but do need visitors!

no matter where you go, there’s always that one girl who carries the entire drug store in her purse. headache? she has you covered with an advil. unexpected visitor from aunt flow? “what do you need girl? regulars or supers?” feeling like your blood sugar is low? *whips out some chocolate* hair tie just broke? she has 5 extra ones on her wrist.

not all heroes wear capes. sometimes they just carry a giant purse around.

I’m Right Here (Barry Allen x Reader)

Part One

Prompt: Barry and you were living a great life, until Barry runs back in time to where his parents weren’t dead. He thought life was perfect until he realized that he had lost his one and only love. You.

Word Count: 1,712

Author’s Note: Hey guys, so in this ‘Flashpoint’, everyone is still friends with everyone. I know in the show it’s different but oh well just fyi in case you guys were confused lol BASICALLY it’s the same as the regular timeline. There is no Kid Flash (sorry Wally), and Barry is still The Flash in Central City AND Roy is in here…I’m sorry I love Roy so much I cried when he left Arrow so I just had to bring him back.

“Barry, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Barry,” you whispered as your boyfriend of 2 years sobbed silently into your shoulder. Tears welled up in your eyes, daring to flood, and your heart clenched at his pain, but you knew that you had to stay strong for him. For Barry. 

Zoom had just killed his father right in front of him, and Barry couldn’t do anything to stop that murderer except watch. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what Barry must’ve felt in those few seconds. He ran back to Joe’s house where you were waiting outside, worried and helpless. You sat on the front steps with Barry clinging onto you like you were all he had left, and you basically were.

“Barry,” you said softly, running your fingers gently through his soft brown hair. He looked up with you with red eyes, somehow the green in them standing out more than usual. You cupped his face. “I’m right here, okay, Bar? I’m not leaving. You’ll be okay. I’ll be with you every step of the way.”

Barry smiled at you and kissed you deeply. He loved you so much. He knew that he was going to live the rest of his life with you. But he was going to live the rest of his life with you and his parents. Barry had made up his mind: he was going back in time to save his mom. 

“I love you, Y/N. I will always love you,” he said in a hushed tone, his warm breath fanning over your cold nose. You kissed him back lightly. 

“But I can’t live like this. I’m going to go save my mom,” Barry announced as he pulled back slightly.

This made you sit back, looking at him. “What, Barry, you can’t. Barry, you can’t do something like that. It’ll change everything,” you warned.

He sighed deeply with a sad smile. “That’s the point.” He let go of your hands and began to stand up. You followed after.

“Barry,” you started, your voice raising slightly, “Don’t do this. You’ll regret it. I know you, Bar. You’re not going to feel right doing this.” You opened your mouth to stop him, but he cut you off.

“Y/N, you’ll finally be able to meet my mom,” he looked at you with his sad green eyes, “she’d love you.” Your heart broke slightly at his yearning for his parents. You too wanted so badly to meet his mom. Barry’s dad was the kindest person you’ve met, and you knew that his mom would be the same, if not better. But you knew of the consequences and you also knew that Barry would come to regret this decision. 

Barry gave you one last loving look before running away, the lightening and wind the only indications that he was even there. He had gone to change the timeline.

Barry Allen, what have you done?

*in Flashpoint*

“Mom! I’ve missed you.” Barry hugged his mom as if he hadn’t seen her in years, which to him, he hadn’t. 

“Woah, Bar, calm down. You only came back from work,” she laughed but hugged him all the same.

“What’s going on here?” Henry asked as he walked in the room with a newspaper tucked under his arm. Tears welled up in Barry’s eyes, so happy that he finally had both of his parents here in the same room with him. Nora shrugged before going back to finishing her coffee. 

Barry smiled at his dad before smuggling him with a bear hug as well. “Nothing, I’m just so happy to see you guys,” he said.

“Alright, son, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but your friend Cisco called, asking for you.”

“Oh, really?” Barry was going to call you but maybe you were already at S.T.A.R. Labs, so after saying a quick ‘goodbye’ to his parents, he ran over to the lab, excited to see everyone. But most importantly, you.

