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So @funkyhunkygrunklestans and I are planning on moving in together into our first apartment, in the Portland, Oregon area in the summer. One problem tho: I’m currently residing in Iowa. And traveling over 1,500 miles/ 26 hour drive with only a bedroom worth of stuff, and a cat, I’m gonna need some help. 

With this move, I would be in a better place, surrounded by supportive friends and I would no longer have to feel shitty due to my family’s toxic nature. Plus I would have a better job opportunity than what’s here in Iowa.

So here’s the nitty-gritty:

To cover everything ( Gas, Food on the trip, hotel, etc) is going to cost about

     $3,500 to $4500

The reason for the prices is because if I ship my stuff instead of getting a uhaul trailer, and getting a hitch installed unless i get a vehicle with a hitch, its going to cost more. But I feel like it would be safer than just adding a hitch and then having it fall off during the trip (this is only a fear but still).

Right now I have a some money but that’s going towards buying a cheap car. And then once I get the car, any of my paychecks I get from nowish to June will be going towards this move.

To see the details on prices, go here > LINK <

So this is what I want to do:

Starting next week I’m going to be holding commission art streams everyday. And during the time I don’t have commissions, I’ll be drawing whatever. The time I want to do streams are between 12 pm to 4 pm and 6 pm to 9 pm (these hours might change due to scheduling but I’ll make a post about it/tweet about it if it does happen)


Another option is donations. And to make it a little fun, no matter how much is donated, I’ll draw a little doodle with your username (unless its anonymous) and have it on a “wall of fame” type of deal”. However if you donate a lot (as in over $80) Let me draw you something more than just a doodle.

To donate, send the amount youre going to donate to my paypal which is stefaniekurth@live.com

Also, if you want, if you want to help us have some essential stuff for our soon to be apartment, you can check out this nifty Apartment wishlist. Its has things we need like a crockpot, towels, strainers, lights, bookshelf etc.

If you can help me out with moving, and help us out with setting up, that would be super great ;w;


please help me

i really hate doing this i really really do but it’s come to the point where i physically, emotionally and mentally cannot take it anymore.

my family physically, emotionally and mentally abuses me.

long story short, i live in an abusive household. my parents are forcing me into debt by threatening me to go to university (when my job career path does not call for it). 

i cannot come out, i am not safe. they do not believe in mental illness and have THREATENED ME (physically as well) if i chose to take medication (which i desperately need for my mental illnesses, i still take it even with the backlash from my parents). they have threatened to kick me out and block my bank card and phone if i do not go to school, even when i dont need and and they make me take a ridiculous amount of classes, hence digging my own grave of debt. ALSO, adding to the school thing. i will have NO INSURANCE AND NO FINANCIAL AID (if i drop out) for my mental and physical illnesses in which i need medication for.

basically, im living in a house that in inhibiting me from transitioning, draining me of all my money and forcing me through an expensive education and debt and threatening me to do so . im sorry if this isnt making sense but im so tired and stressed.

i’ve done my part though, i have gone to school (from highschool, summer classes and university without a break), kept up my grades, DROPPED ALCOHOL AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE, i am now straight edge (this has saved me tons of money and has helped my emotional state tremendously, ive spent more time being productive and less time in the hospital and in therapy which also costs money) and even gotten 2 JOBS. i do commissions and i work COUNTLESS HOURS at mcdonalds, unfortunately because i have mcdonalds, my parents are now trying to make me pay for EVERYTHING, even things they want, and i really REALLY CANT AFFORD THAT.

my goal is to move out into the apartment with my boyfriend @animeadult and our awesome friend @cruciphix by april. however, my family has already drained my first paycheck and yet they take it out on me (even though it wasn’t a lot in all honesty, it was a lot to ME), ive been trying to earn DOUBLE by taking in more commissions and snagging as many hours as i can from mcdonalds.

im so tired and so desperate to leave my abusive family, and find a way to pursue my transition in a safe environment for me physically, emotionally and mentally. i genuinely apologize that it has come to this but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you can 

please donate to my paypal, its kaidenmichaels@gmail.com

and if u cant please spread this i just need to get out so badly i need to leave i really need to leave please help me.

if anything i will send a small drawing to those who donate as a thankyou, and you can even commission me its the same paypal just please.

i really need help and i know tumblr is a great place to go when someone needs it.

thank you for reading this and please share for me.

