but dont let it be dylan

BEN JOHNSON\zero hour
Eric Harris`s last words from his jounal
BEN JOHNSON\zero hour

I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things. And no don’t fucking say, “well thats your fault” because it isnt, you people had my phone #, and I asked and all, but no. no no no dont let the weird looking Eric KID come along, ohh fucking nooo.                                                                                                                                                                  Eric David Harris
                                                                                                     3 april 1999

18 years ago Eric Harris wrote his LAST WORDS in his journal
NBK is comin` up….

im not ashamed sneak peak 3

a crude drawing of a hand with writing on all sides sits on a whiteboard. dots between words, a poorly drawn fish on each side, and colored pencil skills that should probably be much better if this movie took place in a high school, but in Im Not Ashamed Alternate Universe, everything is out of place.
“ive always been drawn to hands” the Christian Girl muses

“i think its because its the way that we touch people.” unlike a real high school, where everyone would look up and possibly jeer at this potential sexual innuendo, everyone remains painfully indifferent. you can feel the awkwardness in the room. one girl is fucking passed out on the table. jesus christ rachel, ever heard of a intruiging opening sentence?

the camera pans out to Dead Girl and the rest of the uninterested class. Everyone looks like they left high school 4 years ago, especially this one chap in the corner. My oh my that’s motherfucking Keurig Careless!!!!!!!! his hair: freshly shaven in true skinhead fashion, arms: fucking ripped to shreds, legs: stunted, face: 40 years old. he is picking at the callouses on his hands on top of a hilariously thin blue notebook. What The Fuck? Why is his notebook so thin. How come dead girl has 2 binders and a piece of paper and a pencil and everyone else has a single notebook? did she try to cram it all in in one class? i suppose this would be the best place next to study hall, because im guessing most Inspirational Life Changing Speeches in this class are just as boring

“compassion is the greatest form of love that humans have to offer” christian audience gasps at the wise-beyond-her-years rachel faux scott. actually compassion is one of the only forms of love u can offer but whatever floats your goat, Fakechel.

“I have this theory that if one person goes out of their way to show compassion, they can start a chain reaction”
thats so deep rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hOLY shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nazi and dildo’s heads perk up at the word “chain reaction”. nnnnyess huehueheuhehe,,,, that is what Wiiii are going to do,,, a chain reaxtion to Blow this SchooL up hehuehueheuhe. the audience screams in desperation and horror. perhaps? perhaps this speech will change their minds?? perhaps rachel will convert them to godliness… yes…

“how do you know that trust? beauty? and compassion wont make the world a better place to be in?”
this is the most generic pep talk ive ever heard? like, if someone put a gun to my head and told me to recite a speech that you would find in an american girl magazine so he could write a letter to win the affections of said gunman’s estranged daughter, this is the shit i would say.

“tomorrows not a promise… but its a chance…”
we see the teacher looking at her proudly. also theres a girl that looks Exactly like Rachel in the background looking at her? is that her force ghost or something

“.. you just might start a chain reaction”
she grins. shes such a deep thinker.

the students roll their eyes dramatically, not focusing on rachel whatsoever. well that was for nothing.
she continues smiling in the silence. uhh…



“and whats behind all this is my faith” she puts down her arms to reveal a huge-ass cross necklace. This is like, margaret white style shit. its probably as big as her palm? minimalism. minimalismmmmmm….

“im a christian!” she says, smiling. obviously. every girl that wears mormon clothes like that, cross necklaces, listens to britt nicole at maximum volume while walking through the hallways at school and crying whenever she sees someone dressed in black and calls them “lost souls” is a christian girl, okay? it’s like coming out in a high school nowadays like… everyone’s gay, rachel. every single person is gay so you can chill out.

they pan to the jock guy.

and then to dylan with his psycho stare

and then to eric with his condescending smoulder

“im not trying to be weird or convert anybody or anything like that HUEHEHE,,, i just wanna be real with you guys…. Dudes, i just wanna be Cool and Swag with u guys, Ya dig?? just tryin to kick it chilly willy with my brUhs, ya see what im sayin… and let u know who i is, dawgs”

she stares again at the indifferent class. see? nobody cared. she smiles awkwardly. the second hand embarrassment is slaughtering me. my fucking eyes. please. rachel.

