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Hogwarts AU Reylo

A commission I got from the magical and perfect @elithien for an RP I’m doing with my partner in crime, @jennity-blogs

Gryffindor Kylo never really understood what the big deal was about love, until a bookish Ravenclaw passed him her biscuits in the Great Hall, and without meaning to, took his heart in exchange.

Please do not repost or remove description! All credit goes to @elithien WHO IS HAVING A 50% SALE IN HER ETSY RIGHT NOW HO MY GOD GET ON THAT!!

Alternate with bg behind the cut~

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Kyungsoo’s Adventures in Wonderland

Kyungsoo as Alice

 "I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.“

“Do you want them, Jack? Your memories?”

The Pitch’s Lair scene is my favourite part of the movie. All of it is fantastic beyond words, but the way the liquid shadow occupies the space in this scene in particular and the way the labyrinth reflects Jack’s fears…I just love it. (Hence why I NO JOKE sat down and drew this nonstop for 21 hours… :l I need to stop doing that. I just now finished and it’s 9am. *what is sleep* xD)

Anyway, you should totally reblog this BUT you should leave funny tags. The tags are my favourite things ever xD and I look at them for every single reblog because they just make my day. ♡ Please enjoy this beeeaaannn.

[DL] 160126 iKON’s Vapp “Chanwoo’s Bday”

this was that unreleased video when they were doing vapp on chanu’s bday last year lol. i just want to share this to all fellow ikonics who want to watch it. i deleted the part when they showed chanu’s number so i guess it’s safe to share (?) however pls don’t reclaim as yours or repost/reupload without credit. thank you children ♡

Stefán Karl / Robbie Rotten fan accounts on instagram are really great, but can y'all not post other people’s art on there without getting permission first? And credit the artist properly, too? Its… really not fair to the artist for ppl to just steal and repost their art, and sometimes Stefán will like that stolen art and how would that artist ever know? How would Stefán ever know who drew it? Like… it is not hard to ask permission, to source things, and honestly I’m super disappointed bc I’m seeing a lot of art being ripped off tumblr. Please stop that. Art theft is never OK.

i just made a background for my phone. Feel free to use it for yours if you’re interested. There isn’t a watermark on this one, so please don’t repost my work on tumblr or on other sites without credit.

stop stealing gifs!!!!!!!! i don’t care if you think it’s easy or it’s not a big deal, you did not make it so don’t just fucking post it wherever you want especially without any sort of credit at all!!!! it takes 3 seconds to reverse image search something and find the source and credit!!!! “credits to the owner/not mine” is NOT giving credit!!!! if you want to use someone’s gif so bad at least fucking credit them dear god it isn’t a hard concept

Tumblr Gif Etiquette

Ok heathens, I tried to just let this go but now a lot of people are doing it and I’m getting more annoyed. I’m seeing a lot of my gifs reposted without any credit given to me. This is considered quite rude on this site. Especially when some people are taking exact sets I have made and making their own posts with them, not even changing or adding anything. That’s basically stealing my work.

I HONESTLY do not care if you add my gifs to your fic posts or mood boards or imagines. I personally don’t need a credit for that. Hell, I made half of them just for that use, because I love my sister wives and want your products to be awesome and pretty. Though I know there are other people on this site that do want credit for those uses too. But it annoys me when you steal my work without even adding your own thoughts or creativity to it.

General rule of thumb for this site: if you are doing anything that involves saving a gif or picture to your computer and then uploading it back to a new post, you need to ask the person you took it from first. And thank them in your post. Again, I don’t require this personally but a lot of other people on this site do.

Please sister wives, if you like my gifsets, REBLOG them don’t download them and then post them like they’re yours. That’s just rude.

anonymous asked:

People were reposting someone's comic without credit on Twitter and others were replying telling them to give the artist credit, but then another group of people were getting mad and saying that crediting isn't a big deal and to basically get over it. The fact that people don't think crediting the artist is necessary and give off that "so what" attitude is just so aggravating to me. Like giving the original artist credit isn't going to hurt you whatsoever lol

Yeessss oh my god I HATE that attitude - that giving proper credit is a huge hassle to them. Like, wow, try to look at it from the artist’s perspective - they spent maybe years developing the skill necessary to make that piece of art, and then it’s stolen, without any acknowledgement back to them - just.. UGH. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, so I saw one of your ask the little heros art on a blog without credit. Would you like to know about it? I wanted to ask before I wanted to ask before posting the blog name cause I don't want to call them out and cause a problem if you're ok with it or if you gave permission.

