some that are distant senpais, and some that I may have not even met yet (and still discovering!)–

I want to give an honorary shout out to a few of my best friends who have created some amazing content in the past and deserve a visit!  Plus they’re really cool people in general: @angellust155 (@dustys-art), @roypoptart, and @phantomkim!  Thanks for being such awesome friends.  I love you guys, you’ve been there for me through tough times and good times, and supported what I love to do.  Whatever our interests are now, I wanna say thanks for being my squad when and where it counts!  <3

And now a special thanks, in no particular order-

@erensjaegerbombs : (writer/graphics) Heidi!  You’re honestly such inspiration to so many people around you, me included.  Your writing is very gripping and passionate, whether it’s your fic or your meta, you’re so well-spoken, empathetic, and creative.  Your edits are also top-notch quality and I get excited when I see them on my dash!  You have very unique design ideas that’re both pleasant to look at and entertaining.  Jot that down with being an overall kind and fun person- you are an amazing friend that I am proud of having.  Continue doing the best you can and have fun with it, and know that you have a lot of fans and friends who encourage you!

@perfectfearsomebeauty : (writer) Amy, you’re another very close friend of mine, but that isn’t the big reason I’m directing attention to you.  While I know you are newer to posting your headcanons and fics, between our conversations, I think you have an explorative mind and one that not only thinks critically, but also creatively.  I hope you continue posting, no matter the content.  Keep being you!  There are a great deal of ideas that should see the light, but you really are worthy of being called an artist because you create.  You’re also a loyal and compassionate person, who I cherish very much.  Never give up and keep making, friend!

@writer-person : (writer) Moneé, like the name states, you are an incredibly talents writer who clearly puts a lot of thought and soul into your work.  While sometimes my schedule doesn’t permit me to read a lot of fic all at once, I’m always on the hype for what you put up.  It makes my day and you come up with interesting themes, and I love how you write the characters with such purpose.  You also speak up some good ideas and I tend to really support the headcanons you have (esp. shippy ones, oops).  But you do have a bright mind that shouldn’t go unappreciated.  Thanks for being a consistently great writer and amazing friend!

@fuku-shuu : (writer/graphics) Let me tell you your writing is one of the biggest things that inspired me to walk into the RM fandom.  Your words are so elegant and descriptive and I can really feel every emotion a character holds, and that’s huge.  I also adore your pretty and cute doodles, rare as they are.  And your clear (and sometimes funny) graphics are something I look forward to come new animations.  And meta of course should not go unnoticed!  You’re a great friend and creator of all sorts and I hope you understand and feel the appreciation on this day and more.

@daydream24-7 : (artist) Rose, the way you draw characters has a lot of expression to it, and you make it uniquely your own!  I’m a huge fan of your Mikasas, especially!  You also write well and I love your insightful input when people ask you questions.  Keep doing what you’re doing, friend!  c:

@kaschy aka @kaschy-art : (artist) We’ve only recently become friends, but I’ve known your work for longer.  Among one of my favorite Reiner and Bertholdt (and other warriors) artists, your art is hella amazing, expressive and funny (or angsty, depending on the mood lol).  You’ve always got a story to tell with each piece and I love it!  Never stop!  You’re doing so well!

@redcoaster : (artist/writer) Love them titan abs and butts!  But seriously, the way you add a sense of realism to something that is entirely fictional- it’s all very believable and holds a life of its own.  That’s what I value a lot in art and yours completely stuns me.  I hope you know how valued your work is, so the effort is well worth it.  You’re such a talent!

@alemanriq : (artist) I can always pinpoint your drawings whenever it pops up on my dash, and whether or not I’ve seen it before, it always grabs my attention.  Not to mention the lot of your humorous art brightens my day.  You’re super funny and the style is definitely you.  Hope you keep on truckin’ because what you do makes me and I’m sure a lot of people really happy!

@jaeeg : (artist) You’re a young artist but an example that no matter what age, what you create can get a person giddy or at loss for words (in the best way!)  You’re very funny, but I enjoy seeing your doodles and more fleshed out pieces!  You give me a lot of motivation when you start drawing, so thanks for that too lol!

@toruq : (artist) Another young artist that makes me smile and intrigued with each drawing made.  A definite growing talent, you’re amazing now and will be even more so!  You’re also a hilarious person!  I hope you know you are a joy as a human being and skilled as an artist!  I wanna see more always!

@kenken-chan : (artist/writer) You really are a jack of all trades- with your writing and art, you’re quite a talent!  I remember seeing your RM art when I first entered the ship fandom and knowing you ship my ships and write and draw them so well- makes my heart explode from what I see.  I’m always up for seeing and reading more, you have a gift!

@momtaku : (writer) Can you see me?  lol I hope you know that despite all that’s happened, you remain an inspiration to many meta writers in this fandom.  The blog certainly generated a lot of discussion that has been essential in the activity of this fandom and you’re a marvelous person both as such a fan and a person in general.

@aurieackerman : (graphics) Not only do you run a bunch of blogs that make the ER ship feel alive again, you also provide quality graphics and edits!  What you do is highly regarded and I’m grateful for it, as well as having the pleasure to talk to you!  Thank you!

@nakamatoo : (graphics) Another amazing graphics maker!  I love the special quotes you use that relate to the subject of the animation, it makes the entire sequence poetic and you can tell you put a lot of thought.  You are also a caring person who has talked to me throughout a variety of moods- I appreciate you dealing with me then too hahah!  Keep doing the beautiful work you do!