Charity Commission for Ryou!! (@atelierabintra​)

Ryou requested Elliott from Stardew Valley…and you can too! (or any other character of your choice, including OCs).  Commissions are still open- simply donate to the ACLU or Union of Concerned Scientists and send me an email. More details at my blog. 

Signal boost is much appreciated!


Hey so uh i have Mono and my father is threatening to throw me out and I have no where safe to live without housing with friends, not that i don’t want to 

I find it unfair to burden them with my situation plus I HAVE MONOAlongside a lot of medical bills i have  and knowingthat my family prob found out about me being trans and what not im kind of on the cusp

SO im doing a different type of commission where its can be full body or whatever but no color cause i am actually 2 sore to do much more than that unfortately. the price will be 20-25 dollars based on complexity and another character will be 10 dollars extra.email me at mioismio5@gmail.com for details

and mioluv555@hotmail.com is my paypal if youwant to donate or send money for commission thankks agian <3

Hello, everyone! This has been a pretty rough year for everyone, but despite everything, the McElroy brothers and their antics have been bringing joy to us all! As a way of sharing the good feels they’ve given us, I’m putting together a fan-zine featuring full-color illustrations of the creations from their Abomination Conglomeration.

Here’s the rundown: around 24 artists will each draw an illustration of one of the Monster Factory cast. Each artist picks one of the monsters, just so we don’t end up having this turn into 23-PAMS-who-death-forgot-plus-1-Knife-Dad Zine. All the illustrations will be gathered into one zine, which will be sold digitally, and for those lovely people who chip in a little extra money as part of our preorder, physically as well! All the proceeds will then be donated to Planned Parenthood, so you get rad art while helping an awesome charity!

At the moment, we have 10 artists signed up, but have 14 spots still available! If you’re interested in contributing, please fill out the application form here VVV


…and submit it to me by Sunday February 26th, 2017. After that date, applications will officially close, the sheet will be taken offline, and I will begin to sort through those who applied. It should take no more than a day or two for me to sort through, after which I will send emails out to everyone who applied, saying whether or not you got in and how to proceed!

For those who are interested in the pre-orders, after I finish setting up the artists (and their deadlines) I will be opening up a sheet for pre-orders! Here, you will be able to order digital copies in advance, or even get one of the limited run physical copies of the zine! After pre-orders close, all orders from then on will be for the digital PDF ONLY.

I look forward to hearing from you! And if you know someone who might be interested, please do not hesitate to spread the word!




  • Any fanart/pairings/fandoms
  • OC’s
  • NSFW
  • Furries/animals (attempt lol)


  • Mecha/robots/cars/etc.
  • Bara daddies lmao (sorry)


PAYPAL ONLY. (If you have an easy alternative option, feel free to suggest it!)

OR, if you just feel like donating, my paypal is teacupvalino@gmail.com !!


  • Email me at teacupvalino@gmail.com or PM me via Tumblr messenger.
  • Payment in advance! (I can send you concept sketches beforehand if you wish. These will be VERY rough.)
  • WIP’s will be sent to you if requested
  • Deadlines must be brought up and planned upfront– otherwise, i will give you an estimate on when it will be done. (It probably wont take more than a week or two- this may be subject to change due to irl schedule changes.)
  • You may be able to use your finished commission however you please. Just dont claim it as your own, obviously. Credit would be nice haha
  • Your finished commission, based on the context, might be uploaded and used for a print on my Redbubble @ CaptainTearoll
  • On the rare chance i deny your commission– i have every right to do so. Though, I wont drop your commission if you’ve already paid for it and i’ve agree’d to do it. I ain’t gonna scam ya haha
  • No refunds– unless I cancel it due to irl circumstances.

***Prices & Details may be subject to change anytime. If your commission is already in progress when these changes are made– they will stay the same as when you paid.***

sorry not sorry for using USUK as my examples lmaooooo


Red Instead, #REDINSTEAD Slime, Autism Acceptance (Not Awareness) Month Slime! Fluffy Strawberry Scented Slime

Happy April everyone!

This month I have this featured red fluffy slime in support of Red Instead! I’m taking a stand against Autism $peaks and their April Initiative “Light It Up Blue.” A$ uses this month to promote autism “awareness” instead of what we really need, acceptance. 

To learn more visit: http://www.autismacceptancemonth.com/ and http://autisticadvocacy.org
Or send me a message for more resources or any questions!

The slime pictured here (which is a link to the listing) is in a small plastic heart shaped container. It is strawberry red, super fluffy, and has shiny red glitter peppered in. It is also strawberry scented! It is pictured on a white wooden windowsill, that is cracking.

