but divorce is still cool right

Fuck my employee

I’m an assistant manager of a very popular optical chain in Arizona. I have this employee (20f) who does not understand that my manager and I will only help her if she is a good employee. I transferred to this new location in October2016 and so far she has called out more time than anyone I’ve ever worked with. She has multiple excuses car, child, herself and every time she calls out, she’s always on Facebook posting about her day which usually isn’t bad. She recently got a new boyfriend even though she’s legally still married who (I’m guessing) is the reason she’s calling out Every Friday.

Anyway the actual story. About 2 months ago, she asked to transfer to a location that was closer to her because she was getting a divorce from her (STILL soon to be) husband. That’s fine right? Yeah totally. my manager and I talk to our district manager, find her a location, and plan everything. Suddenly she says she doesn’t want to go. Okay, cool. So we cancel and apologize to our DM. Fast forward a week ago, she tells me that she’s been talking to the DM for a few weeks and she’s going to be transferring in 2 weeks. Ok. 2 problems. 1) I called my manager and she hadn’t heard anything about it. So she went above our heads without permission. 2) i called my DM and she said they had only talked about it today not a few weeks ago.

OKAY! So she gives her 2 weeks notice required to move, but everyday this week she has been late or has called out and not doing her job very well. (Even though she wasn’t that good to begin with). Aside from that she is making huge mistakes with insurance companies, cussing in front of patients, being on her phone while talking to patients directly in front of her, leaving early without our permission, and having personal conversations filled with sex in front of patients. Overall she’s a terrible employee who thinks we will help her after making us deal with a fully booked schedule by ourselves which is near impossible. I can’t wait for next Saturday when she leaves and gets a big slap in the face that the manager at that store has a 0 tolerance level for anything unprofessional.

Second Chances - Jeff x Reader: Chapter 15

Summary: Reader and Jeff work a project and become fast friends. The project ends and they go their separate ways, neither forgetting the other. With Hollywood being a small community, you two bump into one another either at events or projects, but there is always something keeping you apart. Will the obstacles ever end?
Chapter 15 Summary: Reader is back in Philly and gets some news and an offer

Warnings: language (as usual), fluuufffff
A/N: I have a few ideas to continue this, but it’s still developing. Please leave comments or let me know if you want to be tagged, etc
Word count: 1950(ish)
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     It was only four months. You knew you could make it. If you just could get through each work week, it would be okay. You hadn’t been able to get back to LA this go around and Jeff had been busy, too. You were thinking you might have to go the whole shoot without seeing him. You talked on the phone a lot, at least once a day, but it wasn’t the same as looking next to you and seeing him with your own two eyes. Being with Jeff was bliss. Being away was torture. Thank God for work.

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KYLE: Wow, I’m sorry that I give a shit!
KYLE: I’m sorry I take time out of my life to care about someone other than myself!
KYLE: I don’t know why I bother trying to help, because this is what I get.
KYLE: This is what I always get, because nobody fucking listens to me!

KYLE: So, y'know what, fine! You can stay in your goddamn pity hovel while everyone out there is worried sick about you!
KYLE: Keep shutting everyone out, see if I care!
KYLE: I am so DONE with getting cut out like this! If you don’t want me to help you, tell me!
KYLE: I just. I don’t get why you have to be so selfish, Stan!!

CRAIG: This isn’t about me, is it.
KYLE: No, it…
KYLE: [quiet crying]
CRAIG: Oh, damn it.
CRAIG: Don’t. Don’t do that.
CRAIG: Stop. Please.
KYLE: Look, I’m sorry.
KYLE: I didn’t mean to direct that at you.

CRAIG: You have to understand. Why I left, why I’m not going back.
CRAIG: I know you get it.
CRAIG: And it’s better on them that I’m not around.
KYLE: Craig, is this about your parents?
KYLE: Because, they got divorced. Everything is fine.
CRAIG: What?
KYLE: Yeah. Your dad moved out two weeks ago.
KYLE: There’s a restraining order and everything.
KYLE: It’s just been your mom and Ruby since then.