@freelance7 : (writer) We worked together on the SnK Artist’s Big Bang event and I was absolutely thrilled to work with such a talented writer, especially on a ship I honestly could afford to give much love to.  You write beyond well and being a witness to your process I know you are attentive to those talents.  You made a lovely story and I was proud to illustrate for it.  We make a good team!

The post is becoming long and honestly there is…so much I want to say to some many people.  Ones that I’ve never even talked to.  Ones that I’ve yet to read their stories.  Ones that I’ve yet to even meet.  I don’t think what I have to say can amount to the sheer emotion of gratitude for those who share what they love with a multitude of people.  To those aforementioned individuals- I have you on my mind.  At this point, I do still want to briefly mention others who have made that impact:

Artists: @09raito, @6161-e-ko-t-blr, @amayaokami, @apetitan, @aphin123,  @april-yoon, @ask-secretrivamika, @bev-nap, @blauerozen, @cinthmp, @constant-catastrophe, @dinklebert, @dreamxxdream, @drinkyourfuckingmilk, @elvendashears, @erenspencil, @ererichi, @erwinoutfitters, @eryen-art, @eveblum, @felixora, @hana-tox, @isabelmaqnolia, @j-witless, @kimoidane, @kiokushitaka, @krista-w-chan, @kuryusai18tokki, @kyo224, @lllannah, @lolakasa, @miawrly, @michijm, @mioko-san, @motorcyclles, @nayawata, @nerdlevi, @oeilvert, @oekaki-chan, @omy-chan01, @rejected3, @roredwarrior3, @roxe-kun, @roxoah, @shira-aot, @shynii, @sookashira, @tanekore, @varrix

Writers/Meta: @alienheartattack, @aotopmha, @amayaokami, @canon-rivamika, @corporalmizuki, @dirtylevi, @eldian-scum, @eren–gayger, @etoincognito,@falcon94ssy, @foreverautumnblog, @foxicology, @ghostmartyr, @glassesgirl0401, @guyinlovewitheremika, @fuzzyporcupine, @happymikasa, @iamthewallrose, @icecat45, @julystorms, @k-lionheart, @kyojinofbraveos, @kuchenackerman, @leapingtitan, @mongoose-bite, @perksofbeingawaifu, @snkception

Graphics: @ackermanss, @aizawashoutta, @dirtylevi, @dithe-r, @eren-eren-eren, @erenyegar, @fudayk, @fyshingekinokyojin, @immanime, @kuchenackerman, @levizs, @omeinfreund, @ravenliz, @shitpost-no-kyojin, @sookashira, @tatakaeeren, @viktvr-nikiforov, @ymiress

I most definitely forgot people, and apologies if I did, I scrapped this in a hurry but regardless you are all important in making this fandom whole!  Keep doing what you love!  So many people appreciate and thank you for it!

@akira-of-the-twilight​ answered your question “I’m feeling extra lazy about my next drawing ideas for some reason. So…”

Hmm. Well the first thing I pictured with the facial hair grooming was Tony and Bucky helping each other out. If you want something more humorous you could have Tony shave Bucky’s beard to it matches Tony’s and Bucky’s reaction.

My plan is something similar to my winteriron scars set! Serious and a little melancholy. But your comment made me laugh so here’s a happy doodle haha

@thegoldenavenger​ answered your question “I’m feeling extra lazy about my next drawing ideas for some reason. So…”

winteriron facial hair grooming set……. please………….

@berserkhamster answered your question “I’m feeling extra lazy about my next drawing ideas for some reason. So…”

facial hair grooming seems really interesting! I’d love to see that

Yessss, I’m glad you all are interested! It’s going to be good!! I’ll start once I get through these doodle prompts~

@panna-acida answered your question “I’m feeling extra lazy about my next drawing ideas for some reason. So…”

at the facial hair grooming you can add tony putting flower in bucky hair and braiding them?

I drew Tony braiding Bucky’s hair in another AU recently haha. But here’s a doodle of Tony putting flowers in Bucky’s hair!


@anon i’m so so so so happy you’re happy because me too, i’m always craving representation so i’m thrilled that i could help!! thank YOU i hope you like this lil doodle

@heroictype THANK YOU 4 YOUR KIND MESSAGE it really made me feel a lot better!! i finally have my new laptop up and running now so i hope this smal drawing does your adorable prompt justice!!!! 


so I got bored and started doodling all the justice league members (plus some) from memory and hours late I regret a lot of things but here’s a silly collage of doodles…

if they’re inaccurate it’s because I made it a game to see how good my memory is. i drew them ALL from memory so hey…i’m pretty happy with how close i got THIS MANY lmao

feel free to use if you want! they’re just doodles so I don’t mind!

(please don’t repost or remove description; thanks!)

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I will humor you this one time.

Dallas loves high fantasy, I don’t know how apparent I made that, but way before, before Malek, Ben probably doodled the map of middle earth on Dallas’ old, wooden practice bat. It was wicked cool, and Dallas loved that bat to death. Years later, Dallas accidentally let the Bat stay out while It rained and the ink washed away. He was really sad, but Malek redid it, and Ben, more knowledgeable, sealed it. Happy Dallas is happy. Malek sighing when he saw Dallas’ smile. Ben going “awhh.”

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I just finished reading "Out of Obscurity" and I just wanted to say that I loved it a lot! I don't usually read crossover but this one had so many twists and turns and you really made it fit well in the Star Trek universe! I always love action packed fics.

thank you so much for sending me this message, anon!!!

i never know how to reply to nice messages with words, so here’s a doodle of young spock about to cut his hair for you~

also, i’m really happy you enjoyed the twists! i love writing twists tbh (and action)