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This is for @amazingphil from today’s video! Idk why but i thought of combining the wavy/curly hair and the silver hair he had a few videos back. And we’ll, I guess I made him an idol! :^) My head is very random as you all can see.


It’s always been true.

THIS THING! I dare say is in the running for TVEIT’S TWEET IF THE YEAR!!! 😂 and then with the sports ball omg. I cannot. I’m in love with this Twitter and emoji monster.


Naruto decides to, one day, dared Sakura not to call Sasuke “Sasuke-kun” for a day. She was a little suspicious about this, but did it nonetheless when he said he would pay for ramen for two weeks each and every time they went out.

So she did just that.

Sasuke began to, during the day, get a little worried because she was not calling him by the “kun”. Although he had not responded to her confession, he had done little things here and there to let her know that he cared.

Eventually, by the evening, Sasuke grabbed Sakura and took her with him, dragging her down the street. She tried to pull away, only for him to tell her to be quiet. She did, pursing her lips and closing her mouth.

Sasuke led her to the bench on the way out of Konoha. 

Sakura asked what this was about, but Sasuke blurted out why she was no longer calling him by the name she would normally call him. She was confused somewhat by his behaviour, and did not answer because she was slightly shocked by his question.

He demanded that she tell him what was going on.

Sakura said that Naruto had dared her to stop calling him by the “kun”. She did not think that Sasuke would get so affected by it.

She then swore she heard Sasuke to not stop calling him like that.

But of course, she was kind of interrupted when Naruto came sprinting in, talking about ramen and other things.

… Naruto left with a few bruises that day.