CRAIG: Well what the fuck are we still doing here.
CRAIG: Come on. I’ll grab my shit and we can leave.
KYLE: What? I thought you weren’t going back?
CRAIG: This is different. Let’s go.
CRAIG: They’ll do another college tour right?
KYLE: Um, probably? Within the school year, I’m assu-
CRAIG: Cool, great, get your ass in the car.
CRAIG: We don’t have all day.


so Athelstan was only 15 when Ragnar took him from England, and he took care of Bjorn and Gyda when R & L left to go raiding, and that makes him the nanny, right? 

so essentially what you’re telling me is that Athelstan was Ragnar’s mid-life ‘asshole rich playboy falls for teenage nanny, divorces wife and makes kids cringe’ crisis. but, whoops Athelstan ain’t even a gold digger?? it turned out to be true love?? and in the end Lagertha wasn’t that pissed?? and even Bjorn loved his new step mum Athelstan?? 

but the showrunners are still all ‘people calm down they just bros lol y u gotta make em gay’

just so we’re clear about what’s happening here. cool.

The one little verbal exchange that made me realize how tragic a figure Courtney Love was:

Howard Stern; “So if Kurt was still alive: Where do you think you two would be right now?

Courtney: “Oh, divorced. Probably .He’d have been married to a supermodel, by now. Maybe with twins.. But I’d be cool with it.  I’d be fine.”

Why Courtney is a sad figure: She was denied the chance to fall out of love with someone. Now she’s stuck with the eternal,constant unknown.

That’s why she’s a wreck 

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I think out of a well-earned (by him) animus to GR you aren't thinking about this logically. That would mean any musician who chose to tour after they were "set" & had kids is a bad parent. Kelly & Brandon are "set" yet he still travels & doesn't his kids w/his first wife as often. Many, many other examples. The boys have two father/father-figure types, like many children of divorced, and that's cool. It doesn't have to be a replacement.

In my defense, I’ve never said Blake was a replacement, in fact, I expressed hope that after this tour he would be around more for the boys. Let’s be realistic here, GR is not a successful artist right now where tons of fans are clamoring for a tour from him. I get that he is a performer for a reason, it’s in his blood and he enjoys it but he is also putting it above his kids and he always has, he has always put himself first. Also, it was the Anon (not sure if it was you) who used the example of working parents, not a touring musician, that I had based my answer around


Just wanted to add that it seems like GR is never in a rush to get the kids back when he returns from tour, either. There have been times when he’s returned to LA and appears to be taking a day or two to decompress before he picks them up. That’s not unreasonable, but he was the one who claimed they would be with him 50% of the time, and he seems to have them less often than that. – M

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Weary With Right Angles 'verse, wedding (this got me through finals last year thank you soooo much for being awesome/writing/existing)


Clarke’s never been sure about weddings.

She gets marriage: you love someone, you’re planning to have some kind of family with them, you want to benefit from their better health insurance or get tax breaks or whatever. It’s never been something she’s connected with like she thinks she was supposed to be; she never fantasized about being a bride, about her dress or her ceremony or any of that. It just didn’t appeal to her that much.

Which doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to get married, of course. She adores Bellamy, and she’s going to spend the rest of her life with him. Marriage is just logical.

But she still kind of panics at the ring.

“Uh,” he says.

Honestly, physically recoiling was–not ideal, but she recovers enough to cup his face and kiss him. He hasn’t even asked the question yet, but the kiss makes him smile.

“I’m getting some mixed signals here,” he murmurs. “Too soon?”

Clarke graduated last week, and she’ll admit she never pictured herself as one of those people who settled down right out of college, but it seems like a moot point, given she’d been settled down before she even left college. She’s so settled sometimes that it still freaks her out, that taking a step back and looking at her life is almost staggering. It’s not like she’s happy all the time, but happiness is a default state in a way she never quite imagined it could be.

“Not too soon,” she says. “I just–child of divorce, you know?”

“I know.” He kisses her again. “Do you not want to get married? This can just be a cool ring you wear on a different finger.”

“Bellamy,” she says, smiling. “Of course I want to marry you. Did you have a proposal speech? I bet you prepared something. I want to hear it.”

“It’s nothing you don’t know.”

She nudges his jaw. “Please?”

