but didnt you feel like that

can you imagine the ship wars if the creators HAD made ryuuk some sexy, dark grim reaper dude? the lawlight vs. ryuulight 2008 discussion boards? the battle of the emo boyfriends for light yagami’s love when in reality he’s a dumpster and probably deserves neither of them? man, i feel like we missed out on some fun times there

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When do you think Dean started requiting Cas' feelings? I think it's obvious that Cas had fallen in love with Dean before (unless you think otherwise, which I'd like to have your input on if that is so), but it's kind of fuzzy trying to pinpoint when Dean really started having feelings for Cas.

I think he realised it in purgatory but it developed slowly before that. In 7x17 he said he couldnt get over what Cas had done and he didnt know why (we know why). In purgatory he ran around for a year thinking about him, I think he figured out why. Then in 8x07 and 8x17 he is in his perception rejected by Cas (Cas himself only realised he felt romantic love when he was human).

They just haven’t ever been both good, happy with themselves, generally ok, on the same page and understanding their own feelings let alone the others’ at any point… not yet.

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why is klance disgusting

bc it snuck up on me unexpectedly and I’ve been imagining headcanons in the middle of the night for days that i am dying to see fics for

like can you imagine Lance and Keith getting closer gradually and Lance not knowing how tf to process it so he just starts avoiding Keith until they argue and reconcile as Lance and Keith come to terms with their feelings for each other because I sure as fuck can!!!!!!

how dare they

how dare these space boys

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Have you two known each other for a while or are you only just meeting now in real life? Did you have simblrs before you became friends? x

im assuming u mean me and stefy!! and honestly idk if it would be considered long? we became friends through simblr like literally 5 months ago and immediately clicked so it feels like its been years but it rlly hasnt!! we’ve also only known each other in person for like 3 months so U BE THE JUDGE

but yes we did have simblrs before cuz thats how we found each other ily BITCHHH @bananahut

ik i havent been on here in a while but i just wanna tell everyone to just please be fucking safe and even if we dont talk or anything just know that i care about you

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You see what I really like about your game and love me, is that the main girls actually have friends that they care about, not just putting on a front with no actual friends, and that makes me happy

i think when it comes to limerence and love me we’re not trying to make our mc’s be “uvu dark and brooding and edgy” and we want them to feel like Real People? obviously i cant speak for love me but thats at least how mizu and cupid came around. in the case of mizu and cupid we made them not only as friends to momoka but representatives of the dove and hawk elims so they werent just non-characters that didnt really do anything and were only there as character fodder for momoka

idk much about winter and lola but im already excited to see them in game <33 for anyone who doesnt know, please check out @lovemeofficial - if you enjoy quality content and a fantastic team of developers, theyre the ones for you. theyve helped limerence in so many ways and im so excited for more updates!! <33


honestly lemme jus..be really introspective for a lil bit? i feel like ive grown..so much as a person these past two years or so? especially this past year. i left my home country all on my own, left my family, moved to a country i didnt know anyone in. i went through so much in terms of experiences, have been really fucking wronged by people which in turn let me mature and learn from those experiences, but ive never let anyone jerk me the fuck around. its been such a stressful year and ive dealt with it better than i thought i would. ive learned sm and im hsntly so proud of myself?

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the past few weeks i've been a little busy and didnt have time to check your tumblr and now I feel guilty, like if i betrayed you

shdhsjsjsh there’s nothing to feel guilty about omg it’s ok!!! i hope you’re doing well 💕


Trying something new that I’m excited about. Finally feeling like I’m finding my own voice in ceramics. The process involved pressing flowers into a clay slab and then, once that’s fired, use that as a mold for slabs that can be used to create whatever form you want.

Lots of technical challenges if you want rounded forms, so the cup is my 4th attempt at it.

Clay is standard 181. Been playing with Georgie’s interactive pigments and celandon and crackle glazes for these forms. So there’s more learning curve to come.

