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Overwatch: Ilios - by Thiago Klafke

“Environment work I did on the “Ilios” map for Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. I worked mainly on the Village tier, creating several of the buildings for this area. The architecture work in this map was split between me, Bram Eulaers, Martin Holmberg and Philip Klevestav. Dion Rogers and Helder Pinto took care of the set dressing and lighting. These screenshots feature a lot of my work but of course this map is a culmination of team effort.

Extra credits: Amirali Shojaei, Andrew Klimas, Bill Petras, Matt Ryan, Nick Carver & the rest of the Overwatch team.

© 2016 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.”

Since the zine was just announced, I can finally unleash this cover piece unto you guys! It was so hard to keep my big mouth shut about it because I’m so excited about the opportunity. 

So anyways, here are the boys in a parody of the “My Life With You" manga cover, which was @141-point-12 ‘s wonderful idea LOL. 


Desert Express: Ford Escort MKI - UE4 - by Kimmo Kaunela

“I made this project for Hum3D car competition. It took roughly two months when I used only weekends. I’m planning to make a game out of this. Rendered in Unreal Engine 4.14. Textured almost entirely in Substance Designer. Modeling in 3ds Max and ZBrush.”