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"Voldemort murdered Lily and James? I'LL RAISE YOU, HARRY." "Peter was camping out in your dorm for three years? I'M COMING, HARRY." "Your scar hurt? I'M COMING, HARRY." "Someone put your name in the Goblet of Fire? HOLD ON HARRY, I'M STAYING IN THIS CAVE DON'T WORRY I'LL TAKE CARE OF YOU." "Snape might mistreat you in Occlumency lessons? TAKE THIS MIRROR SO I KNOW WHEN TO BEAT HIM UP." "You're in the Department of Mysteries? I'M COMING, HARRY." And after that, Sirius never came for Harry again.

Mama Pryce's Voice Mail:
  • *beep*: Hello! It's your daughter Maketh! I just wanted to say that I hope you're having fun on Coruscant! I miss you already!
  • *beep*: Hi, it's Maketh again, just wanted to say that I still miss you, and I still hope you're doing well!
  • *beep*: Hi, Mom, so remember those disruptors you wanted me to pick up from down the street? Well, I went to do that, but then these people came and tricked me and stole them from me! It was really scary, and they...please don't be mad.
  • *beep*: Hi, Mom, don't worry about anything, I've got a friend staying over, he says he'll help me, you keep enjoying your trip, I'm sorry I worried you! Ignore that last message!
  • *beep*: Hello, yes, it's me again...remember how I said that I was having a friend over to help me? Well, now he's invited his friend over, too, and so I think we've got this, you keep enjoying Coruscant, hope you're as excited for Empire Day as we are, we're getting everything cleaned up!
  • *beep*: I hope you really enjoyed your Empire Day, it's going really well here...*explosion noise*...lots of fireworks! Don't worry about us, Mom...but are you coming home soon? I'd really like to know...I miss you...
  • *beep*: Okay, no really, Mom, where are you? You were supposed to be home last week! Why aren't you here? Can you please call?
  • *beep*: Moooooooom, the landlord's here, and he was really mad at me because he said I've been messing the place up, and he yelled at me, and he yelled at my friend, and my friend's friend didn't stand up for me, and I just feel like you would be much better at dealing with these sorts of things because you're just so good at dealing with these things, I mean it's YOUR lease, you're the one who owns this place, I'm technically a dependent, and the landlord's really scary, we're almost out of food, can you please come home soon, I'm starting to be really scared, where are you?
"Just once"-Baked Alaska
  • Yang, beaten and bloodied, nearly collapsed: Listen...Neo...please...
  • Neo, pacing around Yang in a circle, dragging the tip of her sword softly around Yang's body: .....?
  • Yang, breathing heavily: Listen, if you're going to kill me...I can accept that...but, before you do it...can I ask you something?
  • Neo, stops pacing in front of Yang and puts her sword back into her umbrella: .....
  • Yang, looking up, slight puppy dog eyes: Neo...can we go out for coffee....?
  • Neo, immediately flustered, blushing, quickly whips herself around and roundhouse kicks Yang in the head, causing her to pass out: . . . . .
  • ~~~~~
  • Yang, painfully waking up, dazed and confused, stumbling to her feet: Wha....what happen-
  • Yang, cuts herself off, as she looks down at a little note, picking it up: Huh? "Meet me at the café by the dust shop" hmmm....
  • ~~~~
  • Yang, who was waiting at the café for two hours, finally looks up as the chair in front of her moves: N-Neo?
  • Neo, wearing a cute gothic dress, pouts and looks away, slightly blushes: ....
  • Yang, sighs and holds her head in her hand: Look...Neo, you've almost killed me a few times...why?
  • Neo, frowns, and silently writes down on a napkin: Orders....are orders....they're given to me by the only one i have. I have no other person in my life.
  • Yang, frowns, and looks down with a tear: Neo, I want to help you...please. Let me help you, let me be a part of your life. We can help you...
  • Neo, stops writing, and just stares at Yang for a little, absolutely shocked, before starting to write again: But I've hurt you...
  • Yang, smiles, and softly takes Neo's hand: I've been hurt worse...please Neo...you've already came here, so i know there must be some bit of you that wants help...
  • Neo, staring at her hand in Yangs, and begins to tear up, her lips quivering: ....
  • Yang, smiles bright, a big scratch on her cheek cuts back open again: Come on...come with me.
  • Neo, nods, and begins to cry into Yang's arms: .....
  • Yang, picking Neo up, and resting her forehead against the ice cream girl: Don't worry...I've got you...
  • ~~~
  • Roman, sadly looking on from a distance: Don't worry Neo, you're going to better with them than you ever were with me...don't worry.
  • Sherlock: Hey Molly, what are you doing?
  • Molly: Nothing.
  • Sherlock: I asked out of courtesy. I'm a consulting detective, I know what you're up to.
  • Molly: Oh no, I'm not falling for that again.
  • Sherlock: Moooolllyyy... Just tell me.
  • Molly: No.
  • Sherlock: Please?
  • Molly: I said no. It's supposed to be a surprise.
  • *whispers into her ear
  • Molly: Tempting but no.
  • Sherlock: Come on! Five times. Five times!
  • Molly: No, but we're doing that anyway.
  • Sherlock: aaasghghghghgh!
  • Sherlock: Ten
  • Molly: I'll be dead after ten. You can wait two days, God.
  • Sherlock: Aren't you worried I won't like it? What if I'm allergic to it? What if I have a phobia that you don't know about? You know I'm not good with surprises.
  • Molly: Sherlock, you'll like it I promise. Besides, it's not a rabbit.
  • Sherlock: I can tell you what you're getting.
  • Molly: I don't want to know my christmas present.
  • Sherlock: I love you, my beautiful wife that I admire so much.
  • Molly: Thanks I love you too.
  • Sherlock: I swear.....
Getting real
  • Aries: don't let yourself get caught up in fleeting feelings, they're valid but not permanent
  • Taurus: don't let yourself use "it's out of my control" as an excuse not to take action, you always can make a difference no matter how small
  • Gemini: don't let yourself worry because you don't have any idea what you're doing, it'll come with time
  • Cancer: don't let yourself use loyalty as a reason to stay in a relationship with someone if they hurt you time and time again, just because of how long they've been in your life
  • Leo: don't let yourself think you have to be happy all the time, feeling other emotions doesn't mean anything's wrong with you and it doesn't have to define you
  • Virgo: don't let yourself think that letting yourself relax is going to sabotage your plans
  • Libra: don't let yourself get distraught if you make mistakes and go to extremes before you find balance, just don't lose sight of your goal and you'll get there
  • Scorpio: don't let yourself forget that even though opening up to certain people may hurt you, opening up to no one definitely will, so don't let yourself fall into the habit of being closed off
  • Sagittarius: don't let yourself lie or hide the truth from others even if it's easier just to avoid seeming weak
  • Capricorn: don't let yourself stop trying new things just because you're not sure how it'll turn out
  • Aquarius: don't let yourself push others away just because you're afraid of them leaving on their own
  • Pisces: don't let your desire to find meaning in everything, especially the past and future, stop you from living in the moment