As he walked in everything seemed the same. Caitlin and Cisco were at the computers and Harry was chilling in the corner with a coffee in hand. But he realized that you were gone. Maybe you were in the bathroom.

“Hey, guys!” Barry greeted with his famous smile.

Caitlin said a ‘hi’ in return, and Cisco turned around in his chair to look at Barry with suspicion.

“Hi…why’re you so happy today?” Cisco questioned with his eyes squinted.

Barry shrugged. “What? I can’t be happy today?”

Cisco turned back around in his chair and pretended to be nonchalant. “No, no, it’s good. It’s all good…”

Barry glared at him before asking the question that has been on his mind since he walked in.

“Hey, where’s Y/N? Is she out?” Barry asked the group. 

Caitlin looked up from her computer. “Y/N? Why do you need her?” she asked in confusion. Barry laughed. “That’s funny, Caitlin. Do you know where I can find her?”

“I’m pretty sure she’d be where she always is,” Harry piped from the corner, interested in a contraption that he’d been working on. 

“Which is…” Barry trailed off, pretending to know where you’d be, but in reality, he had no idea.

Cisco finished your sentence with the same confusion laced in his voice as Caitlin did. “…in Star City with Oliver. Barry, you are one weird speedster today. Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked, laughing a bit to himself.

Star City? Why would Y/N be in Star City? 

Questions floated around in Barry’s head but he pushed them away. It doesn’t matter why you’re in Star City, as long as he gets to celebrate his new family with you. 

“Great! I’ll be right back, guys!” Barry announced, getting ready to speed to Star City, where Team Arrow was located, to get you.

“Uh, where are you…going?” Cisco started but didn’t have the chance to finish his sentence as Barry had already disappeared. He looked at Caitlin for answers but she just shrugged and went back to her work.

Barry entered Team Arrow’s secret hideout while in his Flash suit. The green lights illuminated the place, leaving the middle a bright white. It was quiet, and he could hear the clacking of Felicity’s keyboard and the sound of her voice as she spoke to someone. It seemed like she was talking into the earpiece that Oliver’s team uses when they go on missions. As Barry rounded the corner, there was no one there except for the blonde genius. 

“Felicity?” Barry called.

Suddenly, she shrieked and flew out of her chair. Barry’s eyes went wide as he went to help her. 

Felicity slapped Barry on the arm before talking back into her earpiece. 

“Yeah, it’s nothing,” she started as she glared at the speedster, “It’s just Barry.” A pause. “Don’t worry, I’ll ask him why he’s here, Oliver. You just finish the job and get back.” Felicity then pulled out her black earpiece and slapped his other arm. 

“Ow!” Barry exclaimed, rubbing both arms in soreness.

“That’s for scaring me! Barry Allen, you know better than to do that to me,” she scolded. She situated herself back into the leather chair before looking up at the unexpected visitor. 

“So, why are you here, Barry? Do you need Oliver’s help?” Felicity asked.

“Actually,” he started, “I was looking for Y/N. Is she here? Cisco told me she was in Star City.”

Felicity looked as confused as Cisco and Caitlin did. “Yeah…Y/N’s here. Why?” 

Now it was Barry’s turn to seem confused. More frustrated than confused. “Why is everyone asking me that? What’s wrong with wondering where my gir-” He didn’t get to finish his sentence because he heard a voice behind him. A voice that he’d missed even though it’s been only hours.

“Barry? What are you doing here?” you called out. You smiled at him and went to give him a hug. His face changed into one of happiness as he wrapped his arms around your waist. He missed your body against his.

As you went to pull back, Barry took your head in his hands and pressed his lips against yours with passion. This is what he wanted. Both of his parents alive and his girlfriend right beside him. But something was off.

Your eyes went wide as you felt foreign lips against yours. You didn’t know what to do. Shock took over your body and you froze. Felicity stared in surprise as well, unable to form any words. You were about to push him away when a voice cut through the silence. An angry voice.

“What the hell is going on here?!” 

