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YEAAAAAHHHHHHH BOIIII!!!! FINALLY TODAY IS THE DAY where burstale start posted at my FB n certain UT group XD ~ n it has reached 1 year (actually so does Epic since we both start at the same time)

Soooo cough cough// Firstly I wanna say thanks to all burstale readers that has read me n @amachi-blaze works for this series!! Without you guys I think I wouldnt go this far xD n Burstale was planned to have 3 chapter where its just a generic story of Chara n Sans fight to death ~ I know its stupid but I just want to try make short doujin of UT but it ended up so complicated but good with machi story,I never thought of putting gaster as a medium for Burst ability at first XD yet it goes so well with my artstyle

Burst was actually inspired by my favourite singer NANO n if checked her out they both wear black hoodies XD n most of NANO MV she wore hoodie to conceal her face ~

Hurmmmmm I have a lot of problem during designing Burst special characteristic at first but the as the story goes I keep changing the design n machi keep going crazy xD its fun to have our character keep going ~ n if some people think Burst is evil n yes she is ~ she have her own reason ok?xD

As the story may go slowly cuz im busy with works i’ll try to keep working on it!! N I know some of u guys keep waiting for the next update XD im sorry for my tight schedule n alot of commission im getting

Idk what to say anymore XD n THANKS FOR READING BURSTALE TILL NOW! Eventho we dont have much fan but I appreciate the small number cuz me n machi can still talk n communicate with u guys ~ <3

Special thanks to - @huroki @yugogeer12 @tehrogue without these 3 I would ended up stop at chap 1 xD hahahahaha

Thanks to
@doge-genesis for few awesome fanart that we rarely get XD
@deusn for who keep asking me how to make more plot n I learn myself from there too
@xxmileikaivanaxx for also the fanart XD
@n you all readers n some fanart that you guys give us, I truly happy with the fanar some of you guys give!!! Im sorry if I didnt mention anyone here

Have my present for Burstale 1 Years old

Ok where do i start?
All that rank drops? Unpredictable high rank? My babies got eliminated?Incredibly fast announcement? ikyk team didnt get what they deserve? All donghyun screen time despite the fact that hes eliminated? Fun game with silly faces? Make up time? Samuel sungwoon and woojin finally got what they deserve? Guanlin shocked attacked face? Team making? Daniel and lil woojin hugging? My boy yongguk didnt make it? Or overall abt thIS CURSED EPISODE????

Nope. Im gonna cry so bye.

mom: this thing you did is wrong

me: i dont think its wrong and i dont know how to make it right because i dont know if i have the ability or faith in myself


me: can you explain why its wr


me: can you stop yelli



mom to someone else: she gets into this crazy state where i cant even reason with her, i wish she would just talk to me :(

you guys know that post i made abt rad and raymond having a “bonding” episode? well, im no physic but…

in 2013, the day before pokemon announced pokemon amie in x and y, i delighted in sitting down on my swingset and daydreaming about how awesome it would be to be able to pet and bond with your pokemon in-game

in 2016, the summer before pokemon sun and moon came out, i made a joke online about how cute it would be to see red and green again, and how they could come together for some sort of “tournament” and honeymoon combo. if you’ve paid attention to sun and moon, you’ll probably know how that came out

in september this year, i sat down in my bed and thought “if there was an episode title everyone freaked out over that hinted at radmond, what would it be called?” I thought of multiple things, but couldn’t come up with something. little did i know my question would be answered just a week afterwards when “rad likes robots” was presented on the october episode list.

im no physic. I dont believe in that stuff, but i guess ive got some sort of knack for expecting things. dont take it from me, but maybe rad likes robots… will be that bonding episode



It took way to long for me to get to this im sorry omg ;;

Ok so in this AU, the telepathy club is still the telepathy club- and Tome still believes in aliens (only this time aliens/supernatural stuff dont exist so perhaps she is a little crazy lol). Kijibayashi is a wolf, Saruta is a black bear, Tome is a possum, and Inugawa is a fennec fox. 

And the Body improvement club- Hideki is a bison, Jun is a warthog (with pretty much no hair that warthogs typically have), Ryohei is a rhino, Musashi is a lion (Teru’s got some competition), and Hiroshi is a giraffe. 

