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Hello! Ok, so I saw your klance Stupid Cupid art (which is absolutely beautiful btw!) and I feel in love with that concept! Would you allow me to write about it (whenever I get the time)?

Go ahead! Go crazy!! (And dont forget to link me, i wanna read it!!)

{{ —throws confetti— ok so….i’m going to be VERY busy towards the end of May, and up to it as well. In the meantime, before things get too crazy for me…hit the 🖤  if you wish for a smol starter. This is meant for mutuals I have yet to rp with or have rp’d with but no longer have active threads. Also if you wish to plot just let me know! }}

my supervisor at work has been talking about getting a new job just talks about it constantly so it’s so annoying to have to like, follow her orders because she talks about looking for other jobs just all the time while MY ASS is taking care of these dogs! so its like OK JUST GET ANOTHER JOB AND LEAVE! and she is so rough with the dogs sometimes and it is crazy to me because my positive reinforcement trainer ass is like Dont Traumatize Your Dog While Telling Them What Not To Do, But Teach Them What They Should Do Instead! also my last job had webcams and shit so the parents were watching and we could not get away with being rough like handlers would receive personal complaints. i never had any complaints against my handling tho :o) i am very gentle, i do lots of petting them to calm them down. if a dog is being bad i call their name so they come over to me then i pet them and they wag and enjoy getting pet. sometimes it doesnt work and i have to intervene if it becomes a safety concern but u kno a lot can get solved just calling a dog over to you, having them practice a couple cues and then give them a cookie and pats. refocusing a dog can do wonders!

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I cant tell you how happy i am to be introduced to this hatesquare honestly

Ahhhhh yes, thank you!! and welcome, welcome, please come in, make yourself comfortable… here let me introduce you to everyone… 

over here is chloe, she may seem a little on the mean side, but she uh, she… oh who am i kidding?? she’s the main source of like 80% of the akumas!! just try to stay on her good side ok?? 

and over here we got nathanael… dont even get me started on how im supposed to spell his name ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i honestly have no idea what im doing!! he’s pretty quiet… but he seems like a pretty chill guy, a crazy good artist. like someone should commission him to do ladybug/chat noir fanart right??

oh and over there in the corner hiding in the shadows being all emo is Le Paon… we don’t talk to him much… he’s kinda moody! but look at how pretty he is ^o^!! 

And that buzzing you hear?? hmmm **looks around** not sure what the hell that is… like ??? do we have some sort of bee infestation or something??? 

but anyways, welcome to the hatesquare!! please send your regards to @karawek and @limerencemoon its been a team effort really! 


ok so here were the ideas i had for mobu workout shirts! cause mob is working really hard to exercise and get stronger and it inspires me to exercise too!
still just sketchy ideas right now but id love to see what people think!!

probably not gonna end up making any of the “suffer” ones (unless someone else likes em) cause im not too crazy about them yet

also if anyone could help me with the kanji on the body improvement club one that would be super helpful!! its really smudged in the show and i dont wanna write down the wrong thing haha


OK this isnt adapted from me but from youtuber “aqeilah arfah”


- Jin died first

- the rest of them are grieving in the wrong ways ex. commiting crimes, getting drunk, doing drugs, etc (they went crazy after Jin’s death

- “looking at the part where V and Rm spray paint the walls, its a reenactment of what they did to Jin”

- Jungkook is the only one who has accepted Jin’s death which is why he gets pissed at Suga.

- Suga gets drunk to forget about Jin’s death and starts getting violent - which is why Jungkook tried to stop him

- Jungkook smiles at the end which also tells us that he… has accepted.. Jin’s death

im crying why is my “coconut milk tea” drawing getting notes again that’s almost a year old plz no

inhaling essence (jungcheol)

type: angst!!!!
synopsis: ok u guys all thought its seungcheol whos crazy in love w jeonghan wHEN IN FACT ITS JEONGHAN WHOS MADLY IN LOVE WITH CHEOL BYE
a/n: im sorry i just ship jungcheol so hard theyre like my parents im just dont hATE ME (im doing requests rn ok cool)

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His eyes are flitting back and forth, to Seungcheol and to his hands that’s holding her hand. Jeonghan couldn’t deny that he was somehow bothered by the sight, it was supposed to him that get to hold his hand.

Joshua nudged him in the shoulder, “You’ve been staring too long, man, quit it.”

It was hard not to notice those two in the room when Jeonghan keeps hearing his laugh echoing in his ear. His eyes tried to stop stealing a glance towards Seungcheol, but it was no use. Whenever he laughs, Jeonghan couldn’t help but avert his gaze to him.

It’s been only a week since they dated, and Jeonghan couldn’t stand them already. Seungcheol that usually hangs out with him on their spare time, is now talking non-stop with his girlfriend on the phone. Seungcheol that always do their routine of watching a movie on a Friday night, made an excuse to spend time at her place. That was the first time – very first time ­– he doesn’t join the movie night.

And that made Jeonghan’s a little mad. Just a little bit. (He is actually super mad.)

No one in the room seemed to noticed Jeonghan’s cold attitude except for Joshua. He knew Jeonghan’s little (more like big) crush on the leader, and he saw this coming as soon as Seungcheol said he has a girlfriend.

Talking is not really Jeonghan’s favorite thing. But, when he is alone with the leader… you have no idea. He would be all giddy and excited over everything he said and admire his face as he talks. But, for the past few days, all Jeonghan wanted to do was to keep his mouth shut.

She’s very nice. There’s no reason on why should Jeonghan hate her. And it made Jeonghan even madder than before. Everyone said they’re the perfect match and it felt like the world just crashed down.

“Who are you texting?” Jeonghan asked, eveyrone’s already left and it was only the two of them in their room.

He smiled then chuckled, “You know who.” And Jeonghan knew. He knew very well who’s he texting. Did he smile like that when I texted him? Or does he look at me they way he looked at her? Does he talk about me to everyone when I’m not around? Questions flooding Jeonghan’s mind, yet sadly he has no answer to all of it.

“Do you love her that much?” Seungcheol locked his phone, placing it on his stomach as he looked at the ceiling.

“You have no idea.” He sighs dreamily. “I’m so lucky to have her.” She’s lucky to have you. Jeonghan just hummed, agreeing.

“What about you?”

“What about me?” Jeonghan asked.

Seungcheol nodded, “Who’s the lucky girl?” Jeonghan just chuckled. It’s a he. Jeonghan never thought he’d fall for his bestfriend and have his bestfriend falls for somebody else.

“No one.”

“Yah,” He whined. “there must be someone. You just don’t want to tell me right?” It’s you, idiot. How am I supposed to tell you? Jeonghan turned to face Seungcheol who had his eyes on him for a while. Jeonghan’s avoided his gaze on him, it’s making him nervous. His eyes are sparkling and his lips. . .it’s so hard to focus when the little things about him keep haunting Jeonghan like this.

“I’ll tell you if there’s someone.”

The leader showed a pout in return, making Jeonghan wanted to punch him for making him feeling weird things. Seungcheol’s phone lets out a ding, signaling that there’s someone who just texted him. And who else could it be, he smiled at the phone, unlocking it and start typing away.

And they’re staying in silence again.

It hurts, but Jeonghan couldn’t bring himself to forget him when he’s literally around him everyday. Showing him a sweet smile, jokes around with him, and also, taking care of him. Seunghceol is like a drug, he thought.

Jeonghan breathes him in, inhaling his essence as he speaks his words, his energy intoxicating Jeonghan and simultaneously blacken his lungs. That toxic smoke will surely kill Jeonghan, but he just can’t bring himself to exhale somehow.