but dont pull this stunt again

Ready or Not

You should do Alex’s escape attempt on his first day, or maybe his first day in general! I wanna see how you write for Thomas back when he was…. you know, more evil

Hello whoever requested this! im so sorry i accidentally deleted your suggestion but i wrote the thing for you!!! (PS I really couldn’t get into this one so I just drabble it! I’m so sorry!!!)


Hell was terrible. As an atheist, Alex really didnt give mych thought into the ideology of the concept of heaven and hell. However, now that he was really here, he would have to agree with the general opinion. Ever since he awoke in hell hours ago, he had been treated like a servant and slave. Thomas dragged him whereever he wanted like a child with a new toy. Since Alex had on a collar and chain, he was forced to follow. Currently, Thomas was pulling Alex to the kitchen, so Alex could feed him. Alex was not going to let himself be a toy, so of course, he resisted.

“Pet, come. on.” Thomas growled loudly. Alex pulled on the chain as best he could with his hands tied behind his back.

“Dont call me that! I’m not your pet!”

Thomas growled again and gave Alex’s leash a hard tug. Alex tripped and nearly fell on his face. Fortunately, Thomas caught him. He shot Alex a glare causing a sharp pain to shoot up Alex’s spine and settle at the base of his neck. Alex screamed and dropped to his knees panting loudly as the pain started to subside. Thomas grabbed his chin roughly and pulled him off the ground.

“I’m tired of your disrespect, pet. Pull another stunt like that and it will be more painful. I can promise you that.”

Alex grumbled as Thomas let go and he fell back onto the ground. He turned and pulled Alex along towards the bedroom. Thomas suddenly lost his appetite. Alex only had one thing running through his mind…. He needed to get out of here….


Fortunately for Alex, demons we’re pretty heavy sleepers. Thomas had Alex feed him and demanded that the two of them cuddle in Thomas’s room. The door was locked…. Alex knew that. But, this wouldn’t be the first lock that Alex picked in his life.

Alex quickly got up out of the bed and tiptoed to the door. He couldn’t have Thomas wake up. He would kill him. There was no escaping once Thomas realized he was gone. Thomas grumbled and reached out looking for his pet. Alex nearly had a heart attack, but once again his quick thinking saved him. He pushed a pillow into Thomas’s arms, which seemed to make the beast content. Good, the longer this demon was asleep the better.

He grabbed his shoes, shirt and jacket he came to hell in. He dreaded that night he met Thomas in the bar. Looking back, it was so clear to him what Thomas’s intentions were. Alex was the rabbit and Thomas was the fox. Thomas hunted him and convinced Alex to come with him to the hotel where he striked. Alex absolutely hated Thomas. But once he was out, could he really stay away from him forever? Surely, Thomas would hunt him down again, follow his scent like a dog on a Chase, drag him back here for punishment unimaginable. Was it worth it? Alex wasn’t sure. Only one thing was on his mind as he tiptoed out and quietly shut the door…

He needed to get out of here.

i probably dont have the right to say this but Truly Honestly what the fuck sm!! the nct unit management and all was going so well but then sm decided to just???? pull shitty stunts????? im not saying i aint grateful BC I REALLy Am ok i treasure the fact that we get jungkunhei updates almost every day and that we’ve seen two livestreams so far but would it literally Kill sm to give us an update on ten, hansol and jaemin???? im honestly so baffled bc to me it just feels like nct127’s upcoming comeback is a distraction of some sorts for us which again!!!! i dont really mind that they are,, it just feels really unfair to the other three??
they could legit just let jaemin take ONE selfie and i’d be so pleased??? hes alr doing well what harm is there for him to show his presence!!!! and then theres ten….. like the post i reblogged earlier hes quite isolated from the nct members too :( its good that he could promote w sm station but overall he feels like a family friend to nct yaknow what im saying????
and dont even get me started on hansol……. fam straight up not even gonna lie,,, ever since they started the frequent updates on jungkunhei ive been feeling so empty???? i love seeing the pics but i get reminded of how glaringly left out hansol is idk!? i dont even wanna think about hansol possibly having left sm bc i would break??? i dont blog about him much but i swear i keep thinking about him everytime i see nct…. i could go on for legit hours about how disappointed i am but this is all just heartbreaking enough i really hope sm does something to fix this bs