I will get to the rest of the asks i have! (there’s only 3, feel free to send in more please :D) 

Sentence Starter Masterlist


Tim Drake:

“Is there a problem?” “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?”

“No, nothing’s wrong, I was just fangirling, carry on.”

“You should know by know that if you leave your cape laying around, I don’t care if it’s for ‘superhero business’, I’m going to wrap it around myself like a blanket.”

“You drowned my makeup in water so I used my key to scratch all of your video game discs.” 

“stop it, stop whatever the hell your doing”

'please stop staring at that stupid computer and talk to me’

“You’re not meeting my boyfriend, Tim, because I’d like to date him a while before my brother kills him.”

“This is your twentieth cup of coffee are you trying to break a world record or something?“

Jason Todd:

“I know you liked it when they were hitting on you.” “If you would do it I would like it better” “Wait, what” “What”

“If you’re not there when this baby comes, I’m going to take that gun, and shove it so far up your–" 

"open it” “can you say please?”

“real smooth, tripping over air”

“Alright guys time to play truth or dare”

“well, that was… interesting”

“where have you been" 

“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…”

“If you shove cake in my face this will be the worst wedding night of your life.”

“After everything you did, you’re asking ME to apologize for snapping at you ONCE?”

"I know I said I’d get up with the kid in the morning but I’m hoping you can’t tell I’m fake sleeping and hoping you will do it instead”

“It helps that my competition is attractive." 

“I’d die for you. Of course, I’d haunt you in the afterlife but really, it’s the thought that counts.”

"I bet I could beat you in wrestling match”

“It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.” 

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

“Yeah, because fighting crime wearing the colors of a traffic light is soooooo stealthy.”

“I met your parents and your mom was flirting with me. “

"I am not jealous, I’m territorial. Jealous is when you what something you can’t have, territorial is protecting what is yours." 

"Get over here, Jason 'Crush Me With Your Thighs’ Todd!”


“Wait, you’re not a virgin? do you even stay awake long enough for sex?”

“you can’t just go around killing people”

“So tell me: do all vigilantes lurk or is this just a part of your unique charm?”

Dick Grayson:

“I did a pregnancy test.”

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

“What do you mean I can’t stay up until 4 am reading? You’ve stayed up later risking your life in a ridiculous costume!”

“If you sing that song one more time I will fight you”

“I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

“I swear to god if you don’t get off the chandelier right now”

“love first of all  if you’re wearing that kilt to slag me off for me Irish heritage I’m not one fucking bit impressed and second KILTS ARE FUCKING SCOTTISH ugh but you do look the ride in it , i have to say wait there I’m posting a pic of it this gonna be great craic”


Damian Wayne:

“Damn, when did y/n get hot?”

“We’re camping and you think you lost the kid but they’re napping in the tent and I’m not telling you yet so you watch them better next time" 

"Damian, are you sure your dad is going to be ok with us sneaking a monkey into the Manor?”

“Before you decide to murder me, let me explain…”

“His ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow.”

“When you love someone, you don’t just stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then!”

“Do you ever follow directions?”

“dami ..I can’t find my reading glasses have you seen them ?”

“I was trained by the masters of the League of Assassins and Ra’s Al Ghul himself I DO NOT SING”

“we are not going to steal someone’s dog”

“i’m allowed to be obssesed with you, im your husband”

“Why is there a deer in the mansion.”


“Not to point out the elephant in the room, but is that a literal elephant in the room?”


Barry Allen:

“Cisco I don’t need you to hit on them for me.”

“I don’t care how much a speedster needs to eat, you touch my food, and we’re going to have a problem.”

“everyone can tell you lover her, it’s obvious”

“im NOT jealous, but he was flirting with you"

“I’m so sorry to disturb you but….I ran out of toilet paper”

Wally West:

“you like her, don’t you!" 

"I recognize that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it”

Oliver Queen:

“are you jerking off or did you just find another book?”


“Are you really jealous of a dog?”

“Mon-El, stop trying to make me blush, you jerk!”

Winn Schott:

“Winslow Schott, you do *not* get to saw I’m 'crabby’ right now. If I seem to be in a bad mood, it’s because *someone* decided to drag all the way to the DEO, first thing in the morning before I had a chance to have breakfast, without actually giving me a reason!”