That pulled Barry away from you to look at the speaker of the voice. Team Arrow had come back from their mission. Oliver, Diggle, and Theia all watched as Roy stalked up to Barry. A moment passed before Roy’s fist came flying towards Barry’s face. Fast.

Barry stumbled backwards and knocked against the table, his right hand holding his hand to his cheek. Your eyes got wider. Roy took a step towards Barry but you held his arm back. He looked at you with anger, than concern. Roy held your head in his hands, his eyes roaming your face for any injures.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, yeah,” you whispered, “it was nothing. It was just an accident.”

But then Barry got up. “What the hell was that for?!” he yelled.

“Barry,” you warned.

Roy scoffed, his douche stance taking over. “It was because you kissed my girlfriend, you ass.”

Suddenly, Barry’s heart stopped cold. He looked over to you, slowly feeling his perfect life break. 

“You’re..his girlfriend?” he asked quietly.

You scrunched your eyebrows. “Yes, Barry, for the past two years. You knew this too. What’s gotten into you?”

Barry looked around at the commotion that he’d started. Everyone was staring at him like he had spoken a different language. 

“I need to go,” Barry said. Again, he sped off without a response.

You were Roy’s girlfriend. Not his. Tears pricked his eyes. But…you love Barry. Barry loves you. A sob escaped Barry’s mouth as he forced himself to run faster until his legs burned. You weren’t his anymore. He had all of this love to give you, and you were loving another person.

Then, his perfect life shattered.

Part Two

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*the toon whimpers wanting to be beside Mute, he argues with the nurse* Mute is my friend! A-and he's hurt, I can't just leave him by himself...! I don't want you guys to keep shooting him with medicine too, it's not good for his body! Mun says that he does need calm but he should have someone who can calm him down and he feels comfortable with just in case! He needs a peaceful setting, my mun is a doctor too!

“I know you’re worried, but please; I can handle this.”

“We’re providing a peaceful setting by completely restricting visitors. We need to do this.”

What I want to see in the next Animal Crossing!

        Okay, so ever since the talk of the switch I have been ever so hopeful of an Animal Crossing title for it, and not just a crappy spinoff, either. Especially after the release of the switch I feel like this is something very likely to happen, given the villager icons you can choose from on the switch profiles and other hints. Anyways, here are what I feel like would be some entertaining additions to the next Animal Crossing title. This is a looooong list so pls bear with me.