“jesus gave his life for me… and i will give my life for him…………………………………………….


"just wanted to get that out there”

she takes her crude hand drawing and promptly returns to her chair.

“thank you rachel.” the teacher says. the audience is aware of her purity and innocence, but also strength and endurance.

rachel sits at her desk with a sigh, plopping her notes onto her table in preparation for the next speaker.

“up next we haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaveeeeeeee….”

“eric and dylan.”

they look up with her, eyebrows raised and knuckles cracked. this video will fucking destroy. this video will fuckin KILL BITCHES!!!

“lets watch their videyyoh… on how they would change the world…”

the teacher pops the dvd labeled “hitmen for hire” into the tape player. she turns off the lights and walks to the back of the class. the tv statics like some sort of Lost Episode creepypasta.

jeffrey dahmer sits on a chair, facing the viewers
“people are always bullying me, i dont like it”
he swirls the chair and two trenchcoated bad bitches walk into the view of the screen. 

Rachel’s disapproving and paranoid eyes rest on the screen, concerned about what this could be about…. this… this isn’t about changing the world for the better? what the heckeroni??’

the video plays in the background as twink nazi smiles condescendingly at rachel. bitch whatcha gonna do? we had to listen to your bullshit

“you know we cant have weahpons on the skewl grounds.. but if you can get them away, we’ll take em’ out for ya. for 2000$, we’ll get rid of them. permanently.”

a white hat nerd walks up the stairs, neandering around, listening to 50 cent in his headphones when suddenly

eric and dylan are pointing pvc-pipe guns at him!!! shitty sound effects play as the jock is defeated.

the classroom is slightly more alert, putting their hands over their mouths in Horrified Shock! , but dead girl is still, of course, dead.

gunshots ring through the room as rachel turns to the teacher “do we have to watch this?”

dylan does a finger gun at the television.

“no, we don’t.” the teacher says. “OOKAAAAAY i think we’ve seen enough!” the teacher yells, turning off the tv

“thaaaaat” dylan begins “would make the world a better place”


afterwords, rachel’s a-skippin up the stairs, smilin bright like a diamond, when suddenly, 

shes confronted by two trenchcoated figures, cloaked in the darkness of the stairs. they corner her and yell “what’s your problem? >:O”. love this. love how eric and dylan would probably go cry in their room if someone interrupted them, they wouldnt confront them. literally the only time they had balls in their ENTIRE LIVES was nbk, so they wouldnt confront rachel…. just Sayin….

“what?” :0

“i know you did that.” eric snarls

“did what?” :0

“i didnt stop your stupid jesus speech” HOly Shit!!!! boyyyyy HE SAID IT!!!!

dylan speaks up “you think youre better than us?

"no :O… no im not better than anybody.” wow and shes humble????? she has zero flaws omg i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mom i wanna be just like rachel when i grow up.!!!!!!

“oh i know youre not” he gets closer….. cloooserr….

they stare. lock eyes. dream weaver begins to play in the background…

“i gotta get to class.” she stutters, holding back tears.