The Avengers:

“oops they saw it, well surprise I guess!”



“I’m like 20% sure this plan will work. The other 80% means we could die horribly and violently, but honestly it’s a really solid plan.”

“You’re so determined to protect yourself and your feelings, but what about me?” 


“I’m starting an idiot jar. Any time you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it—more depending on how stupid the thing that you said or did was.”

“Please tell me you aren’t washing a metal, mechanical, slightly magical lion with soap and water?”


“How in the world did I get you to like me back?”

“I thought it was a good idea at the time, but it now occurs to me that I was horribly wrong.”

“Oh my god! You’re in love with them!” “No, Dumb-ass I’m in love with you”

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

“Keith, I love you, you know I do, but *please* tell me you didn’t actually jump out of an airlock to get your lion.”

Criminal Minds:

Spencer Reid:

“i need you to breath in and out with me, this anxiety attack will pass, i……”

“I don’t care what you think you know, Spence, I’m *not* ticklish!”

“God, I hate profilers! You can never keep a secret from one.”

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yoo bro that story was so funny we need another one tell us a funny sex story or your worst sexual performance ever

aiight here we go

so i met this girl on twitter we texting for a week or so then we start talking sexual im telling her all kinda freaky shit ” imma make you walk funny” “imma make you tapout” “imma go all night” “back to back rounds” “imma make you squirt” etc, hyping myself up you know how niggas do. so i go over there on a Friday night we doing the wholee sitting on the couch watching the movie thing pretending like we dont know what we here to do so then we start pushing each other play fighting then one thing leads to another and we going at it then we all that 4 play which im not going to get into detail with cause it has nothing to do with making the story funny so anywayyy we do doggy first I start off slow taking my time like

then shes like go faster!! so i speed up then she starts throwing it back on a nigga


that booty was so fat and it was just jiggling she moaning telling me its mines already but i shit u not i feel my nut coming in about 1 minute and 30 seconds so i pull it out trying to stop it from happening it just comes out right in the condom shes looks back at me like why’d you stop i look back at her like

she looks down sees the cum in the condom then looks back at me like

i look back at her like

shes like

she goes into her phone reading the text messages  i sent her in a low voice like “gonna give it to me all night” *chuckles* nope that didnt happen “gonna make me scream your name” *chuckles* nopeeee lol didnt happen so im like i can get it back up shes like nope you’ve done enough damage for tonight dont want you to hurt yourself shes like so i guess u can go home now im like ok left her house like Rasheed Wallace after the pistons lost in the playoffs in ‘07

i get home log onto twitter i see her talking crazy

“i hate niggas who talk alot of shit about their sex game and dont back it up”

“just had the worst sex of my life… if u can call it that it was so fast”

her friend asked her who was it she was like “we’ll just call him the flash like the super hero cause that boy came and went faster than the speed of light”

im over there reading the tweets sad as shit… told my mans what happened showed him the tweet he was like you better go back over there and

so i ask for redemption she says no for like a week then she finally agreed went over there and put in that work redeemed myself sat there watched her shaking and having spasms on the edge bed like

talk shit now

happy ending

Drawpile’d with @lazy-as-swipe yesterday and we drew some old OC’s for the nostalgia of it. I kinda liked how my doodles turned out so I’m posting them here.

some info about the characters below the cut if you’re interested (disclaimer; i made both of these when i was 12 so they’re probably cringy af but i love them so i don’t care;;)

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pll is making my brain fry

i havent been capable of making a theory in sooo long and im not sure i even have one now, but i just have some thoughts and this is my pll blog so i guess i’ll leave them here!

Aria is a shitty friend. She left Ali, is lying about meeting up with A.D., and is most likely going to join the bad guy literally all to protect herself. People are saying “i think aria will join AD but just do it to help out the girls” and i think thats BS. the only reason she’s even sneaking around is because there is something so bad about her in that file that she has to fuck over her friends. Ali can already tell i think. When the game landed on hanna again and all the girls were saying that the game is broken, ali looked right at aria when she said “its not broken it knows exactly what its doing.” Ali is the queen liar, I’m sure she can tell when someones lying. Plus, she hand-picked these 4 girls to be friends with all for different reasons. Aria was meant to be the “compassionate” one and i think shes gonna prove alison wayyyyyy wrong. I cant think of anything so horrible that it would make me completely switch up on my best friends. literally nothing. i saw someone say that she got an abortion in high school from being with ezra, and she never told him about it. thats the only reason i can see why ezra would choose nicole over her and nicole would have to visit him in jail, because he could be charged with statutory rape. idk man idk aria is just shady ive never liked her lol

