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Get away from my sherlolly with your faux feminism

We are not offended at what happened to Molly. She is not a damsel in distress or a love interest. Stop being offended for us. Take your salty ass somewhere else. Molly Hooper DOES have a life outside of Sherlock and her love for him. Molly is accomplished in her career, she’s intelligent and competent and has many meaningful relationships in her life. Her blog talks about several of her close friends. She was close enough to the Watsons to be named godmother to their daughter. She has a very active dating life and while Sherlock was away, knowing the entire time that he was alive and after he’d just made a pretty big confession that would’ve left anyone else hanging onto with hope (“you do count”), Queen Molly Hooper went and got herself a cute boyfriend and nearly married him. Molly’s life does NOT revolve around Sherlock. You only have to listen to the beginning of their phone call to realize that she’s not always at his beck and call. However, Molly IS in love with Sherlock and it’s not degrading or insulting to feminism or whatever the fuck you people want us to be pressed about to give a female character a love life. In the context of Molly’s relation to Sherlock, yes the main plot is that she’s in love with him. But as much as I would love a show about Molly and all the badass things she does as a doctor and her going on dates and having drinks with the girls, what we know about Molly falls in the context of the place she has in Sherlock’s life. Being a love interest is only insulting when that’s ALL a female character is. And Molly Hooper is a fucking badass bitch in every aspect of her life and if y'all had spent less time complaining about her existence and more time paying attention, you would already know that. So please, get the fuck outta here with your fake concern. We’re doing just fine.

hello & goodbye.

hey everyone!!! first off, HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!! may this year grant all your wishes and dreams!!

secondly, WLFKBJ has ended :((( 16 episodes have all aired and we have enjoyed every single one of them. but of course dramas come to an end. and so does my blog.

i created this blog fully for ranting about how cute and vibrant this drama is and somehow i got to 2.3K?????? AND COUNTING????? by two months i earned 2000++ followers simply by ranting about a drama. i still cant believe it.

this will be the last post i will post on this blog (no i won’t be posting a review on the last episode ITS TOO EMOTIONAL FOR ME) and i will no longer use this blog anymore. however i wont delete it so yall can still see my posts and reblogs and rants and memes i’ve made of the drama.

bye everyone, don’t forget to find yourself a joonhyung and always have SWAG with you :)

dainesanddaffodils  asked:


  • Which one sexts like a straight white boy?

Scanlan, of course.

  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?

Both.  Pike weeps at the Fox and the Hound.  Scanlan gave in during Tangled.

  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?

To be fair, Scanlan does not understand metal.

  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?

Scanlan does it to be cute.  Pike Judo-flips him every time.  This does not discourage him.

  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?

Scanlan does this all the time. It usually results in a wrestling match while Pike tries to get his cold toes away from her.  He counts on it.

  • Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?

You can tear Keeping Up with the Kardashians from Scanlan’s cold, dead hands.

  • Who laughs more during sex?

Pike’s actually pretty ticklish. Especially when it comes to light touches.


Scanlan loves being wrapped up in those sexy strong arms.   Pike loves holding him safe and close to her.

does anybody here…….. love boys…? and wanna….. hold their hands and kiss their cheeks and play w their hair and tell them how amazing and cute they r….? or stay up till 3am w/ them talking and laughing…..? or try to count all their freckles and have picnics …. or wanna see the way their face lights up when they’re happy and hold them when they’re upset…… u kno…. gay stuff… 

anonymous asked:

Since Serena has always tried to prove herself to the Professor do you think you can do something where little Serena goes and finds little Yuri cause he's like the best duelist at the academia and they meet and something cute happens.

Something cute huh? Well that’s a little vague but here you go XD 

Bark and Bite pt. 1 (M)

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Summary: Since getting a new dog, Yoongi has started to grow closer to you, his neighbor. Little does he know that you have something to hide.

Word Count: 7.1k

Member: Yoongi ft. Min Holly and Taehyung, mostly Holly

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Werewolf!AU

A/N: Dedicated to Min Holly. Also technically a late Halloween thing, but werewolves are always in season, right? Inspired by a drabble I once did for @pjimns.

​Yoongi didn’t consider himself particularly a dog person or a cat person. Sure they’re both very cute, but he never had a particular preference for either. In fact he’s not sure if he considers himself an animal person at all. Which is why he is completely baffled when Taehyung asks him to come look at a litter of puppies. Apparently, someone his friend knows just gave birth to a litter of toy poodles (well his friend’s dog, not the friend).

Taehyung dragged Yoongi with him to supposedly help pick one out. Yoongi had assumed the dog was for Taehyung, but that day he comes home holding a dog of his own. He decided on the name Holly, and despite never really being the biggest fan of dogs, he can’t help but want to coo over this adorable creature. His adorable creature.