  • Way way WAYYYYYY more slots to hold patterns like in HHD, like I am so amazed HHD was the first AC title to have this.
  • The ability to place PWPs wherever they will fit, also like the placement used in HHD.
  • Get a notification from Isabelle when you start the game that informs you of a new villager wanting to move in, you can then choose the location of their house so it doesn’t interfere with paths or anything.
  • I think it would be really cool to be able to edit the layout of our town as an alternate option to filtering through random ones. Similar to the acnl editor, but in the initial startup of the game. Choosing where streams, ponds, beaches, buildings, etc. are instead of having to settle on one.
  • Be able to choose your native fruit.
  • Similar to HHD, you can unlock special items from encountering certain villagers and they can be placed in your catalogue. Like how some have the sloppy series, etc.
  • A bigger campsite, like the RV one that was introduced in Welcome Amiibo, but has tents as well as more RVs that are not just specials. Like, have 2 RVs there that rotate everyday, one being a special character and the other just a normal villager, and of course spaces available for use with amiibo cards.
  • MORE THAN 1 PWP A DAY. I get SO MAD having to time travel just because I want more than one streetlight in my town.
  • Also, NO MORE RANDOM PWPS!!!!!! I played for YEARS with only a couple of suggestions from my villagers, I never was even suggested the police station!!!!!!! If we have to unlock them based on time played or town status or pay bells to unlock them, sure, that’s cool, BUT NO MORE RELYING ON SUGGESTIONS!!!!
  • Shops have way more items available to purchase, and on top of a bigger in-store selection, I think it would be cool to have kind of like a revolving catalogue where you can order things (like maybe have whole series in there or something) that also changes everyday along with the store’s inventory.
  • LARGER MAIN STREET!!!! I thought the town in HHD was a really good size for a main street for the next AC title. Also, the ability to choose the exteriors of the buildings on main street like in HHD.
  • More specialization of the shops on main street. Like, instead of just having the typical ones we have had for AGES maybe introduce some new ones, like a pet store (more on this later) or a restaurant like what there is to choose from in HHD
  • Possibly link your HHD catalogue with the new AC title? That way you have items unlocked and it gives you a little head start on items you can choose from.
  • BE ABLE TO DESIGN PANTS!!!!! Maybe there is a reason this isn’t a thing yet that I am completely ignorant about, but I WANT TO DESIGN SOME DAMN PANTS!!!! There are hardly any to choose from in the game so I am blown away that this hasn’t become a feature yet in all of the AC titles. Also, being able to design shoes and socks would be cool, too. But if anything, pls just let us design some pants.
  • Ability to have pets!!! So we can have some uninvited cockroaches roaming around but lord forbid I have a cute lil kitten or puppy??? You have no idea how much I loved the little hamster cage, but it can only do so much. I think it would be neat to get rid of the cockroaches and be able to purchase animals from a pet store on main street that can roam around in one (or all) room(s) and if you leave the game unattended for a length of time, you would come back to PEE in your FLOOR and you would have to clean it instead of stomping on cockroaches.
  • Either pick from different sets or create your own set of beginning villagers with amiibo cards for when you start up a new town. More often than not, my villagers starting out are all uggos.
  • Be able to automatically access your bank account without having to go to an ABD. Like maybe we have a device similar to our TPC that acts kinda like a smartphone or something and we have an “app” for our bank that we can use.
  • This device could also let us talk to villagers like the HHD phone or order items or talk to other players online if we have their FCs.
  • Be able to choose the town hall and train station exteriors during the startup of the game instead of having to wait and get a perfect town rating in order to do so.
  • MORE CUTE FURNITURE SETS!!! Idk about you but I loved the sloppy series and alpine series and I wish there were more cute pale series to choose from, like maybe have a whole pastel series that goes with the pastel table introduced in HHD.
  • More expensive home expansions, but they also expand faster. This doesn’t have to be the replacement for the current situation, but just to have as an option I think would be cool.
  • Be able to design furniture with Cyrus not just remodel it. Like we could start with a base item, but redesign it using something similar to what we use to design clothes and patterns. AND we could create QR codes for these like we would be able to for outfits and stuff.
  • A “global store” where people could post items they don’t want anymore kind of like an online flea market that we could access by either going to Re-Tail or on the TPC device. People could also sell their designed items on here if they didn’t want to do QR codes.
  • Train Station allows you to travel to ANY town with gates open and accepting random visitors. Kind of like how club tortimer pairs you up with random people on the island, you could go to a random town. No FCs necessary and it would be a fun way to make more friends to play with in the future!