all the reveals were good, but mostly just confirmations of a lot of things people suspected on tumblr. the only unexpected reveal was that lucas was friends with charles at a troubled boys camp. idk what to even say about this but i know its gonna tie some things together. i just feel like some things need to be talked about after this. alison used to call lucas “hermie” …and he was friends with a transvestite…idk how they could link but just a thought. idk where to go with this. i really feel like lucas stayed close with charles through the transformation and everything. maybe lucas would tell charlotte things about the girls and alison, maybe lucas knew a lot of things for a long time. maybe he was working in or helped make the dollhouse? ugh

idk if ally is going to keep the baby but i hope she doesnt. i also have no idea why AD even wanted her pregnant? i read this theory and it makes me want to freaking die because its so overwhelming…it said AD stole emilys eggs, fertilized them with charlotte’s semen (assuming she still had male reproductive organs i guess), and implanted them into alison because if they used charlotte’s sperm with ali’s eggs, thats incesty and the baby could come out disabled. idk what the fuck man thats some crazy shit. i love crazy shit but idk about all that

ezra has to be bad he has to be or else im gonna go insane idk why i dont wanna post a list of reasons im just saying it ok he has to be. hes somehow gonna be correlated with wren whos gonna end up being related to rollins and thats just what needs to happen

we dont have many episodes left so theres no more time for characters to admit something and it later be proved as a lie. this being said, im going to just believe mary did kill jessica and try to frame peter. mary is really crazy and that’d be the perfect plan to get rid of both of them at one time, except it didnt really work lolz.

sydney being in the limo pissed me off so bad. i read that marlene picked her specifically for her appearance, i guess because shes always pretending to be jenna? but that explains why such a horrible actress got chosen to be on this show. sydney can be used for answers, but please no type of big reveal endgame stuff. i think thats all i got!

but. like why even ever deliberately get involved with a crazy girl if u dont want her 2 do crazy stuuff? like i told him i was crazy and he was like thats ok ill ~fix u~ and then he couldnt fix me and now he’s just disturbed by my entire existence lololol. he called me a broken brat today and i was just like damn. damn that one hurt! u stop that thats so looooow! dont say i didnt warn u and also im way incredibly cute and sweet and loving and caring enough to make up for being crazy so dont even pretend like i dont make up for it ! dont even pretend like i wasnt ur manic pixie dream gurl 4 like the longest time ! Lies i know i still am so shuttttt

katiebfb  asked:

Yeah that girl literally has been harassing me with her friends and blaming and accusing me for sending Britt hate to her and shit. She literally has a thread dedicated to what she calls as “evidence” of stuff I did when I don’t even know her and have never contacted her. She is literally nuts and her and her friends have sent a lot of hateful shit to me and a couple other users on her just to try and “defend Britt”.. she’s crazy. Sorry if I’m not making sense but all of this is true

Noo dont worry, I made sense of it and honestly, I bet she’s reading this and HIII HONEY OK BUT IF U HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME GET OFF MY BLOG BECAUSE IM NOT CHANGING IT FOR YOU OKAY THX BYE SWEETIE and honestly o find this whole situation out of the blue and hilarious like why is she doing this what is her point at the end of it??? I’m??

My Anaconda Don't
Instrumental for now but consider the lyrics ok it'll be well worth it
My Anaconda Don't

My big black snake it don’t
My big black snake it don’t
My big black snake don't want none unless you got cake,  hun

My boy named Virus, used to live in Japan
Big yakuza roll in money, he was getting a hand
Was in run ins with the law, but he lives like a princess
Bought me all this fucking plaid, he was keeping me  priceless

Now that's real, real, real…

Suspenders up high, bitch I came to get rough
Who wanna go first? I'll have 'em mindless soon enough
I'm tripped as hell, I only ate fifty gateaux
I'm on some sweet shit