***For every sale of this red slime, $1 will be donated to ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network) with proof of donation provided on request (so I don’t out someone accidentally!)***

I feel really bad about asking you all to do this, but I’ve got a $1500 balance on my student account at school that I need to settle by the end of next month. If i don’t pay the balance in full by the end of next month, I cannot return to my college next semester.
I work three jobs, but those paychecks won’t cover nearly enough to pay that balance and eat/buy meds. I’m freaking out- I don’t know how I’m going to pay or what I’ll do if I can’t return in the fall.
I know there are so many more people who have it worse than me, but I’m pretty close to desperate at this point. I’m hoping maybe you could send my paypal around? It’s mb.becker.22@gmail.com.
Thank you for reading this, and I’m so sorry to bother you. Thank you for the work you do and for the platform you give marginalized folks.

help a disabled, gay/trans jew survive

hi, i’m isak. i’m 26.

i was recently homeless and my housing situation rn isn’t the most secure. i only have the equivalent of a high school degree and i can’t work the kind of jobs i’m qualified for due to schizoaffective disorder, CFS and a damaged left ulnar nerve. i’m also a trans man and visibly gay, making employment even more dicey.

i have no support from my (physically and emotionally abusive) family, who refuse to acknowledge my transition, oppose my conversion to judaism and have been trying to make me return home so they can control my life again. they also have a history of denying me medical treatment, including psychiatric treatment. reaching out to them for help is out of the question.

i need money for food, rent, transportation (especially to and from shul, which is one of the few contacts i have outside of my home) and the occasional nice things for myself. i used to depend on my ex for most of this, but lately he’s been refusing to send me any more money, leaving me with very few options.

(also—my roommate—a business student with a job—has started stealing from me. fancy imported beer i’d bought to treat myself and my boyfriend when he visits next went missing from the fridge and i really can’t afford to write that kind of thing off; the emotional cost is also p. bad. i was looking forward to that.)

as a note—i’ve applied for ESA, so i’m working on getting benefits. there are some hurdles to overcome before they’ll pay me, so i’m relying on donations for the time being.

i am also currently saving up to have my gender legally changed in the UK, which will cost £140. i can get help with this fee, but that has the same hurdles as getting ESA—i am having a lot of difficulty opening a british bank account.

my paypal is simonemmetts@gmail.com

thank you for reading this far. if you can donate, even as little as £1 will make a difference to me. if you can’t donate, please, please reblog. thank you.



The goal is $2000!

UPDATE: Goal has been met! Thank you to those who commissioned me. Commissions (aside from the YCH commissions) are now closed.

Stuff available:

  • Images
  • Character Designs
  • Comics
  • Animations
  • YCH-Animations

I also have discounts for special cases! Click below the break and find the appropriate section for details!

Contact info’s and important info’s at the bottom!

Keep reading

i’d never normally make a post like this but.

an ex-mutual of mine who cut off ties with me 6 months ago because i didnt agree with their ace headcanon for a character. when i called them out for subtweeting and talking shit about me where they knew i could see over something so pointless and argumentative, they publicly called me abusive and “acephobic” and refused to speak to me again or apologise for the things they had done not only to me, but several of my close friends. they have repeatedly lashed out at close friends over nothing and then excused it with things that are happening in their own lives, they use their mis to justify abusive behavior, and they are a person i dont feel safe communicating with.

they are also in procession of over $400 belonging to me that they are refusing to give back.

every time i have tried to get the money back in the past 6 months, they’ve thrown a fit and deactivated their account to try and make me feel guilty for ever asking. i’ve had several friends approach them about it and each of them have been met with excuses about problems with their account, problems in their personal life, before eventually being accused of attacking them and being blocked. i have no idea how to get this money back, they live in america and i do not and i dont have any way of forcing them to give it back short of trying to file for legal action and i just cant do that.

i know there are so many much more deserving people on this website and i would never ask you to give anything to me that you could instead share with someone who needs it more. but please if you have even a small amount to spare if you could send it to my paypal i would be so eternally grateful, just to tide me over. i would get anything you send to me back as soon as i possibly good, hopefully from the $400 is i ever fucking get it back.

if you could even just reblog this it would mean so much to me. this is what ace discourse looks like irl ahaha. love and appreciate you all so much