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Girl Meets Upstate Recap
  • Maya: hey future dad
  • Shawn: wait what
  • Maya: nothing
  • ~meanwhile~
  • Lucas: wow I'm a huge fan I really admire your work
  • Katy: aw thanks
  • Topanga: what about me tho
  • Lucas: *swerves for 5 hours*
  • ~meanwhile~
  • Riley: fix Maya
  • Shawn: how is she even broke??
  • Riley: it certainly was not I
  • ~meanwhile~
  • Topanga: yooouu love shawwwn
  • Katy: do not
  • Everyone: yes u do
  • Katy: shit u right :')
  • ~meanwhile~
  • Shawn: thx for ruining me bro
  • Cory: it certainly was not I
  • Shawn: it's cool we still married
  • ~meanwhile~
  • Maya: thx for ruining me bro
  • Riley: but art???
  • Art teacher: pls leave me alone
  • ~and theeennn~
  • Lucas: hey I picked someone!!!
  • Maya: hold that thought babe gotta go find myself
  • Lucas: ?!?!?!?
  • Riley: :D
  • ~and thheeeeennnnnnn~
  • Shawn: Cory I'm divorcing you so that I can marry Katy
  • Katy: shit okay!!!
  • Maya: hey dad :')
  • Everyone: :')

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Hi! Is supporting homosexuality a sin? Im a Catholic and straight and i support gay people and i really wanted to know if supporting it is considered a sin? Thank you and i love your blog!

Oh my God! I’ve always wanted to be able to help someone like this. I can’t believe you chose me to help you understand it. Thank you for this opportunity!

I come from a religious background myself, Anon, so I understand. I had this idea that not being straight was something wrong and shameful, and that’s why it took me a while to be ok with shipping or being bi.

I won’t lie to you. Christian religions say it’s wrong, but bear with me, because the reason for that is so old and stupid you laugh about it.

Remember the Roman Empire? Well, Jews (and Christ) were against it, because well… they were an Empire. They were awful to people, you know? Human rights wasn’t exactly a thing back then.

And the Romans were also ok with men being with other men. Like, really ok. So when that separation happened and people had to stand up against them, they ended up being taught that anything the Romans did was wrong, and homosexuality got stuck in the middle of the insanity.

So fast-forward to when the bible was put together officially at the Council of Nicaea, around 300 AD. They had to choose what to include and what to exclude, they had to come up with the whole concept of Christian religions, to unify different nations that believed in many Gods.

One of the things that they kept, because it was important to them at the time, was the idea that a lot of things that could “destroy families” was a sin (like sex before marriage, homosexuality, divorce). 

But they left only a couple mentions about those things and it’s even debatable, because one is in the Old Testament, and that was before Christ, when a lot of crazy shit was also a sin (like touching a woman during her period, for example!).

The ones in the New Testament were all written by Apostle Paul. He was a troubled man, who was incredibly severe about anything and everything Roman. He condemned their customs a lot, and you can see in his writing that it’s more about his opinions on the matter (and think about how old that is) than about it being wrong on principle:

1 Corinthians 6:9-10, “Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10 nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God.”

Romans 1:26-28, “For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error. And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper.”

Romans 1:32, “…and, although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.”

He had this whole idea that homosexuality would destroy families and all that, but that was 2000 years ago. And Paul also thought divorce was a sin, for the same reason. So his problem wasn’t with homosexuality, but with the idea that sex could mean more than reproduction and that marriages might not last forever.

The reality is: the Catholic Church (and all other Christian religions) are still using what Paul wrote about the subject as an absolute rule, but they stopped condemning divorce, so it makes no sense at all.

It took literally ages for the Church to realise that “Wait a minute! Paul was just a man of his time, so maybe, just maybe, that doesn’t mean God Himself spends a lot of time worrying about people getting divorced!”

So to me it’s just a matter of time until they get to the same conclusion about homosexuality. The Pope already said some cool stuff, right?

And let’s be honest: do you want to share heaven with straight people who scream at gay people for loving who they love? Or do you want to share it with people who are good, independently of sexual orientation? I choose to believe God knows what’s in our hearts and that that’s what matters, and sexuality has absolutely nothing to do with it.

(And by the way, thanks Apostle Paul, for writing 3 stupid sentences that made people hate gays for millenniums now. Maybe sit in the corner and think about your actions!)