By the way, what he say?
He can tell I eat sweets for all my meals
Come through and fuck him with a snake if he feels
Let him eat it with his tongue, though he knows I won’t last long
He keep telling me it's tasty, that he love my lion dong

Say he don't like 'em skinny, he wants something he can  bite
So I pulled up in Morphine, we got ready for a fight like

Ya Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo

My big black snake it don’t
My big black snake it don’t
My big black snake don't want none unless you got cake,  hun

Oh my gosh, gimme dem buns
Oh my gosh, gimme dem buns                               Oh my gosh, gimme dem buns

Look at his buns (look at dem buns)

This dude named Mink used to ride motorcycles
Dick bigger than oval tower, I ain't talking about rifles
Real yankie ass fella, let me play with his knife - heh
So I put his ass to sleep, now he calling me NyQuil
Now that bang bang bang, I let him hit it cause he slang that weed
He said he was implanted with my seed *ha*
And when we done, I make him buy me shortcake
I'm on some sweet shit

By the way, what he say?
He can tell I eat sweets for all my meals
Come through and fuck him with a snake if he feels
Let him eat it with his tongue, though he knows I won’t last long
He keep telling me it's tasty, that he love my lion dong

Say he don't like 'em skinny, he wants something he can  bite
So I pulled up in Morphine, we got ready for a fight like

Ya Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo

My big black snake it don’t
My big black snake it don’t
My big black snake don't want none unless you got cake,  hun

Oh my gosh, gimme dem buns
Oh my gosh, gimme dem buns                               Oh my gosh, gimme dem buns

Look at his buns (look at dem buns)

Dapper in the street but he get crazy in the sheets      Dapper in the street but he get crazy in the sheets

Dapper in the street but he get crazy in the sheets      Dapper in the street but he get crazy in the sheets

Oh my god, look at dem buns

My big black snake it don’t
My big black snake it don’t
My big black snake don't want none unless you got cake,  hun

Don't don't don’t, my big black snake it don’t
Don't want none unless you got cake, hun

Oh my gosh, gimme dem buns
Oh my gosh, gimme dem buns                               Oh my gosh, gimme dem buns

Yeah, he love this sweet ass

Yeah, this one is for my minions with a sweet tooth in the fucking club
I said, where my sweet tooth wiped minions in the club?
Fuck those dicksquad bastards, fuck those dicksquad  bastards in the club
I wanna see all the sweet tooth wiped ass minions in the motherfucking club
Fuck you if you dicksquad fellas WHAT?

I got a big lion dong
Come on



I am so fucking sorry I don’t know what came over me

Sing it with yo friends and get all the bitches, kapiche? ~

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ok ik this isnt something u can solve but i need to get it off my chest lmao. im in art school, im not even 20 yet and my hands are shaking like crazy. it takes me twice as long to do projects because i have to concentrate so much on making good lines. and if i dont concentrate and make bad, wiggly lines my teacher will definitely get mad at me for """"having poor craftsmanship"""". also i hate my teacher shes a huge bitch but thats another matter. thanks <3

My boyfriend actually had that, it comes up with stress so like he’s grand now but he went to the hospital and everything to try get it sorted out, don’t feel discouraged lovey 💕

An Army's love..

Umm i dont know why.. But i just woke up and was scrolling on the tumblr bangtan hashtag (because im trash lol) and i was seeing pictures, gifs, vids, etc. Of the members, and i got to thinking. “I really do love them, like love love.” I mean i never really been in a real realtionship before soo i dont really know what the context is for the word “love”, but i just can feel it in my heart, you know? Like how i am always thinking about them, whether if it’s at school, home, church, or just in public. My thoughts always run back to them. In march when i finally get to see them… I might just faint. I dont know if this is just me being a crazy fangirl or just pure innocent love, but i know in my heart that bts will be sticking around for a loooong time….

