but don't make up shit about him to demonize him


[x]: Because people were too lazy to watch the video, but instead, took [x] at face value.

who to fight - teen titans version
  • robin: FIGHT ROBIN. this pasty sonofabitch has had it too good for too long, he's got an acrobatic past but don't let that stop you, go for his fleshy underside. he will cry so prepare emotionally for that.
  • starfire: are you crazy??/ don't fucking fight star fire she would kill you. she has and will again, she had to fight her own sister and won you think she'll give a shit about you??? don't fight star fire.
  • beast boy: maybe fight beast boy, there's a lot of untapped rage in him so he'd probably make for an interesting fight, just make it not about him otherwise he'd probably just lay down and start crying. maybe don't fight beast boy but make sure he's okay instead, pet his head and play video games with him.
  • cyborg: FIGHT CYBORG. you will both have fun and he will lift you up on his shoulders afterwards. FIGHT HIM.
  • raven: do you want to fucking die don't fight fucking raven what is wrong with you she is part demon did you see what she did to doctor light do NOT fight raven do not even look at raven