TWD Positivity Project: Week One

I binged season one of The Walking Dead a few months after it came on TV. A few co-workers and I had met up and were bored as hell. The guys’ house we were at mentioned that he had downloaded this new show that he was pretty excited to watch because he had read all of the comics. “It’s about this cop that wakes up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse” were his exact words. We were up until seven in the morning watching this shit. It was so damn good, I called my mom and told her to try and watch the reruns if she could find them. Six years later, we’re all still hooked, including my dear mommy. So, I wrote a little ditty about Rick, Michonne, and a Wentworth binge. (Wentworth is an AMAZING Australian show. I highly recommend it if you haven’t heard of it)

“I dunno Paul,” Michonne sighs into the phone, leaning against the door jamb of her closet, “I’ve had a long week.”

“Not that lame ass excuse again Michonne! Daryl and I haven’t seen you in forever.”

“It’s not an excuse!” She giggles, “I just became partner, my work load has tripled in the last month.” Her eyes shift around her closet a little, “Nah, I think I’m just going to climb into bed with a pint of Rocky Road and read.”

“Mmm hmm,” Jesus replies quickly, “Well, I guess I’ll have Daryl call Rick and tell him not to come then.” His sing songy tone trails off into silence as he can practically hear Michonne’s eyebrows perk up.

Michonne turns sharply as her mouth drops open, “Rick’s going to be there?” She questions as she bites her bottom lip.


Michonne turns back toward her closet and walks in quickly, sliding hangers past her eye line as she begins planning a casual but cute outfit, “The guy I met at your wedding?”

“The very same.”

“The one with the teenage son and young daughter that just got divorced?” She questions, holding up a sheer pink top to her torso as she peers in the body length mirror on the door, “The cop, right?”

Jesus laughs in the phone as he glances at Daryl, giving him a thumbs up, “The happily divorced, still single, curly headed, bow legged, father of two that you couldn’t stop gushing about. That Rick.”

Michonne shrugs out of her shirt and throws it to the ground before shedding her old, Walmart bra and replacing it with the very itchy, but very cute Victoria Secret push up. She switches the phone from ear to ear as she wiggles into a pair of jean shorts, jumping up and down slightly, “I’ll be there by eight, cool?”

“You know, I’m offended.” Jesus laughs, “You’ll only come to see us if there’s some eligible dick around? That’s rude as fuck.”

Michonne scoffs loudly before shutting off the light to the closet and traipsing through her bedroom and into the bathroom, “Says the guy who’s been getting dick on the regular for the past two years. I’m hanging up now.”

“Wine, wine, wine! Bring some wine you hussy!” Are the last words she hears as she ends the call and opens up her massive make up drawer.


Michonne opens the front door to Daryl and Jesus’ home before poking her head in, “Hello, hello?” She calls as she’s met with the dull chatter and laughter of the small get together.

She steps in, shutting the door behind her before she makes her way to all of the noise. She rounds the corner into the great room and is met by the tall, stringy dark haired Daryl, “Took you long enough.” He grunts, before pulling her into a tight hug, “Being late is not your thing.”

“It’s a party though, it’s cool to be fashionably late.” She pulls away from him slightly to shake the two bottles of wine at him, “As requested by your husband.”

Daryl rolls his eyes, slinking his arm around her waist as he takes one of the bottles, “I’ll stick with my beer, thanks. So, you’re only here for Rick huh?”

“Oh my God,” she scoffs, laughing lightly, “I am not! Where is he anyway?” She kids, glancing around a few of their friends for the object of her desire.

Daryl pinches her side, smiling as she squeals before nodding his head toward the couch, “Right over there. I think he’s texting his kid.”

“Sooooo,” Maggie says loudly, pushing a plate of mixed fruits into Michonne’s hands before grabbing the second bottle of wine, “You should go offer him some fruit.”

Michonne rolls her eyes as she pops a grape into her mouth, “I don’t want to disturb him if he’s talking to his kids. He probably doesn’t even remember me. Hell, even if he does, he’s probably not even looking for anything. He just got divorced.” She says, sighing sadly as she makes a face.

“Honey, he got divorced a year ago, that’s plenty of time. I’ll bring you guys some wine in a minute. Go on.” Maggie persuades her, stepping behind Michonne and pushing her lightly.

Michonne shoots her a look before walking slowly through the double doors that lead into the living room. She takes a breath, collecting herself as she walks around the side of the couch, “Hey there.” She chirps up, a bright, open smile on her face.