“youre just like aaahll the others” dylan jeers, striking her in her single nerve,,,, her utter originality,,

“compassion!” eric says “yeah thatll work!!!” wow what a fucking demon??/ what a devil gosh darn!!!!!!!!! i hope he dies at the end of the movie. i hope Both of them die at the end of the movie. that’d make this movie have the BEST ENDING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill pray abt it hold on!

the scene fades to black

am i the only who whos starting to think true crime is starting to become i dont know how to say this a trend? Because in these last few weeks its been starting to fill with girls who dont know shit about columbine let alone other shootings, murderers and unsolved cases they just pout and pose in their natural selection or wrath t-shirt for the aesthetic all they do is reblog eric and dylan photos and caption them with 78 emojis along with obnoxious kink names? I mean yeah sure were all a little into e/d (who wouldnt be) but this is just pathetic. They just come here to act edgy (because thats the new trend apparently) and act like they don’t care about the victims at all because im fucking sure if one of their loved ones was to die in a mass murder im pretty sure they would fuck shit up this is just starting to become ridiculous.

Bates Motel fandom! 

With the show coming to that inevitable end tonight (i’m so depressed you have no idea) i’ve been thinking about doing a little something to keep the show alive, at least on tumblr.

Bates Motel appreciation posts (15 days). You can make gif sets, videos, graphics, art, etc. 

You can start whenever you want. Hope you all can take part of it. 
Please, don’t let the bates motel tag die :)

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u probably get this all the time but who's ur marauders fancast?? (pls not the karen gillan / aaron taylor jonhson deal i'm kinda over it opps)

hey babe!!

ohmygod u dont even have to tell me how sick u are of them i feel you 100%,,,lets get some better fancasts in aye


  • bob morely
  • gurinder sandhu
  • jamie blackley
  • dylan o’brien (shoot me in the head but i love him as james)


  • vito basso (!!!)
  • samuel larsen
  • avan jogia
  • ivan kozak


  • matt hitt
  • tom webb
  • billy vandendooren


  • james kirkpatrick
  • i dont have many for peter hes a really hard one to nail imo


  • danielle victoria perry
  • hattie watson
  • saoirse ronan
  • sophie turner
  • loren kemp
  • anna v
Jakob  Chychrun Imagine - “Day Off”

Request : Could I request a cute Jakob Chychrun one where you guys have a cute lazy day, take cute pics, maybe he makes fun of your shortness and like you compare your hand sizes? and have your first kiss together :) 

this was really fun to write!! keep sending in requests:))

Originally posted by ryanhartman

my eyes opened and a killer headache made its appearance. i let lot a loud groan and looked over to my left at the night stand. the clock shined brightly showing the time as 10:30, jakob should be at practice right now, the apartment is quiet. 

i snuggled closer into the blankets of the bed that jakob let me sleep in and he being the gentleman he is took the couch. after celebrating a big 6-3 win against the capitals we all got carried away with the drinks and that’s how i ended up here with a mega hangover.

the door creaked open and some light came in making my headache worse. “here’s some water and advil for when your ready to get up” jakob gave a shy smile and put the two things on the bed stand next to me. 

“thank you” i said my throat dry which made my voice sound strained. i grabbed the waters and quickly took the pill hoping the headache pain would go away quickly.

“hows your head?” he gave me a small smile and took a seat next to me on the bed. jakob and i have only been dating for a month but it has been pretty great and i enjoy being with him. 

“ive had better days” i did my best to smile but flinched at the pain that was going on around my head. 

“come here” he gave me a smile that made me melt and wrapped his arms around me pulling me close. i slid over so we were more towards the middle of the bed. 

“dont you have practice today?” i asked placing my head lightly on his chest, i could hear his heartbeat it was steady and relaxing.

“what your already tired of me?” he joked. a small laughed escaped my lips but a great deal of pain went through my head. 

“we have a few days off so coach said to take this day to ourselfs, you know?” jakob pulled me closer his big arms were comfortable and his messy morning hair was adorable. i looked up at his beautiful blue eyes and nodded admiring there colour. 

i laid my head back on his chest. i could already feel my eyes begin to close and soon enough i was sleeping again. after a while i could hear a clicking noise, my eyes fluttered open quickly.

“what was that noise?” i asked my eyes adjusting to light, he must have gotten up and opened the windows. i noticed the headache wasnt there anymore. i saw him looking at his phone screen smiling. 

