but don't forget the coat!!

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I CANT BELIEVE HOW MUCH HARRY'S STYLE HAS CHANGED. From wearing popped collars and those huge purple tennis shoes to stylish, one of kind leopard print coats with satin button up tops, and don't forget the gold sparkly boots. holy hell this boy has blossomed into a beautiful butterfly with an extraordinary and unique taste in style. This subject is extremely special to me.

do yourself a favor and don’t think about teeny tiny little 16yo baby legume harold looking into his future and seeing current harry. standing there in his frankly alarmingly enormous pants and giant ass grape shoes and pop-collared polo shirts and being met with this literally stunning vision of himself at 21. tall and lean and tattooed, majestic mermaid hair falling past his shoulders, draped in the most beautifully crafted clothes anyone could ask for - florals, animal prints, satin, silk, velvet, exquisite embroidery. rings and bracelets and pearl necklaces. hats galore. berets, even! boots made of gold and glitter and pink and silver, all to match his heart. suede and skin-tight denim. long wool coats and tattered old band t-shirts (bands he’s seen and even met, now). big cozy jumpers and t-shirts his boyfriend steals because they smell like home. whatever you do…don’t….think about that.

how to get your friends to ship drarry:
  • friend: i dunno, i don't really like drarry.
  • friend: *says something unrelated*
  • me: how extraordindrarry
  • friend: wait what did you say
  • me: it's drarry rude to ask someone to repeat themselves.
  • friend: ???
  • me: you know what my favorite kind of berry is? bluedrarry.
  • friend:
  • me: i have a pet bird. it's a candrarry.
  • friend: *leaves*
  • me: don't forget your coat! it's janudrarry

just because hewlett’s an uncompromisingly decent person who has been a good friend to anna, and also has sympathetically sweet feelings for her, does not mean he “deserves” her

just because a nice guy likes her doesn’t mean anna is terrible for still loving and kissing abe – the only thing that makes that “wrong” is that they are both married to other people, however they legitimize it with their history 

this is coming from an assuredly high ranking hewlett stan and a person who doesn’t care at all for abe-anna– 

anna strong is not required to love edmund hewlett back

imo the only thing cinnamon roll major hewlett deserves for his stellar behavior


  • *Set pre-seance. Emma and Regina have been "discussing the plan"*
  • Regina: Everyone's already downstairs waiting Emma! What do we do?
  • Emma: Okay, well I'll go in first then you come in a few minutes later and no-one will suspect a thing.
  • Regina: Okay. Wait! Don't forget your coat!
  • Emma: Thanks. How much longer do we need to sneak around like this?
  • Regina: Just until we defeat my sister. I don't want her knowing and using you to hurt me.
  • Emma: You know you're never going to lose me.
  • Regina: Even so. Please I just want to keep you safe.
  • Emma: Okay. So see you in a few minutes I guess.
  • Regina: Before we go down there, I love you.
  • Emma: I love you too. Sorry I ripped your dress.
  • Regina: Well at least we're in my room this time so I can just change dear.
  • *Emma walks into the room*
  • Emma: Regina has a plan.
  • *Regina wanders in a few minutes later with the tea and her shirt unbuttoned.*
  • Regina: Sorry for the wait. I was just preparing some special tea.
  • *She notices Emma staring at her and grins*
  • Emma *mumbles*: What are you doing?
  • Regina *mumbles*: Teaching you not to rip my dresses.