Rick lifts his blue eyes to hers and she nearly melts as he returns her wide smile, “Hi. Michonne, right? We met at Daryl and Paul’s wedding a while back?”

She nods quickly, her smile growing at the thought of him remembering her name, “That’s me.”

He stands and leans into her, hugging her quickly like the good old southern boy he is. She takes a deep breath, soaking up his cologne as he embraces her, “It’s nice to see you again. You look great.” He adds as he pulls away.

“Thank you,” She gushes, dropping her head a little as she feels her face heating up, “You look nice too. Um, fruit?” She offers, holding up the plate to him a little.

He grabs a strawberry and bites into it, his eyes glinting underneath the light illuminating the room as he chews slowly. Michonne glances back toward her friends, only to find Maggie, Paul, Daryl, and Glenn staring back at her, all of them smiling and nodding like idiots at her. She returns hers gaze back to the slightly taller man in front of her and smiles again, “I didn’t disturb you, did I?”

“Oh no,” He returns, “I was just texting my daughter goodnight. It’s all good. You wanna sit?”

He gestures toward the couch and eyes her as she steps past him, tilting his head as he admires her rather shapely behind. He plops down beside her as she grabs the remote to the TV, turning it on and bringing up Netflix as her nerves suddenly get the best of her. She clears her throat and then lets out a breath through her teeth as she feels his eyes on her. Rick doesn’t speak right away, he just watches her as she fidgets with the remote, trying desperately not to link eyes with him. He smiles, remembering their brief meeting months before.

“You um, you heard about this show? Stranger Things?” Michonne asks after a minute, no longer being able to take the silence.

Rick nods, “Yeah, my son watched it a few weekends ago, told me it’s pretty good. I myself am in the middle of a pretty intense Wentworth binge so I haven’t had the time to start this one.”

Michonne turns her head toward him, her eyes widening, “You watch Wentworth?”

“Just finished season three last night. You know season four is up right?”

Her eyes widen more as her mouth drops open, “Quit lying.”

“I ain’t lying. I was gonna start it last night but I had already watched four episodes and I had the early shift today.”

Michonne scoffs as she searches through Netflix and brings up her favorite show, “You call four episodes a binge? That’s weak bro, so weak.”

Rick laughs as he pushes her shoulder softly, “Hey, hey, hey. I’ve got two kids and a rather demanding job missy.”

“That is no excuse. I just became partner at my firm and managed to watch season three in a day. That’s a proper binge, okay?”

Maggie smiles as she heads into the room, “Sorry to interrupt,” She coos, sitting the glass bowl of popcorn, some finger sandwiches, and two wine glasses on the coffee table in front of them, “Just thought I’d drop off some snacks for you two. Compliments of Paul.” Michonne begins to speak but Maggie holds up her hands, smiling all the while, “No, no, no, I’m not here. Have fun guys.”

Michonne rolls her eyes again but grabs a small cucumber sandwich, “I’m sorry, she is so annoying.”

“It’s all good. So, we really gonna do this?” Rick asks, nodding his head toward the TV, “I’m off work this weekend.”

Michonne eyes him as she chews, narrowing her eyes at him, “Nah, you ain’t ready.”

“What?” He says loudly, laughing again.

“Four episodes man? You can’t possibly binge with me; you need some more practice.”

Michonne giggles as he laughs again loudly, clapping his hands and throwing his head back, “I’m good, start it up.”

“No way.” She waves him off, “You’re too lame.”

Ricks’ mouth drops open as he stares at her, causing her to giggle even more, “Okay, let’s make a little wager, shall we?”

“Okay.” Michonne agrees, turning toward him as she tucks her legs underneath her.

“If I make it through all twelve episodes with you tonight, I get your number.” He says slyly, his eyes doing that twinkly thing again.

Michonne bites her lip to try and keep the smile from breaking out on her face, “Deal. And if you fall asleep?”

“I’ll have your driving record for the last six months wiped clean. The chief of police of Atlanta and I go way back and I can only imagine how much trouble you and that pretty white Audi sitting outside get into.”

Michonne gasps, “You can’t do that.” She says, counting up the two speeding tickets and one parking violation she’s had in the past six months in her head, “That’s illegal.”

“Yeah, but I saved the chief a hefty sum of bail money by making his son’s drug charge miraculously go away. He owes me.” Rick holds out his hand and Michonne takes it with zero hesitation, both smiling at each other like morons.

