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you know a finale is horrible when the only thought you have afterwards is “haha okay this was fun, but where is the REAL finale”

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a lot of skam questions
okay!! gashii aka @bakksana tagged me in this and i screamed when i saw, it’s amazing, thank you, boo!! 💕 i’m gonna put this under the cut because of length

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so tumblr ( @staff ) is excessively marking completely appropriate posts as sensitive (i.e. a photo of solange knowles’s teen vogue cover, my photoset of zendaya’s vogue us spread, and a bunch of other black fashion posts), which makes it impossible for me to view or reblog. but then i just saw a photo of an erect penis a few moments ago??? so………….yeah. i tried to call the hq twice already, and they haven’t been in office, so now i’m just confused and very frustrated. i usually don’t like to complain to the public, but this is just just ridiculous.


I be drawing. A lot. Summer for you; I actually have time to do stuff. I’ve also been playing Fire Emblem so I ended up drawing my Fates MU in the Hoshido Noble, Nohr Noble, and Nohr Princess classes. (I had to modify so many things in the Nohr one, like oh my gods there was no way her armor was actually staying on her boobs)

So yeah her name is Aire and as a result of her I’ve fallen deep into Corrinbaki hell (not quite as deep as I’m still in Chrobin hell, but I tend to end up back in there every few months so)