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Monsta X Descriptions

insp by/credit to @igot7ofarmysandmonbebe // original post: x


  • .jpg
  • dresses like a college student 
  • rarely talks but whenever he does it’s like very heart touching
  • incredibly awkward
  • is a very precious bunny/pooh bear/ teddy bear like i live for shownu scenes in variety shows
  • LEGIT FATHER not just daddy material but- SERIOUSLY THEY CALL HIM DAD 
  • aBS// NICE BACK yessss


  • breathes ramen
  • abs on abs on abs why do you wear a shirt at all
  • has a tremendous fear of heights 
  • grease af
  • has A LOT A LOT of fluffy hair 
  • shooting aegyo ?? he does this cute pew pew aegyo wow i suck at explaining
  • hyungwon’s biggest fan  no i don’t ship them


  • will not hesitate to fight you 
  • hyperactive puppy
  • loves shownu oops my ship came out again
  • talks talks talks talks t a l k s
  • optimistic af
  • he’s that one guy who still believes in santa even tho he’s an adult


  • is nicknamed ‘tiny’ for a reason
  • loves to babied and praised
  • but is the mom & dances like one too (??)
  • always count on him to make fun of another member 
  • covers his face when he’s embarrassed usually when another member does something embarrassing
  • kihyuni aka gwiyomi replaced with his name
  • don’t be fooled, he’s not all that cute just watch him on stage and he’s a whole different story
  • slight dimples on his cheekbones when he smiles i d k how to explain this one too but it’s rlly adorable


  • “yes i will be a fucking model”
  • “5′11 it’s real” 
  • droopy eyes and a literal panda
  • inhales sleep like he will sleep through a natural disaster 
  • he’s a walking meme 
  • his giggle is contagious 
  • thick luscious lips 
  • fake maknae he’s the golden fountain of youth


  • “joohoney”
  • can lowkey english 
  • aegyo king i recommend the classic kuku kaka one
  • don’t get intimidated by him, he’s a huge squish ball
  • definition of a scaredy cat 
  • thighs fo’ dayzz
  • spits fire i’d buy his mixtape 
  • is the son of shownu


  • real maknae like he’s the actual youngest
  • can english pretty well
  • he’s the manliest guy within this group monsta x is the screamiest group ever
  • pls don’t make this guy do aegyo it’s rlly sad
  • spits fire too
  • is very quiet but once you get him going, he will not stop WILL NOT STOP
  • is married to jooheon gdi my ships keep spilling
  • “i.m winner foolish boys”
  • “i am what i am man”
Dinner Party – Park Jimin (M)

Pairing: CEO!Jimin x Reader

Genre: smut (?)

Word Count: 886 (lol this is so short)

Warnings: daddy kink, slight spanking, dirty talk, Jimin ruining everyone’s panties…

Summary: Dinner parties were not your thing, especially office dinner parties and especially when your boss was Park Jimin.

My smuts are getting tamer and tamer lol (does this even count as a smut though…?)

Other CEO scenarios: Yoongi / Namjoon / Taehyung / Seokjin / Hoseok / Jungkook

Dinner parties were not your thing, especially office dinner parties and especially when your boss was Park Jimin.

Did you need to see his attractive ass outside of work hours? No, but did you want to? Hell yes, you did. First of all, he was attractive as fuck. He melted you every single time he smiled, both rows of teeth perfectly white and almost perfectly straight apart from his front tooth, but that made him cute and downright adorable. His laugh was like music to your ears, so, so pleasing.

He was also pure sin. You didn’t miss the way he’d bite his plump, pink lips as he concentrated on a phone call, his skin was beautifully tanned, his muscles popping out of his white shirt that was just a little bit see through – leaving nothing to the imagination under the office lights. You definitely did not miss the way his ass looked round and so delicious in his pants – especially when you walked behind him, you couldn’t help but just stare at it.

Those thoughts didn’t leave your brain at the dinner either.


Was it necessary for him to wear skinny jeans? Especially the ones that were ripped around the knees and the thighs? You didn’t need any more fantasies about his thighs or his ass in your mind, but it looks like the world was against you – there was only one time before when you’d seen Jimin in something apart from a suit, but there he was today with tight ripped jeans that exposed his tanned, muscular thighs, making his ass look even more plump if possible, a white shirt with a hoodie over the top to protect him from the chilly air outside, his red hair just sticking out and glasses placed on the bridge of his nose.

You however, wore a tight black dress, something that showed off your curves, it only went down to about your mid-thigh, exposing your shoulders and being the somewhat forgetful person you were, you forgot your jacket…great.

Everything about the dinner was fine, apart from the fact you didn’t have a jacket so you were freezing. You mentally cursed at yourself in your brain for not having covered up more.

“Chilly?” as everyone got up to go get drinks, Jimin moved and sat down beside you instead. He couldn’t help but slightly glance down at your nipples that had hardened due to the cold air, licking his lips slightly.

