but dinosaurs tho


Following the announcement of ‘X-Men: Prime’ last week, which will act as a relaunching point for that franchise, Marvel comics have now announced ‘Inhumans: Prime’. It will be written by Al Ewing with art by Jonboy Meyers. The one-shot comic will act as a relaunch point for the Inhumans following the ‘Inhumans Vs X-men’ storyline and will set up the several new Inhumans series that have been announced - The Royals, Blackbolt, and Secret Warriors!


I know y'all follow me for art but today I went out to buy soup and instead I bought this giant dinosaur even tho im 23 and have bills to pay but what i wanna say is follow ur dreams because I legit can’t feel sadness anymore LOOK AT HIM!!! HIS NAME IS LIL DEENO WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!

Dinosaur? Dinosaur! Tony Stark One-Shot

Title: Dinosaur? Dinosaur!

Pairing: FAMILY Female-Reader x Tony Stark.

Prompt:  Anon: Omg so I’m new to your blog and I love it!! Can I just say that the velociraptor imagine was hysterical?! Anyway I could request that into a oneshot where we see how all the avengers are affected by the velociraptor in the Tower? Bonus points if reader is Tony’s daughter and he just doesn’t know whether to be extremely pissed off or proud that she was genius enough to pull that off. lmfaooo

Triggers: none.

Enjoy! :D

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Name ideas for the birdo: Horchata, Gringo, Aioli, Q-tip, Cotton pony, Napkin…?

My partial-DR OC, Rikka, as pictured in 48 Hours, moments before–

question; to those of you who read my fic, do you think Rikka (our local dinosaur expert and fucking weirdo) will live or die?

My thoughts while watching Jurassic World
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Claire:</b> *is stuck in jungle w/ Owen* I'm coming with you Owen<p/><b>Owen:</b> In those clothes and high heels?<p/><b>Claire:</b> *tries to look badass, ties up her shirt*<p/><b>Owen:</b> <p/><b>Owen:</b> what's that supposed to mean<p/><b>Claire:</b> it means I'm ready let's go<p/><b>Me:</b> in those heels? Gurl you gon' break a leg<p/><b>Claire:</b> *throughout movie* jumps, runs, kicks ass with heels on for the entire length of the movie<p/><b>Me:</b> how<p/></p><p/></p>

The abundance of sunlight on Alola’s islands allows the Alolan Tropius to produce a more bountiful and varied harvest of fruits! Because it has a seemingly endless amount of fruit pouring forth from its body, the Alolan Tropius is incapable of flight, but the fruits spilling from its neck and tail are sweeter, juicier, and filled with more nutrients. It likes to share its fruit with Pokémon and small children.