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You know how the last scene of FEA is Chrom and Lissa finding Robin again? I always imagined that Chrom had to calm himself before waking her up, like, "Come one, you're ruler of Ylisse. Robin may be your wife, but you have to be cool. Be cool. Don't let Robin know you've been worried sick and unable to focus in her absence. No, Lissa, I am not-- give me a second!"

oh god





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I'm sure this is something you don't feel like getting into so please ignore if you're bothered it, but I just wanted your take (or what you perceive happening) about Daryl/Carol's survival chances based on McReedus together on TD. I know the fandom is a mess, but I always appreciate your take because you're rational and logical and it doesn't make me worry as much. But again, if you're annoyed by this and don't want to answer, I completely understand.

I woke up this morning to a flurry of what I can only describe as despair. I have no idea where this certainty comes from that Carol is going to die, but I think it’s both premature and ill-founded. From what I can tell, “someone” or “a lot of people” seem to think that Carol will suffer the fate of Regina in the comics. This makes little sense to me, as Regina already has a direct counterpart in the show - Deanna’s husband Reg. Of course the show can redirect storylines - we know it has in the past. But given what they have set up as the conflict between Deanna and Rick, Deanna is going to need a pretty strong reason to continue to allow Rick to be anywhere near ASZ. However, something like losing her husband to a herd that attacks the zone? That sounds like a pretty good way to cement an alliance to me. Deanna wasn’t driven to it by her son’s death, but I’m betting the death of her son and her husband will be pretty damn persuasive.

As to Melissa showing up on Talking Dead, I have no idea why this would be seen as a harbinger of doom. Carol is America’s sweetheart right now. The amount of press Melissa has gotten this entire season is amazing. She is a prize to the show. She’s gold for them wherever she goes. And part of that is that Melissa is still underexposed. She doesn’t do hundreds of press appearances. She’s never done a magazine feature, and the list goes on. It actually serves AMC better - because it drives the demand for Melissa, Carol, and most importantly…merchandise sales. 

For three seasons now, Talking Dead has had surprise guests that are brought on as a way to say farewell, and as some kind of audience therapy. They have already announced both that Melissa would appear officially, and that there is a surprise guest. They’ve brought on surprise guests this season even when the person has already been on the couch once previously in the same season. I’m not sure, but was Chad Coleman the only one that didn’t get a double exposure? And he only came on for his farewell as a surprise guest. While they could be lying, they have no history of it. Talking Dead is always about doing the explaining for TWD. I just don’t see why they would do a 180 after five full seasons and suddenly become the vehicle for screwing with us instead.

I think we have a tendency as Caryl and Carol fans to listen too much to what others say, and not pay enough attention to our own sense of what we see on screen. We love Carol and Melissa. Just because we love her…doesn’t mean that Carol’s going to die right now. I understand that we all want reassurance. But all season 4, all last summer, and all through this season we have seen again and again and again that getting on the drama roller and working ourselves up to an emotional frenzy has served merely to traumatize ourselves when there wasn’t necessarily the trauma we expected happening.

We need to take our own advice, and be patient. Trust only what we see on screen. Don’t listen to the predictions of people who have a vested interest in watching us squirm. Treat spoilers as only a possible outcome - and not allow the flavor of the writer to create a problem where one doesn’t exist. Don’t fill the tag with unnecessary answering of harmful anon asks. Seek the comfort of your tumblr friends in private messaging in order to get the support you need and deserve - but without raising the general level of panic.

The future is not certain by any means, but I trust myself more than I trust naysayers, spoiler flavor text, or the jibes of those who want to hurt me.

We ain’t them, after all.