Three episodes later, Michonne snores lightly as she rests her head on Rick’s shoulder. Rick glances down at her, smiling softly to himself as he wraps an arm around her waist, pulling her a little closer. Paul sneaks in, draping a blanket over her, “She’s been so busy lately. You want me to move her into the bedroom?”

Rick shakes his head, “No, no, she’s fine. Thanks for inviting me over, man.”

Jesus chuckles lowly, “She fell asleep. This isn’t exactly what I imagined for you two when you asked about her.”

Rick shrugs, “It’s not so bad having a pretty girl fall asleep on you. Plus, now I have a reason to see her again.”

“Oh yeah?”

“She’s going to have to finish season four sometime. Might as well be at my place.” Rick shrugs again.


Michonne stretches out slowly, cracking her eyes open as she yawns. She sits up, rubbing her face before panic rushes through her. She snaps her head to the right and then the left as she focuses in on Paul and Daryl’s living room. The sun cracks through the mini-blinds as the quietness of the house is shook slightly as Daryl’s cat meows up at her. Michonne groans lightly as the memories of the night before flood back to her.

“Fuck.” She hisses, dropping her head into her hands.

She’s not sure when she fell asleep, but not only did she lose their bet, she lost her chance. She didn’t even get to give him her number. She lets out another breath and is about to stand when her phone catches her eye as it sits on the coffee table. She feels at her back pocket, clearly remembering shoving it into the denim right as she got out of her car last night. That’s weird. She grabs it up and illuminates it to check the time. A wide smile breaks her face in two as she reads over a simple text from a strange number.

678-354-1997 Todayat 8:12am

I win :)

Originally posted by twdeader

Read please

Tay i just need you now…. I have to tell you so many things and this might get a bit long but please, keep reading it till the end

I’ve been through a lot lately, one of the things that are bothering me the most is my dad. He and my mom got divorced when i was six and no, i’m not complaning about that, i think they did the right thing bc they were so different from each other but the fact is: we’ve never had a good relationship. He thinks i’m still six and he treats me like i was that little girl he left home but now i’m 14 and i’ve grown up A LOT since that. What i wanted was he to be like your dad, you know? To be as cool as Scott but i do know i cannot change people…
Mom told me to have a real talk with him but we’ve already had so many conversations and most of them ended up in tears. Idk if we could have a dad-and-daughter relationship, and even if we try idk if i’d feel confortable with him, i’ve never been confotable with him around. But you know, i don’t want to be that girl that crys a river of regreat when her dad dies. I don’t want to regreat

School has been also so stressful! I used to have such a big friend there, we knew each other since we were 10 but we’ve changed a lot. I ended up getting sick of her, getting sick with all the bad words she says, getting sick with she yelling every single time she talked to me (even tho she was by my side), getting sick with her being jealous of me, getting sick with everything related to her. She has never given me an advice, for example, she has never been so close to me. After a while thinking i decided to get away from her, to end this toxic relationship and i did. Now she keeps hating me even more, talking behind my back and all that stuff. I know all i have to do is shake it off and well, i do but every day i go to school i have to deal with it and i don’t like it. i don’t like being called selfish, or “daddy-girl”, or nerdy, or something like that

I’ve been under a huge pression about everything and there’s where my anxiety starts, and it’s driving me mad. Nowdays is so hard to see someone who doesn’t have a problem and mine look so much like bullshit but i had to speak now. I had to tell you what’s going on

Thank you Tay. Thanks for your music, your follow, your friendship, your love. I just want to know your opinion about all i wrote above, how to end with that and maybe some advice… What would you do with you were me?