“your super cute you know that right?” jakob asked placing a light kiss on my forehead. i felt a blush rise to my cheek. 

“common get up lazy butt” he laughed attempting to get me up but i just grabbed on to him tighter, my height and size was no match for his hockey player body but i still tried to weight him down so he wouldn’t get up.

“my ass isnt lazy” i tried to sound offended but it ended with me smiling. 

“maybe it isnt lazy but it sure is cute” he laughed and picked me up like it was nothing carrying me out of the bedroom and brought me to the couch. i smacked his back laughing. 

“yours so tiny” he laughed giving me a small squeeze as he placed me on the couch. i huffed and pretended to be offended, crossing my arms i turned the other way and looked out the window.

“baby are you mad?” jakob asked coming closer and placing a kiss on my cheek, then on my forehead, then on my temple, and lastly on my nose. i nodded pouting as he was sitting a kneeling position infront of me and our heights practically matched. 

“im sorry” he tried to hide his smile but it didnt work, he ended up laughing and i eventually joined in. i went to stand up but he pulled me on the ground and began laughing like and idiot. 

i leaned closer to him so my head was in the crook of his neck. “your so beautiful, i dont know how i landed myself a girl as amazing as you y/n i really dont” i gave him a smile and leaned closer hoping he was at the same place i was at. 

jakob leaned closer to me placing his lips on mine for a sweet and slow kiss that made time stop. the zoo in my stomach was out of control. we pulled away out of breath and smiling. 

“those lips” he mumbled a small smile on his red lips.

i returned the smile as i pulled him up and dragged him to the fridge. “lets make breakfast!” i said excitedly. he shook his head laughing. 

“its noon” my mouth dropped which made jakob laugh like a third grader. 

“then we make mac and cheese, i dont care what your macho hockey player diet says today you are going to eat mac and cheese.” jakob let out a loud laugh.

“i guess my macho hockey player diet can be paused for one day” he smiled mimicking my words. i suck my tongue out at him laughing. 

“oh so you wanna go there?” he said chasing after me laughing as i was running, he was about to catch me but i ran as fast as i could jumping over the couch making it flop backward.

“y/n!” he playfully yelled laughing, he looked at it for a moment then chased after me again. i screamed and laughed while trying to run faster he eventually gained more speed and caught up to me wrapping both arms around me. 

“busted” he whispered in my ear. i let out a small chuckle and went to help him lift the couch back up. after the couch was back in its rightful spot we were both laying on it. i was laying between his legs my back placed on his chest. his arms rested around me and he peeked over my shoulder so he could see his phone.

 “whats that?” i asked as he was scrolling through some photos on Instagram he flashed me a goofy smile the began scrolling back up to a picture that was taken in the morning when i was asleep on him and he was placing a kiss on my forehead with his eyes closed. 

“this is cute” i smiled. 

“well yeah, its because im in it” he smirked.

“yeah totally” i said sarcastically.

“are you sassing me bec-” jakob had begun talking but i placed my finger on his lips shushing him. i gave him a small smile then kissed him lightly, i could feel him smile into the kiss then grab my hand. he pulled away and looked down at my hand.

“your hand are so small, how have i never noticed this” he laughed analyzing my hands. i pulled my hand away playfully smacking him in the head. 

“dont worry, they”re cute” he smiled trying to be adorable. 

“kinda like a smurf” he let out a loud bark of laughter at that comment. 

“your such an asshole chychrun” i hit his shoulder. 

“you love me” he laughed kissing my head, trying to hug me.

For new Hollywood Undead fans

I have yet to see one of these so I think this is important to put out there also because of the new album possibly bringing new people in.