General Psa: If you see my art reposted with out credit, link me to it on the messenger! I don’t want to call people out. And if you think the person is nice and your willing, just ask them to link this blog? I get so much stuff stolen its hard to track everything so sometimes I’m okay with credit as long as its not some weird awful blog. But ALWAYS message if its on tumblr. that shits not gonna fly with me

anonymous asked:

Don't you guys get angry when people repost your memes without giving credit? And how do you deal with that?

To be honest, it can feel like quite a pain sometimes. We don’t really “deal” with it in anyway. Personally, all the screenshots of our blog memes that I’ve recently seen do have the blog username above, and those who don’t we just leave them be. An example: Most people who follow Instagram accounts who post our SNK memes are probably smart enough to figure out that said account is only there for entertainment and didn’t make all memes. (To be frank, it should be obvious considering the different fonts, quality and overall appearance of said post). 

There really isn’t much to do about it, but what’s important to me personally as a person who makes these is that it makes people laugh, which has always been the goal of the blog. I considered adding a watermark or a link to the blog, but the whole image of the blog is to be as unformal and satirical as possible. As long as it’s silly and makes people’s day, it’s cool

-Admin leapingtitan

This is a scene from my next nalu fanfiction I’ll write after I finish “Home Alone Tonight.”

Please do not repost, reblog it instead. My colored version here.

If anyone wants to color it feel free! Just don’t erase the ‘signature’ on the knife, and make sure to credit me for the line art. I have a copy without the background if needed. Also tag me, I’d love to see it!

anonymous asked:

hi!! i was snooping around the instagram fandom, and i noticed that the account @/maxwellbeaumont posted one of your commission pieces without crediting you :// to be honest i'm pretty sure more than one account has, is it alright to tell you about these when i spot them? sorry if i'm being an inconvenience x

It’s wonderful that you tell me about these friend, thank you so much for letting me know! If you find any others please let me know asap.  

Honestly, how many times do I have to state this: DO NOT REPOST COMMISSION PIECES THEY ARE FOR CUSTOMERS USE ONLY AND DON’T ALWAYS HAVE A WATERMARK ON THEM IF THE COMMISSIONER THEMSELVES DECIDES TO POST IT. Ideally I don’t want my work reposted at all (I put it on low quality for a reason), but at least credit me if you do? 

Anyway, thanks again nonny! <3 

anonymous asked:

I've seen someone repost your work on Facebook without credit on their page, I was wondering if you're okay with that? If not I could speak to them,,

hm, no that’s not something I’m okay with. Is it the text post memes, the matoki anons or something else? In any case, everything I make for this blog (other than the quick shitposts) takes a lot of work and effort on my part. The matokis took me around four days of non-stop drawing to complete, par example, and there’s a reason why making daily text post memes for 50 days almost broke me (several times it took me over two hours to make one - and that doesn’t count the time it takes me to get regular screenshots).

I know the kind of content I mainly produce, humour posts and memes, has very low regard in fandoms in comparison to other types of content, and as such people have very little respect for it and me when it comes to crediting. But stealing and reposting the things I’ve made for this blog is no different from stealing a fic I’ve written: it’s seriously not okay

If you’re someone who enjoys the content I make and want to share it with others then that’s great, more fans who might get a laugh from something I’ve created. But you have to do so in a way that credits me. That’s the hard truth of it, no matter how good your intentions are. Best way to do it is to message me and ask, and I’ll tell you straight away if you can share it and how (although if I tell you not to and you do it anyway you’re a complete asshole). I can let people do it if they credit me while doing so (directly, no “credit to the original creator” bullshit, no one who creates content thinks that is a legit way to credit them) and link the original post of mine.

This applies to all fandoms and creators, not just me

If you’ve ever thought of reposting someone’s work without telling them, crediting them or providing a source to it, don’t. It’s an insult to the person who made it, it does nothing to help people find more of that content and it is overall something that proves that you don’t have any actual respect for those who work hard to provide a fandom with something to read, look at, listen to or laugh at.

On that note, I’d very much like it if you talked to them, anon. If they are unwilling to take the thing down then I’d like it if you could send me a link so I can get in touch with them personally. 

I’d hate to have to start watermarking everything I make here, but I won’t hesitate to do so if these things continue, because I’m not okay with it at all.