but didnt you feel like that

bouncing off the previous reblog, if you want to create a chromatic aberration effect in clip studio paint, the steps are the same but the layer mode you want is darken as opposed to ‘shade’.

I just made a little auto action which will set up the layers for you:

You can download it here, to use it open the auto actions window (window > auto actions), and right click > import set…

alternatively you can drag the file into the auto actions window.

and while on the subject of auto actions, you can create a shortcut for them by going to file > shortcut settings…, then choosing auto action from the dropdown

tadhdfw you spent so long not knowing about rsd that you legitimately started to wonder if you have a personality disorder bc the fear of rejection colors so much of your behavior and having it flare up feels a lot like how people describe splitting. but now that you know it could be “just an adhd thing” you dont know what to do with this part of yourself. why didnt anyone tell me adhd can get THIS BAD

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even also knows that there isn't a lot he can do about isak's insomnia, but he can help him be less stressed (bc they both know he's less likely to sleep if he's stressed) so he makes isak talk through things with him. school stuff? they talk through a plan on how to get it all finished. money issues? they talk about even working some overtime and isak getting money from his dad. "if there's something bothering you, talk to me about it so we can work it out" and they talk through his anxieties

yes! i love this! i was just talking to @isisisak about it in fact, and she suggested that even would want isak to talk, isak would be against it at first because it’s uncomfortable to say out loud what’s bothering him, it always feels stupid and inconsequential, especially because even’s probably got more important things to think about.

eventually though, even will sit down in front of isak, take his hands and hold them tight, and tell him “talk to me, i’m here.” at first isak will say “it’s nothing, don’t worry” but even will keep trying, not pushing too hard but gently encouraging him, perhaps using things he’s learnt in his therapy sessions and saying “just say what comes to mind for five minutes, and thats it” and eventually the words will come flowing out of isak, and even will be there listening and holding his hands tight through all of it.

where he can give suggestions, he does, and where he can’t he just listens, but isak feels so so comforted by even’s presence, and his listening, and it ends up with isak crawling forward into even’s lap, and curling up, and even will rub his back and kiss his hair to calm him down because what he just said took a lot out of him, but now he’s said it all, it’s all out in the open, and he’s drained, but what he really needs is sleep, which comes easier now, and then when he wakes up again everything will seem a lot better

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I DIDNT KNOW YOU LOVE DISTURBED JAX :D! what are your Top 10 songs by them if I may ask?

Metal Music is my 2nd FAVORITE GENRE of MUSIC so I’ve been a MASSIVE DISTURBED FAN since I was a kid because the old DBZ movies had Disturbed play in them. Also it didn’t help that I used to be chubby, beaten up, made fun of and bullied so I would listen to Disturbed, Drowning Pool, and Three Days Grace like no tomorrow because they made feel like I could transform my rage into something useful lmfao xD

but my Top 10 Disturbed songs are 

1) Down With the Sickness (Literally in my TOP 5 favorite songs of all time)


3) Fear

4) Voices (there was an amazing SLASHER music video made to this as a Horror fan I loved it) 

5) Awaken

6) Prayer and Remember are Tied to me

7) Sons of Plunder

8) Conflict (THERE IS STILL AN AMAZING 300 Video to this song)

9) Violence Fetish

10) Stricken

But those are my Top 10

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you guys are gods with use of space like your graphic design skills are the best i've ever seen anywhere

oh hey wow shit thatsz rly extremely nice of u

mangos in school and stuff officialstyle for it but i mostly kinda just feel stuff out…i like arranging stuff. im good at arranging stuff. if evryone wants to edit this ask n talk a gang of shit abt how good u are at arranging stuff too u can. i didnt wanna rank everybody in order of compositional ability frankly bc i didnt want to have to dunk on james like that. anyway tytytytytyty

james edit: thanks this is mostly me and the crayon tool on paint its good i know

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1 3 and 4

1. “@” people you want to be friends with

i’m probably forgetting some people but

@sunshinemiranda @niinarosario @manuelmiranduh @fragmentofmymind @imagineham @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou @psychedemigod @linsnavi @adothoe 


3. the last text you sent to someone?

“facetime me hoe i miss your face” 

me and amber are best friend goals tbh

4. do you have a nsfw blog?


also this has literally nothing to do with the asks but my neighbors just literally painted their house black and i have never seen something so horrible in my life and i feel like this is the kind of information that i’m obligated to share with you guys but i didnt have the energy to make a separate post

risky asks

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ndjhng people not dying on point though is P AI N [spams 'my ultimate is ready' and 'attack the objective' only for nobody to die on point or even contest and instead all die in the fuckin bermuda triangle] [stares into the camera like im on the office]

Y'all couldn’t group up and spread apart from the point as if you were allergic to it


Cassian had been born for this.
These fields, this chaos and brutality and calculation.
Three soldiers were brave or stupid enough to try to charge him. Cassian had them down and dying with four maneuvers.

“Holy Mother,” I breathed.

That was who had been training me. Why Fae trembled at his name. Why the high-born Illyrian warriors had been jealous enough to want him dead.

he lost the game but he won something better (❁´▽`❁)

happy birthday @kisecchinosedai!!!!!! i hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of happiness and loveeee ♥ ♥ ♥

i draw joseph and caesar casually a lot when i’m bored 

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What do you think of JARVIS? Can he get inside your arm? Has he ever done so? Are you ever concerned about him taking over the world?

i like jarvis. hes everything nickel science fiction novels promised back when i was a kid.

 jarvis–and anyone else for that matter–cant get inside my arm because my arm has no ability to transmit or receive data, except for an internal data port under the armor plates which has to be accessed with a unique cable. so if you can get at it and you have the necessary equipment you can mess with my arm, but it’s impossible to hack while im out doing stuff. 

not that tony or i told anyone that for the first few months. i managed to knock steves glass out of his hands four times, throw things at clint six times, and smack sam upside the head twice before they realized that my arm was not being remotely controlled by ‘the evil Dr Dextrous.’ 

im not concerned about jarvis taking over the world because probably hed be a lot better at keeping things running smoothly that current management. jarvis has managed to keep tony stark mostly alive without actually having hands for like. several decades now. which probably qualifies him for sainthood, or at least a really nice retirement package. i figure after all that chaos managing a few billion non-geniuses without access to flying tanks is basically a cakewalk. 

but since jarvis has more sense than–well. basically any avenger–he knows that taking over the world would be way more stress than its worth.
jarvis is smart like that.

remember when kaz brekker told inej ghafa he refused to be the one to mark her body after everything she had been through?? because i sure do. the tattoo was mandatory for everyone in the dregs except her bc self-proclaimed monster kaz brekker had the decency to respect her past trauma & he didnt want her to feel like anyone owned her. and the first thing he did after purchasing her indenture was get her proper clothes?? and a knife??? lbr when will your fave ever

can we hail in a new age of being open with how you feel and stop trying to fake a tough appearance and act like something didnt hurt us just to avoid embarrassment with the public

i’m at that point where i try to study but i physically can’t bring myself to so i get really stressed and i dont know if i care too much or i dont care at all but it makes me overwhelmed and all i want to do is sleep


lookin straight through you seeing all the broken parts