but do u kno how hard that would be

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chosen oc: ben hankin
you can find the story here: the rookies (there’s a new character page in the works)

the votes came in and you guys wanted to know more about this asshole so here you go!! everything is under the cut <3 


  • you don’t need to answer all questions if you can’t answer them (i.e, it’s not revealed yet, no one will ever know, etc.)
  • fill out the 2 blanks above, with the link to their bio/pictures and where people can find the story they’re in!
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what is your character’s favorite memory?

late nights as a kid, cuddled up under a heavy blanket with a book

who or what would your character give their life for?

the person he loves

what is your character’s greatest fear?

getting hurt again

what is your character’s proudest accomplishment?

making it this far

what is your character’s #1 insecurity?

​his inability to trust.. he WANTS to trust people but he can’t.

what will/can break your character completely?

​betrayal. it’s already so hard for him to open up 

what would your character make a scene in public about?


what can drive your character to do criminal acts?

if he’s desperate enough he’ll do anything

what pet (mythical or not) would your character want to have?

a puppy or on the flipside a really old dog

what is the cutest thing your character has ever done?

nothing he does is cute >:-)


how does your character feel about sexual intercourse?

lolol he enjoys it?? it’s one of the few time he lets himself be vulnerable 

how close is your character with family and friends?

​he distances himself from even his closest friends. his relationship with his family is non existent

how does your character react to pressure?


how religious is your character (if they believe)?

he’s not religious or spiritual  

how does your character’s personality change when someone gets uncomfortably close (relationship wise)?

​when he feels like he’s revealed too much of himself he closes up and tends to let that relationship whither

how does your character’s living space correlate with their personality?

his room is dark and impersonal. make of that what you will

how well does your character act around with unknown and different people?

​he doesn’t like being around people in general, let alone new people.

how much does your character value money?

not a lot

how would this character cope with losing someone extremely close to them?  

​he wouldn’t. he’s an extremely self destructive person and would completely shut down.

how long does it take for your character to trust others?

​it takes a really long time for him to trust others, and even then he keeps them at a distance. ben has never had anyone that he has been able to completely bore his soul to.


if your character could change one thing about themselves, what would they want to change?

​cosmetically, his scar. but personality wise he really wants to be able to socialize easily but he just can’t

if your character could go back in time at any point in their life, what would they do to change the present?

he would’ve stayed in school

if your character was given a chance at fulfilling their dream, can they drop everything they have now to go pursue it?

no. there are very few things he cares about as it is he would refuse to let them go.

if your character’s current partner cheated, would they try to make things work or leave?

he doesn’t have a current partner

if a zombie apocalypse begun in the town your character currently lives in, what would they act like?

he would ignore the warnings but since he hardly leaves the house he would probably survive

what if your character suddenly woke up to an unfamiliar place, and realize the life they lived was all a dream. their family, friends, home.. all gone but still crazily vivid in their head. how would they react?

​a little relieved that some of the aspects of his past were all figments of his imagination but he would also be really concerned about what this dreams meant about his subconscious.

if your character was thrown in jail, what would they be guilty of?

assault / battery

rewind 10 years from now, what is your character currently doing?


your character is in the movie SAW, facing their worst fear. what is that fear, and how does he/she react?

his father. he would try to run

we regret to inform you that your character is dead. where do they end up? heaven? hell? other? and how the heck do they react?

hell. he’s not surprised

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⚡️ u kno my name 👀

But do I know your name??  👀 @ever-hopeful @buchanstan (I just wanna show off I have a popular friend roommate in the fandom next door ok)

Grace | sleeping in on lazy mornings, sunlight streaking through the window, you’re in the messiest heap of sheets and pillows and comforters but it’s also the most glorious comfortable fortress ever; sweltering summer nights, rooftop parties with close friends, putting your face against icy cider bottles; being more confident and outgoing than you think you are, strength and composure weaved into every fiber of your blazer, into your straight back and unflinching eyes; taking naps just because, getting ice cream just because; hiding your affection behind nonchalance and ‘eh, I’d rather nap’s; playing pop songs easy to dance to, timing your movements with each song and stepping exactly in sync with the beats; secretly you’re a romantic, it’s not really a secret. 

no more please!

i want kent parson to be the most ridiculous antagonist ever like

he’s still bitty’s foil but when they’re not in the same room, he’s just

doing weird shit all the time

like apparently he named his cat after himself ?? who does that? kent fucking parson, that’s who

bitty finds out and is just “oh honey, no” “you named your stuffed rabbit señor bun, at least i’m somewhat more original, bittle” “if it gets you sleeping at night, parson”

more kent parson splurges under the cut

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dont kno if im overthinking this, but victors thoughts are odd during the parking lot/anxiety scene. what made victor think " i'll resign if u dont win." would help yuri? or anyone for that matter? "hearts as fragile as glass? i should shatter it??" me thinks something like this happened to Victor a long time ago idk maybe im thinking too hard!

i think what he was trying to do was motivate Yuuri by giving him an ultimatum. Victor is aware of how much Yuuri cares about him and the fact that he’s always been Yuuri’s idol, so by saying this, he’s essentially giving Yuuri a reason to try his very best. obviously, that backfires, because that’s not the type of encouragement that works for Yuuri. Yuuri does his best when people believe in him, not when he has to try and find the belief in himself. Which just goes to show that Victor is indeed inexperienced as a coach, because until this point he was falling back on the only coaching methods he had ever been exposed to instead of examining Yuuri and what would work for a person like him. I have no doubt that Yakov and any of Victor’s previous coaches had the same drastic approach. It’s pretty brutal. Yuuri is really sensitive, so of course it didn’t work.