I know I haven’t ever done official commissions before, but this is a special case! As you know my dear lovely friend Hawu is in a bit of a bind and we have a fundraiser and explanation >here< 

just as @technically-dead is doing $25 headshots for every $25 donation, I will be doing hair edits for every $15 donation. if you make a $15 donation to the fundraiser, email me proof of your donation to durgadestroyer@gmail.com along with a full sized screenshot of your character and a description of how you would like their hair. this is only for hair edits. should you make up to $25 donation and you would like a little more bang on your screenshot, once again simply show me proof, and if you got scars or some such I can try to squeeze that in! keep in mind i will be keeping up and verifying with @trashcatte on who has donated and who has not. also make sure the email you are sending me this with is the same one you donated with

please signal boost this even if you can’t donate! anything helps!!

Some asshole stole my insulin and I need help

So during the move to Texas, someone went through my stuff and stole my insulin-ya know, the stuff I need to live- probably thinking it was drugs or something. I need help with getting money (about $300) to buy more to replace all that was taken since I’m jobless, I can do commissions in the meantime if anyone is interested though. There’s also adoptables I’ve got for anyone who wants one.

If anyone would be kind enough to donate me some money that would be great, and if anyone has insulin to spare, I’d be really grateful if you could send some my way. Please spread the word. My PayPal is keegsarts@gmail.com

[Commission information] [Donate] [Buy me a coffee] [RedBubble]

Basic info & FAQ

What do I draw for this? Art Requirements: Anything to do with kisses! It could be original or fan art. It could be a kissing booth, to match the title of the book, but it doesn’t have to be! Kisses on the mouth, the cheek, the forehead, the nose - it’s all up to you!

We only ask that you keep it PG-13 (avoiding gore, explicit sex acts, or …distasteful? nudity.. If you have questions, just ask!)

Please use this template! If you work traditionally, please scan your work and insert it into the template for submission.

Email submissions to cambrasine@gmail.com by 11:59 PM EST on May 7th. A maximum of two submissions per person. Collaborations are allowed.

Include the following in your submission:

  • Your piece, in the template provided
  • How you would like to be listed in the credits (a name or pseudonym)
  • One link (to your website or social media)
  • Where you would like your copy sent if not to the email address you are sending from

All work submitted will be included so long as it meets the requirements stated above. Participating artists will receive a digital copy of the zine as thanks.

This digital zine will be for sale on Gumroad starting from sometime between May 7th-12th and ending sometime in June (dates TBA), where 100% of proceeds will be donated to an accountable charitable organization (TBA - Send me suggestions!).

The digital zine will likely cost between $5-$15, depending upon the amount of entries, with the option to donate more if you are able and feeling generous. We do not intend to print physical copies.

If you have any questions, please send us an ask!


So, here are the books! (sorry they look so blue, my room was weirdly lit when I took them) If you would like a physical copy message me and I’ll reply privately. There will only be a limited number available at a time because I’m doing these for free, so I’ll probably give them to people on a first-come-first-serve basis. I will be printing more copies when I get the chance. For now I have three books available for you all.

Just so everyone is aware, the font on some pages is quite small and some of the lines to write on are quite light. This is just because it is the first printed copy. Now that I know how it looks I will be fixing up these things for the next copies. It’s still perfectly usable, but if you have trouble reading small fonts then I would recommend waiting until the next round.

I have also put the file up on Google Drive so anyone can go and download it or look through it.

Aaaand now the more awkward part..because each copy of the book is going to be costing me ~AU$25 to send out, there is an optional way you can ‘donate’. I have set up an amazon wishlist here and if you want to you can get something off there. It will kinda work the same way as donating and will help funding more copies (ie. the money I spend not buying this stuff can go towards printing & postage). Again this is completely optional, you are under no obligation to do this.

Anyway, message in if you’d like a physical copy and I’ll get it sent out as soon as I can!

-Winter xx

HELP NEEDED  - please!?

NEW LOKI COSTUME ;___; - please help me out?!! ❤❤❤❤💕💕💕😭😭😭

I am putting my pride aside and begin this early enough, so I can make it in time for the premiere in London - please donate a few pound if you care to see me in the new Loki costume, taking another photo with Mister Hiddleston, together with my best friend in the world @ThatOtherOdinson, this fall for Thor: Ragnarok?! Please?!

It is really tough for me to ask this, after I thought I had my finances back on track a little (but ended up with massive car problems, having to pay 1700pound, that I financed by drawing commissions. which I am STILL finishing to this day.)