I’m so amused by people thinking that my dad!Tony feels came after Homecoming, but in all honestly I wrote a 115k fic after the first Avengers where Tony adopted all of Loki’s kids so clearly my dad!Tony senses have been there from the beginning.

Javier Munoz just radiates so much positive energy and I love him and this just needed to be said. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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16. Does your character feel like they have a purpose in life? If so, what?

Cyril’s only real drive in life right now is to find his mother. At least, that’s what he tells himself. It is always in the back of his mind, at least, and should an opportunity arise that could potentially prove lucrative in finding her - he’ll drop everything else in favor of it.

However, he has grown very comfortable his station, he…  really adores it. He loves the power and the freedom and the lack of ties that it affords him. Ultimately he knows that, in order to gain his mother back, he’ll have to lose the life he currently has. The wealth, the power, the freedom to go wheresoever he pleases on a whim - he’ll have to give up all of it if he finds her. And he doesn’t want to.

But he’d do it. You could ask him a thousand times and he would choose her happiness over his every time, her life over his - every single time.

FFXIV DEITY ASKS || Thank you for the ask!

sleep scale

12+ hours: hell yes. decadence has a name and it is ME. the dream. im marrying  my bed you’re invited to the wedding. i might feel groggy and angry for the rest of the day when i actually do get up but WORTH IT. 

12+ hours (ALTERNATE): i am deeply clinically depressed and approximately three (3) inches from death at any given moment

11-10 hours: ideal. im functioning at perfect 100% capacity my body and mind are a well oiled machine. im ready to knock out all my errands and chores in under an hour, work a full day and then study that language im trying to learn

9 hours: good! i could have slept longer, but getting up was no great horrifying trauma either

8-7 hours: the “””””medically recommended amount””””” for adults, but in reality more like a “fine, i GUESS” amount. normal mild levels of angst at having to get out of bed

6 hours: silent unceasing internal groaning for at least the first hour after waking. dont expect any kind of quality conversation for the first 2 or so hours. ive got a Less Than Medically Recommended Amount Of Sleep, that means im a martyr right???

5 hours: pretty unpleasant. feels gross. expect a moderate crash during the late afternoon. this is the first number that is considered worthy of entry in a college student sleep-measuring contest. altho if you try to enter with 5 hrs dead-eyed hordes will instantly materialize from the bushes and one-up you “5 hours??? HAHA SWEET SUMMER CHILD. I HAVENT SLEPT IN 3 YEARS”

4 hours: a Very Poor Decision. deep seated, incoherent rage upon waking that persists up to several hours. consume large amounts of your stimulant of choice, but you’ll still feel like a cave troll. constant aftertaste of chemicals and regret

3 hours: half awake half walking in some astral plane haunted by the wails of the newly-dead. children and animals fear the emptiness in your vacant eyes. a very respectable entry to any sleep-measuring contest. you’ll still get beaten by the “2 hour” and “all nighter” people, but everyone knows this is Bad

2 hours: you can get up, but only by rending your soul from your physical body in a paroxysm of agony, since it will refuse to leave the bed. you are now soulless and will feel absolutely zero emotion until sometime in the late afternoon/early evening when your soul returns and ALL the emotions will hit at once, leaving you alternately sobbing or creepily hyena laughing

1 hour: you fool. you imbecile. your hubris and weakness has brought you to this point. they are coming. you cannot escape. why didnt you just stay awake. why didnt you just pull the all-nighter. the strength of your no-sleep headache threatens to stab through your skull like an ice pick. all you can taste is blood. they are comi



Cassian had been born for this.
These fields, this chaos and brutality and calculation.
Three soldiers were brave or stupid enough to try to charge him. Cassian had them down and dying with four maneuvers.

“Holy Mother,” I breathed.

That was who had been training me. Why Fae trembled at his name. Why the high-born Illyrian warriors had been jealous enough to want him dead.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Some Ravenclaws feel that they would fit in to some of the other houses, the most common second fit is Slytherin because of their similar traits, next is Hufflepuff and then Gryffindor.

i draw joseph and caesar casually a lot when i’m bored