but don't follow her because she doesn't post

To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:

Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.










If the RG characters had tumblrs
  • Ruby: A positivity blog. Contains stuff like cute animals, recipes, and uplifting messages, all fitting a "cute gothic" aesthetic. Very social with her followers, checking up on them frequently and making sure they're having a good day.
  • Iris: Doesn't have a specific theme for her blog, since she usually just reblogs whatever she finds cool. Makes posts about her stunts and adventures after she's done with them. She isn't on a lot but when she does visit she gets easily distracted by what's on her dashboard.
  • Skullboy: Reblogs posts about science and how cool it is, sometimes adding his own comments on whatever the post is about. Makes posts about his newest fixations and experiments. Doesn't visit the blog very often because he's usually working on said experiments/fixations.
  • Misery: Witch aesthetic and dark humor blog. Makes posts about her family and disasters, including how to deal with them and where they might show up (both the disasters and her family).
  • Frank & Len: A blog made for their band. Frank makes "professional" update posts while Len treats it like an actual blog. Because of this Len is more popular with their followers.
  • Boo-boo: Reblogs humor/joke posts and posts about pranks he has/is going to pull off. This usually backfires on him because he forgets that everyone in the house follows him. Sends asks to scaredy to bug him.
  • Scaredy: Cute and positive stuff like Ruby's blog, but also signal boosts posts about things he finds frightening. Deletes or just doesn't answer most of the asks Boo-boo sends.
  • Poe: Posts are very few and VERY long. Has the least followers out of everyone, with most of the ones who aren't the other character being bots. Still uses the default theme and avatar.
  • Doom: A blog Ruby made for Doom filled with pictures she took of her and stories of her antics. Has the most followers.
  • Me: You don't know what you're talking about you don't even follow my blog
  • Aaron: This is true, but now I feel you're taking that advantage and pressing it to make claims that are untrue, just to beat me!
  • Aaron: mmmm
  • Aaron: This artwork doesn't count! She's just kissing her forehead.
  • Me: So you wouldn't mind it if I kissed someone else's forehead?
  • Aaron: Well that won't happen because you're too short to reach someone's forehead :3c

anonymous asked:

sorry but I followed deansass after you too made the post but she just said she doesn't understand what trans even means and she's asking people because she wants to be educated etc. Don't you feel that's hypocritical because she's your friend or something but you're trans?


You know. 

I’m not like the word “TRANS”

I’m a person. 

I can be friends with people who don’t know things about trans people. 

she wants to be educated. GOOD FOR HER! But why can’t she be friends with me and not know. 

Does it seem like I hand out tests to people? Saying you can only be my friend if you know about trans? I don’t…. being trans isn’t what i really talk about it isn’t me. 

I am not all trans. 

I am a lot more,


anonymous asked:

Why are people calling Mrsb a homophobe simply cause she doesn't ship Sasunaru? Before you shut me out, I'm not defending her and I actually don't know what happened, mind clue me in? From what I gathered she doesn't ship SNS and said it multiple times. Unless she blatantly held homophobic statements I think it's still wrong to bash people for not shipping it. I ship it too and couldn't care less about other people playing the brotp card ship as long they don't say anything offending

You must ask a narusasu fan about more details because I don’t follow this person neither do I plan to but from what I have seen on my dash she has clearly showed that she is a homophobe with her posts and she even called narusasu shippers heterophobes for not shipping hetero ships, she also declaired that she doesn’t understand why narusasu fans are angry with the ending because they had no chance in the first place. mrsjblack is a homophobe end of the story