- It takes time to tell whos who

- Especially when they don’t have masks on

- Charlie Scene doesnt doesnt like being called Jordon just Charlie by fans

- Everywhere I go is Charlie’s theme song

- Call Johnny 3 tears Johnny or George he doesnt care that much and ppl will know who youre talking about

- Matt (Da Kurlzz) is called gay by Charlie all the time

- You’ll know because Matt (Da Kurlzz) has curly hair too

- Danny’s referred to as golden boy at times so that may help you figure out which he is

- Dylan (funnyman) is the youngest

Just think about how funny that is

Now what a shitty pun that was

- Johnny has butterfly tattoos and hes got a 3 on his neck like his mask if that helps

- Theres one guy Shady Jeff who was part of Hollywood Undead but we don’t talk about him too much because theres not much to talk about when it comes him

- Aron’s (Deuce) friend Jimmy Yuma [the yellow and black masked guy] designed the swan songs masks

- Very few people in the fandom know this but its cool you now know this

- Lorene Drive was Danny’s band before HU they’re pretty lit and he used to scream and it’s divine

- Jorel (Jdog) has the hella good eyebrows if that helps u

- Dont be scared off by assholes. We all used to mix them up and mix up songs and albums

- Jorel (Jdog) could also fit a baseball through his gauges

- He has two cats which are adorable

- He could probably fit them in his gauges too

- Don’t let people be an ass to you if your favorite song is Bullet or Everywhere I Go or something else

- Theyre the most popular songs so of course it shouldn’t be surprising at that you like them

- There’s nothing wrong with Danny being your favorite band member

- Don’t let people tell you there’s something wrong with who your favorite band member is

- The same goes for songs

- Theres a running joke their song Turn Off The Lights doesnt exist and feel free to join in on it

- I mean what

- Aron (Deuce) is referred to as a horse

- He’s also called a weasel

- Dylan (Funnyman) is tol Danny is smol

- Deuce writes yeeee all the time

- Its ok if you mix up Aron (Deuce) and Dannys voice its ok

- Its takes a bit to differentiate

- If it helps Aron’s (Deuce) got a rougher voice and sings more inappropriate stuff

- You can also tell bc Danny’s voice is higher and Aron’s (Deuce) voice is more nasally

- Aron’s (Deuce) sounds closer to squidward

- You can like Deuce

- You dont have to pick sides

- Its ok to mix people up

- Seriously fuck anyone who says otherwise

- We’ve all mixed them up before

- Sometimes we still do.

- Don’t let people scare you off, I promise not everyone in the fandom is like that where theyll be that way, just don’t let them make you think that. most of us our nice


Here be links to the things i have written, i dont have a clue what im doing so if some links dont work let me know and i will do my best to fix the broken links

- Cassie

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Sidney Crosby

-          They Call Towes Captain Serious?

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-          I Don’t Dance

Mikael Granlund

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-          Sin Bin Meetings


AN\: lol it’s been literally forever. Oops. Anyway, I wrote this. So here you go. Let me know what you think! I take requests!!,,, unless ur request is like lame and I dont feel like it idk. Luv u all <3

Pairing: Dylan Sprayberry x reader ((sorry I don’t like putting in (Y/N) so I just put in Zoe okay))

Word count: 1,754

Warnings: na

Originally posted by tvd-tw-ships

I walk through the automatic doors and am greeted with an onslaught of people rushing in every direction, knocking into one another and looking frantic. I look side to side, trying to figure out where to find it in this mess of bodies. I see the produce aisle and start heading towards it. A lady in front of me spills popcorn everywhere. I keep walking, picking up my speed now, and bumping into people passing by. Suddenly, alarms start going off and sprinklers from the tall ceilings go off. People are yelling now and rush to the exit. But I’ve only got one thing on my mind and I’m not leaving here without it. I toss the hood of my sweatshirt up over my already soaked hair and stick my elbows out to plow past the people blocking my way. Suddenly, I see them.

