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Did Riskua slip up sometimes with references from her past life? Or some culture clashes? Like, not often, and she's mostly grown out of it, but she'll start laughing at seemingly random moments and isn't quite sure why it's funny at first. Or do accidentally do something that's considered rude to One Piece people or use a word that doesn't actually exist there and then get confused when people react?

“Jesus Christ!” 

“Huh? Hey, ‘Skua, who’s Jesus?” 

Grimacing, the redhead runs a hand through her hair before she smiles sheepishly at Luffy. 

“He’s a legendary figure who could walk on water, multiple fish and stuff, kinda like a ninja.” 

“Oh, like that Sora comic guy?” 

Recalling the imported comic they’d stolen during one of their visits to Goa, Riskua nods. 

“Yeah, exactly like that.”

“Oh… Why’d’ya wanna talk about a ninja?”

“Never mind, Luffy.”

“How’s the drawing going, Sabo?”

“Pretty good,” the blond teen answers, scratching at his chin as he stares down at his sketchbook. 

“I’ve got some sketches of Ace and Luffy when they’re doing stuff, but I wanna get some of you too. To document our time on Dawn before we all set off.” 

“Gonna draw me like one of your French girls?” 

“…what’s a French girl?” 

“I am wasted on you, I really am.”


idk if this has been posted but…lmfao

ok my thing with live action remakes is that they’re smart only in the short term

Based off the three I’ve seen (Maleficent/Cinderella/Beauty and Beast) they bring a similar aesthetic of embroidery and pastels and princess-y dreamyness which, don’t get me wrong, is fitting and I definitely love the look, but it’s been done three times. More detailed, embroidered dresses, ornate and packed-to-the-point-of-clutter sets, and at least one scene where a girl in a blue dress is running through a field. 

And because they’re beautiful and let people see their favorite movies in a way that doesn’t change them but shows nostalgia in a new way, they’ve been successful. Economically it’s great because it’s a way to double your money on one idea. There have been small updates to each movie, in the sense that they touch on a new social issue, but never in a way that I think is particularly trailblazing or worthy of a ton of praise. Like when (Maleficent spoilers) Maleficent was the one to break the spell, that was a cool strike for platonic love and women’s autonomy, but it wasn’t very effective &, a bit predictable. (BatB spoilers) If they really wanted to add gay representation to Batb, they probably could’ve given LeFou more than three seconds of eye contact with another man.

So, once you start getting into having several live action movies made, it just seems like it’s all been done. The same aesthetics, the same slight twists that are like…nice, but ultimately not the same as putting concentrated effort into diversity and updating stories (Like, instead of casting POC we’re gonna get a bisexual Sebastian). So, long term, you’re showing that you’re out of ideas & still avoiding present issues.

Disney is a really traditional company that plans things around ‘family appeal’. Unless they’re going to start pushing boundaries in their live action movies, then they’re going to start feeling less like nostalgic rehashings and more like skeletons of movies that had a lot of heart put into them. There’s a lot of creative people and a lot of cool stories to tell, so why try to retell a story people can revisit anytime when you can talk about people from other countries and cultures? Theres more fairy tales and stories behind that, and I think Disney could do well with those too  

//I’m not going to lie and say I’m disappointed that I lost the first round, but I hope I didn’t disappoint you guys with my lack in battle skills.  Despite all of that, I had a feeling Damien would lose, but not out of the gate.  I know I’m not that good, but I hope I did well enough that you guys still thought it was a great battle, despite the squash.

I guess there’s always the next tournament.

Two Sentence MSR Love Story

At the insistence of @cosmic-files-87 and @ccoble I am posting this two sentence story I found this morning in my notes…. @xfile-cabinetx you can take this as your continuation of my drunken fic!

Mulder there’s sex in the air scully said. I don’t care I like the smell of it Mulder replied.

there is no icon currently to express my feelings bc I just saw Beauty and the Beast and iT WAS GORGEOUS…..STUNNING……I CRIED 3 TIMES……….all that rococo fashion…..and AN UNEXPECTED DELIGHT OF DIVERSITY!!!!! I mean, I’m still waiting for them to remake a Disney movie and cast a PoC as the lead princess for no reason other than they can, BUT THIS WAS CERTAINLY A STEP IN A GOOD DIRECTION!! And ffffff I wasn’t so sure about Emma as Belle at first, but she ended up winning me over. 


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You have no idea how long I struggled with this. Like, seriously, I have over 160 drawings and photos of Katherine Kelly on my phone, and you expect me to choose one or two?

Note: NASA did not discover Trappist-1. It was discovered by a team of Belgian scientists with lead author Michaël Gillon.

The Crowley/Aziraphale drawing was done by the amazing Blue, and can be bought as a print here.

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