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OMG those 3D gifs are life!! It would be really cute if your would do the one where Jimin like slides on the floor (i don't know how to put it here 😞). It's one of my favourite gifs of all 💕. I am sorry if this is so long... Oh and you're like one of my favourite blog of all time 😇 ( sorry if there are any mistakes)

Aaaww thank you so much!! Messages like this make me so happy 💛 I hope this is the gif you asked for!

Yeeeeessss!!!!!! Now I can ramble about bnha chapter 131 for real!!!!

technically I spoiled the whole damn chapter for myself by looking at @sevi007, @thestarmaker-s​, @crazytwirlcurls​ and @toxic-vanilla​‘s posts but whatever.

First of all, this freaking colorspread!!!!!!!!

It’s so coooooolllll XD!!!!! look at how awesome Kacchan is, look at Shouto!!! Uraraka, Tsuyu Izuku are just so cute here, and OMFG Iida Tenya!!!!! I did NOT KNOW HE COULD LOOK THIS GOOD!!!

I didn’t actually think All Might would tel Izuku he was gonna die, but I guess he had to tell him eventually. But the way Izuku’s face is here, the way he’s just trying to digest everything… it just hurts my heart…

Izuku why are you doing thids to me?!!!!

This dadmight fluff here is so heartwarming, All Might already had so much faith in Izuku, he’s already defending him when he barely even knows him! I think he’s bleeding from happiness here!!!

My son, why are you doing this to me?!!! DX!!! It’s soo cute how Izuku is so hellbent on wanting All Might to be around when he becomes a hero! 

The cinnamon roll doesn’t even realize how much he’s changed All Might these past few months. This s just too cute, Izuku is basically All Might’s motivation to live!!!

and this… THIS!!! All Might’s muscle form is so… deformed now! His hair can’t even stand up anymore and he doesn’t have eyebrows!


Yes my son! Change that shitty future that Nighteye predicted!!! All shitty futures can be changed!!! 


She is sooo cool! and pretty!

YEEEEESSSS!!!!!! thank you Horikoshi!!!! This is exactly what I want, more of class 1-A (apart from Shouto and Kacchan)! I want to see more of class 1-A in action! I want to see them use their quirks to its full potential!

Just imagine how Uraraka’s quirk will be when she’s older, she might even be able to lift heavy boulders, or fallen skyscrapers or something! Tsuyu can legit stick on walls so she never has to worry about falling.

I love her so much already

@mysteriouskusajo, @leinbow the missing page has been found!

also I really wanna know what Suneater’s quirk is, his costume looks so cool

I’m gonna take a moment to appreciate my excited red son here.



in short, this chapter was really good.

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How about habits they secretly think are adorable?

Hank walks around naked all the time and Stella always tells him to put his clothes on, but he keeps doing it because he sees her checking his ass out and knows she likes it.  

Stella’s feet always hurt after a long day and Hank gives great foot rubs, but she doesn’t like to ask for him for it.  He thinks it’s cute the way she just puts her feet in his lap and flexes her toes and then says “oh, you don’t have to do that” as he squeezes her feet and she closes her eyes.

Bts cheering you up:

Request: I just read all ur writings and Omgg there so adorable ur amazing😆😍 I was wondering if u cud do one of bts reacting to their s/o sobbing over something the members can’t really help. Like it’s not anything specific it cud b smthg like being stressed or annoyed🤔 How wud the members distract or cheer up their s/o

A/ N: cute, did you know you sent this after I closed the requests?


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Food and a legion of lame dad jokes. Basic but it gets the job done so why complaining. Seokjin is actually a really fun dude to be around so I doubt you’ll stay as stressed as you were for a long time.


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His calm and cool aura will change in a millisecond once he sensed you’re feeling down and he is pulling silly faces, dancing weirdly, ordering your favorite takeout. He is working his hidden charm.


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Look I don’t know how to explain it he just can. He can make the most tense person feel easy, make a crying person laugh, he just can make you feel better. I call it the Hobi spell.