Just remember how much i love you

Your little brazilian sis

PS: say we’ll meet soon, please i really need to thank you for everything you’ve done for me, please

My shipping journey ❤

I literally just laugh when people stress or express doubt about any little thing on this ship. Social media and public statements do not validate a relationship whether it is good or bad. My ships are endgame and until they end up together I would much rather chill and read cool fan fiction and look at videos or picture edits all day instead of analyzing their every decision and action. Here’s a funny story about how I’ve waited my entire life for my ships to finally realize that they should be together and that they belong together forever.
All my ships happen to involve people that are very private and careful in the media. Heres why I’m on this ship for the long run ❤

MILA KUNIS AND ASHTON KUTCHER: You don’t understand actual ship drama until That’s 70s Show runs out of new episodes and half of your ship is married to Demi Moore and the other half is dating Home Alone boy. That’s what I call rocking the boat not this “omg can’t believe he called them friends and they won’t date”. That’s nothing when you grow up wanting and knowing that two people should be together and don’t even date or talk in public until one say they are dating and in a couple months they announce they’re engaged and having a baby. I literally had to witness a freaking divorce for that to happen. That took up my all my years of life so far but whatever because endgame. Next…

BEYONCE AND JAY-Z: It really sucks when half of your ship has to focus on their career and they are so freaking professional that they won’t even mention the other person in the media unless it has to do with some sort of work or project. Beyonce never really spoke about Jay Z at first and they even broke up and he waited for her to establish her career the way she wanted it to be before they were together. Even then, no one really had many pictures of them together or knew the status of their relationship UNTIL they freaking got married IN PRIVATE AND NO PICTURES OR VIDEOS WERE EVEN SEEN until recently. They’re so private that we didn’t even know she pregnant until lil Blue Ivy was almost born. Never doubt your ship. They know what they’re doing. ❤

BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE: Brangelina is bae and I couldn’t help shipping them even though Brad was married and Angelina was rocking some old man’s blood as a necklace and dating girls and adopting cute kids left and right. That’s the struggle.. A moral struggle. I wish I couldve stalked their social media and whatever else back then. I freaking love Jennifer Aniston but I was so mad that she was cockblocking by otp. Omg anyway I still ended up waiting a million years until they tied the knot but literally how perfect are they? They’re all I could ask for in a true pair. They have a beautiful and diverse family, cute lil twins, and they are so beautiful together and Angelina alone is just… ❤❤❤. Anyways I waited forever for that fairytale too. Endgame is endgame. The universe knows.

CARRIE BRADSHAW AND MR.BIG: This is fictional but still very important. Until you’ve watched your loves miss the freaking point season after season, you have not been on any emotional journey on a ship. I am telling you right now. Watching Carrie go from man to man to Big to man to man to man until they got engaged and the BIG MESSED THAT UP TOO is just too much. Once half of your otp moves to Paris to be with their artsy boyfriend you can pretty much give up on your otp but like I said the universe knows. The universe conspires to make things happen. I even had to wait for the movies to come out which were omg I can’t even…
All of this to say that I will literally watch Maks and Meryl kiss their frogs and learn their life lessons until these two love-struck fools end up together because the universe made it happen once and the universe will continue to make it happen. Let them live. Let them make their decisions and get their lives together because live is a commitment that even I, in my 19 years of life, know that you cannot entire halfheartedly and expect it to last. Meryl knows that, she’s smart. Maks’ decisions make me cringe sometimes but he has great intentions and he is not dumb. If I have to wait my whole life for them to figure it out like I did the others then fine. I’ll chill and watch their cute videos and pictures and whatever until the universe decided that their heart is ready for each other forever. Are they ready now? Who knows because there is way too much going on and yet they are still trying. Their love is enough. Don’t stress the small things. He brings a date? Good for him. She flirts a little? Go Meryl. He gets a little up close to a woman? Cool, it’s part of life and he’s used to that closeness with people. Meryl marries some weirdo or douche or a great scholarly man? Great! Just wait until the divorce and she lets her real man love her right. Let them like pictures of whatever and go to events without each other and make mistakes. They will figure it out and they have already planned on a long term relationship and being in each other’s lives. At least they talk about each other. My other ships either denied it or never talked about it at all so… Privacy is great too.
Endgame is endgame. Keep cruising and chill out. It’ll all work itself out and if you want an instant lovefest then shipping real life people is not for you, buddy ;) Keep the negativity and doubt to yourself and be realistic. Quit trying to knock people for staying on this ship and watching it develop through the good and the bad even though I’ve seen nothing bad happen yet. Let people ship however they want and if you dont like it then unfollow or block. If people state facts then great but dont let negativity get to you. It’s just the internet and these are real people’s lives being involved. We don’t know these people personally. Let them live. Life is not easy. True love is probably not easy at first either. Maksyl on and enjoy the ride while it’s getting interesting. ❤