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Who should you fight: SAO edition
  • Kirito: you'll lose. after that, you'll have to listen to his bad jokes. unless we are talking about crippled kirito, then you'll win, but why would you want to fight crippled kirito
  • Asuna: we are talking about the girl who lifted up a man who has black belts in both kendo and judo irl, but hey, if you want to lose that badly who am I to stop you
  • Yui: you'll probably win but then you'll have to deal with kirito and asuna. bad move
  • Silica: 50/50 percent chance to win, but why would you want to fight silica, ask her to pet her dragon or something instead
  • Lisbeth: you'll lose and then she'll force you to buy her weapons at crazy prices
  • Klein: find him a girl and he'll lose on purpose
  • Agil: do you really think you could win against a moving fortress
  • Heathcliff: what the fuck is wrong with you
  • Argo: you'll probably win, but your darkest secrets may start spreading everywhere shortly after
  • Leafa: she will kick your ass in both a virtual reality and the real world, after that you'll have an angry recon going after you. don't fight leafa
  • Recon: you'll win, unless he's fighting for leafa, then you'll lose
  • Sakuya: she has an army
  • Alicia Rue: she has a dragon army
  • Oberon: why are you still here hurry up and fight him
  • Sinon: this girl killed a man when she was eleven do I have to add more
  • Spiegel: you'll most likely win, unless you got near sinon. if you got near sinon run for your life
  • Sterben: this guy is full of murderous intent and money. don't fight sterben
  • Yuuki: she wants to fight you, fight her and make her happy. you'll lose but whatever
  • Eugeo: if you wish to become an ice sculpture that much, go ahead
  • Alice: everytime alice appears you get a new reason for which you know it is better not to fight her
  • Selka: just why
  • Tieze and Ronye: leave them alone, they've already suffered enough
  • Raios and Humbert: do the world a favor and fight them
  • Integrity Knights: this is the same as doing bungee jumping without an elastic cord
  • Cardinal: she doesn't want to fight you. don't get into unnecessary trouble
  • Quinella: you'll die before even getting near her, and even if you manage to get near her you'll still die, but more brutally
  • Gabriel: you could fight him, he'll probably just think about how wonderful your soul is since you had the courage to fight him. but then he'll kill you in an attempt to see it. don't fight gabriel
  • Vassago: don't

anonymous asked:

I'm new to the Regina Mills fandom and I want to make friends with other fans. I figure Tumblr is the best way but I don't know how to start??? What do I do first? Who do I follow? How do I make friends??

Hello, dear one!

Making friends on tumblr is great because it’s so easy!

Here’s what you can do:

- Just go into people’s inboxes and say Hi. What you did right now is already such a great first step! Of course, it’s more fun when it’s off anon, but I have one absolutely lovely but very shy friend who messages me on anon all the time and I appreciate my “lovely anon” to bits, so if you’re very shy, feel free to send nice anons to people and wait until you feel comfortable and welcome before you reveal yourself.
- if you enjoy fanfic/fan art/meta, reblog someone’s work and leave some nice words in the tags. I promise you they’ll see it and appreciate every single thing you’ve got to say and sometimes, someone will message you thanking you for your feedback and you can start a discussion that way! :)
- do a mixture of the first two and leave some nice words about someone’s fic/art/meta in their inbox. Tell them about your favorite part or ask them a question about it.
- join in discussions that you see on your dash. Now, this one takes a bit of courage but is a great way to get to know people!
- Just tell someone whose blog you really like that… well, you really like their blog :D
- message new followers thanking them for the follow
- reach out to people who post about something that’s going on in their lives. Just offer a virtual hug and support. It can mean the world to someone!

Now, about people to follow. Where do I start?

This will turn into a very extensive blog list, so I hope you don’t mind me taking the chance to turn this into my follow forever of sorts (crappy header and all!). 

1) Meta


2) Fic

- OQ

@someonethatiamnot@htoria@daggzandarrows@lala-kate@lillie-grey@belleoftheballpoint@thisisamadhouse@ninzied@repellomuggletum15@isazozo@mademoiselle-arel@queen-of-the-merry-men@mysterious-song, @trina-deckers

- SQ


- Multi/Other

@sgtmac7@onhowtobecrazy@freifraufischer@evilythedwarf, @oparu, @kuromikoneko (dq), @cest-toi-qui-vois (evil charming)

3) Art/Manips


4) Gifs/Edits

@faithandfearcollide@hermajestygifs@hermajestyreginamills, @regalducky

… and some generally nice peeps that I enjoy seeing on my dash (some of which post their own fic on occasion, too):

@theicecreambattle@storiesseldomtold@dameednaeverage, @captain-saviours-heart, @lostinherphrasebooks, @soligblomma, @rebelhannah, @kc749,

… and probably lots of other wonderful people that I’m missing because my brain is a colander and lots of things fall through. 

I hope this list is a good starting point for you blog, dear anon. Have a great day! 

Coffee Love

He came to the little coffee shop every day at the same time, ordering the same thing, a tall caramel latte and apple fritter, every day, and sat down at the table in the back corner in front of the window. From the moment she saw the strange man with spikey, snowy hair and crimson eyes, Maka knew he was going to be the end for her. She picked up on his routine after about a month, her schedule rarely changing due to her obligation to school. She didn’t know his name. The only thing she knew about him other than his coffee shop routine, as she came to name it, was that he currently attended one of the universities in town and was a music major. She only knew this because every now and then he would bring a music textbook to read, and other times he would spread out papers on the table to study for some exam coming up. Maka still didn’t know his name after five months of him coming in due to her mystery man leaving an hour before her shift was over every time. But Maka wasn’t sure she would even work up the nerve to ask his name had he stayed longer than he did.

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