but doesnt bang

Characters that have no romantic/sexual interest are totally valid.

It is perfectly fine if an OC has no interest in romantic/sexual relationships. It does not make them in any way ‘uninteresting’.

The Romance Scene I Wanted with Fenris:

Soft kiss, give him a backrub so he can relax, tell him he’s great, cuddle with armour on, he’s not ready and Hawke doesn’t push, a slow romance that’s about trust, Fenris opens up in all cutscenes after this and his constant tension eases.

The Romance Scene I Got:

SLAM Fenris against the wall, biting kisses, Hawke tops, Fenris has flashbacks midway through and HAwke doesn’t even notice, Hawke passes out and Fenris stays up having panic attacks about repressed memories and Hawke is personally offended?? Fenris breaks up with Hawke because wtf wtf WTF HAWKE

Just a little PSA

We keep B.A.P at number one on the Mnet chart and that’s really amazing, however this doesn’t garantee the boys will get a win on M countdown, we have a chance, but  please don’t get discouraged if B.A.P doesn’t win.  The exposure the boys are getting is extremely beneficial, look around, theres new babys everywhere! *O*

So even if they don’t win (and I´m really hoping they do win) keep streaming the MV, keep sharing on SNS, keep spreading the music and the boys that we love!


So I’m rewatching Miraculous Ladybug (no that big of a surprise) and I’m rewatching the Reflekta episode and then I notice that in one of Juleka’s flashbacks of her past failed attempts at taking pictures Marinette’s hair is in a bun. HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THIS BEFORE. SHE LOOKS SO ADORABLE. Kind of a pointless post but like I really needed to get that out there because why not?

the part that killed all of us as a population


Imagine Tina Goldstein having a huuuge crush on this famous senior back in her Ilvemorny days, but she was too shy to talk to him, he didnt even know who the hell she was. Tina kept it a secret for years, until, said senior in Ilvemorny happened to be her senior Auror at MACUSA and he, hulla, started hitting on her.

anonymous asked:

How about Michael x reader oral sex headcanons? Thanks!

oh my lordy i have some tHOUGHTS

★this boy loves sex okay what teenage boy doesnt


★yall bang like all the time, bc you can

★so like youve tried all kinds of positions 

★his favorite is missionary bc he can look at you and kiss you while he fucks you and he can touch you all over and all the good stuff

★you’ve never sucked his dick tho

★it just never came up



★so you guys are just chilling out in the basement right

★playin video games and stuff and you’re gettin’ competitive and gettin handsy, trying to distract each other

★and you reach over and start palming him through his jeans

★whammo he’s hard and squirming

★but he doesnt stop playing bc “im too damn tough”

★yeah no

★you decide it’s time to torture your boy

★you just put your controller down and lean over, undoing his jeans and leaning down

★he falters because ‘oh my gOD THIS IS HAPPENING”

★you’re super careful at first, just putting a hand around his cock before kitten licking the tip of him

★and its like you had just done something so incredibly sexy bc this boy just stops and literally throws his controller 

★you just tease him for a few minutes before you just gO DOWN

★michael is so soft and whimpery and whiny under you and he tangles his fingers in your hair, tugging softly

★he just gasps and pulls your hair and his stomach flexes and he tries so hard to act all tough and cool but dear god he’s so close

★hes too polite to come in your mouth tho like gOT DAMN he pulls out of your mouth and probably comes on your chest right 

★and you know this boy returns the favor

★you kNOW

★he straight up picks you up and puts you on the couch and jUST GOES FOR IT

★hes not great at it lbr and he forgets to take his glasses off but he trIES SO HARD AND HES SO GOOD

★he makes you come tho and that’s what counts

★you both practice a lot of oral after that wiNK

“Just as the east is the darkest right before sunrise and water is the noisiest right before boiling, isn’t crouching from being worn out necessary in order to jump and fly higher? Let’s enjoy everything.” - Infinite Dongwoo

“If you’re feeling comfortable right now, you are running downhill.” - Block B Zico

“Harbor your dream with your heart and mind; fulfill it with your hands and feet.” - B1A4 Baro

“Let’s not let go of each other’s hands until the end. When you get too tired and your hand loosens, I will hold on tighter.” - BTOB Eunkwang

“Shinhwa is not responsible for your lives.” - Shinhwa Dongwan

“I will work to become a weed that survives tenaciously rather than a flower that may wither at any moment.” - Big Bang T.O.P

“Credibility is not built with your mouth.” - Block B Zico

“The world doesn’t respond if I don’t try my hardest.” - BTOB Ilhoon

“A jinx exists to be broken.” - EXO Chen

“We will become singers who change but stay constant.” - VIXX Leo

“It doesn’t make sense how people believe in stories of loving someone at first sight by running into them once on a bus, a subway, or the streets, but laugh at stories of falling in love at first sight by seeing them once on a TV screen. Loving a celebrity is also love. Love is equal.” - Epik High Tablo

“I don’t want to say ‘Please give us everlasting love.’ However, if our fans reminisce these moments and think 'I used to like Girl’s Generation’s Seohyun a lot back then,’ I would be thankful for just that. Just by you remembering me, I would become part of many lives. I won’t ever forget this love.” - Girl’s Generation Seohyun

What do you see when you go up to the top?
Kai: We see the next mountain that we must overcome.

Fan: Let’s only walk on flower paths.
L: Let’s walk together even if they’re not flower paths.

—  Some inspirational quotes by Korean idols.