Rap Monster:

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He would try to keep a distance so you’ll calm down on your own but seeing you crying will change his plans. Your tears are his weakness and now it’s his job to pull that award winning smile and oulling you into his chest to try doing anything to make you feel better, from watching a romcom to dangerously trying to cook you a cheer up snack.


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At first he is serious like babe talk to me, holding hands and kissing your cheeks but that’s just half the Jimin right? Slowly his methods will turn over and giggling you out of your state seemed like the best solution for the both of you.

V/ Taehyung:

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You’re sad, he’s sad so Taehyuung will be trying everything and I litrally mean everything to make you feel better. Food, music, dancing, going for a ride, cuddling. He will dedicate all his talents, abilities and time to make sure you will never cry or pout again.


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Talk to him. He will ask questions, wanting to understand the full situaion before making his move. Obviously video games will be an option, otherwise he will try to seduce you with your favorite food until you cave in. Music will be an imortant factor too. I see him pulling you into his lap and listening to music through a shared headphone while he sings to you.

Ok so how is Tom not appreciated by literally everyone or at least hit on all the time? He…
- is hot as fuck
- has a British accent
- has marvelous abs
- is cute and kind
- is dorky af
- is also athletic
- has a great sense of humor
- has a great taste in music
- can dance ( I mean come ON)
- is appreciative of his fans and makes time for them
- is well traveled
- has amazingly curly hair that flops in his face sometimes
- has a laugh that is super cute
- can do cool flips
- knows how to use a tandem bike
- has a glorious bromance
- can sing (I think)
- is Spider-Man
- cares about his family
- knows how to party
- has a horrible sense of style so you could take him shopping
- can probably make friends with anyone he meets
- is a hugger
- can pull off a mustache and sick sideburns or mutton chops or whatever they are called
- seems to never wear ties to formal events
- had big hands and we all know what that means *wink, wink*

Need I go on people? He is the most perfect person and deserves recognition. If no one will give him that, give him to me and I will do it.

I was saying this on twitter but I also need people to appreciate what a GENIUS CON ARTIST Emori is, because if there’s anything I’ve learned from Leverage the best trick to persuading someone to do what you want is to convince them it was *their idea*.

Clarke didn’t know Emori heard about the radiation chamber at all, and she didn’t want to reveal how much she knew. If she suggested “let’s microwave this rando intruder” herself, Clarke (and Abby) probably would’ve pushed back against it, at least at first. She had to set it up where it was a reasonable alternative to “I am determined to revenge-kill this guy and you can’t stop me” and wait for the creepy “what if INSTEAD we kill two birds with one stone?” lightbulb to go off in her head. (Which is pretty fucked-up, Clarke, by the way.) She played her so well and I’m just really proud and horrified.

OK so like,

- Edmund noticing you watching his sword fighting match, and instantly starting to use more complicated moves to impress you.
- You know what he’s doing, so you just laugh, because you were already impressed by him, and he’s such a cute smol bean.
- Secretly being even more impressed anyway because, damn boy, how did you pull that off?
- Him coming up to you afterwards and trying to flirt with you.
- You laughing because he’s just too cute.
- Him taking it as rejection, but you just laugh some more.
- ‘You’re an idiot, Ed, you think you need to impress me?’
- 'Well, yeah?’
- 'Okay keep doing it because it’s cute.’
- You walking off, leaving a blushing Edmund wondering what just happened.
- Him standing on the spot for a moment, before he comes to a realisation.
- Him running after you
- 'Wait, did you just call me cute?’
- Him rambling on about how he thinks you’re cute, and he wanted you to think he’s strong etc.
- You cutting him off with a kiss to the cheek, and reassuring him that you do think he’s strong and handsome.
- 'Well in that case you missed’
- Kissing Edmund on the mouth
- 'Was that better?’
- 'The best’

I love that you could see how badly Sydney wanted to kiss David after he dropped the bullets on the ground. Their smirks were so cute. And it was a nice contrast to finally see Sydney actually want to give physical affectionate contact cause it’s usually David we see doing that