“Yeah, but I’ll survive, sir” You smiled back at him kindly, refusing his offer.

“Call me Jimin, Y/N. It’s outside of work hours.” He chuckled a little before undoing the zip on his hoodie and sliding it off his body effortlessly, placing it over your bare shoulders with one of his cute smiles. “You’ll get a cold if you’re not warm enough.”

“Thank you si–“ you stopped yourself before rephrasing, “Thank you, Jimin.”

“Not a problem”, he grinned back at you, trying to be a gentlemen and refusing to keep looking down at your chest.


You gasped as your back hit the cold wall of the bathroom harshly, pain running through your body but you couldn’t care right now, not when Jimin’s lips came in contact with yours again. Jimin bit down on your lower lip as he stared into your eyes, a low whine escaping you before he let your lip go from his hold as your eyes fluttered open to see him looking back at you. “You look so good in this dress, baby, so beautiful.”

“Bend over for me over the sink, baby,” Jimin stepped back as you walked over to the sink, bending over for him as he said. Your dress was short as it was, but now with your bent over for Jimin, the view of your already damp lace panties was clear to see. Jimin smirked as he walked over, pressing his crotch against yours with a soft gasp escaping you at the contact.

“Fuck, you’re so wet,” he groaned, “I haven’t even done anything yet baby.” Jimin chuckled and slowly began to rock his hips into your ass, his growing bulge rubbing against your folds.

“Do you want more, Y/N?”

“G-god, yes please Jimin…” You whined, pushing your ass back into his hips only to have him stop you by grabbing your hips.

“Why don’t you tell daddy what you want baby. Use your words and be a good girl and tell daddy what you want him to do baby girl.” His voice was definitely a few octaves lower, sending shivers down your spine.

“I-I want your fingers…daddy.”

Hmm…” Jimin hummed, his hips moving away from your ass, his hands roaming over the curve of your ass before gently trailing his fingers over your clothed cunt, a low whine falling from your lips. “Want my fingers right here baby girl?”

Fuck, ye-yes daddy. Please…more.” You pushed your hips back into his fingers, wanting to get some relief.

“Eager now are we?” Jimin chuckled as his hand came in contact with your ass, the sound bouncing off the walls with a gasp coming out of your mouth, not being prepared for it at all.

“I think you should show daddy how much of a good girl you are, yes? Then I can reward you if you deserve it baby girl.”

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feedback is appreciated and requests are open :)

Revenge - Doctor Strange x Reader (Halloween)

Title: Revenge

Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader

Characters: A hell of a lot if I’m honest… Avengers both old and new along with Bucky, Pepper, Darcy, Jane, Laura (Clint’s children were staying at their Nan’s), Wong, Sharon, Fury, Coulson and Maria. And of course the wonderful Doctor Strange and the beautiful, awesome Reader!

Request: Could you do a doctor strange x reader where Tony throws a Halloween party and the reader goes as dressed as a ‘sexy/cute’ girl Strange for a laugh and he loves it? You decide the type of ending… by @littlemisscaptainfandom (No worries it was late for Halloween, I saw it as super early for next year.)

Summary: When you’d decided to dress as a female Doctor Strange you’d never expected it to turn out quite like this… Nor had you expected the Doctor to rest quite in this way…

Word Count: 2130

Warnings: Jumping off of a roof for revenge does not always go as planned and is NOT SAFE so DO NOT JUMP OFF OF BUILDINGS!

When using portals please be careful not to be distracted by ridiculously hot men with amazing facial hair and magic.

The ending hints at smut but isn’t quite smut. A part two could be done for full smutty goodness to happen…

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Jimin Imagine/Scenario


Blurb: What happens when a sweet and shy boy suddenly appears and seems to take over your world? What secrets does he hold inside and will you ever be able to uncover them? In this tale of love, the supernatural, and cute as hell moments, you can find out whether or not you and Jimin are destined to be together.

Word Count: 10,435

Reader x Jimin

Theliel: angel prince of love.

BTW, this imagine is dedicated to @joah-rangie because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH  💜🖤 Have fun reading this fluff filled post!

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This One’s For You


genre: fluff, smut, fluffy smut !! (it’s rly soft nd rly cute like i melted writing this)

warnings: swearing, anal, handjob, sickingly sweet fluff, #bants, slight praise kink but isn’t mentioned

word count: 1350 (YEET)

a/n: my new years resolution hasn’t failed! depending how i feel tomorrow, y’all might have more than two fics this month *yay* but anyways, i’m finally uploading a fic !! thank you to everyone who stuck around, it really means a lot to me. thank you to holly for getting me through tough times and dragging me by the ear to make me happy again. i hope you guys enjoy this cute lil fic as i had fun writing it. IT’S SO CUTE PLS ENJOY IT <3

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