I apologise for this, being selfish and all - but it’s the last chance to take @ThatOtherOdinson down to London for the last Thor premiere. Doing that as a team, since we’ve met only because of the Thor-fandom. I intend to take @ThatotherOdinson to the premiere, because it’s the reason we’ve met and it means so much to us together. He is recovering from mental health issues and had to stay offline for a long time now, and couldn’t even cosplay anymore. So this trip would be a huge boost for his emotional well-being. He never did anything like it and it would be the last chance for the Thor movies, which are his favourite. 

( my latest costume, newt scamander is finished now and I’m shooting the pics this month!!! *and another big shoot with a Fbawtft in august*)

If you disagree with my choice to ask for help, please take no offence in it (no hate, scroll on - different people make different life choices, there is no reason for negativity). I respect you totally! It would mean so much for us, to me. It feels like all the Loki-related movies come to an end. It’s so much nostalgia and I feel I can take this role on one more time and make it count! But only with your help!

go to paypal.com and send your donation, as a friend, to
galadraeluk@yahoo.co.uk ! Any penny counts ( subject: Loki ragnarok).
With all the material, Helmet, shipping, we might look at 500£ overall. I’m contacting my trusted commissioner tomorrow to get a price that is correct. Thank you for being my supportive friends!!! (the money will ONLY be used for the Loki cosplay, and any penny too much, also only for other Loki cosplays. No pets, no lolita, no other characters. just LOKI. promise!)

I will update you all with screenshots of the payment once we’ve got enough, and make sure to provide evidence that all money was used correctly!

Thank you so much!!!! If you can’t donate, please share to others?!

P.S. I have still three cosplays finished here that I couldn’t wear so far, due to weight gain because of prescription pills, but I worked on myself and will be able to cosplay all three this summer. So don’t feel disappointed, Henry V was already tested and I only need to shrink back into Adams pants XDDD - it’s finally all coming together! 

I know I stress this a lot but seriously.

If you or anyone you know is struggling financially and have a place set up for donations, please send it my way. I always like to take advantage of having a large following and help as many people as I can, because I know the strain and the stress of struggling with financial issues. If you need to me reblog something, I will. I can reblog it more than once. I’ll try to queue it during a time when most of my followers are online, too! Whatever helps.

I’m not able to donate but I would if I could in a heartbeat, so I’ll help by bringing as much attention to it as I can instead.

I love you guys. Don’t ever feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask me to reblog something to help you. Times are tough, so many people are struggling financially and we need to support one another in whichever ways we can!

I’ve created a new tag, “donations,” where you guys can look through and donate/reblog these posts and help.

anonymous asked:

If you don't accept submissions then why do you have submissions open?

In case people want to submit links or images to us, or simply have more to say than the askbox will allow! There’s plenty of reasons to use the submit box than submitting shitpost ideas - and most of those kind of messages we usually get through the askbox anyway. Please don’t send us shitposts, we like to post things that come entirely from us here for our own reasons, and we simply will not post them, sorry.

But this reminds me, actually. Dear followers, you might have noticed that we’ve recently been reblogging political or donation posts, in an effort to use our not-insignificant amount of followers to do some good in the real world. If any of you see a post or cause that you think deserves some attention, can you send a link our way? We only see so many of these posts, and it would be really helpful if some of you guys could send us some if you see them. Thanks!

Help me graduate

So I wasn’t expecting everything to go so poorly in the past few weeks. I thought I was set for graduation; paid off what I had to, minus the loans of course, but now school has hit me we additional hundred dollar fees?? I went to the office to hand in some paper work and last minute they were like hey you actually owe us money we never decided to tell you about???

It’s bullshit, but basically, and I didn’t wanna do this, I need help. I’m a full time illustration student, with two part time jobs, that just get me through each month. I’ve been hit with a lot of money sensitive issues lately (my cat got really sick, i got really sick and senior thesis expenses). The fees I have accumulated are about $650 and I’ve already paid what I could off. This includes a senior year graduation fee of $100, which they never told me about and expenses from previous years that just added up over time without giving me notice. Apparently if I do not pay these off, I won’t graduate? So it’s great they told me 3 months before graduation! Thanks school.

Money will be very tight in the next few weeks for me due to more senior thesis expenses and now printing a whole portfolio.

If anyone has anything to spare, please donate, I’d really appreciate it! 

If you want, I can send you a small print in the mail if you include your address in the donation you send! 

My paypal is: snackstickart@gmail.com 

Please even just share/signal boost! Thank you!!