but do not go to a different country and expect them to know english

anonymous asked:

Any tips for an international student coming in? (American, so no worries about English, more about England.)

I’m going to refer this to @expatesque, who’s also American and therefore may be able to give you some country-specific tips! But in the meantime, here are mine: 

  • Don’t bring your whole wardrobe. Do some research into the Cambridge weather and decide accordingly – don’t show up in Michaelmas with like, t-shirts and shorts because you 100% will not wear them and will have to send them back with your parents (guilty as charged).
  • Be prepared for some changes in the way the systems work. I’m not sure if this applies, but I know some people who struggled with cultural differences in teaching method. For arts students especially, you’re expected to be very self-organising and self-motivated – this can be tricky for people who are used to pretty much being told exactly what they need to do in order to get high grades.
  • Be prepared for cultural differences in the way social interactions work. You’ve probably heard the stereotype that Brits are cold – definitely not true, but they can come off that way before you get to know them. If you find at the beginning of Freshers Week that people are being a bit odd, don’t worry – it’s just a cultural difference in the way people interact with each other. Everyone warms up quite quickly! 
    • On that note, I also went on a bit of a scroll through the ‘USA’ tag and found one of Sarah’s really old answers about the major cultural differences she found in her daily life between the US and the UK

That’s actually all that I can think of right now (I’m really bad at these general ‘tips’ posts, sorry, because I totally blank)!