  • Also, with having people visit your town, you should be able to select the level of access they have to it. You should have a little menu while there are people visiting that shows  who all is in the town and also what level of access they have. This can be adjusted at any time and there would be about 3 levels:
    • Restricted: Can only WALK around and talk to villagers and observe the items in your town. (how each visitor would start out)
    • Intermediate: Can buy, pick up, do anything in your town, but a notification will pop up on your screen anytime they want to do something and you will have to approve their action.
    • Unrestricted: Can do anything (like how it is now) without needing approval.
  • When having visitors in your town, you can also see them on your town map in real time like you see yourself. Instead of little people icons, though, they should be like numbers based on who got there first, #1, and so on. I feel like they would make it easier to tell who is who. But who even knows if we will have a map like the one we’re used to with the switch. I feel like the Wii-U might have been better in the whole dual screen aspect of the game.
  • We can also choose to see villagers on the map in real time.
  • Have other parts of town that we can access. Like maybe there is a little hill that leads up to the neighborhood where all the “special” characters live and stuff like that.
  • Ability to work at more shops than just the cafe. Have the jobs be more like mini games though.
  • Ability to demolish or move home without destroying your town.
  • When selecting “give me something” from an amiibo villager, their catalogue should pop up so you can choose what item you want.
  • MORE SANRIO ITEMS!!!!!!! The sanrio sets are so dang cute I love them!!!! Either collab with sanrio some more or make some more items that going along with the cutesy themes they have! Or maybe some san-x related items, like bring in rilakkuma etc.
  • A music shop!!! I think KK should have his own little record store where he performs during the day and it closes at night when he goes to the club B)
  • Able Sisters have a section in their shop for QR codes from all over the world via internet. If not connected, then it could just be empty or maybe you could only access it by talking to mabel or sabel or smth.
  • A Hotel!! This could be where people who are visiting your dream address start out, they could go to sleep there too and start a new day or something.
  • Possibly upload your HHD buildings to your town to replace the ones on main street.
  • This whole “smartphone”/TPC replacement thing:
    • Cell phone: call and talk to your own villagers and amiibo villagers
    • Email?: maybe. Could replace mailbox for letters only, not deliveries.
    • Initiatives can still be viewed on this
    • Timmy and Tommy “online” catalogue
    • Online Flea Market from players all over.
    • Bank Account: can access everything you’d be able to at an ABD
    • Music: could change background music to a KK song if one so chose
  • Can contract out Leif for a sum of bells to landscape your town. Select from some different colors, themes, flowers, if you are not very talented in the ways of landscaping.
  • Can get paths from Nook’s homes! It would be cool if Nintendo made some paths that actually matched up with the grass and stuff that you could purchase from Nook.
  • Where multiple face items like glasses, bandages, binkie so long as they don’t interfere with each others’ placements.
  • Be able to wear accessories over “makeup” I think our miis would look really cute with some of the accessories in the game!
  • Be able to hold more than one mii mask at a time.
  • Be able to start the game by choosing the villager’s appearance like in HHD, no more random appearances based on weird questions
  • Instead of just a couple exterior house choices, there should be more in a catalogue at Nook’s, but some are only available after you have upgraded your house x amount of times.
  • Furniture collections with more items. Rooms that are upgraded are really big and it kinda sucks when some series only have like 10 items in them.
  • Be able to see what an item is while it’s in our pockets!!!! I hate having to go home and display it in my home to see what it is and whether or not I want to keep it.
  • ALPACA VILLAGERS!!!!!!! So many of the special characters are so cute I wish we could have regular villagers that are that cute who are able to move into our town. Also walruses like wendell would be really cute.
  • Ability to access the time from within the game, maybe with like a special clock or something similar to the way we can have a fortunes told to us through the lovely phone, but only that phone.
  • Access to our storage room and regular inventory when we are in the “room editing” mode. It would save so much time if we didn’t have to exit out of it every time we needed a new item.
  • More villagers in the town!!! Like maybe 14 or 15
  • Kick out unwanted villagers at the town hall and accept requests of certain ones wanting to move in. Like see which villager it is and either accept them and pick a spot for their house or deny them.
  • Able to change camera angle for more diverse screenshots like HHD
  • A town hall with a room that is able to be reserved for events that you can set up, like harvest festival dinners, toy day party, bday parties, etc. And with these events all the villagers have to show up. You can also decorate the room with items from your catalogue or choose from different pre-made themes.

