but don't worry one of the pirates falls in love with him and sets him free

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:) Would you please consider doing a h/c fic in which Killian has the flu and Emma takes care of him? I am such a blob for fic like that.

Done!! :)) I loooove writing sick!Killian/nurse!Emma. Hope you see and like this, anon! 

40 Sick-free Years; ~ 2, 500 words; also on FF.net

She is deep into the Brothers Grimm’s version of Cinderella. Quiet moments have been less rare to the point where Emma actually has time to do some reading. For pleasure. Not the thousand-years-old, heavy-as-fuck, no-way-am-I-dragging-this-around-and-no-Killian-this-is-not-the-Kamasutra-on-my-nightstand-how-do-you-even-know-what-Kamasutra-is spellbooks, which Regina still lends her occasionally, more to torment her than to educate her Emma is sure.

So Emma decided to familiarize herself with any and all versions of the fairytales she now lives it. Needless to say that Henry was ecstatic. Needless to say that Henry finished Cinderella 2 weeks ago. Emma still hasn’t. Which is probably why she is doing her damnest to focus on the story and totally misses the sound of the front door opening, boots hitting the ground and feet shuffling towards the bedroom.

It is, however, quite hard to miss the pirate who plops down on the bed next to her – face first and groaning as if he has just run a marathon. Which, yeah, okay, she guesses sailing is also taxing but that has never stopped Killian from coming home with a megawatt smile before. Especially when he has been out on the water with Henry.

“Hey,” Emma reaches over, ruffling his hair and trying not to laugh at the pitiful grumbling that comes from the depths of the pillow he has his face stubbornly buried in. “Henry tire you out?”

Killian mumbles something she can’t even begin to decipher.


A somewhat similar and just as undecipherable mumbling makes Emma sigh heavily and pull lightly on the ends of his hair.

“Babe, you realize I don’t get any of that, right?”

The long-suffering sigh though she hears quite well, as Killian lifts his head the barest amount and plops back down with one eye now focused on her.

“The lad was a valuable first mate as always, Swan. Water was calm, the horizon clear. Bloody hell, even Regina was nice when I dropped Henry off. She asked if I wanted pie.”

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