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ALSO: how old do I look to you guys? If you already know my age, don’t say anything but if you don’t know…I’m curious 😋


I do not know how to stand or whether I should smile. it is very awkward. 🙄😱🐶there are many who have written to me privately. if I could take pictures and a video where I only stand in underpants. I’d like to just as long as I for more Fallows. write if there is something you want me to do. 🐶👅❤sorry if this is too much.😜 #photooftheday #follow4follow #likeforlike #hot #hotboy #boy #emo #emokid #emoboy #emohair #cute #cuteguy #cuteboy #teen #sceneboy #scenemodel #holidays #sceneguy #snakebites #alternative #scenehair #gayboy #gay #alternativehair #selfie #body #sexyboy #nofilter #love #juleslaursen

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Out of all ur piercings which was the most painful? I want a new piercing but can't decide if I wanna get my septum, cartiledge, lip, cheeks, or tongue (done again w/two on either side bcuz the last one I didn't like the way they pierced it and took it out). I was also considering a vch cuz I think it would be cute w/ my nipple piercings, but I heard that it's rlly hard to heal. Also, do you have a fave piercing of yours?

tiddy piercings. both sides. painful af.
can’t tell you much about the vch since i don’t have any jewelry down there (yet), i planned on getting a christina piercing some day maybe we can suffer together then hahah (also i’m wondering how it uh…you know…pubic hair and stuff)
and i think my fave piercings are my tiddy piercings even though the pain was…on a scale from 1 - 10: 13 and 18 lol

“Miss, why do you have to make everything so gay?”

I thought I’d share that with you guys. A student asked me that after I commented that their matching hats were “cute”. My first thought in response was, “You don’t know how true that question is.”(in context of ff) Instead, I innocently responded with, “Do I? How so?” and we then proceeded to have a conversation about how cute=/=gay. We did not discuss how gay=/=cute, though, ‘cause I figured that was a slippery slope and we had essays to revise.

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I love this blog! can i ask u something? I have friends and a great life and im so happy and grateful for everything i have, but i want love, do you ever feel like this? im young and i know i have to be patient but i just wish things would happen soon enough and when that day comes im going to thank u for inspiring me with ur nice, cute pink blog. ur so lovely and u have great advice. thx for everything


i know exactly how you feel, to be honest, I’ve been in the exact same mood lately. It’s like, I have everything I could possibly have to be happy, but I still want something more…

i understand completely.

but don’t worry. You’ll find someone, I promise. Like you said, you’re young, you still have time. Now, I don’t know you personally, but you seem like a lovely person just from what I could tell by this ask you sent. 

But really though, i think a lot of people are looking for love, and not paying attention to what they already have. Just keep living your life and something will happen. You’ll find someone who loves you and treats you just how you deserve to be treated in no time!

Thank you liking my blog. I try! 

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Hmmm... Leon, Miyabi, Eisuke, Teo, Karno and... The King . B)

send 6 characters/people and i’ll tell you who i would:

  • do the sexy love™ with
  • sacrifice myself for
  • kick
  • take to prom
  • abandon in jurassic park
  • push off a bridge

Thanks for asking~ 

Okie so

Do the sexy love™ with:

Miyabi cause there’s no marry option lmfao

Y’all know I’m trash for him okie lol

Sacrifice myself for:

Karno!! He’s so damn precious I can’t!! 


KING ASSHOLE ICHINOMIYA gosh i hate his last name how df do u spell it PLUS I WANNA SEE WHAT HE’D DO

Take to prom:

TEORUS! He be like perfect tho lol it’s cute~

Abandon in Jurassic Park:

Leon, and make sure to take away his powers too, I wanna see how he’ll survive in there XD

Push off a bridge:


Srsly tho, can you even imagine the King falling off a bridge XD

Again!! Thanks! This was so much fun XDD

“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 


was doing sketch requests on mah twitter & @mrcutio asked for ‘bahorel doing a sick kickflip’ and then this…. turned into Les Amis: Primary School Origins

i don’t know anything about kickflips and neither does bahorel, luckily feuilly doesnt seem to mind