So as you can see this list is long as heck. Feel free to add to it and let me know what you think,  I always love seeing ideas and talking about Animal Crossing with people!!!!!!!!!!

These are the questions that the finale left unanswered

1. Why was cece helping Ali and knew that she was alive for basically the whole time we knew cece, but then said that she didn’t know that Ali was alive until the lodge fire?

2. Why was Alison at the lodge? Was she just stalking the girls?

3. How did Alison not even see cece while she was A?

4. Who was Mona talking to on the phone at the lodge?

5. What was the significance of the NW lighter?

6. Who was Nigel wright talking to when we see Jenna’s sunglasses and cane with him?

7. Who were the bitches that Melissa was talking about with Jenna and Shana?

8. How do cece and Sara know each other?

9. Did cece kidnap her? Did Sara go willingly?

10. If cece was in Radley when Sara was supposed to be in the doll house, where was Sara really?

11. Was Sara the red coat that that was living under the dilaurentis house?

12. Why is Sara willingly to help cece in the first place?

13. How are cece and Bethany’s ages off in the flashback where Marion is pushed?

14. Bethany should be 6 years younger than cece so why are they the same age?

15. How could wilden fake the police report when he would of been a child when Marion was pushed according to the flashbacks?

16. What really happened to Bethany?

17. Why did Bethany have on Ali’s bracelet?

18. Why did Bethany hate Ali and mrs. D according to her radley tapes?

19. Who is Bethany’s father?

20. Why was Bethany in rosewood the night that Ali went missing?

21. How did no one see cece when she was in rosewood?

22. Who was Mrs. D on the phone with the night Ali went missing?

23. Why did Mona hit Bethany and leave her laying there?

24. Mona really never looked at her face?

25. If Melissa found Bethany laying there shouldn’t she have heard Mona hit her?

26. Why did cece tell Emily she talked to Melissa the night Ali went missing about the NAT videos, but then said that she never saw anyone that night?

27. How did cece have an apartment in rosewood, and a roommate in philly, but she was seemingly always living at radley?

28. Why do mental patients have roof access?

29. Why did cece need a visitors pass if she was currently a patient there?

30. Wren obviously knew who cece was so what is his connection to everything?

31. How did none of the girls ever see cece at Radley with the times the broke in and snuck around?

32. How can Mona not remember cece being in Radley when she said she wasn’t taking her medication?

33. Who was she passing her medication too?

34. Why did cece steal “Alison’s” body?

35. Why did she drug Emily and bring her to the graveyard?

36. Alison’s body was stolen before the lodge fire so why did cece need it if she thought that Alison was dead until the fire?