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i am without replies and i am bored and my cat is napping so let’s just list SUM FACTS

  • twitter rping isn’t writing
  • non actor fcs DONT have the same resources / range 
  • admins can do what they want with their rps ( includes fem bans soz )
  • formatting doesn’t mean shit if your writing is thesaurus vomit
  • if you don’t slave for your roleplay AT LEAST two weeks into opening, shits gon die
  • members are only as active as you are
  • cliques aren’t an issue, your attitude is
  • dylan o’brien is overrated
  • cis people can play nb characters
  • you can give your character the most extra backstory if you want
  • as long as you do your research, your character can have a mental illness
  • rps displaying real life issues don’t owe you to close down, move tf on
  • if you can’t write depressing / real life shit, maybe you shouldn’t be a writer ( or maybe, i dunno, write for kids )
  • aaaand riverdale is a flop, stop making roleplays based on it
Love Dylan xo (Dylan O’Brien Imagine)

Originally posted by fandompostsandbooks

I woke up this morning with the other side of the bed empty. I felt my hand in the main place Dylan would usually be in the morning and instead of feeling him, i felt a piece of paper. I sat up and unfolded the paper.

Dear Y/N,

        Im sorry i wasnt here when you woke up but ill be here by dinner. Tyler called and said that we have to go over editing for the final cut for the episode. It was out of the blue and hopefully it doesnt happen again. But at least you can come visit me at lunch. Love you babe. <3 =)

                                                   Love Dylan <3

I huffed lightly and looked at the clock. It was 11:30. My eyes widened a bit and i rushed out of bed and got ready. After i finished, I left the house and stopped by Dunkin Donuts to get Dylan an ice coffee. When i got the coffee, I went to the set of Teen Wolf where Dylan was. They let me in easily because i was over here all the time and i had a pass. 

I walked around a bit trying to look for Dylan but i couldn’t find him. So instead I found Tyler.

“Hey Y/N!” He screamed. 

I giggled and said “Im right in front of you. You dont need to scream Tyler.” 

He chuckled in reply. “Are you looking for Dylan?” I nodded and looked around.

“Well i think hes in his trailer taking a nap.” Of course he was. Why didnt i think of that?

“Thanks Ty. See you later.” I gave him a hug and went to Dylan’s trailer. I went inside and saw him in a chair with his head leaned back and his eyes closed. I smiled and put the coffee down. He looked to peaceful to be woke up but oh well.

I shook him awake and he started to freak out and screamed. He scared me so i screamed to. We kept screaming until he stopped and so did i. It was quiet for a few seconds until we both laughed. Our laughs died down a bit and he smiled at me.

“Hey babe.” Dylan said. “Hey Dylan.” I gave him a kiss and handed him his coffee.

“You are my savior.” He moaned while taking a drink of his iced coffee. Ii sat down on his lap and he wrapped his arms around me. He put his chin on my shoulder and kissed my cheek. 

“I missed you baby.” He said.

‘I missed you too.” I smiled. 

“Dont worry, tomorrow is my day off and we are going to spend it alone together. I promise. We are gonna eat, sleep, eat again, make love, sleep, make love again and eat again.”

“Then tomorrow should be an eventful day for the both of us.” I replied. He laughed and kissed me lightly. “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you Dylan.”

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Even if i never met Kurt, I know he was someone good but I think I would have hate to be his neighbor or his flatmate. Idk but he seemed to be the kind of people who listen very loud music all night and if im not a maniac of cleaness, I hate when people let their mess in the shared rooms. In these situations, I dont think Kurt and I could have been on good terms. 😅

emmmm…..far as I know there wasn’t any complaints from the pear street neighbors.   the two other apt.   course for awhile a neighbor was dylan.   HE wouldn’t have complained.    and I think he used headphones.  

but kurt was a glorious slob.   between his messiness and those turtles…..

when he lived with tracy, they had rats, mice,  turtles,  cats, and the rabbit.

when dave lived with kurt, he cleaned.   I can just see it…dave busy, bustling around.