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jeonghan is an angel there’s no way he could be a vampire actually yes he could be a vampire and kill u anytime he wants to, here it is:

  • but vampire!jeonghan sounds really good yet really bad at the same time
  • smiles awkwardly showing his sharp teeth but looked cute as hell
  • when you first found out that he’s a vampire he’d make a gap with u for a few days
  • “ok why are u ignoring me”
  • “are u not afraid of me why do u even want to put up with someone like me”
  • AND HE’S GONNA BE ALL SAD AND YOUD SAY “its ok just bc youre a vampire doesnt mean im gonna stop loving you its ok”
  • and he’s gonna be himself again since that day lets throw a party
  • jeonghan will probably think its weird to drink blood in front of u like wonwoo ok but you once told him its ok and it takes him a week to start drinking blood in front of you
  • can u imagine that jeonghan dirnking blood thats hella hot wtf
  • you’d sometimes forget that he is a vampire bc he acts like a real human being
  • one time he tries to eat your food and said its good but throwing up after
  • “i told u to not eat my food”
  • he loves it when you play with his hair
  • one time you asked if you can braid his hair and he refused
  • but you’d give him the puppy eyes and how can he resist? he’s a sucker for you for real
  • so you did braid his hair and took a picture setting it as your phone wallpaper
  • “pls dont send it to any of the boyS OK PLS JAGIYA”
  • but bUT seungkwan would accidentally sees ur wallpaper and start yelling to the other members to look and basically thats it
  • they never live it down since
  • “do u think we need kids around the house”
  • “i mean pets….… ..cant we pretend theyre our kids.. ..”
  • having a cute lil puppy running around in the house 3 days after that
  • LETS BE REAL he’d have better hair than you bye dont fight me on this his hair is prettier than my whole face
  • would jeonghan bite u? no bc he’s an angel
  • but maybe he would you never know ok that’d be very hot if he did bite u nOpe
  • he would probably kiss ur lips and went down to kiss ur jawline then ur neck then softly bite on ur skin beFORE GETTING TO BUSINESS ;;
  • “its hard being around you bc i can still taste you on my tongue and the fact that you also smell sO good is driving me crazy”
  • him making you breakfast 
  • “i made you this uh and idk if it tastes good bc you know.……i dont eat that”
  • ok husband material right there
  • asking yourself if he’s actually a vampire or is he an angel or a vampire with an angel heart or an angel with a vampire heart ;;
  • if you dont think jeonghan wouldnt make out with you on the kitchen counter we cant be friends
  • but jeonghan is up for making out anywhere really you want to do it on a table? bed? couch? floor? pool? roof? he’s up for it
  • yall thought he is a cinnamon roll no he’s not he can actually kill u well maybe he IS a cinnamon roll sometimes
  • his kisses are rather sweet or passionate theres no inbetween
  • taking care of the puppy like its his kid
  • him singing you to sleep
  • i cant do this anymore guys
  • jeonghan will hold ur hand and kiss ur knuckles and basically would make u all blushy and a few moments later plant a kiss on ur lips
  • “what would i do without you?”

thats it yall ill c u in hell for more vampire!au click here


Thanksgiving is this weekend in zootopia mean while at zootopia’s police station Judy Hopps was hanging out at her partners station
Judy: “So Nick! what you going to do for thanksgiving? going to spend it with family?” she asked cheerfully Nick looked up at the bunny cop.
Nick: “ I dont have any family, probably stay home.” he said casually as he looked back at his paper work.
Judy: “ what! you shouldn’t be alone during the holidays… Hey! want to come home with me and get a home cooked meal? instead of eating one of  those gross diner trays.” Nick looked ups at the bunny and smirked.
Nick:“ No offense carrots, But i  dont think your family are going to be “ok” with a fox coming to dinner. I dont think were at that “level of commitment” He joked Judy rolled her eyes then her phone ringed she looked down at her phone showing a picture of her ex boyfriend. Judy groaned and ignored it Nick raised a eyebrow at that as he stood up

Nick: “who was that ?” Judy looked up at him
Judy: “ My ex boyfriend my mom is trying to get us back together. she invited him over for dinner can you believe that? hes a nice guy and everything but he wants to settle down and i dont want to be a house wife.”