37. Why was page 5 ever relevant?

38. How did Jenna know that Ali was alive?

39. Who set fire to Jason’s house with Jenna in? And why?

40. Was Jenna really just a victim? Seems unlikely

41. Why did wilden kill garret?

42. Why did he wanna push aria off the train if he was working alone as Marlene said?

43. Who was helping wilden on the train?

44. How was wilden working alone, but was getting messages from A?

45. Was cece on the Halloween train?

46. She had to be if the body was found on the train, right?

47. Toby was working with cece and really never knew?

48. Why would cece send Toby to find out about his mother when it could jeopardize her identity?

49. Why was cece still at Radley if the files said that she committed suicide at 16?

50. Why would Jessica let Jason date his own sister?

51. Ceces dad really didn’t recognize her?

52. How could cece transition when she was in Radley?

53. When did she have time to have surgery and take hormones?

54. Where did the money come from? Cause I am not buying the stock market

55. Why would a mental patient be allowed to take classes unsupervised?

56. How did cece date Eric khan and allegedly have sex with him if she was in the process of transitioning?

57. How was cece prom queen?

58. Why did she wear a suit to prom after she transitioned?

59. How did cece know everyone from rosewood high when she never went there?

60. Why didn’t she stop Ezra from researching who A was?

61. Why was Ezra paying cece?

62. Who was cece talking to when you see her standing in A lair with the redcoat?

63. Who is varjak?

64. Who attacked Cyrus and why?

65. What did Andrew have to do with anything?

66. Why was he listening to Veronica’s phone calls?

67. Why did cece send Ali a video of her burying their mom?

68. Who killed mrs d?

69. Why bury her in the Hastings yard?

70. What are Noel’s secrets?

71. What did maya know!?

72. Why didn’t the police realize that cece wasn’t who she said she was when they arrested her for Wildens murder?

73. How was cece in New York and rosewood when mrs d was buried?

74. How did cece break up with Jason the day after Ali went missing if she was back in Radley?

75. What did cece have to do with the NAT club?

76. Why did imply that she wasn’t working alone even boeuf ore she went to Radley?

77. Why didn’t Mona kill Alison when they were at the lost woods if she thought that she had already killed her anyway?

78. Who killed maya?

79. Why did cece have Maya’s bag?

80. Why did Ian commit suicide?

81. Why did Mona frame it as an A murder?

82. Why would wilden party and vacation with a mental patient?

83. Wasn’t it implied that cece and wilden dated and he pulled a gun on Alison?

84. Ali said that cece killed wilden to help her? With what?

85. Why would cece turn herself in for murder?

86. Why frame Alison for Mona’s death?

87. Why were we told to call black veil, black widow when it turned out to be ole shower Harvey?

88. Why did every single clue point to wren?

89. Why was wren coloring the red coat picture?

90. Why did cece have the same chair from Ezra’s cabin in her lair?

91. Why did the cabin have a painting that matched wrens drawing?

92. Who was the random guy that knew Emily’s name?

93. Was Ali writing to Bethany?

94. Why was shower Harvey red coat and black widow?

95. Why did Ali choose aria?

96. What was ceces real motive?

97. Where do wrens loyalties lie?

98. Why don’t we know anything about wrens past?

99. What did Lucas have to do with everything?

100. What was Sydney’s purpose?

101. Who were Jenna and Mona meeting?

102. Where did pastor Ted get all that money?

These are what I have come up with so far and I am sure there are many more that need to be answered. It’s sad that all this is left after the summer of answers!

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Could we get something from Leo's POV in your PC 'verse from back when he used to work two jobs? Could it have fluff in it?

A/N: self-indulgent pc leo fluff coming right up !

Leo was really lucky to have his job—they usually didn’t hire anyone his age, but since he was legally emancipated, and a college student, and passed their self-defense assessment with flying colors, they made an exception.

His immediate supervisor was ex-Navy, built like a tank and as solid as a brick wall, and he was one of the kindest men Leo had ever met. He was born in the states, but most of his family still lived overseas, and he had pictures of all his nieces and nephews in his wallet.

He thought sensei really would have liked him.

“What kinda training do you have, anyway?” Usagi asked, still laughing, while a red-faced Leo bowed over the report he was scribbling out and did his best not to make eye-contact. “I have never seen someone use a broom like that before—like it was a sword.”

“Well, he—he startled me,” Leo said defensively. “He was drunk, and upsetting the patrons, I didn’t expect him to—”

Always expect them to,” the man said, smile fading just a little into something more serious. “I don’t want to have to make the call to your parents the day you end up in the hospital when some mook with a pocket knife gets the better of you because you didn’t expect him to. That’s what those two weeks of training were for, Leonardo.”

Leo felt himself go a little stiff, heart aching at the accidental jab, but he squared his shoulders and nodded. “You’re right, I’m sorry, sir. It won’t happen again.”

He didn’t see it when Usagi’s eyes softened, and whatever the man started to say was interrupted by the receptionist on the phone intercom.

Hey boys, are you free?”

“Sure, Ame, the kid and I are on break. Gen has the floor. What do you need?”

Leo’s got some visitors.”

Leo’s head snapped up at that, and he stood from the desk, report forgotten. “How many of them?”

Only two,” Ame said with a knowing lilt to her voice. Leo could picture her smiling into the phone. “They’re on their way back already, I just thought I’d give you the heads up.”

“Thanks for the warning.”

You’re welcome, sweetie. And if I don’t see you before I leave, Merry Christmas!”

The door rattled open about two seconds after the line disconnected, and then Leo had an armful of little brother.

“Hi, Leo!”

“Hi, Mikey.” He couldn’t help but smile, even as he added, “You know you’re not supposed to come see me at work. What if I was busy?”

“You weren’t though,” came the unrepentant reply. “And besides, it’s Christmas Eve—I brought you cookies!”

“Sorry, Leo,” Donnie said from the door, not sounding very sorry at all. “He bribed me.”

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The Hospital Is A Popular Place To Be

Bella woke up with a start, looking around her confusedly, her heart pounding fast.

What. The. Hell.