Nick: “ And you want to add me into all of that craziness ?”
Judy: “ What kind of friend would i be if i didn’t share that with you… and i know i can survive the weekend if your there.”
Nick sighed and nodded his head “ Ok i will go with you but im going for the food.” Judy jumped up with excitement “ Really great! thank you let me just call my mom to tell her!”


ok so here were the ideas i had for mobu workout shirts! cause mob is working really hard to exercise and get stronger and it inspires me to exercise too!
still just sketchy ideas right now but id love to see what people think!!

probably not gonna end up making any of the “suffer” ones (unless someone else likes em) cause im not too crazy about them yet

also if anyone could help me with the kanji on the body improvement club one that would be super helpful!! its really smudged in the show and i dont wanna write down the wrong thing haha

inhaling essence (jungcheol)

type: angst!!!!
synopsis: ok u guys all thought its seungcheol whos crazy in love w jeonghan wHEN IN FACT ITS JEONGHAN WHOS MADLY IN LOVE WITH CHEOL BYE
a/n: im sorry i just ship jungcheol so hard theyre like my parents im just dont hATE ME (im doing requests rn ok cool)

Originally posted by beonoun

His eyes are flitting back and forth, to Seungcheol and to his hands that’s holding her hand. Jeonghan couldn’t deny that he was somehow bothered by the sight, it was supposed to him that get to hold his hand.

Joshua nudged him in the shoulder, “You’ve been staring too long, man, quit it.”

It was hard not to notice those two in the room when Jeonghan keeps hearing his laugh echoing in his ear. His eyes tried to stop stealing a glance towards Seungcheol, but it was no use. Whenever he laughs, Jeonghan couldn’t help but avert his gaze to him.

It’s been only a week since they dated, and Jeonghan couldn’t stand them already. Seungcheol that usually hangs out with him on their spare time, is now talking non-stop with his girlfriend on the phone. Seungcheol that always do their routine of watching a movie on a Friday night, made an excuse to spend time at her place. That was the first time – very first time ­– he doesn’t join the movie night.

And that made Jeonghan’s a little mad. Just a little bit. (He is actually super mad.)

No one in the room seemed to noticed Jeonghan’s cold attitude except for Joshua. He knew Jeonghan’s little (more like big) crush on the leader, and he saw this coming as soon as Seungcheol said he has a girlfriend.

Talking is not really Jeonghan’s favorite thing. But, when he is alone with the leader… you have no idea. He would be all giddy and excited over everything he said and admire his face as he talks. But, for the past few days, all Jeonghan wanted to do was to keep his mouth shut.

She’s very nice. There’s no reason on why should Jeonghan hate her. And it made Jeonghan even madder than before. Everyone said they’re the perfect match and it felt like the world just crashed down.

“Who are you texting?” Jeonghan asked, eveyrone’s already left and it was only the two of them in their room.

He smiled then chuckled, “You know who.” And Jeonghan knew. He knew very well who’s he texting. Did he smile like that when I texted him? Or does he look at me they way he looked at her? Does he talk about me to everyone when I’m not around? Questions flooding Jeonghan’s mind, yet sadly he has no answer to all of it.

“Do you love her that much?” Seungcheol locked his phone, placing it on his stomach as he looked at the ceiling.

“You have no idea.” He sighs dreamily. “I’m so lucky to have her.” She’s lucky to have you. Jeonghan just hummed, agreeing.

“What about you?”

“What about me?” Jeonghan asked.

Seungcheol nodded, “Who’s the lucky girl?” Jeonghan just chuckled. It’s a he. Jeonghan never thought he’d fall for his bestfriend and have his bestfriend falls for somebody else.

“No one.”

“Yah,” He whined. “there must be someone. You just don’t want to tell me right?” It’s you, idiot. How am I supposed to tell you? Jeonghan turned to face Seungcheol who had his eyes on him for a while. Jeonghan’s avoided his gaze on him, it’s making him nervous. His eyes are sparkling and his lips. . .it’s so hard to focus when the little things about him keep haunting Jeonghan like this.

“I’ll tell you if there’s someone.”

The leader showed a pout in return, making Jeonghan wanted to punch him for making him feeling weird things. Seungcheol’s phone lets out a ding, signaling that there’s someone who just texted him. And who else could it be, he smiled at the phone, unlocking it and start typing away.

And they’re staying in silence again.

It hurts, but Jeonghan couldn’t bring himself to forget him when he’s literally around him everyday. Showing him a sweet smile, jokes around with him, and also, taking care of him. Seunghceol is like a drug, he thought.

Jeonghan breathes him in, inhaling his essence as he speaks his words, his energy intoxicating Jeonghan and simultaneously blacken his lungs. That toxic smoke will surely kill Jeonghan, but he just can’t bring himself to exhale somehow.

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