The last thing she remembered was serving detention with Amos down in the dungeons and getting into yet another argument with him about Cissy and Rodolphus. This particular one had irked her more than usual, given that she and Rodolphus had become officially engaged just a short time beforehand. Not that Amos knew that. Not thatanyone knew that…she hadn’t spoken of it yet.

With a groan, she put her hand to her head, which was pounding heavily, and tried to swallow around a very dry patch in her throat.

Beyond mops and water and the fight, the rest of the night was a blur. She certainly didn’t know how she had wound up in the hospital wing. Closing her eyes, she thought hard, trying to piece together whatever chain of events had brought her her. Did Diggory hex me from behind? It seemed unlikely. Unless he wanted to die once she got out, of course.

Bella let out a groan and Madame Pomfrey showed up immediately, tutting and tsking and fussing over her, as she tried to swat her arms away. “Leave me alone, you insufferable hag!” she yelled, at which Madame Pomfrey drew back and gave her a shocked look before bustling away again.

Sighing, she threw her legs over the edge of the bed and immediately felt woozy and had to lay back down with a thump. Madame Pomfrey reappeared instantly, and Bella gave up the fight and let her do her work.

“Why am I here? And how long have I been here?” she asked, her tone more weary than anything else.

“Well, I’m not sure, dear. That Diggory boy delivered you here the night before last. Said you’d fainted or somesuch. But not to worry, it’s really just exhaustion. Now that you’ve woken up, you’ll be able to leave soon enough.Though you’re in good company…there’s a Ted Tonks here right now, as well. And Lily Evans just left not long ago. I’m not sure what you lot are doing nowadays that winds you up in the hospital wing so often, but you should really be more careful.”

The nurse gave her a surprisingly kind smile before leaving her again, drawing the white curtains around her bed. Bella leaned her head back against the pillows and bit her lip. What a mess….

You wanna know what really stuck with me from Hunt the Truth? 

The one thing that immediately comes to mind when I think about HTT in any way?

ONI and their stupid office chairs.

Out of two seasons of material.


Why are they all so short?? Why do the conference room chairs sink immediately?? Do the ONI bigwigs sit in the sinking chairs?? Do they have legitimate meetings where they’re all sitting eye-level with the table because the chairs all sink?? How many visitors do they get that the chairs really need to be intimidating?? I DON’T UNDERSTAND

latvico-fan-01 has been noticed •

It is quite serene to watch the sunset while on top of the cliff with only the rustling sounds of branches and bushes heard from behind. Viral rarely gets this moment as far as he could remember. Well, he’s alone so he could stay there as long as he want without any distractions.

Or so he hoped. Behind him came a stranger. Or a visitor? Who knows?

“Do you need something? Better speak first rather than just standing there behind me.”

missmeggo929  asked:

Darcy/Clint accidental pet acquisition

is someone missing her visitors? Do you need to visit my dog?

Darcy wakes up to something—oh god, she doesn’t know what  would be worse, a something or a someone — licking her goddamn face. “Oh fuck Clint if that’s you, we have a problem because you forgot manners.”

There is too much fur nestling in her face for it to be Clint. She opens her eyes and there is little doubt that it is a something whining at her to come and play. That is a dog. A dirty, scruffy mutt  — some mix of golden retriever and lab – mucking around for a crumpled up ball of newspaper and depositing it on the bed.


“I found him,”  Clint responds carefully, as if he did not find the dog at all. What was Clint up to last night that he ended up with a dog, “No tags, I’m keeping him, his name is Lucky.”

“It’s your apartment for him to chew up.” Darcy pets Lucky’s coat and the dog dives in closer for more cuddles, and okay, Darcy can see the appeal. “I’m taking him to a groomer, though.”

Made of Fire and Ash || Dragon Darcy || Open RP

Standing just off the beach, hidden by leaves and trees, Darcy watched for a moment before stepping out of the trees.  "Hello?“ she asked quietly, not wanting to spook the person who had just walked down her beach.  "Do you need help?  We don’t normally get visitors here.”